Bulls should (likely will) sit Rose against the Celtics

Bulls should (likely will) sit Rose against the Celtics

Rose will likely be listed as a game time decision. He practiced the past two days, and Tom Thibodeau said that he'd see how Derrick Felt today, but one quote summed it up for me. "I felt good, but me playing (Thursday) I don't know. I'm able to run a little bit more, but not at my top speed."

Nick Friedell with the quote and full breakdown here with quotes from Gar, Thibs, Rose, and Rip on the various injuries.

If we're going to be honest with ourselves and say getting Rose healthy is the most important thing then I don't see how we put him on the court when he says he can't run at full speed. It invites disaster.

At some point in the game he'll need to run at full speed to make a play. Instinct will take over. He'll go full bore. Will his still recovering groin hold up? If not, we're now looking at missing the playoffs.

This game against Boston is important. The Bulls cling to a one game lead in the loss column against Miami, and will increase their odds of a finals appearance if they can capture the first seed. However, while getting the one seed might increase their odds by 5-10% of winning a title, losing Derrick Rose decreases them by virtually 100%.

Can Chicago beat Boston without Rose? I'm not sure, but I don't think the odds are good. Especially since C.J. Watson is fighting through significant injuries according to KC Johnson which partially explains his poor play of late.

However, as much as I want the Bulls to beat Boston and as much as I feel that they might fall to Boston without Rose, you can't say "We need to get Rose healthy as our top priority" and then play him when he admits he can't run at full speed. You just can't.

Now I have no inside information on the Bulls plans to play or not play Derrick, but I have to think their mindset is the correct one, that they learned from the Hamilton injury earlier and know there isn't time to deal with a relapse.

The good news is that Rose is clearly getting close, and as long as the Bulls don't do anything stupid with his health, we can set aside our fears that he may not come back this season or miss part of the playoffs. The (realistic) worst case scenario for Chicago right now is that they fall to the two seed in the East as their magic number to clinch the two seed sits at three. That's not enough downside to rush anyone back.

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  • So true Doug...good article on keeping us all up to date on Derrick's health status! He sure looks to have torn something due to the bleeding he described and how long it is taking him to come back and even walk without a limp!

    I hope Thib's has learned from Doc and rests his players going into the playoffs when needed and not lay it all out foolishly in the regular season to duke it out with Miami and get the #1 spot and at the same time Rose can't play in the playoffs, along with over using Deng and not having him for the playoffs. Without Rose we have very little chance of winning the championship, let alone even getting out of the 1st few rounds of the playoffs.
    I don't have alot of faith in CJ and John Lucas leading us to victory! :-(
    I just watched the OKC game that we got blowed out and man are they a high octane team that is fun to watch, it was painful seeing them beat us up the way they did though!

  • The only decent explanation for Rose playing tonight, after not being able to run full speed yesterday, is if he is physically fully healthy but just not trusting his groin yet mentally. I remember reading, perhaps in conjunction with Rip's groin injury, that this is an injury where the mental aspect can be tough to overcome even once the actual sprain is healed. So if that is the case, it could make sense to go ahead and throw Rose into game situations: rest isn't going to make him healthier, he just needs to get used to running, etc. again.

    Barring that, you are absolutely right when you say Rose shouldn't play tonight, and I expect a DNP. My read on tonight's game is that we are seeing more Org. misdirection—bringing out the "Rose is a game-time decision" (to try to force the opponent to prep for him) for a second go-round. I'm inclined to say the same for the Knicks game this Sunday too, though I hope not because I will be at MSG to watch that game in person.

  • In reply to Sitnah7:

    I pulled my groin, and I agree that more so than other injuries I've had it was a longer mental recovery. The thing is, with a pulled groin you could reasonably quickly do a lot of stuff at 95% speed, but you'd play a sport, and when you went to burst, you'd feel it pull bad and aggravate the injury.

    However, since you didn't really know if it was hurt until you full tested it in extreme ways, and even then it would go in and out, it was a fear in the back of my mind constantly for about three months after the injury.

  • Bulls resigned PG Mike James for remainder of season. James defended Rajon Rondo very well last time, so perhaps he can have another good defensive effort. Rondo has been playing well and is the driving force behind the Celtics.

  • Hmm I think the Bulls are in serious trouble this is not the way you should be playing weeks from the playoffs. Something is going on the focus seems lacking.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    never mind they'll be fine.

  • Great second half, Deng really stepped up when needed. CJ Watson continues to throw the ball away though ... pity with Rose out he's playing so many minutes while still hurting.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Watson is proving day in day out that he is not a starting PG in this league, he is a turnover machine and a combo guard at best.

    He does at least hit the big 3 from time to time, something a backup combo guard should do.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Watson shouldn't be a starting PG on a team that requires him to run the ball up the court every possession. He could start for a team like Orlando or the Lakers where they'd feed Dwight or Kobe would manage the ball a lot, but if he were to start for a team, you'd hope he's weakest start on the squad and the team has another offensive initiator.

  • This win takes the pressure off of Rose to return too soon. I hope he takes his time. If he needs another week, so be it.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The Bulls can probably squeak by New York twice without Rose, but they'll likely need him for the Miami game, and that Miami game on April 12th certainly is shaping up to be the most important game down the stretch IMO.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Agreed that last Miami win without Rose is very likely not repeatable. But the most important things is not re-aggravating Rose's injury cause if that happens in April the playoffs are shot.

    Very likely Rose plays against Miami. I'm just skeptical he'll be anywhere near 100%. Simple groin pulls take 2-3 months to heal. I can't imagine what this groin tear must be like.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Friday night - both Miami and OKC Thunder lose.
    Bulls at 13 losses, both Miami and OKC at 15.
    This takes a little more pressure off of Rose, he doesn't need to rush his return.

  • Good win against a peaking Celtics team! It was fun watching the Bulls turn up the intensity in the 2nd 1/2 and get the win! When Rose is out we really need to outfight teams and be tenacious!

    I just watched the 2nd 1/2 of the game but Deng really was clutch and probably had his best game, at least down the stretch in the 4th that I have seen him in a long time! Great job Luol!

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