Magic want to trade Dwight to Chicago, but Dwight says no?

Magic want to trade Dwight to Chicago, but Dwight says no?

It's not clear where Ken Berger is quoting an offer or whether he's simply speculating, but Dwight Howard is blocking a trade to the Chicago Bulls which looks like it could get done otherwise. If this package is legit. I'm making this trade whether Howard agrees to stay or not.

The Full Ken Berger article is here.

Magic executives are said to be unimpressed with the assets Howard's three preferred teams could provide in a trade, prompting them to engage in a calculated campaign to expand the field of potential suitors beyond the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers. But the team that can make the strongest case for Orlando to depart from its risky strategy of holding onto Howard are the Bulls, who could offer 7-footer Omer Asik, Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, sources said. The Bulls also could offer a valuable first-round pick from Charlotte -- top-14 protected in this year's draft but but unprotected by 2016.

Such a scenario has gained no traction since Chicago is "not on his list," a person familiar with the situation said of Howard. Without assurances from Howard or his camp that he'd be willing to sign long-term with the Bulls, Chicago executives have exhibited no appetite for trade talks with the Magic. The two teams have spoken, but there's "no type of serious discussions" going on, a person familiar with the situation said.

Really? Boozer, Deng, Asik, and the Charlotte pick for Turkoglu and Howard? Who cares if Dwight leaves after that trade? Boozer's an amnesty candidate anyway, Deng's only got one year left, and there's a good shot Asik leaves in the off-season as a FA while Luol Deng is presently sitting out with a wrist injury.

If this trade is on the table, you make it, and if Howard leaves then oh well, I'll live with the result. That team above becomes the favorite to win the title this year. I hate Turkoglu, but he's still a secondary ball handler and creator which the Bulls need and Howard now mans the middle with Joakim playing PF?

Defensively, this team would start holding teams to 70 points a game on a regular basis. You're effectively swapping Carlos Boozer for the league's best defender, the other team might as well forget about shooting above 40% from the field ever again. Sure the perimeter defense might get a bit weaker with Turoglu starting, but once Hamilton is back you can insert Brewer into the starting lineup to have a defense that has absolutely extraordinary athleticism.

Derrick Rose should get his ass on the horn

I know he finds it distasteful to recruit players. I know he thinks it shows a lack of faith in the guys around him, but he needs to brush that crap aside and call Dwight. He needs to sell Howard on the team, the city, himself, and the championships. He needs to convince him that Adidas is going to make him retire with no rings if he doesn't get his ass to Chicago, but if he does that he'll have a fist full of them with the first coming this year.

Chicago isn't going to get another opportunity like this again. This isn't Carmelo Anthony up in trade talks, this is one of maybe four guys who could vie for the tile of 'second best player in the NBA'. Of those guys, he creates the best two man game for Rose as well. Another opportunity like this won't roll around soon [if ever], and Derrick needs to go all in on this one just like Bulls management does.

Cold water time

Regardless of whether the Bulls can sell Howard or not, this deal seems like straight up BS. I mean they're selling a guy on Carlos Boozer? Half of us would give away Boozer for free, and we're getting out of his deal rather than sending Noah?

I have a hard time believing that Orlando takes this deal as it seems too good to be true. If for some reason it isn't, then you take it regardless of Howards wants. Take it and dare him to look like the biggest jackass in the history of sports by leaving Chicago to go to the Nets.

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  • 1000% AGREE! Plus if he decided to leave we would still have Rose and Noah and a bunch of cap space... It's a win no matter what, and could be a championship this year...

  • Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I mean, I guess it would kinda suck to lose Deng for nothing, but like you said, we'd probably be favorites to win the title this year. I'll take one title in the hand over hoping to eventually get one with Luol Deng and Boozer.

    And, like you, I assumed this proposal was bull, but if other reports are true that Orlando is willing to trade Howard, but will only do it if the team stays competitive, then this thing actually makes a lot more sense. I mean, with the guys they'd be getting from us, they'd still be a playoff team.

    One thing I do wonder is, could Luol screw things up by telling the Magic that he'd opt for surgery immediately if traded there? I dunno how that stuff works.

    But whatever, KC is insistent that the Bulls will not make the deal without a future commitment from Howard. Sucks that they don't have the guts to make a move like this, and it'll hurt even more after Miami sends us home in the playoffs once again. Actually, maybe the Bulls need to get beatdown by the Heat on Wednesday for the front office to see that they have to take some risks to get where they wanna go

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    It's a fine line on what to do without a commitment. This deal I would do without one, but would you trade Deng + Noah + Charlotte pick for Turkoglu + Howard without one? If Howard leaves, then how screwed are you now?

    I would still probably do that deal as well, because in the end, you're going to need to take a risk to beat Miami, and you're not going to get a better gamble than betting on the 2nd or 3rd best player in the NBA.

    If the Bulls win a title then the risk pays off even if Howard leaves, and his odds of leaving become very small IMO, if they don't win the title, I still think there is tremendous pressure for Howard to stay with Chicago afterwards because he'll look like a career imbecile if he opts to leave Chicago for a far worse situation.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah, adding Noah is a lot dicier. Not sure I could pull the trigger on that just because I actually do think Dwight is enough of a moron to leave a great team (but it really would be worth it for just one title).

    The thing I like about the other trade, is that I'm not sold on Deng and Boozer (obviously) being cornerstones going forward anyway. I like Deng, but his inconsistencies are too glaring. WHether he's out because of an injury, or his offense completely disappears, there's just too many questions with the guy. So even if you trade him and Boozer, and Asik (who'll be gone anyway), that still allows you to re-tool the team around Noah and Rose. And those are really the only two guys I care about anyway (and I'm not gonna lie, the Mirotic thing intrigues me).

    Most of all, I would just like to see that the Bulls are capable of pulling something like this off.How long has Pax been the GM/president? And so far the signature move of his tenure is getting lucky as hell in the draft with Derrick Rose. Were it not for that, him and Gar Forman would not be in the positions they are right now (well at least I hope not).

    I'm just getting sick of the patient approach. Like you said, this is an extremely rare opportunity. It's likely that we will never have another chance to pair Rose with a player as good as Howard

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    Totally agree, in the absence of Howard, Rose and Noah are the Bulls only essential championship pieces, Mirotic is potentially a 3rd piece.

    Of course, Howard would be the piece, if he can live with being Scottie Pippen to Rose's Jordan.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I love Noah and find Boozer very frustrating. I swap Boozer and CJ for Gasol in a heartbeat.

    However, when it comes to trading for Howard, you have to give up Noah instead of Boozer for the sake of team balance. Noah and Howard would be awful playing together. Noah has too much talent and too big a contract to sit on the bench. And sliding him over to the four means there's no shooting on the floor, the lane gets clogged up, and Derrick can't drive. So you have to trade Noah over the summer anyway.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I don't do it ... I think this deal is the Bulls playing hardball with the Magic, saying no Noah if Dwight wont commit. That's the right way to play it IMO.

    I think if you send out Noah & Deng you have to have a plan B if Dwight leaves ... to me that means not taking Turk back in that scenario. I think that would have to be sign guys on one year deals to fill out the roster, then amnesty Boozer and go into the 2013 off season with Rose and nothing else. You could then make a run at a couple of players. Although some of the better targets are restricted there's options, maybe Andrew Bynum + Iggy?

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    Can't really see this trade being real either. But if some semblance of this deal is being discussed, two things are for sure:
    1. The Magic are going to keep trying to do better until a couple hours before the deadline.
    2. The Bulls are going to maintain a posture that they want a guarantee from Howard, if only out of hope of getting one and in an attempt to avoid making it too obvious to other teams what the true market is.

  • It sounds like complete B.S. to me, but if there is some truth to it, the Bulls should absolutely take this deal. Deng and Boozer would finally be gone and I agree that Howard would be the biggest, dumbest ASS in the history of the league if he left the Bulls after the season. But as I said earlier... sounds too good to be true.

  • They showed Otis Smith in the UC last Thursday...maybe he was impressed by Asik and Boozer. Maybe Boozer might work better in Orlando's offense. I would definitely take Asik/Boozer combo than Brook Lopez or Gasol or nothing from Dallas if I am Orlando.
    Rose has done his recruiting via the media saying all the right things about Chicago and who knows what he has said in private conversations. Look at how Wade did to LeBron. He was touring other places while he was courting LeBron. Maybe Rose is being a "sleuth" here

  • Let me get this straight, we get rid of our 2 worst contracts, we get to keep Noah, and all it costs us is Asik, the Charlotte pick, and only one more guaranteed year of Turkyglue @ $12 million.

    Oh, and as an added bonus, we get Dwight Howard.

    How do we not do that? even without a guarantee to re-sign.

    I still find it a complete fantasy that anyone is taking the Matabozo's contract, but you could certainly make an argument that this is a decent deal for Orlando non-the-less. They get an entire starting frontcourt(yes Asik is a legitimate starter in Orlando) and a potential lottery pick.

    They avoid becoming lottery bound, and stay playoff competitive, but lose the cap flexibility to get better as they cannot amnesthetise Boozer.

    It still sounds like complete B.S. or a dream come true, depending on which side of the trade that you are on.

    Wake me up when it happens.

  • Perhaps the most relevant part of the story is:
    The two teams have spoken, but there's "no type of serious discussions" going on, a person familiar with the situation said.

    Reinsdorf and GarPax took a gamble in 2010 free agency - AND GOT BURNED BIG TIME when the free agents didn't want Chicago. Bulls gave away Hinrich, Salmons and 3 draft picks for nothing - just to clear cap space to go after LeBron and Bosh.

    So I don't think Reinsdorf/Gar/Paxson have the appetite to gamble again. They would be risking the next 5 years of the franchise on the whims of a childish fool - Dwight Howard - who is dicking around his current team. You think Howard wouldn't dick around the Bulls? This moron would entertain himself in the process!

    Reinsdorf won't give that kind of power to anyone. His United Center is sold out and making $50 million per year profit. He doesn't need Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard needs the Bulls, but if he's too childish to realize it (by agreeing to Bulls in advance), then its his problem, not Jerry Reinsdorf's.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The Bulls got burned so badly in 2010 that they only added 21 wins to their total. May the Bulls continue to get burnt.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I think a great deal of Bulls improvement came from their best 2010 acquisition which was Thibs replacing Vinny as head coach, which didn't cost Bulls any assets. Add to that Rose's continued improvement into the MVP.

    But back to the point, Bulls were spurned by the free agent superstars in 2010. That is undeniable fact. I seriously doubt Reinsdorf puts himself in that position again with the childish, immature, and unpredictable Dwight Howard.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I don't deny the Bulls failed to land their primary targets, I'm just saying that even knowing how it worked out I'd do it again hence the description burnt is entirely inappropriate. It's not like the Bulls have been burnt by the players they let go, if anything teams would gladly give Kirk, Noc, Gordon and Salmons back for nothing if we'd take them off their caps.

    As for how it applies to Howard, I think it depends entirely on whether you believe the Dirk/Dwight/Deron to Dallas (quite a collection of Ds there) rumours or not. Because that would be the equivalent to the 2010 thing,where the Bulls (and Knicks for that matter) were playing a game that had been rigged against them before it even started.

    If the Bulls don't believe Dwight has already made his mind up then I think he's a risk worth taking in the right deal.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I disagree completely.
    The description of Bulls being burned in 2010 free agency is not only entirely appropriate; it is extremely similar to this proposed gamble on Howard.

    In 2010, Bulls were in fact burned as they relied on information from William “Worldwide” Wesley who assured Bulls if they cleared the extra cap space for not one, but two free agents that LeBron and Bosh would come to Chicago. So yes, Bulls were burned by that process – losing 3 draft picks in the process, picks that are very valuable in trading up, etc. Yes, Bulls have improved with Thibs system, but that doesn’t correct the loss of assets.

    These are extremely similar circumstances here with Howard, where some are suggesting Bulls commit assets without commitment in return. Some here (and even the normally stable Doug Thonus) are advocating rolling the dice with major assets with the potential Bulls lose everything. It’s foolish and risky behavior that’s being proposed, where the whims of a superstar can completely dictate the outcome.

    Fortunately, all this speculation will prove moot as Bulls will not repeat such risky behavior as we will see by Friday. The only “right deal” with Howard is his extension with Bulls in the deal. Without that, Bulls don’t touch Howard, imo.

  • In reply to Edward:

    How do you figure the Bulls lost 3 picks? They traded away #17 in the deal to dump Hinrich, but they also gained the Bobcat's pick in the deal to dump Tyrus. Second round picks were probably involved, I can't really remember, but you can buy a second rounder with cash every year so who even cares. I'd say the entire process was a net neutral in terms of picks.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    A 1st with Hinrich, like you say, and two 2nds with Salmons. And before you dismiss the value of 2nds, a 2nd was used to trade up from 28 to 23 to draft Mirotic, and two extra 2nds were needed to trade up from 39 to 36 to draft Asik. So who cares about 2nds? I'd say Bulls care.

    In 2007 Bulls had two 2nds (49 and 51), but failed to trade up and it cost them all-star Marc Gasol who went at 48 to Lakers who traded Marc for Pau and two Rings. Meanwhile, Bulls have absolutely nothing to show for Aaron Gray and JamesOn Curry who Bulls got stuck with at 49 and 51. Since that 2007 blunder Bulls have been very vigilant in trading up to make sure they get their desired player. So who cares about 2nds? Lakers and Bulls for starters...

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'm not going to defend the Salmons trade, I was dead against it at the time. It was a stupid trade when the guy was always going to opt out of his contract.

    You've been banging on about Marc Gasol for ages, I know the argument, my response remains the same: where's the evidence? I've tried searching for rumours about the Bulls being interested in Gasol, the only relevant matches I find are your postings on this blog.

    As far as seconds go, if the Bulls were really that keen on maximising their value they'd buy one every year.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Silly Fool! You keep replying with nothing. Just baseless tangential attempts at making a point - that fail to make a point.

    You can message me on Friday after Bulls do nothing with Howard. Because despite your insistence that Bulls should gamble on a trade for Howard without an extension, they won't.

  • In reply to Edward:

    So am I to take it this as an admission you have no evidence the Bulls ever were expecting Marc Gasol to drop to them and you'll finally shut up about it now?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Ha! Shakes, you insignificant little pest.
    Your position is Bulls were targeting Aaron Gray and actually preferred him over Marc Gasol. Laughable! Gray was a known stiff. Nobody 7'1" with any talent plays 4 years of college ball. Bulls would have had to be as moronic as you to target Gray over Gasol. That Bulls could never be as moronic as you, Shakes, should be evidence enough, but I’ll continue…

    Bulls’ European scouting is exceptional. Ivica Dukan is the Bulls' director of international scouting who's been with the team since 1990 and was a former teammate of Toni Kukoc in Yugoslavia (now Croatia). Toni Kukoc was Bulls 2nd round pick in 1990.

    Since Bulls let Marc Gasol slip through their fingers in 2007 by not trading up, they've been vigilant in not repeating the same mistake of passivity and have traded up at every opportunity when they’ve identified a target. The very next year, 2008, Bulls overpaid to secure Asik, trading two extra 2nds (3 in total) just to move up 3 spots from 39 to 36. Bulls overpaid because they couldn’t stomach losing their Euro target two consecutive years.

    Gasol, Asik, Mirotic. Do you see a pattern? Even you, Shakes, should be able to see it. Bulls have a strong focus upon European scouting and regularly draft Euros, who wait to enter NBA, as a way to maximize lower draft picks. Other Euros Bulls have drafted over the years: Toni Kukoc (29th - 1990), Dragan Tarlac (31st - 1995), Roberto Duenas (57th - 1997), Dalibor Bagaric (24th - 2000).

    Your so-called "search for evidence" is looking for internet rumors? This is a joke, right? What a mind, or lack thereof. You think Bulls broadcast their intentions that transparently? They are perhaps the most secretive of NBA teams. This is the team that works out Caron Butler and Josh Howard as decoys when they already have a buyout/signing arranged with Detroit and Rip Hamilton.

    Bulls simply got burned by being passive with Euro Marc Gasol. And two NBA Championships swung to the Lakers as a result. Bulls will never let it happen again if they can help it, they will trade up at every opportunity to secure an identified target (Asik, Mirotic). So yes, 2nd round picks when used intelligently do have value. Therefore, Bulls did lose value attempting to land LeBron and Bosh – and got burned by the whims of superstars. Bulls will not again expose themselves and their assets to the whims of a superstar. Bulls won’t, under any circumstances, consider a trade for Dwight Howard without an extension.

  • In reply to Edward:

    You know, you could have saved yourself a lot of typing by responding to my "do you have any evidence?" question with:


  • In reply to Edward:

    As expected, Shakes, you have no substantive response, just an attempt at a wisecrack and the inconceivable and vague implication that Bulls all along were targeting Aaron Gray over Marc Gasol.

    More importantly, you completely ignore the original point of my post, to which you chose to reply, which was whether Bulls should risk assets to take a gamble on Dwight Howard without an extension.
    Lame. Utterly and Completely Lame.

    But tomorrow is Thursday (the trade deadline) and you will be proven dead-wrong as Bulls won’t offer anything for Dwight Howard without an extension. No amount of pestering on your part can change that inevitable outcome, Shakes, nor hide your obvious infatuation with replying to my posts.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    The reason I asked is because, as I said, we've been over it before, and in the past I'd never seen you address the question of what you based it on. I'm glad you've come out and said that it is your own speculation and not on any kind of source. Hence my reply: a simple yes or no answer would have sufficed, I'm not trying to be the Spanish inquisition, I just wanted to know if you knew something the rest of us don't.

    I have no problem with what you're stating as a theory ... as a theory I find it at least more plausible than a lot of theories that are floated around here. I feel you go beyond that and present it as though it's a fact rather than your theory at times, but that's neither here nor there, and may be as much in my reading as your telling, I don't know.

    As for the original long lost point, I think my position is clear, but to bring it together into a single paragraph: IF the Bulls, through their sources that are no doubt better than yours or mine, can determine that Howard hasn't already made a wink wink deal to go somewhere, then I would risk a Boozer + Deng (NOT Noah) trade for him. I've also noted that Howard's actions, and the actions of other teams not offering much at all for him, seem to suggest teams know he's got a wink wink deal, in which case I'm in agreement with you: the Bulls wont (and shouldn't) make any Howard deal.

    If I'd ignored anything it's because I felt I'd made my position pretty clear in other posts, not because of any nefarious intent. I feel like you're inferring a hostility or desire to single you out in my posts that isn't intended.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Hey Shakes, I think I have submitted a fair amount of evidence to support my position. It is not speculation, but a position backed with evidence.

    I’ve outlined in fair detail the Bulls extensive European scouting system, and their long history of selecting with late draft picks Euros who delay coming to the NBA for a couple years. 7 times in 22 years Bulls have done so, from Kukoc to Mirotic. That’s over 30% of the drafts Bulls have taken a Euro late. More than just a pattern, it’s an established program staffed with Bulls’ employees that continues to the present with Mirotic in 2011.

    Further, before 2008 the Bulls never executed a draft night trade up to select their Euro. But since Bulls lost Marc Gasol in 2007 – for lack of a 2nd round trade up – the Bulls have traded up every time to ensure they got their Euro.

    That is my factual evidence. It is circumstantial, but strong circumstantial evidence. It is much more than speculation. And it is not a third-hand rumor I read somewhere on the internet – which is not evidence under any standard.

    So consider this question for a few minutes… If Lakers DIDN’T draft Gasol at 48, and Bulls had both Marc Gasol and Aaron Gray to choose from at 49 – who do Bulls draft? Knowing their European scouting system and long-term practice of drafting Euros with late picks, who do Bulls draft – Gasol or Gray?
    Bulls just drafted Noah in the 1st round, do they draft Gray in the 2nd round and bring two centers into camp trying to develop both simultaneously (that didn’t work out very well)? Or do they draft a Euro center who will wait a couple years to come to the NBA at which time Noah will have 2 years experience? Meanwhile, they can use Gasol’s rights as a trade asset if they want, and Gasol won’t cost Bulls a dime while he plays in Europe a couple more years as Bulls develop Noah.
    Perhaps most importantly, the choice is between a 7’1” five years younger brother of a 7’ NBA All-Star OR a 7’1” stiff who stayed in college 4 years due to lack of interest from the NBA.
    Take a few minutes to consider…. Who do Bulls prefer if they can have either?

    I reject any contention that Bulls preferred Aaron Gray over Marc Gasol – that would indeed be speculation without evidence of any kind. And Again, after losing Gasol in 2007 to the Lakers, Bulls have traded up every time to make sure they got their targeted Euro - Asik in 2008 and Mirotic in 2011.

    I rest my case!


    Regarding Dwight Howard, I don’t think teams’ lack of interest in trading for Howard without an extension was because of some inside knowledge that something was already agreed upon. I think it’s because after seeing Cleveland and Toronto get burned by LeBron and Bosh, as well as seeing Bulls lose assets on a gamble (and I think a couple other teams as well), and the behavior of other stars like Carmelo and Chris Paul controlling their destinations. GMs around the NBA no longer trust one bit the whims of these players. They won’t trust these players or commit significant assets without a guarantee.

    And Dwight’s own behavior and what he put his own team through this season made it abundantly clear that the kid didn’t know what he wanted to do. That’s not something GMs will commit assets to. Not in this era. The trust is gone!

    Regarding Bulls specifically, I think they learned their lesson the hard way. With super agents like William “Worldwide” Wesley, LeBron’s Decision, D-Wade’s industrial espionage fake free agency visit to the Bulls – shadowing Chris Bosh in Chicago the entire time. I think Bulls have had enough of these egotistical superstars. They would sign them, but they will no longer trust them or gamble assets upon them with no guarantee. Bulls have been there, done that, and have the scars to show for it.

  • I offer Asik, Noah, Boozer, and two picks for Anderson, Howard, and Turkoglu.

    Leaves you with a stretch PF with range that can get the hell out of the paint (which Howard and Rose both need), with Taj for defending the paint in halfcourt playoff ball.

  • the dude has some serious hate for the Bulls and Chicago. Does he have a problem with Rose and Reinsdorf? Did zillionaire Mikail Prokorov give him an under the table signing bonus??? I definitely can see Deron Williams on his hands and knees begging Dwight night and day. The guy is an egotistical fool, Chicago is a sports mecca with loyal fans for life. Where else can he go, have a young superstar next to him and be championship ready? The more I hear abou this clown, the less I like him. We should go with a true pro and champion, and that is Pau Gasol. I think he would blend with Rose better.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    Dwight Howard's physical prowess and potential is seductive. But there's always the morning after... Just ask Orlando now, or ask Dan Gilbert in Cleveland.

    Jerry Reinsdorf is not going to bet the future of his Bulls franchise on the whims of a childish clown. Without a guarantee, the odds are entirely against it working out.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If Howard is not ready to extend, the Bulls shouldn't deal for him. He seems to be busy fooling around too much which "might" mean not professional. Winning a championship requires too much dedication and professionalism and there have a lot of talented guys like Howard who screwed up during their prime with foolish stuff and didn't win. That really shows what MJ did is so great. Look at LeBron with all the talent is not winning because of his mental/immaturity issues. Talents like Howard(superstar level talent) can take you to second round/sometimes conference finals but not multiple c'ships if they don't mature or super focused.

  • I think we have better odds of picking up star talent in the draft at No. 30(unless we trade up which is highly doubtful itself) then we do of acquiring Dwight Howard. Which is slim for the former to none, and definitely so for the latter.

    Two reasons not to be bummed about "missing out."

    1) Howard really is somewhat of a self-serving, immature person(I'm not saying he's Satan but maybe Bron Bron Jr.). And he's no Pat Ewing with a limited post game, and clanker free throws in a defensive contested playoff setting.

    2. If he really doesn't want to play with a winner like Derrick Rose, or needs to be "the man" then is he really the guy for this team anway?

    I always think the Reinsdorf and Bulls cheap and too conservative rep is real in perception at least from other NBA players. It's just not a mover and shaker attractive destination such as Dallas, L.A. etc. IMO.

  • If the Bulls did something this bold there would have to be an investigation. I love Doug's take but I just can't see the Bulls gutting a title contender for a player who might be unhappy and pout and wiggle his way out.

    Random, I really wanna punch Magic Johnson in the face right now. As Wilbon asks the ESPN panel about a Bulls/Howard pairing Magic jumps in No No no nooooo. The Bulls need one little piece he says, as he dreams of Howard on the fucking Lakers with Kobe.
    Months ago Magic was saying for the Lakers to trade both Gasol and Bynum and now he's saying he think Howard should stay? GTFO!

  • So here's my trade suggestion. Highly unlikely but hey it doesn' hurt to try. I'm okay with Howard not guaranteeing to stay but I think this deal helps the possibility. Here's my deal:

    Orlando gets: Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, Charlotte's 1st round pick
    Atlanta gets: Hedo Turkoglu, Omer Asik, 2012 1st round pick
    Bulls get: Howard, Josh Smith, Eric Dampier

    The deal works from a money perspective. There's questions as to whether Orlando would be happy with the return for Howard but with no Howard guarantee, their leverage lowers. There would also be questions whether Atlanta would do this trade, especially taking on Turkoglu and giving up Josh Smith but I think arguments can be made as to why both Orlando and Atlanta would make these deals.

    For Orlando, they get all-star caliber players in return, plus the valuable Charlotte pick. Orlando is a good team as it is, and as Denver proved, sometimes getting rid of the headache superstar can prove well especially if the return fit nicely together.

    For Atlanta, they get less athletic and lose from a talent perspective but they get two guys who I think fit their team better than Smith does. Asik is the big defensive Center that they desperately need. It allows them to move Horford to his natural PFs spot, and allows him and Johnson to become more of a focal point offensively. Turkoglu fits in as a nice outside shooting, ball-handling complementary player and would fit better than Smith on that team. His salary and contract seems to be the biggest detriment here but with Smith already requesting a trade and looking to leave when his contract is up, this deal isn't too bad.

    For the Bulls, this is a huge risk but also a chance for a huge reward. The Bulls instantly become one of the most athletic teams in the NBA with Howard and Smith. Both are excellent defensive players and great offensive players but they have combustible personalities. Question will be... will they follow Derrick's lead and will they listen to Thibs. If they do, the Bulls become the team to beat. The other reason the Bulls do this is because Smith is Howard's BFF and they have long talked about playing together. A Howard-Noah-Smith-Hamilton-Rose starting lineup is plain scary.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    I don't think it is a huge risk.
    1) Howard wants to be THE MAN, right? Well, with Rose feeding him he might very well lead the Bulls in scoring, plus be the defensive player of the year, so that combo should make him league MVP. So, as least in his mind, he would be #1 in Chicago. So, he resigns here.
    2) Then the Bulls win the championship. If Howard and Smith really are BFs, that only sweetens the pot.
    3) The Bulls might then even be able to do a S&T for Deron Williams during the summer, say for Noah, pieces, and Mirotic.
    All of that ought to satisfy the beast.

  • "Defensively, this team would start holding teams to 70 points a game on a regular basis."

    Seriously. We get rid of our biggest interior/help defense liability, whose replacement would be the reigning defensive POY... a physical freak? And we get to keep Noah? and Gibson? Holy Crap. A PF/C rotation of those three would be stifling all game long.

    This deal seems like a wet dream to Bulls fans... if there is any truth to it whatsoever (doubt it) the trigger needs to get pulled.

  • Excellent article on Yahoo by Adrian Wojnarowski explaining Dwight Howard’s reasoning for choosing Brooklyn, NY (New Jersey).

    Superstar players can make more money off the court, as evidenced by D-Rose’s $200 million Adidas shoe deal. For the off-court opportunities, Dwight wants to be in a major market - NY or LA. Chicago is already Rose’s town and Bulls Rose’s team, so Howard doesn’t want to ride in Rose’s wake – he wants to create his own path. Howard also doubts Adidas will pay $200 million to two players in the same market. And for Adidas, that also makes sense. Rose in Chicago, Howard in New York.

    NJ has the cap space to sign Howard as a FA, they don’t need a trade. This is the most intelligent plan for both NJ and Howard – don’t gut the team of assets for a trade when Howard can be signed as a free agent. More star players should have the sense to do that instead of worrying about the extra year on the contract. Howard is young enough that he will sign another big contract in 2016, so the extra year is meaningless. What is important to Howard is the big market, and the team having assets to be competitive rather than using them in trade. (Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Marshon Brooks, keep its picks, etc.)

    It’s actually a sensible plan. It will piss off many people – Orlando, Chicago, etc. But it’s in Howard’s best interest.

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