Rose rants on officials after win

Rose rants on officials after win

The Bulls didn't play all that well, but they played well enough to get a win. Derrick doesn't feel he's getting the calls and decided to let the world know about it.

Per KC Johnson:

"I gotta be the only superstar in the league that's going through what I'm going through right now," Rose said. "But I can't say too much about it."

"I don't usually dunk it, but I was just mad I wasn't getting any calls," Rose said.

Asked if he feared a fine for criticizing officials, Rose shrugged.

"I could care less right now," he said.

Derrick has been barking at the officials or quite some time now, however, he's now amped up his barking to include the media post game. Rose certainly has a point in how he's being treated by officials, and we'll see if emphasizing that point right before Chicago takes on Miami becomes a help or a hindrance.

The dunk came on a perfectly executed give and go, the funny thing about the play is that it was so telegraphed you could see it coming a mile away, yet Rose parted Knicks in the lane like Moses and the red sea. They all simply fell away from him with no one even attempting to contest the shot.

Taj Gibson, lunch pail superstar

It felt great in the mid to late fourth quarter when Taj Gibson secured what felt like his 30th offensive rebound [actually his eighth], and the UC crowd gave him a standing ovation. The United Center can sometimes feel pretty dormant, but they showed some serious appreciation for Taj.

Derrick Rose dominated in the second half, but Taj was the player who stepped up to get the Bulls the win. Chicago didn't shoot as well as the Knicks, get to the line as much as the Knicks, and generally didn't execute as well as the Knicks. They [and by they, I mean primarily Taj] dominated the offensive glass though, and that was the difference in the game.

The thing about all of Gibson's offensive boards is that he had legit offensive boards too. Frequently a guy gets four offensive boards by rebounding his own shot a couple times after a block or making a tip attempt. In the flow of the game it feels like it's just part of the shot attempt. The vast majority of Gibson's boards were grabs where he was simply able to reset the whole offense and give the Bulls a new shot clock and bring it back out, giving them a full possession rather than a wild tip.

Jimmy Butler continues to step up

Butler shot just three for seven on the night and his makes were largely opportunity baskets. He showed nice body control finishing a breakaway after Kyle Korver dove to the floor to beat the Knicks to a loose ball and made a brilliant little skip pace to Jimmy on the break [in the running for my favorite play of the night].

However, Butler wasn't making his money on offense. For the second time this season, Butler was called upon to play some serious defense on Carmelo Anthony, and for the second time this season, Jimmy Butler delivered. Anthony used up 25 possessions to score his 21 points and looked out of sorts for much of the game. If Butler doesn't have a nickname yet, I nominate Jimmy Blankets for the way he's defending some top notch players.

Chants of overrated reigned down on Jeremy Lin

Hubie Brown had the best response to the overrated chant when he said something to the effect of "Overrated? Jeremy Lin's should tell these people he's making the minimum". It's not surprising that there's been plenty of Lin backlash as his game has come back down to Earth a bit, however he's still filling up the box score every night, just against good teams it's not translating to victories.

In Lin's first 11 games, the Knicks went 9-2 but had just three quality wins. In their next seven they went 1-7, but all of the losses came against playoff teams [okay, the Bucks game barely counts, 5 of the losses were against really good playoff teams, one was against Boston, and one was against Milwaukee].

It's not Melo, it's not that Lin stinks, it's that against lousy teams when he was the only scorer on the offense he was going to score a lot more. Against good teams with fewer shots, he's going to score a lot less. The luster is probably off the Jeremy Lin story in terms of the megahype, but his play has still been at a high level.

Prepping for Miami

The Bulls now have a day off to prepare for the Miami Heat. With both teams sitting with nine losses, the game becomes pivotal in terms of who can get the #1 seed out of the East. Who will go for Chicago? We probably won't know until Wednesday morning, but if the Bulls are missing Watson, Korver, and Deng then it won't look pretty.

His game


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  • 'Red Sea' should be in capital letters.

  • Doug,

    Is Korver hurt? Or is that a typo? Assuming you meant RIP...

  • fb_avatar

    He should be on the phone ranting to Dwight Howard instead of whining after games. You think he would take this kind of abuse with Howard in the lineup?

  • I did notice that DRose seemed pretty pissed throughout most of the game - I was thinking that it was a combination of facing "Linsanity" for the first time and the treatment he was getting from the refs. Now we know it was basically the latter, and I say good for him! We will indeed see what effect if any his rant has on the game against Miami.

  • 1. Is it a coincidence that DRose is doing it before the Miami game to send a message to the Refs, Heat? It is obvious that Wade/LeBron whine for every contact/foul? I didn't see that from Melo or other stars.
    Rose needs to make sure he gets whatever he is the actual foul, he gets it.
    2. It might be a Bulls fan view...but the Miami series was decided by a bunch of BS calls when it mattered which changed momentum. Should the Bulls have fought through it, yeah...But, when they are out-matched on talent with Miami, taking away the advantage of fair referring will change the momentum. LeBron winking after a flop, Wade holding his eye when it wasn't even touched definitely show how the Heat play. Rose better stand up for himself as Thibs doesn't know the smart tactics of whining. He looks like he is in "constipation" mode when he complains and complains for everything and doesn't do the smart message way Phil Jackson did.


    "One source close to the situation told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the Magic have promised Howard that they will add a quality player before Thursday's deadline and that Howard can decide the fate of both GM Otis Smith and coach Stan Van Gundy at the end of the season if he signs an extension. Bucks swingman Stephen Jackson, frustrated in Milwaukee, is available and sources say he and Howard have talked about playing together."

    My god... really? This has gone too far. The game is played for the fans not the players!

  • In reply to Jmax:

    LOL, the Magic's "help" for Dwight is going to be a decaying soon to be 34 year old? I wonder why he's leaving.

  • It's about time Rose starts to think about himself. As I have stated in the past, this kid needs to be more selfish in getting what's best for him and his team.

  • I thought that was probably the worst reffed game of the season. Both sides were pissed with legitimate reason on several plays. Lots of blown and missed calls throughout. These guys deserved to be called out on that one just hope NBA doesn't fine Rose for speaking the truth.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Problem is Rose wasn't complaining about the officials in general. He was complaining--barking, really--about not getting enough calls himself. He's been doing this for the past few games and has made no attempt to hide it. Now he's doing it both on and off the court.

    While Rose is right that he's not getting all the calls he should, and while he's right to realize that talking to the refs is a (sadly) crucial component to being a star in the NBA today, I think he's going about it in exactly the wrong way. He needs to chat them up--not yell at them. And he needs to work WITH Thibs on this. They should have a strategic plan for mentioning blown calls and pointing out misses to the officials. The manner in which they are both doing it right now is neither effective nor in line with the character of this Bulls squad. In fact, there have been a few plays when Rose has looked slow or reluctant to get back on defense because he's busy theatrically displaying his frustration.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    Not so works with Kobe and Wade and all the other whiners.....but he needs to do it both ways....that said he's not doin anything the wrong way. I do agree he needs to chat the refs up too.....but they gotta be called out in public....we see make up calls all the time after peeps like Wade whine whine whine....ever seen an NBA game?

  • Oh I see it, and I think it's a mistake. I'm making a distinction between "chatting" and "whining." I think the former is essential and the latter, in anything more than limited doses, is counter-productive. Watch Chris Paul work the chatting angle. He's a master.

    Rose has, frankly, looked like a bigger whiner than anyone (short of Duncan) the past few games. I'm not saying he doesn't have a case; I'm saying he's letting his emotions do too much of the work. It's probably especially notable because it's such a contrast with his previous reluctance to complain, but it's too much in any case.

    Personally, I'd prefer a rule that allows players to express dismay right after a call (no technicals for screaming, etc.) but T's them up as soon as they speak directly to the officials. Only head coaches would be allowed to address the officials.

    I think Simmons suggested this idea at one point, and I'd love to see it tried out in the D-League. The Players Union would put up a fuss, obviously.



  • This posting comments too quickly B.S. geez, lost my post.

    Long story short - Yahoo Sports and Orlando reporters are saying Magic will trade Howard before the deadline. Apparently rather then seeking a sign and trade ala Born Bron and Bosh, Prokhorov(sic?) and the Brookly(?) Nets will find a way to compensate Howard for the difference - non-collusion of course(ha, ha). Thus he can keep Lopez and Deron Williams to form his own "Super" team.

    Anyway if it is to be believed, then the Magic and Otis Smith are seeking what players and talking to which teams? Golden State has been mentioned.

    For a three month rental anything the Bulls could part with without gutting their core? Probably not. Golden State has been mentioned with Ellis as bait. Also, a facilitator might be needed as in third party to absorb some contracts etc. Should get real interesting.

  • With the Bulls record where it is, and Taj and Korver for example playing so well there could be some trade aka talent upgrade opportunities(?), but the bulls of course will not likely be making any major moves. Still, it will be interesting until we reach the deadline to see what dominoes might fall after getting shifted by the major tremor the Dwight trade effect would possibly have.

  • fb_avatar

    Rose needs to put aside his pride and reach out to Howard NOW.

  • I see a lot of people are onto the same line of thought here regarding Rose and the refs and it's something I've worried about a long time.

    DRose has to 'shmooze' with the refs. Kobe and Bron can get mad at the refs but you also see them talking to the refs, putting their arm around them etc. DRose has to develop a relationship with them if he wants the calls. Then you can put pressure on them by 'barking' once that relationship is established.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    He's been fined today $25,000 by the league for his comments. He's speaking the truth but I don't think it's going to endear him to the officials. He's got to figure this out. DRose knows how to play the game, he's secured over a quarter of a billion dollars so far.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    25k is just one less ivory back scratcher for him.

  • I don't care about the Fine for Rose..Adidas has him covered. I Care about the bulls aquiring Gasol. Pretty much whatever it takes to get done get it done. Gasol is a 7 footer who is a legit low post threat and a champion. Get Him..Get the third team involved and get it done.

  • The refs have absolutely sucked since after the All-Star break. I have been saying it on here game after game.

  • I've been meaning to say this for quite some time now, especially since the all star break, now seems like as good a time as any.

    I am glad to see that Rose is a frustrated with his game since the All Star break as I am. I will likely get killed for saying this, but Rose's floor game has been a sloppy mess since the break.

    Last night, despite his 32 points(12-29) might have been the worst that he has looked since his rookie season. His ballhandling(which includes dribbling and passing, and has always been less than elite)has been erratic to somewhat atrocious the past several games.

    He "only" had 4 turnovers last night, but had at least a dozen near turnovers where he fumbled the play but the Bulls retained possession of the ball. The game before, he and Boozer combined for 11 turnovers.

    I've been saying this since his rookie year, but I do not have nearly the same level of confidence with the ball in Rose's hands the way that I did when it was in Jordan's hands, basically you could never take the ball away from Mike.

    This is why I think that there is a valid argument to be made that Rose is not the best pure point in the league, he may barely be in the top 5 as a pure point guard. I would name Paul, Nash, Williams and Rondo at a minimum as better pure points.

    That doesn't mean that he isn't the best basketball player playing the point, or that I would trade him for any of those guys, but he clearly has many flaws left in his game, and plenty of room for improvement, and I never hear that he actually recognizes this flaw, or that he is working on it in the offseason.

    Is his sloppy floor play the result of getting mugged and not getting calls, maybe a little bit, but it is far more than just that.


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