Expect no waiver pick ups for Chicago

There are plenty of names out there which seem interesting on the surface bringing all types of skills the Bulls could use: championship experience, three point shooting, interior toughness, etc.. Just don't expect the Bulls to pull the trigger on any of them.

Derek Fisher is the most interesting name right now

With Derrick Rose out, Derek Fisher might become the Bulls starting point guard immediately. He has plenty of championship experience, can hit a big shot, and could defend in his youth. Unfortunately, while Fisher has a history rich with clutch shooting, his performance has been enhanced by low expectations of playing PG in L.A.

Quite simply, he's rarely had to do much for the Lakers. He doesn't really create shots off the dribble for himself or for others. His once proud defense has succumbed to old age, and his shooting has taken a nose dive.

Does Derek Fisher really improve your odds of winning a basketball game compared to John Lucas? Perhaps he does, but perhaps not. I know I'm playing C.J. Watson over Fisher which means at best he's the third point guard on a healthy roster, and quite frankly, I remain unconvinced that he's any better than Lucas for this team given Lucas's familiarity with the system and irrational confidence.

I think I trust Lucas as a shooter more, and Fisher really doesn't bring much else besides history to the table.

Andres Nocioni was a fan favorite

In his favor is the fact that Luol Deng and Andres Nocioni were best friends while they played together in Chicago in the past, and Luol has come out and endorsed him for this team as well. He also plays with a ton of heart and loves Chicago. I was really happy when we dumped him given his play and contract, but his exit speech was sad enough to make me feel really bad for the guy.

Unfortunately, it's easy to forget what an incessant whiner he became. Prior to being traded, he bitched non stop about how the Bulls wouldn't share the ball while having the lowest assist rate on the team. "Not sharing the ball" apparently meant, "not giving me enough shots", because he was the last guy to give the ball up to someone else once getting it.

The same trend followed him around the league after being off Chicago, and his role quickly diminished on a Philadelphia team that could really use some extra shooting and prides itself on defensive toughness. If he couldn't fit in on a team that needs his theoretical strengths then it's probably fair to note that those strengths remain theoretical more so than actual.

Nocioni can destroy teams defensively with his propensity to roam out of the system and provide help where it's not needed while giving up good looks to his own man. While he can knock down the three point shot, his release is slow enough that he requires a fairly open look to get off a quality attempt.

I loved the guy when he first came to Chicago, but his athleticism faded fairly quickly as did his overall play. The Bulls would be better served sending additional minutes in Jimmy Butler's direction rather than bringing Nocioni in to play a few mop up minutes. Butler needs the time to develop and might have a significant role next year.

Ronny Turiaf would make sense if he's not a slug

Turiaf is one of those guys who always looked like a threat to eat himself out of the league to me. He's got that Glen Davis wide body thing going which can sometimes play as a big advantage as he takes up a lot of physical space and can push guys around. Unfortunately, after a lock out shortened off-season and barely playing this season, I suspect that Turiaf is really in no condition to be all that helpful.

He might be the best fifth big available right now, but the Bulls don't have a particular need for a fifth big at the immediate moment as they aren't suffering through any front court injuries. If he's actually in decent shape, then he'd be an okay pickup, but he wouldn't have a spot in the rotation, so the odds of him helping in any meaningful way remain small.

Terrence Williams was someone many liked on draft day

Williams hasn't endeared himself to the teams he's played for on or off the court. While he remains a young player with plenty of potential, he hasn't been able to knock down shots or score at a reasonable percentage in the NBA. He does have a nice all around skillset to develop into a triple threat wing as he can rebound, score, and pass in theory, but in practice he doesn't do any of them well enough to deserve regular playing time.

Perhaps he's a gem in the rough, but he's a gem that requires plenty of work and minutes to polish up if so, and the Bulls simply don't have that available this season. There's simply no need to bring in a guy who's not going to be immediately more productive than at least one guy in the top 11 rotation, and Williams wouldn't be.

The "if they got waived" club

There are rumors of other players getting waived as well that might be able to help Chicago:

Chris Kaman: I'd love to add him, but realistically, why the hell would he sign with us over Miami? He might be the starting center in Miami, and he's probably the third center in Chicago. Chicago's probably better off if he's not bought out.

Boris Diaw: He's played poorly this season, but he's a well rounded player who could fill a PF role admirably for Chicago if signed. However, the Bulls don't have many minutes available for him, and he's not likely to beat out anyone in the present rotation.

Mehmet Okur: He's been out indefinitely with back problems, and it's possible that he may not be healthy enough to play again this season. If he could play, he'd provide shooting the Bulls could use in the front court, but given that he doesn't seem likely to play, it's not worth spending much thought on.

If you hadn't noticed, Chicago is pretty deep

One thing almost all waiver candidates have in common is the fact that they aren't all that good. Chicago has plenty of good players now, and I don't see a waiver candidate stepping up in the rotation over the guys presently on the roster. Given that, I don't see Bulls ownership looking to disrupt the chemistry or waste the practice time on trying to bring one in.

The Bulls don't need to add anyone to the team, at least no one who was available at the trade deadline, and no one who's available on the waiver wire. They simply need to get healthy and hope that the guys they have are already enough.


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  • Any chance the Bulls go after Alonzo Gee in free agency?

    Carlos Delfino, Marco Belinelli and Nick Young will also be unrestricted free agents who may be worth a look.

    Any way the Bulls could trade for James Harden, Evan Turner, or Paul George?

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    Nick Young will be interesting to watch, now that he's out of that (formerly?) poisonous environment of Washington and on a contender. I don't have much confidence that Vinny Del Negro will get him to play and practice with discipline and unselfishly, but Chris Paul might. Though I'm not sure what the Bulls would be in a position to offer him over the summer, considering the contracts they'll already have on the books.

  • In reply to Sluggers:

    I think FA is a bit too far away to decide. We'll really need to wait to see what htye do with their non guaranteed guys first.

  • The Bulls have to pick up some one now if that player has to get some minutes. There is no way Thibs would put that new player in without practice unless he is familiar with the system or there is a big injury.
    I hope the Bulls have another big guy just in case for foul trouble or injury. The Heat is the team the Bulls have to match-up with. Another athletic shooter who can shoot from the 3 pt line or a big guy who can hack for insurance.

  • I said yesterday that scoring bigs are a dimension that Chicago would find invaluable. Naw, Doug i disagree with you. Kaman is a little bigger than Asik with a nasty streak, which our Bulls could use a little bit more of. Everybody and their momma knows Noah looks to pass when hes open , Asik has 2 fouls handicap at the beginning of every game, and what do we say about Boozer,Boozer,Boozer( that size thing matters).

    I know nothings gonna happen, so i just vent ya know?? Because something Shouldve happened

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    And Joakim Noah aint no damn center either!! He is an match up problem for scoring 4s but tends to take a beating with the Dwight Howards andRoy Hibberts even Hawes..

    I would let Noah have the opportunity to switch some and roam since his game is predicated on speed and length not bulk.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    You've got a funny, foolish name and maybe that's why you sound like that psycho, Chad, and his lunatic friend schumburgfan. You all have it out for Noah, with the fake claim that you're Bulls fans.
    Noah tends to take a beating from Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert? Are you insane? The lunatic asylum is open and the inmates are on the loose!

  • We should just bring back Chris Richard again and call it a day.

  • kind of off topic here but I found myself contemplating this while here at work....Are the Bulls a "lock" to get back to the conference Finals? I mean everywhere i look it's just assumed the bulls will be back in the finals against MIA. I too think we will get there but Wouldn't we have to secure this number 1 seed? Not just for HCA but because we dont want to face off against ORL in the second round. I guess im just a little concerned because Derrick is out again tonight and if the bulls start to lose games they put themselves in danger of giving up that 1 seed and having a much tougher battle en route to the ECF. Hopefully they can hold it down and Keep that 1 seed

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    I don't think the #1 seed is a big deal. The Bulls lost home games last year in the playoffs, more than they were expected to. And they are a strong road team. Anyway, they'll have home court advantage until (if) they meet the Heat. And we simply do not know which team would be the easiest for the Bulls in round 2.

    Health and focus are the two factors that can get them past Miami and to the finals. The coaches need to do all they can to ensure both of those happen. If they do, the ECF should be a great series this year!

  • The only pick ups the Bulls are hopefully going to get are Richard Hamilton, C.J. Watson, Lu Deng, and Derrick Rose.

    I can't remember a championship team suffering an injury plagued season like this one. The Bulls are so injury prone; it's amazing Boozer, Taj, and Jo have been basically injury free. It would be a miracle at this point IMO to see everyone get healthy, and enter the playoffs at full strength. We know Lu won't be anyway. It's a shame.

    And speaking of picking up players, "let's get Ellis!, let's get Melo!" etc. It's blurbs like the one today from Sam Smith's column that make you think twice.

    Smith paints a most scathing portrayal of Carmelo Anthony in his column today. Of course, if you read between the lines you'll note Sam is fiercely loyal to certain guys he personally has a repoire with such as Doug Collins and Mike D'Antoni according to Smith himself in a recent piece. He basically says Melo is a liar who took credit for Lin's chance, Smith pick up etc. He asserts Carmelo contradicts coaches(Karl, D'Antoni) during practice. Smith says he could see how Melo's teammates despise his selfishness, and so won't give him the ball as when they played the Bulls. While he sneered back "reigning down curses on them."

    If you ever watched Sam on Chicago Tribune Live for example you'd see how while overall a decent guy, at times he just savages moderators, fellow columnists/reporters or whoever happens to incur his wrath. So you take any indictments from him with a grain of salt. But god does he just villfy Anthony.

    It just makes you wonder with Chris Paul and LeBron wanting to go to his wedding and hang with him just how far these current crop of mega millionaire hip hop stars have sunk?

    Maybe Jordan, whose teammates 'hated him" you could say was just as bad. He openly ridiculed the G.M. Krause, punched a teammate in practice etc. I don't know, I just used to like watching Hakeem, Scottie, Mike etc. on and off the court as well. At least until the years of fame and toil took their toll on M.J. and Pip.

    Last year Dallas' run to me with Marion, Jason Terry, Dirk etc. was like the last old school team I could sort of like. Now between mega floppin' phonies Westbrook and Durant, a little chisler like Chris Paul, a complete egomaniac headcase like Lebron, a deceitful schemer like Wade, I mean who is there left you can feel good about rooting for? I guess I'll take Durant and Westbrook as the least onjectionable if they can knock off Miami.

    Old school, old fool. Maybe nothing has changed. Magic, Michael, Scottie all had plenty of embarassing and hurtful mistakes. I know one thing, the money these guys make just went through the roof after M.J. came along. I don't blame people for the terribly corrupting and moral altering course having mega money dumped on you along with media ass kiss worhsip aka marketing(ESPN uh, hemm.) I guess maybe it's not the repugnance of the players we should be hating. They're just the only ones, the only results we can see.

  • How much room do Bulls have under the Luxury Tax Threshold?

    I think its hardly anything, and Bulls absolutely will not incur the tax this year so I think a waiver pickup is a moot point. Is it merely a decision between guaranteeing Mike James or adding a waiver player?

    This Bulls team is set! They will continue to develop Jimmy Butler, and hope Richard Hamilton can return.

    I think a far more interesting topic is what Bulls will do on draft night and in the off-season:
    - will Bulls extend Asik? for how much?
    - will Bulls guarantee Brewer/Korver/Watson?
    - what will become of Boozer and his massive contract?
    - will Bulls acquire anyone of value in the draft? will Bulls move up?

    These are the issues for this team going forward. I don't see Bulls executing any trades unless it involves Boozer. I see Bulls keeping both Asik and Gibson.

  • In reply to Edward:

    with names like kirk hinrich and jamal crawford available this summer, the Bulls might be able to sign one of those former Bulls. Unfortunately when a player plays for the Bulls, his deficiencies seem to get magnified a little more since the Bulls are always on national tv. I don't see many takers for Booz and his undeserving contract. I always felt the Bulls management would stick it out with Boozer for 3 years and if things aren't working, then they try to move him with "sweetners" on some other team for the last 2 years of his contract. I do hope the Bulls keep both Asik and Gibby but with teams like sacramento,cavs and others hungry for a center/big men, they might be better served trading one away instead of getting into a bidding war for a player with no offensive skills.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    This year's playoffs will determine Asik's value. If Asik does very well like he was doing before getting hurt in the Miami series...he might be tough to keep. If his impact is not so much with Noah getting most of the minutes ....then the Bulls might be able to resign him. I don't think these teams do not want to pay 30 mil/4 years for Asik when they are borderline playoff teams. There is no center who is skilled in both offense and defense in the league except for Andrew Bynum(and he has been hurt a lot, was ineffective in the playoffs).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    actually Asik makes alot of sense to a team like sacramento that has several players that can create their own shot and score. The problem is they are missing a defensive presence and Asik provides that. If he is halfway solid on defense despite his infamous stone hands, he should get a nice payday. He's a legit 7 ft 265 lb center. They would overpay to get him, knowing especially reiny doesn't like to spend into lux territory.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Asik is an "early bird" free agent (a RFA after just 2 years) so he is limited to an MLE contract - teams cannot offer more than the MLE.

    Asik was a great value draft pick at No. 36, as was Taj Gibson at No. 26. Kudos to GarPax for these picks. I do not think they will let these two great picks get away from them. They are KEY to this teams success - how often do we hear about Bulls greatest strength being their frontline depth?

    Bulls will pay luxury tax next year by keeping Asik and Rose's extension. It is through somehow shedding Boozer's massive contract in another year or two that Bulls will get back below the luxury tax threshold - not by dropping Asik or Gibson. Paying Deng significantly less than $14.3 million after 2014 will also help. (Can you believe Deng making $14.3 million? Way Overpaid!)

    It's the contracts of Boozer and Deng that present the luxury tax problem, not resigning Asik and Gibson, imo.

  • Yeah I don't see the bulls adding any veterans except maybe Mike James bouncing back a couple times. Only Kaman would be usefull and he wouldn't sign here anyways...

  • In reply to Chad:

    Hey Chad, I'm on to you now!
    You're the guy I have had a lot of insane tussles with in the past and guess what exposed you? The phrase "No shot Noah." You have lived with that nonsense on a number of blogs and I have beaten you back until you've quit and resurfaced under a new identity. So your new pseudonym is "Chad." The song is the same, and I'll continue to hound you and expose you until you disappear again and resurface under another name.

  • fb_avatar

    Definitely agree, Chicago is very deep and I dont think they need to make any moves on the waiver wire. I think they are ready to go to the promise land. Also guys if anyone is interested i wrote a nice blog on how to bet tonights game with orlando come check it out please http://nbawagers.com/2012/03/wagering-on-bulls-to-beat-magic-tonight/

  • I would sign Dfish on the spot. Yeah he's lost a ton! BUT he can still somewhat defend and is savvy as hell. He can drawl charges. Now and then he can hit a big shot for you in the clutch. THIS needs to get done.

    Cut James and sign Fish. I'd even consider playing him at the point some with Derrick at the two guard. SOME.

    I just think his experience would be huge for Drose in the playoffs. He's won.

  • I don't see why we need Fisher.

    Watson > Lucas > Fisher.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Agree....people want to go for "has-been" names. The game is about who is good now. Fisher will be worse than Bogans. Although it's his right, I am surprised at how these average players on c'ship teams don't want to honor their contract and want "contending" teams or throw a fit when traded. He is getting paid millions and is there to serve for a year or two for a few months of the year.

  • wait why is everyone saying Fisher over JL3? Wouldn't he just take Mike James spot?

    Why couldn't the Bulls just waive James and give Fisher the last spot? OH PLAYOFF ROSTER? What is that 13 players?

    1. Rose
    2. Rip
    3. Deng
    4. Boozer
    5. Noah
    6. Watson
    7. Korver
    8. Brewer
    9. Taj
    10. Asik
    11. Butler
    12. JL3
    13. Fisher

    I believe only 12 can play for game day in the playoffs? I'd sign Fish.

  • Hard to believe Hickson was bought out only a couple of years removed from being "untouchable". Goes to show how quickly you need to cash in on young player's hype.

  • This is a very interesting blog. With the trade deadline now passed, the Chicago Bulls can only improve their roster through free agent signings. Here is my take on each of the free agents mentioned above.
    1. Derek Fisher- If the Bulls were to sign Derek Fisher, he’d be the only player with an NBA title on the roster and the only player to have played in the NBA finals. However, would this pick up even be considered if Derrick Rose were healthy? Combined with the injuries to C.J. Watson, signing Derek Fisher would make sense. However, come playoff time, would Fisher really provide anything on the court? I struggle to find a role for him if all of the Bull’s point guards stay healthy.
    2. Andres Nocioni – He is still relevant? I feel like the only appeal Nocioni has for the Bulls is that he knows the players and system (sort of). But does he really bring anything to the Bulls that they don’t have? Nocioni’s strength is shooting the 3 ball, but they already have a great shooter in Kyle Korver. Combined with his old age and lack of production the past 3 years, I think the Bulls would really need to be desperate to sign Nocioni.
    3. Ronny Turiaf – I Love Ronny Turiaf as a player. How could you not? He has overcome odds (heart problems) and worked himself to be relevant in the NBA. Imagine Turiaf and Noah on the court together. Them two alone would make the Bulls the loudest team in the NBA. However, with his lack of production the past few years and the Bulls’ front court staying healthy this season, I don’t think Turiaf will make much of a contribution.
    4. Terrence Williams – Absolutely yes!!! Terrence Williams does lack offensive skills, but combined with Derrick Rose, the Bulls would have the most athletic backcourt in the league. I can see Terrence Williams buying into Thibodeau’s system and fitting in nicely with an established and successful team. He gives the Bulls everything they need at the shooting guard position. I also disagree with this blog. I think the Bulls have a lot of minutes to spare (they won’t lose their second seed in the east) and grow Terrence Williams. If I were the Bulls, I’d sign him in a heartbeat.

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