Bulls at Knicks noon on ABC - Rose hopeful

Derrick Rose says he's ready to return to action as long as he doesn't have a set back. Will Tom Thibodeau agree? We'll find out soon. Meanwhile, the Bulls are in for it against a recharged Knicks team that has played much better since the ouster of Mike D'Antoni

The New York Knicks are 9-3 without D'Antoni (4-2 since losing both Amare and Lin whom will both miss the Bulls game). They've got some quality wins over that stretch (@Indiana, @Philadelphia, @Orlando). The Knicks have been piling on points in a small ball lineup featuring Carmelo at PF.

To go big or to go small?

The Bulls can try and matchup small against the Knicks and put Deng in at PF with Brewer in at SF. While I'm sure Chicago will start in it's typical configuration, I wouldn't be surprised to see more small ball being used later in the game if the initial take doesn't work well.

The Bulls may start off with Noah on Melo and Boozer on Tyrus. I think Noah can hang with Melo well enough, and Tyson isn't enough of an offensive threat to abuse Boozer, and Boozer is a good enough rebounder to stop Tyson from getting tons of cheap points on the offensive glass.

On the other end, I like Boozer's odds of scoring against Carmelo down low or if Chandler comes out to guard him, I like Noah destroying the Knicks on the offensive glass.

Assuming a Rose return, the Bulls can matchup small as well. Rose, Rip, Korver, Deng, and Noah would give the Bulls a potent offensive lineup as well, or they could switch to Brewer for more defense. C.J. could fit in with this lineup as well if Rose is out as the unit would be loaded with quality passers.

Defend the three

The Knicks have been jacking up threes left and right recently. They're inconsistent in doing so, but when they knock them down the offense becomes deadly (much like any offense that knocks down lots of threes). If the Bulls can run the Knicks off the three point line to prevent the Knicks high stake offense to lose its wild card it will help push the game in their favor.

Dominate the glass

With the Knicks playing a whole ton of small ball, Chicago should crash the glass and make them pay for it. The Bulls are one of the best rebounding teams in the league and should crush opponents who go small on them when it comes to rebounding.

The Bulls will need to use a five man rebounding effort though as the Knicks long range shooting will likely lead to plenty of long rebound opportunities. The Bulls guards will need to be cognizant of boxing out to remove the threat of extra possessions through long rebounds and also look to initiate their own fast break offense when given a chance.

Big game for both teams

As noted here, the Bulls want the Knicks out of the playoffs, because it enhances their odds of winning the tiebreaker, plus every game left this season is crucial for them in their chase for the #1 seed. The Bulls really need to win both games of this upcoming home and home to enhance their seeding while the Knicks would likely be satisfied splitting the series.

Presuming Rose plays, he'll likely have more rust in this game, plus it's on the road. The combination gives the Knicks better odds of stealing the victory in this one. Chicago will need to play tough and focused to take the MSG crowd out of the game early.


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  • how about those bulls in the early start games? maybe they party with thibodeau too much

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Early game coupled with Rose being rusty is a recipe for disaster. I think either Thibs is a "closet" party guy or just that the Bulls guys need their naps in the afternoon like little babies to be effective

  • Such a weird game so far, but I actually like that Thibs is experimenting with the lineups (going small, switching who guards Carmelo, taking out Rose)--even if those experiments end up costing us the game. It's important that we do some on-the-ground research, so to speak, on the Knicks considering they're our likely 1st-round matchup. Obviously they're strong and dangerous for an 8th seed (even without Amare and Lin), so we need to try out some different lineups, sets, and approaches in this game and the next to see what works best.

    1st quarter Note A: Rose tried to take a 3-on-1 charge. I appreciate the dedication, the I'm-not-injured-and-I'm-a-team-player mentality, but he should get the blank out of the way on that. Not worth the risk in his first 10 minutes back after nearly a month away from the game floor.

    1st Quarter Note B: I liked Van Gundy's comments about Boozer. Booze does a couple things that make you grin (the fadeaway jumper followed by the and-1 possibility on an offensive rebound). Then he comes right back and makes you grimace: misses the and-1 freethrow, gives Jeffries too much space, and then lets Jeffries take him off the dribble. Ugh.

  • I can never understand how a team can play so bad when this is all you do plus you shoot around and warm up before the game. The Bulls as usual go back to playing behind Rose instead of along the side of him like when he was out

  • do we have to sit through this turd of a performance by Rose so he can work off the rust and play better a week from now or is he just not ready?

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    looks like he hasnt dribbled a ball in a month

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    He's not ready. Now the question is he not ready mentally (in which case we probably need to sit through this for him to get his confidence back) or is he not ready physically?

    I think in the first quarter it was mental, he looked scared to even hold the ball. In the second quarter it looked physical, he drove a lot, but wasn't explosive and couldn't get past guys.

  • what a ridiculous gag job.

  • im gonna throw up...

  • Overtime in an exciting game but the bulls should be headed to the locker room with a win right now. gotta make them free throws and not choke deng and rose.

  • well... if the bulls lose the #1 seed by one game... no comment

  • Damn melo is clutch and thats what is needed in the playoffs. thats what the bulls lack. PLEASE GOD don't let the bulls play the knicks in the 1st round of the playoffs.

  • Man...if the Bulls only had a go to clutch scorer, the Bulls are a team that I call clutch retarded.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    A big comeback and lead by 9 with 3 in a half minutes only to miss free throws and lose by a point in a overtime that shouldn't have been, pathetic loss.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And hopefully the Bulls can learn from this loss and learn to play playoff basketball cause I for one don't think they know how to play playoff basketball, they're a good regular season team and that's it!!!

  • Hate to say it but they played like I thought they would. Heavily favored against a team that will be lucky to make playoffs and as ususal Bulls come in playing like they are a great team that can take a quarter or so off and still win. Easily had this game but made me another $100 because when Rose is in lineup they depend too much on him and forget how to play their own games. You cant win a championship waiting and watching your star player when you are supposed to show them and the world that you are just as much a threat, star and contributor to the team. We will continue to see that heart is the one thing you cant teach.

  • In reply to jclass62:

    Agreed, we will see this again in the very near future unfortunately, Bulls have good players, but some aren't ready for the big moments or shots.

  • Rose/Deng choking on free throws big time. It is one thing for Rose to miss those contested jump shots but this is a real worrisome thing to miss free throws(both).
    Free throw shooting might be the difference for this team winning or losing in the playoffs.
    BTW, is Thibs so scared of Rose not to run any plays? Letting him go ISO so much when he is so rusty....Where is Thibs's offensive sets?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I said the same about all the Rose ISOs. He was missing and they kept going Rose ISO. It's only his first game back and all they ran was Rose ISO. How much of that was Thibs and how much was Rose letting his ego get in the way with a Chicago matchup with Shumpert?

    Also the defense, by first Gibson and then Deng, on Melo as he hit those two 3s was terrible. The defender needs to meet the shooter OUTSIDE the 3pt line, not under it. Like the Knicks defended Bulls - an extended defense which disrupts the shooter BEFORE he rises up for the shot, not afterward.

  • In reply to Edward:

    What did everyone say after the Miami series....Wade/LeBron made ridiculous shots in clutch which was well defended and Rose went too much ISO. The story repeated today.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Yes, the repetitive ISOs hurt Bulls team as the opponent only has to guard one player. The ball never left Rose's hands.

    But Carmelo was not well-defended on those two 3s. Gibson and Deng let Melo step into his shot in rhythm. Melo should have been 'picked up' (defended) by Gibson and Deng 5-10 feet OUTSIDE the 3pt line.

  • I forgive DRose and Deng. DRose has been out almost a month and Deng played 50 minutes in this game. Rust from DRose and fatigue from Deng.

    I want to know where Rip was in overtime. If the Bulls wanted Korver out there for situations just like these, then they wouldn't have brought Rip in! Huge letdown.

  • "and Boozer is a good enough rebounder to stop Tyson from getting tons of cheap points on the offensive glass". Doug Thonus.

    Boozer is not a good rebounder , unless you call basket hanging and screaming get it Jo, or when Noah isn't in the game he just screamimg get it (somebody/anybody). He is nothing more than a cherry picker and a cheap shot artist who has never once in his entire career put his ample ass on anyone in an effort to block out, this is why Chandler had 10 offensive rebounds and came up with nearly every other other loose ball, leading to dozens of extra Knicks points and essentially winning the game for the Knicks.

    I don't know what other conclusion to draw but that it is official, Thibs is a Mataboozer apologist and a moronhole, as he is willing to sacrifice the entire team in order to force feed us more of the Matapussy at any position and regardless of the results on the floor.

    Thibs again sat Noah for most of the 4rth and went with Boozer at center, apparently because the Mata piece of shit provides more offense. Well, the Bulls were up ten at 91-81 with 3 minutes to go and didn't score another point in regulation, then they were at 99 points with 3 minutes to go in overtime and didn't score another point, where was the Matascorer.

    Boozer is so pathetic that he couldn't guard his grandmothers dufflebag, so Thibs keep trying to find somebody to hide him on, and Bulls fans keep deluding themselves into thinking that there is anybody in the NBA who won't abuse him when given the chance.

    The crossmatch with Melo destroyed the Bulls in the first quarter, as it took Deng the entire quarter to even figure out that he was supposed to be guarding Melo. In fact Deng was equally as putrid overall as Hamilton was in that first quarter.

    "On the other end, I like Boozer's odds of scoring against Carmelo down low". Doug deluding himself again pregame.

    I am virtually certain that the Matapussy did not score a single point against Dennis Rodman, oops I mean Carmelo Anthony, in fact, he may not have even gotten off a single shot attempt. Once again demonstrating why he is a gutless pussy in addition to the worst defensive player in the history of the league.

    Look, if Deng or Rose were actually bigtime players(i.e could hit their free throws when it matters, or in Dengs case even get off a shot attempt) even the Thibaboozer combo couldn't have cost us the game. This is 2 straight losses on the Thibaboozer.

    Noah by the way might have proved that he is also the best perimeter defender on the bulls(it certainly isn't Luol Deng), as at various times he individually shut down Melo, the Knicks power forward, Fields, the Knicks small forward, and JR Smith and/or Shumpert, the Knicks shooting guards.

    But why have your best defensive player on the court when you can have the Matapussy doing his best Wilt Chamberlain/Bill Russell immitation. There is simply no reason for Noah to play 27 minutes and the Matapussy 35, no reason what so ever, ever.

    Hamilton could not have played more putridly if he changed his name to boozer, Shumpert destroyed him at both ends of the floor, Hamiltion could barely hold onto the ball, then again neither could Rose.

    Rust or no rust Rose demonstrated as I have said since he entered the league that he is not an elite ballhandler(dribbling or passing) and it appears that he never will be which is why he will never be the best point guard in the league.

    As much as I hate Melo(personality) you have to give him credit he has massive balls, which is more than I can say about anybody on the Bulls.

    The Bulls had that game in hand twice, but couldn't score a single point in the last six minutes of crunch time. A total choke by Rose, Deng and the Matapussy. An horrific loss, made even more so because it came against NY in NY and on national TV.

    Going into the season, I thought the Bulls would easily win 50, a week or so ago(40-10) it looked like a lock, now(3-4 since) it looks like they will be lucky to do so.

    I am really getting sick of these early Sunday road games, they just completely ruin the entire weekend. Get ready for more of this shit, as this is what the playoffs are going to be like, especially if the Thibaboozer doesn't get his head out of his ass.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Wow bro you're really Pissed. I get it. I Def disagree with some of your points but agree with others. For whatever reason this year watching Rose play he has been really crappy. Like he jacks up a TON of shots and doesn't appear to be scoring efficiently. Me personally that has never been a problem just because the bulls were winning. Similar to all the Melo criticism early this year because he was jacking a ton of shots and missing and NY was losing so it was magnified. Plus Derrick seems to have below court vision. He still makes awful decisions with the basketball causing turnovers. I guess im just ranting but Derrick seems to have taken a step backwards this year.

  • Does anyone else think Derrick has taken a step backward this year? I mean after last year winning the MVP and being as dominant as he was, i expected him to just be awesome this year. And really he has been less than stellar. Like way less. Even before the injury he was shooting a ton of shots a game and was scoring but just playing like crap. I dont know man maybe im just venting but He hasn't played well at all this year.

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Actually, I think Rose has made better passes this year as a pure PG and sometimes has taken better care of the ball too. He was too rusty and had no legs to make his floaters, jump shots today. That said, whenever Rose has taken more than 25 shots...either the Bulls lose or it is an ugly win. The one worry about today's game is the offense in the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. It seemed like a replay of the Miami playoff games. All ISOs from Rose and everybody else getting completely out of rhythm and the offense sucking.
    Thibs has to have multiple options on plays and Noah getting the ball in OT with time-out not being called when Rose on the floor again shows the lack of mental focus from the team.

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