Bulls Beat #235 - Wild finish

Bulls Beat #235 - Wild finish

The Chicago Bulls locked up the #1 seed, gave it away, then locked it up again in a wild week of Bulls basketball. I discuss the playoff outlook for the team as the regular season winds to a close.

Bulls Beat #235 - Wild finish

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  • Doug, just a few observations. After Knicks beat Hawks this afternoon, Bulls are going to get every matchup they wanted. Philly, Boston, and homecourt against my Heat. My only disagreement with you is that the Heat want Indiana in the second round, not Boston. IF HEALTHY, the only teams I see with a chance at the title are Heat, Bulls, Thunder, and Spurs. Don’t sleep on the Spurs. Tony Parker is playing as well as anyone in the NBA, which makes them more dangerous than last year. Memphis is a darkhorse, but I just don’t see it. I agree about Thibideau. He should be coach of the year.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Agreed, the Heat didn't bring LeBron in after Wade got hurt because they didn't mind losing to the Wizards. They'd rather avoid Boston, it means more to them than home court against the Bulls, since they think they can beat the Bulls no matter what.

  • In reply to RichG:

    I still think the Knicks will end up as the 8th seed, but we'll see what happens. It could obviously go either way, and it's sort of irrelevant. If the Bulls can't beat the Knicks they sure as hell can't beat the Heat or Thunder.

    As for the Heat, I agree that they'd rather face Indy than Boston, but I think Indy is a much better team. I agree though that Boston does pose a few mismatch problems with them as they have no way to contain Rondo and unlike Rose, they can't overload him and let the other players do damage because Pierce and Allen are too good.

    I'm completely sleeping on the Spurs. I'm snoring on them. People told me the same thing last year about not to sleep on the Spurs, and I said they weren't going to go anywhere and were a complete paper tiger. I feel the same way this year about them being a paper tiger. Assuming they hold on to the one seed they may make it to the ECF, because their first round matchup will be very weak and I don't think the Clippers have enough experience to top them, but I'd LOVE to face the Spurs in the finals if I were the Heat or Bulls.

  • hi doug! im from the philippines, and i'm a big bulls fan since mj days!
    i observed that one of your podcast or comments to our bulls.. is that u pick them to win over the wizards, since you forgot this is basketball.5 on 5, and you pointing out.. that the frontline of the bulls will dominate.. and i come to realized at that moment. before that game.." this dude does not know what is talking about.." and for sure..just like i thought.., bulls fall to the wizards 87- 84, now.. that is the example of a person who doesn't know about basketball, and doug you are example of pathetic guy,who doesn't know basketball..
    you loved them when they winning, you put them down when they losing.. im not talking about scottie here..

    tell you what.. i really believe bulls will beat miami in a 7 game series with or without rose..

    and for me.. the real chalenge is OKC and the SPURS.

    and im KUNGKUNG from the pampanga, philippines
    and thats my opinion..

  • In reply to meanjunfrompampanga:

    Haha, thanks for stopping by to point out my faults. I hope you're right about the Bulls getting past Miami. If they do, I think the Thunder are just as fearsome as the Heat, but I wouldn't worry about the Spurs much.

  • The Bulls should do every they can to swing a deal for Tyreke Evans.


    Or even sign Lou Williams or Eric Gordon.


  • I guarantee that.. and I' l pray for that.. to Happen!!
    remenber the name.. haha

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