Derrick Rose step back buzzer beater for the win!

Derrick Rose step back buzzer beater for the win!

It was a shot to be proud of but not a win to be proud of. Derrick Rose dropped 30 on the Bucks including the buzzer beater to win the game while coming up just two boards shy of a triple double. The finish made it worth sitting through a game full of uninspired defense.

First, some whine...

Seriously, if you're going to go to the replay screen to see who should get possession of the ball don't you have to put in a rule saying that if the team that touched it last only lost control of the ball due to a blatant foul that we didn't call that we should let them keep it?

I mean is that so hard? I get that you don't want to open the can of worms of adding fouls in replay, but it seems pretty straight forward to simply say "missed foul caused the out of bounds" and give the team that deserves the ball the ball. The Bulls got screwed by this tonight, it didn't cost them the game, but it could have.

Derrick dominated on offense, on defense.. well..

Brandon Jennings was a mere 4 of 18 for 11 points with six assists. You'd think that Rose kicked his ass defensively, but more than anything else, Jennings missed shots. He seemed to break down Rose consistently and many of the initial lapses in defense were due to Rose needing help with Jennings and other players falling out of position.

On offense, Derrick was hot early, driving to the lane and scoring at will. In the second half it felt like he settled for threes a bit much, but it always feels like a guy "settles" for threes when they miss. When he makes them, he's simply awesome. Rose took good threes as a general rule, they were open, and he's been red hot from beyond the arc recently, so I can't really complain at all about taking the open looks.

Besides a few missed threes, Rose had a nice night. His shooting percentage was a tad low, but it doesn't accurately reflect how much he dominated the heck out of the Bucks. He drew foul after foul in the paint and had to take plenty of bailout shots for the offense. He broke down the Bucks defense over and over again giving plenty of other players easy looks, and he attracted so much attention that Noah and Gibson made a living tipping in the misses when Rose just got the ball up on the glass with three defenders on him leaving the weak side open.

Is it time to get Joakim his own BIG commercial?

Okay, Rose deserves one first [of course], but Noah has continued his dominant play. He tipped in a whole slew of shots tonight to give the Bulls plenty of second chance points and did a nice job running the floor in transition and finishing around the rim when the Bulls went to him inside.

Noah gave the Bulls the star package once again with plenty of boards, points, and hustle out there tonight.

Luol Deng should never dribble more than twice

Seriously, if he has a move that takes more than two dribbles, it's almost certain something bad is going to happen. Outside of some really pedestrian ball handling, Deng played well. He hit a huge three near the end of the game which looked like it may have iced it until the Bucks came back.

His shot attempts have seemed down recently, but he scored 12 on just eight shots without any free throws giving him a nice night efficiency wise. He also did a nice job helping out on defense as many of the Bulls were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, Deng generally helped effectively and efficiently when leaving his man.

quick notes

Drew Gooden wishes Carlos Boozer could guard him every night. I believe he's averaging about 24 a game through four games against Chicago this season.

Taj Gibson was big tonight, he saved a couple of possessions on pure hustle that won't show up in the box score and was active around the rim doing what he does best.

Kyle Korver got screwed pretty bad on a couple foul calls tonight, he could have easily had a couple blocks instead of fouls. Otherwise, he was Kyle Korver [hit half his threes and half his shots].

All in all, a great game

You don't get to feel that tension all that often, and it's great because there's always a twinge of doubt that the Bulls might blow it, but then when they don't you sit and think about how ridiculous itw as that you ever considered the idea.


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  • I'm saying it now I hope this gets around to everyone who's following Dan Bernstein should unfollow him. Everyone who listens to his show should stop listening to his show. Thanks! Rose is truth. Go Bulls! Fuck the Heat!

    Yeah it was the Bucks but this was one of those mentally tough games that a team like the Heat would lose. On the road and the home team is shooting well with some home cooking from the refs. Great win even though it was a bad team. These games are hard to get up for and to be able to find a way to win is pretty big to me. On to the next one.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Haha what'd Bernstein do now?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    He's trolling Bulls fans. Apparently we can't celebrate reg. season wins because nothing matters more than beating Miami. He even said something about the MJ era, that if you've seen that you know you shouldn't celebrate regular season games in Milwaukee.

    Thats funny I remember a certain 1996 team hugging after a win on the court in Milwaukee after winning 72 regular season wins. I guess Bulls fans can show emotion?

    I hate when people try to tell you how to feel or what to do on twitter and it wasn't just once he sent out 4 retarded tweets on the Bulls so I'm done following his ass.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I get the point, but I think there's no need to tell other people how they should feel. I think it's totally valid to feel that the regular season means nothing, but I think it misses the point of why we watch sports.

    We watch to be entertained, to see greatness, to feel a part of something, and there was certainly greatness last night. It's exhilirating to watch the game winner in that fashion. Does it ultimately mean much in the Bulls destiny this year? Probably not.

    However, I always think the purpose of sports is to enjoy them, and as such I've enjoyed lots of teams that had no hope of winning. The 04/05 Bulls were one of my favorite sports teams of all time, and didn't make it out of the first round. They were still fun and exciting.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    It seems to be everyone's pastime nowadays to rag on Rose because he is a shoot first PG and is small relatively to LeBron and hence the Bulls. It was the first season for Thibs and the team plus first time Rose was playing in the second round and beyond. It was not physical ability or basketball skills IMO that the bulls lost but it was more of a mental tiredness being on that stage. From what I think about that radio station, it is basically to generate more anger from the callers and get ratings in a negative way because they probably cannot compete in a positive way
    If the Bulls do not mentally wilt, they can beat the Heat. That is more important than even the talent or physical ability.

  • I think you're being a bit too harsh in criticizing Rose's defense on Jennings. I thought he played great on that end.

    It was pretty obvious that the Bulls were playing him real tight near the three point line to try and run him off his favorite shot. Rose isn't gonna be able to consistently stay in front of him when he drives in that circumstance (nobody would), but he did for the most part, and when he didn't he recovered nicely, and even had an insane block to show for it.

    Now if Boozer could've just cracked the Drew Gooden code, we might not have needed a buzzer beater to win the thing.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I wonder how much money players would pay in their contract year to play against Boozer night in and night out. He has a knack for making backups like Hansbrough and Gooden look like All-Stars.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    Perhaps that was the plan, to simply run Jennings off the three point line, but if so, it's a lousy plan, he's not that great a three point shooter to overcommit so hard to let him drive into the paint every play.

    Many of Ilysova's points came off of plays where the initial breadkown was on the coverage of Jennings.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I am glad that somebody else noticed that more than half of Ilysova's scoring came after the initial defense broke down, and people failed to switch onto IIysova.

  • Doug, there has to be someone on the bulls roster fed up with boozer not giving effort. How do they keep thisunderwraps?

  • In reply to MarkEichenlaub:

    Hard to say if the team is really that frustrated, they seem to have great chemistry, and Boozer seems quite popular with his teammates. Perhaps they just accept his weaknesses.

  • Deng got owned by Ersan who shot like 80% and outscored him 4 to 1... Ever since All Star Game Deng has largely reverted to ghost mode except a few 4th qtr apperances...

  • In reply to Chad:

    Deng wasn't on Ersan.

  • Rose is awesome. I've been watching him since 3 years but each game I'm still impressed. He is just too good !!

  • Am I the only person who felt the refs were swallowing the whistles on the Bulls end? I found that a bit frustrating maybe somebody in league office wants some south beach team to have a better record tan the Bulls? Just kidding.

  • Derrick is at his best shooting threes when he can step into the shot, and by and large last night he wasn't doing that - the three point attempts weren't exactly off-balance but they weren't real good looks. To his credit he didn't try to force the issue by continuing to force threes.

  • Doug, this one is totally on you(tongue in cheek).

    Your pregame was self admittedly uninspired and lackadaisical, thus the bulls performance last night, uninspired and lackadaisical.

    Both of us should be very worried, we are starting to agree on just about everything lately. I totally agree with your take on the blatant foul during instant replay thing, ignoring it under those circumstances and purposefully rewarding the wrong team is asinine.

    And you apparently, have finally agreed with my Luol Deng should never dribble the ball, especially in traffic thing. I pointed that out for years, and again in last nights game post.

    Also, glad that you mentioned the Gooden/Mataboozer thing, I've been saying since the second half of last season, that the Bulls would be better off with Gooden than they are with the Escort. Not because Gooden is so great, but because he is far less awful than the Cheerleader is, and costs about one third the price.

    Until today you have been on the boozer side of the argument, at least in your pregames. From the 4 Bucks games this year, Gooden is not the poor mans boozer, boozer is the homeless mans Gooden.

    Another trend that has been painfully obvious in the 4 Milwaukee games, Deng cannot cover Delfino off the dribble under any circumstances. For the so called best wing defender in the game, this is puzzling, and another slice of evidence as to why Deng is an overrated individual defender.

    Rose was only 8-22 from the floor last night, primarily due to his 0-5 performance from the 3 point line. Given the night that he was having, he simply should not have jacked up his final attempt, with less than a minute left and 15 seconds left on the shot clock, it could easily have cost the Bulls the game. Rose has to learn a better feel for what is working for him in a given game and what is not.

    It is a good thing that Rose hit that final shot, otherwise there would be over 100 comments on today's post.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I've never been a fan of Boozer's, I just think at times he can provide plenty of positives. He always provides plenty of negatives, but I think the Bulls are better with him than without him if they didn't add someone to the roster.

    I like Boozer most in an Eddy Curry like role, use him for some offense in the 1st/3rd quarters, but don't play him when the game is on the line.

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