Where's Omer?

Where's Omer?

Omer's role on the Bulls has shrunken with the outstanding play of Joakim Noah. Against Orlando, Omer played sparingly despite a matchup where his size would appear heavily favorable. In fact, half of his minutes were with Howard on the bench. With Luol Deng likely taking a few games off, Rip Hamilton likely out a month, and the trade deadline fast approaching, the question is are the Bulls really committed to Asik?

Is Asik's reduced playing time simply a function of Noah's great play? Perhaps. It makes sense given the level Noah has played at recently, especially since Omer has really struggled to produce much on the court. His defense is still solid, but he's been difficult to watch on offense and doesn't appear to have made much in the way of offensive improvements.

Omer still brings the ball down to load up for his dunk attempts at the basket, frequently causing him to get stripped in the paint. He still lacks the hands to reliably catch, turn, and dunk, and we haven't approached his game outside of the opportunity basket which is more or less non existent.

Occasionally he receives the ball on a cut and fluidly uses his two steps towards the hoop, and he gets his share of open dunks when the defense leaves him, but he's simply got to work on defining some type of strength on offense for next season.

Will Chicago be unable to afford Omer next year? What's the most he's really going to cost? A defensive center who plays 10 minutes a game and has no offensive skills? I think the worst case scenario is a team offering the full MLE. I'd use Marcin Gortat as the example comparison in this case.

Is it worth it for Chicago to match a full MLE on Omer? I appreciate his defensive strengths, but he's simply worth far more to a team with a greater need than he is to us. If the Bulls are limited by the luxury tax barrier [or how deep they'll go into it], then it's hard to imagine the team committing to both Omer and Gibson with Boozer and Noah on board at big money. They may eventually amnesty Boozer, but that's not likely to happen next season.

If Chicago can't afford him then trading him now makes some sense right? However, what are the Bulls going to get back in terms of trade value for Asik? Possibly Courtney Lee could come back, but it's worth noting that if the Bulls can't afford Omer next season that they may not be able to afford Lee either.

Getting guard help sounds fine now with C.J, Deng, and Rip out, but if they're healthy what the hell does a rotation of Watson, Brewer, Korver, Hamilton, and Lee do to split 62 minutes a game in the playoffs? You really five guys for those minutes? Even four guys is overkill. Lee isn't a notable improvement on those guys, he's just kind of a blend between Brewer and Korver.

In the end, the best lineup for Chicago in the playoffs is still to go with what they have and hope everyone is healthy. If the Bulls have significant injuries then they're probably done anyway. If not, then they're better off without the trade.

Maybe it makes sense to bring in Lee and remove both Korver/Brewer next year [non guaranteed contracts] and move forward with CJ, Lee, Rip, and Butler to fill in the wing minutes, if that's the case perhaps a trade helps long term, but it relies on the Bulls deciding they will match offers that Lee receives and hope the offers are reasonable.

In the end, it's hard for me to see Chicago commit heavily to Asik and refuse to trade him, but it's equally hard to find a trade that really helps the team defeat the Heat this season more so than having the extra big man depth would.



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  • I am not sure that the Celtics wouldn't accept a deal for Ray Allen with Asik as the center piece. How many 25 year old legit 7 footers are there in the NBA. Darko and Kwame Brown are still in the NBA because they are tall, at least Omer is athletic and plays good defense and right now he is an upgrade over Jermaine O'Neal. Are they really going to get a better piece than Asik for an old Ray Allen? No other contending team can part with better talent at a position of need and a rebuilding team is not going to trade for someone of that age.

  • In reply to do53:

    So, you trade Omer and have a frontcourt of Boozer, Noah and Taj and try to get a D-leaguer to replace Omer? And for what...a 36 year old Ray Allen? It is not happening from the comments you hear.
    In fact, Thibs thinks that losing Omer in the Miami series changed the momentum. That's how highly he thinks of Asik.
    You need a backup Center of some caliber because Noah plays with so much energy and that's when he is most effective as a player especially in the playoffs. You need Asik to give Noah a break and you are not going to find an Asik type effective player this season.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    and what the hell happens if Noah goes down.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Or if Noah sucks so bad they need to go to the backups like last years entire playoff run...

  • In reply to Chad:

    or if deranged Noah phobes ran the front office.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    A back up center with potential for what is a top 10 SG that provides excellent 3 point shooting and above average defense not to mention familiarity with the system and the personality to fit in? Yes, I make that trade in a second and deal with a D League center to play 5 minutes a game. With the amount of undersized teams in the league Taj and Boozer can run together against most teams including the Heat. If we are trying to win a championship now you make this trade.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    And don't get me wrong, Asik is my favorite Bull. I would hate to see the guy go, but if you get Allen in return you make the trade.

  • Chicago gets:  Pau Gasol and Derrick Fisher (in a Lindsey Hunter role)
    -Upgrade at PF pushes them past Miami

    Orlando gets:  Boozer/Bynum/Jimmy Butler (which keeps them out of the tax and is much better than the nothing they're on the verge of getting).

    L.A. gets:  Howard, CJ Watson, Turkoglu, luxury tax relief, and possibly the Charlotte pick to convince them to take on Hedo's contract, but hopefully we don't need to bribe them to pair Kobe with the best center in the NBA (again), lure Phil out of retirement, and threepeat.

    PS - Asik for Allen would be money, but it's tough to match salaries on that one (125% + $100,000 applies; also, the Bulls aren't allowed to go more than $4 million into the lux tax this season)

  • I can't believe all of you Bulls fans who have a problem with this team? In my opinion the Bulls have to finish out the season with this roster unless Dwight Howard or Joe Johnson is a possibility. Even Joe Johnson might not be enough to change my mind.

    1) First of all the Bulls were young and inexperienced last year
    2) The Bulls have the best chemistry in the league and Miami's is very touchy. An injury or a setback in chemistry could leave the Bulls victorious this spring. I say give this team one more chance.
    3) I wouldn't give up Asik for Ray Allen or OJ Mayo, that isn't doing a thing. If Miami is operating on all cylinders could any combination of players beat them? I don't know, maybe Rose, Durant and Howard could beat them but how do you build that team? Trading for other role players is not going to make the Bulls better, they have superb chemistry right now, you can't mess that up for Mayo.

    Leave Boozer alone!!! Checkout Sam Smith's mailbag. Somebody emailed him and asked why everyone shits on Carlos Boozer so much? Smith answers that it's because most people don't watch the games. Now I know people on this site and Doug watch the games but I still see some stunning comments from people. Some one wanted to trade Boozer for Drew Gooden? Are you serious? Gooden is the worst player in the league. And sorry Doug but that 1st quarter against the Bucks when Drew Gooden was on fire Noah was guarding him not Boozer. The Bucks announcers even commented that Noah needs to come out on him. And then Gooden went 1-9 in the second because he completely sucks. By the way Amare Stoudemire's great game against the Bulls was not Boozer's fault either. I counted 18 pts of Amare's 30 were off of deflections or fast breaks where Boozer wasn't even around. Not to mention the other 12 or 14 pts probably were not all on Boozer.
    Amare and Bosh both make more than Carlos, I would take Bosh over him, but he is not dominating Boozer by any means. I wouldn't take Amare and his knees over Boozer. Gasol or Zach Randolph would be better but that is about it. Not to mention that Boozer has been Healthy yes he hasn't missed a game.
    I just read an article that was talking about how Chris Kaman has elevated his trade value with the great play since he's been back. When I saw his stat line it seemed familiar: 16ppg 9rpg, Oh that's because those are Boozer's stats!! Wow. Kaman makes 14 mil too!!! Boozer is not a horrible contract and the Bulls still have their amnesty if they can't trade him so really he is not a problem at all.

    I was more worried about Noah early in the season, but he has seemed to come around. Now I am worried about Deng, maybe HE should be traded. Forget his wrist or his dribbling, hes is just slow. I watched Ryan Anderson and Turkoglu out run him and that is not the only time I have seen taller white guys beating Deng down the court. I just don't think he is athletic enough, when he plays a good 3 man, he spends all of his energy one defense and can't do anything on offense. I think that is due to his lack of athletecism, he has to try harder than everyone else. So against the Heat it is a fact that Deng will not even give you 15 ppg because he will be putting all of his energy into guarding Lebron. The Bulls need Deng to avg atleast 15ppg or even closer to 20ppg to beat Miami, even if Boozer averages 20 and 10. But if Deng gets hot and Boozer steps up ( I admit he folded in the playoffs last year) the Bulls can beat the Heat.

    I love this Bulls team, let them ride out and then this summer they can make some big changes. It should be fun!

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    "Smith answers that it's because most people don't watch the games."

    Funny answer to give, since Boozer frequently looks a lot better in the box score than he does on the court, given the box score doesn't capture defense.

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    the entirety of your post is invalidated by the fact that the Mataboozer was absolutely guarding Gooden virtually the entire quarter, and when Noah did switch onto Gooden, he was barely able to get a shot off never mind score at will. and if that Bucks game wasn't enough evidence for you, go back and check out any of the other Bucks game, and watch Gooden and that rookie from Wisconsin John Lure score 20+ points in a single quarter against the Mataboozer.

    The evidence against boozer is so overwhelming by now that I thought we were done arguing about it, but I guess senile Sam Smith can still sway a few of you into being apologists.

    and by the way the worst player in the NBA gives you pretty much what the Mataboozer does(probably more on a per minute basis) at about one third the cost.

    at this point, measured against a year and a half of mind boggling awful evidence, defending boozer is asinine enough in and of itself, but being willfully blind and lying about it is deranged.

    Paducahville is that you.

    and, by the way, I watch every minute of every game, many of them over and over again on my DVR, just like I have for the past 40+ years.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    since you probably missed this on a previous post

    Bills Simmons on Taj vs Boozer.

    Taj Gibson: Making one-seventh as much as Boozer, only every time he comes in for Boozer, it's like subbing an ISDN line for a dial-up. How would Gibson fare playing 35 minutes a night? It's unclear. Stay tuned for "More Things That Will Be Answered When Chicago Amnesthizes Boozer This Summer" right after this.

    At this point in their respective careers, I'll take a Simmons opinion over a senile Sam Smith one 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Boozers stats are right on target with his per minute career stats. Only an idiot should have expected him to magically get better just because he came to the Bulls and is getting 14 mil a year. He is what he always was so stop b!tching about it every freaking post! Mataboozer this Mataboozer that he never fing defended before why is he going to turn into a stopper now! He scores and rebounds that is his game and that is what we paid him to do for us.

  • In reply to Chad:

    So, you are expecting him to magically get better.

    I have never suggested that he will, I recognize how badly he truly sucks, and that you can never win a championship with him as your starting PF, which is why I want to get rid of him no matter what he does in one game against Glen miniature baby Davis.

    Stop watching sportscenter and box scores, start watching games, and maybe your irrational anger would not be so misdirected.

  • I just don't see how they trade Asik when they couldn't even land Prezbilla as the 5th backup big. The Bulls will trade Asik probably at the 2012 draft for a middling 1st round pick. Right now it doesn't make sense to trade big for small, what are you going to do when Hamilton comes back ? you have have too many wings and an injury to Noah or Boozer can happen..both are injury prone. Of the potential trade targets of the Bulls I saw, I like Wes Johnson of Minny, young athletic wing that can run and finish around the rim. If you can't land Howard, why not use that charlotte pick now and getting big contracts is out of the question because ownership doesn't want to go deep into lux tax. I think the Bulls screwed up in not waiting for Jamal Crawford who would of chosen the Bulls over the Blazers for the same money. the dude was greedy as usual.

  • Well we "sh!t" on Boozer as you so eloquently put it because He sucks on Defense and Steals rebounds away from teammates to Pad his stats..He will leave his man to rebound instead of boxing out..And his stats are way down this year, reason being because Thibs can't trust him to close out the fourth. Oh yeah and he has TOTALLY abandoned his post game. We Literally signed boozer because he had a post game. I havent seen that part of his game in who knows when. I do however agree with your very Valid assesment of other bigs in the League. Alot of 4's in the league dont post up..You have ZBO and?? Im sure someone will think of someone else but I really cant at the present time. Any how Boozer needs to reestablish himself in the post, get his 19 and 9 that he promised us and Commit to D. Until he does that then we will continue to...well "sh!t" on him

  • It's a tough question of who to keep between Taj and Omer. I think Asik is by far the bigger defensive presence and Taj is over rated on that end. Offensively with Asik giving you nothing but rebounding Taj has a big edge ... last year not so much but Taj has been hitting his shots a hell of a lot better this year and is no longer hurting the team taking them.

    I think the two deciding factors come down to Taj having another year to go on his rookie deal, and also the inevitable Boozer amnesty meaning PF is a position of greater need.

    That said I think Asik will walk rather than be traded because the Bulls were unable to obtain a third center for their roster. If Kurt Thomas had returned then perhaps they could entertain the idea of trading Asik ... although what you can get for him I don't know, Courtney Lee doesn't excite me at all, rich man's Keith Bogans as you've used recently is precisely what I was saying last year when people were hyping lee up as the answer. I'd rather roll with Brewer and hope Rip gets healthy.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    As much as I like what Taj brings to the team, Asik brings a much more evasive NBA commodity to the Bulls, legitimate size and height that knows how to move his feet and play D.

    Without Asik, we become a small if not midget size team.

    They are a great team together because they compliment each other so well. I really would like to keep them both.

    We have to decide on Asik this summer, and on Taj next summer.

    At this point, I would keep them both over all the other bench mob/role players, it needs to go without saying I would amnesthitize boozer in an instant to be able to keep them both

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'd like to keep them both too. I also think Boozer should be let go because his offense is clearly not making up for his defense this year. Check the on/off stats: the Bulls would be the best defensive team since the mid 70s if they posted the numbers when Boozer was off the court for the whole 48 minutes, yet barely miss him on offense.

    But it's not my money and paying a guy 45 million not to play? It remains to be seen whether the Bulls will go for that. The guys who have been amnestied so far haven't had anywhere near that much money left on their contracts.

    I guess maybe they can make it work without letting Boozer go by ditching Brewer/Korver ... that probably leaves them just under the tax even after signing Asik to a MLE type deal and using their draft pick. You could ditch Watson too ... but then you're probably needing to bring in an equivalent player and not saving any money anyway. Makes you nervous relying on Rip at the 2 with no depth to take over for all the games he's going to miss though ... the best solution really is to let Boozer go.

  • The Blazers are asking for peanuts for Jamal Crawford. Crawford is the perfect sixth man who won't mind coming off the bench for Rip, and Rip won't have to play 5-10 minutes more than his body can handle that way.

    Based on the offers they've looked for, either Ronnie Brewer and a first round for Crawford or Korver, Asik and a first round for Crawford and Kurt Thomas would work. That's a difference-maker!

  • In reply to Hunter:

    The Bulls didn't want Crawford as a free agent(rightfully so) and now we are going to trade 2 or 3 assets for him. On what planet is that a difference maker, or has Crawford himself ever been one.

    When teams are constantly trying to get rid of a guy, as every team in his career has, it is probably a good idea not to plan a victory parade around the acquisition of that guy.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ahem... there's a certain bottom 5 team in this league paying Rip tons and tons of money NOT to play for them.

    Crawford is absolutely a difference-maker as a second ballhandler and a scorer. There's such a lull in the Bulls offense because DRose is the only one willing to take a shot. Swapping Ronnie or Korver and a draft pick that's going to be at the end of the draft for Crawford is a bad idea how? He's the best option out there and someone ready to play sixth man to Rip if/when he comes back.

    Also, the Bulls did go after Crawford. Word is they offered the MLE at a time when he was looking for larger money. He didn't get that larger money and ended up going for the MLE when the Bulls already had their sights on Rip.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Now you are comparing Hamiltion, a guy with massive NBA credentials including a championship and 5 straight trips to the ECF to Crawford a guy who until last season never made the playoffs.

    Never mind the fact that CJ Watson, who you conveniently ignor is a better(far) overall player than Crawford anyway.

    You(WE) know for fact that the Bulls did indeed pursue Crawfore, How, oh yea, word is, isn't that a line from an old Vanilla ice song.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Rip is 34 years old now and can't stay healthy. Bill Russell was the pivotal piece to 11 championships, but I wouldn't want him on my team now.

    CJ is a PG. He can't play consistently with DRose out there. They tried it a few mins in the ECF and it failed. CJ was also a D-leaguer a couple years back. The guy shot 37% from the field last year. 37%!

    It was reported at the time over the offseason that the Bulls were pursuing Crawford. He wanted more than the MLE at the time but ultimately couldn't get it.

  • More interesting gems & tidbits from Bills Simmons at Grantland

    What's weird is that Gordon — by default — is still holding the "Best 2-Guard Under 29 Years Old" title even though he's only played two games this year. The state of NBA 2-guards is extremely grim. Check out my "Pay Afflalo" column from December.

    That is Eric Gordon, just in case any of you thought about losing your minds there for a second. Maybe this is why we can't find one to put us over the top.

    and another

    The most eclectic rookie: New Jersey's MarShon Brooks, a two-guard who somehow has a complicated back-to-the-basket game already. He's right out of 1978. Yes, I would trade JaJuan Johnson straight up for him. Don't get me started.

    Looks like we are not the only fans lamenting not drafting Brooks.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    During the draft I was hoping we would take Brooks. The guy looked pretty good and fit a need. His stats have not been great this year but the guy has tons of potential.

    That said, if Nikola comes over and is the next Dirk like some people have said you can't beat that.

    That said, would you guys rather have "the next Dirk" in 3 years or an above average Rookie SG that could become the next Kobe. (Dont shout about how I'm jumping to conclussions his rookie stats and Kobe's 2nd year stats are very comparable)

  • In reply to do53:

    Hardly a fair comparison given Kobe came out of high school. By the time Kobe was 23 he was getting MVP votes.

  • Sell high.

  • Tough call on Asik for Allen cause to get salaries to match Allen's 10 mil it would have to be Asik + Korver + CJ since Hamilton is always freaking injured and wouldn't pass a physical. That really guts our depth across the board. We lose two of our top distance shooters off the bench and our only 7 footer. So if Allen gets hurt we have no one that can come in and stretch the floor.

    I say keep Asik at that price.

  • This is what the Bulls are going to do... nothing. Then they'll wait to see who gets bought out. Some things really bother me about this organization like THEY STILL HAVEN'T FILLED THE 2 GUARD SPOT!!! It's been freaking almost 2 years of Bogans/Brewer or Rip.... this drives me nuts!

    This team brings in players like Scal and John Lucas 3 who are completely useless and they clearly need shooting but they waste roster spots on these two guys? Freaking drives me crazy. They buy a lemon in Rip and have no really other plan.

    I don't get being so close to winning a title yet they just can't find that guy who will take the offensive load off Rose. They still haven't found Ben Gordon's replacement.

    I think Ben Gordon and the Bulls were a great match even though his defense really sucked he was so damn clutch for them. I realize Gordon wanted a pay day and all which just makes watching this league frustrating at times because players just follow the money.

  • In regards to this blog post ,I truly dont think Noah is best used at the 5. Put him with an Al Jefferson or Chris Kaman( someone with offensive skill and some size to mach up with NBA centers) and watch his stats further swell. He is an awesome help defender and offensive rebounder. IM starting with Noah because that is the blueprint on wearing down the Heat AND OKC.

    When our offense is ran there is no secret what is going to happen since there is no threat of an inside anything at any time. Im not shitting on Boozer, Im facing facts. Noah has a higher ceiling than Boozer being on the floor. Omer needs a training camp and summer league and constant practice time to develope a baby hook, a turnaround jumper , an elbow jumper etc. Theres room for improvement. I have been follwing Bulls basketball since before Jordan and there were empty floor seats near the front you could sneak into. It was fun then, and absolutely delirious now.

    I like everybody else wants our Bulls to be the last ones standing- thats why we are all playing GM. Omer is only a part of what scares us- its the depth that we've prided ourselves on. Playing behind Deng is somewhat hectic this year. Ive said Grant Hill is an excellent venture : a veteran who has size, can play 3-4 positions on offense and defense, someone who doesnt have much time left along with an expiring contract to boot.

    2 spots on the floor Center and swingman and we wouldnt have to play this offense/defense crap at the end of games.We would dictate who has come and play us for a change.Jerry Krause stated it when he said "Management Wins Championships "!! Or something like that.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    Not sure that Noah is a full time 4, he seems to be taken out of his game when he has to cover stretch 4's that hide behind the 3 point line the whole game.

    Unfortunately, he is only 6'10.5, if he were Aisk's size he would be the second best center in the league, and I might not want to trade him even for Howard.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Which says even more that not just size, but effective scoring size would put pressure on ,say, Miami's speed defense and wear them down.Noah's game relies on speed and where we wish Omer was developed enough to bring at least 12-15ppg in the post,we are faced trying to match Miami strength for strength and we dont have to.

    Kaman for the Hornets can post or pick and pop and still play some defense for us. It would be change of pace with some options.

    ppost or pick d pop and

  • There is a something to be said for adding depth at this time of year and i think its wise. We have the top record,like last year, but every team has deficiencies and to stand pat when everybody else is retooled/retooling with one eye on you , makes you sort of a wise fool.

    I hope we dont end up outsmarting Ourselves instead of our opponents in the end..thinking we were smarter than everybody else

  • http://www.suntimes.com/sports/basketball/bulls/11135358-579/shoulder-injury-will-keep-rip-hamilton-out-for-a-while.html

    Bulls lied about Rip Hamilton's shoulder injury.
    They called it a "Mild Sprain" and listed Rip as "day-to-day."
    HA, What a joke! We now learn Rip felt a "pop" when the injury occurred and doctors told Rip he would be out a full month. Currently, Rip's arm is still in a sling. That's no mild sprain, Rip has a serious shoulder injury and Bulls aren't being honest about it. Further, KC Johnson of the Tribune, doesn't write the truth, we have to learn from the Sun Times.


  • http://www.suntimes.com/sports/basketball/bulls/11135358-579/shoulder-injury-will-keep-rip-hamilton-out-for-a-while.html

    Bulls Lied about Rip Hamilton's Shoulder Injury.
    They called it a "Mild Sprain" and listed Rip as "day-to-day."
    HA, What a joke! We now learn Rip felt a "pop" when the injury occurred and doctors told Rip he would be out a full month. Currently, Rip's arm is still in a sling and he can't lift it. That's no mild sprain, Rip has a serious shoulder injury and Bulls aren't being honest about it.

  • Further, KC Johnson of the Tribune, doesn't write the truth, we have to learn from the Sun Times.


  • now that the injury list is growing, it would of made sense if Thibo could of gave Butler more developmental time instead of being a brainless I hate rookies mindset. Butler looks completely lost and lacking confidence on offense even though he has shown glimpses of being a solid player(playing defense on Carmelo and having the ability to get to the FT line). Rookies will never develop into solid rotation players if you don't throw them into the fire and develop them. 5 minutes a game could of helped him prepare when a Deng and Hamilton went down and did.

  • Omer's contract is capped because he'll only have2 years experience. The MLE is essentially the absolute maximum he can make. So at least technically speaking, we will be able to keep him even in the worst case scenario. That all comes down to how the Org handles the taxman.

    As for trading him, there really doesn't seem to be many difference making wings in the Bulls reach. Even the options that seem to be on the table cost a lot more than just Asik, and that makes them fairly unappealing generally.

  • Except Jamal Crawford. The Bulls front office and Bulls fans are going to have pie on their faces once again when he's traded at the deadline for a role player and a draft pick.

  • I wouldn't trade a pie for Jamal Crawford. Delicious pie vs crappy chucker, easy decision. ;)

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