Bulls resentful of Howard's dislike, turn to Gasol, Lakers not so interested

Bulls resentful of Howard's dislike, turn to Gasol, Lakers not so interested

As I [and most of the rest of the world] have reported for quite some time, Dwight Howard is not interested in joining the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls would like to make a deal for him but are unwilling to do so without assurances he'll stay past this season. Mark Stein says the Bulls are looking to swap Carlos Boozer for Pau Gasol as a consolation prize. Surprisingly [/sarcasm], the Lakers are not all that interested

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The Chicago Bulls are exploring avenues to acquire Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol before Thursday's trade deadline, according to sources close to the situation.

The Bulls have long hoped to wedge themselves into the trade running for Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, but sources told ESPN.com that Howard's well-chronicled lack of interest in a trade to Chicago has prompted the Bulls to switch their focus to Gasol in advance of Thursday's 3 p.m. ET deadline.

Sources say that the Lakers, however, have limited interest in the players Chicago would be offering, starting with Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

Limited interest is a nice way of saying "Boozer for Gasol? HAHAHAH GTFO!". There's been a long running rumor of Watson + Boozer for Gasol which ignores the obvious problem that this trade is horrifically stupid for the Lakers. Gasol is much better than Boozer, and Watson's still a back up caliber PG [even if a very good one].

Now Watson probably would be a very solid guy next to Kobe as he can shoot very well from beyond the arc when open, bring the ball up the floor, and defend pretty well. The Lakers wouldn't really need a whole lot of play making from him, just a guy to knock down open shots and do the little things. He's become quite good at that with Chicago.

That said, anyone who has ever watched Gasol and Boozer plays knows there's a mammoth difference between the two, and that gap isn't closed by throwing in a backup guard even if he is on a very reasonable deal that even has an out clause at the end of the year to provide extra flexibility.

It's a bummer that Dwight isn't interested in Chicago, but at this point, it's no surprise. We could all hope he'd change his mind but that doesn't seem likely, not with his heart set on New Jersey [for God knows what reason] and their ability to sign him next season using cap room.

The trade for Gasol, while awesome, is a similar pipe dream. The Bulls simply aren't good enough trade partners with the Lakers whom beat up on Boozer enough in the playoffs to realize that Carlos isn't any kind of answer for them.

I continue to expect a quiet trade deadline for Chicago.


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  • The only thing that gives me hope here is the Lakers gave Odom away for a draft pick which basically tanked their hopes of a title this season ... if they've made one stupid trade maybe they can make another?

  • Did anyone see the tweet that Wojnarowski tweeted about Deng-Noah for Gasol and a 2nd-rounder? I believe he deleted it, but it's making it's rounds around twitterland. I believe that is total BS though. It's amazing how we have the best record in the league and trade rumors are still circulating around this team.

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    These rumors occur because there is smoke that comes with it.

    Now just because there is smoke, doesn't always mean it's fire. But these guys have to report it because that's their job.

    I think after Woj posted his tweet and re-read it, he realized how dumb it was and so he deleted it. The Bulls would BARELY trade Noah+Deng for Dwight, so there is no way they trade them for Pau.

  • I have no idea how hard, if at all the bulls are trying to make a move, but I'd say the odds that they make a blockbuster are about as good as the Mataboozer making the NBA all defensive team.

  • It just goes to show, and I'm not saying this because I'm a Bulls fan, but it shows just how dumb, stupid, and ignorant Howard is. Whether he goes to the Nets with Derron

    Williams or if they both end up in Dallas, they won't win a championship. He's not about winning, he's just trying to get to a team with a owner that has deep pockets. The guy is just STUPID plain and simple. The Bulls again just like when Lebron was a free agent has a more complete team and more assets to offer and they get shut out once again. The Bulls need to make a small move to sure up some of their perimeter shooting. Nick Young, Jamal Crawford, just someone to help the perimeter scoring.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Are you guaranteeing Dwight wouldn't win a title if he went to DAL with Dwill? LOL. I would personally put money down on their team to win the next 3 titles if they did that.

    But to your point about Dwight not wanting to come play in CHI. Superstars like Dwight and Lebron are great, talented, elite, etc for a reason. Because they feel THEY are good enough to win a title their way. They don't need to hitch their wagon onto the Bulls team when they could go do their own thing and win a title (like MIA has done).

    Sure MIA hasn't won a title, but they're title contenders, and they beat the Bulls last year. So if they believe in themselves and proved it by getting past the Bulls, why would they feel they have to team up with Rose to win a title?

    You guys sound just as pompous as the players you are calling dumb and ignorant.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    Yep, I'm guaranteeing it, LOL... If he does go to Dallas with Williams which I doubt cause the Lakers are still in this he won't win a title with Williams and an ageing Dirk Nowikski. And like I said before, its not because I'm a Bulls fan or because as you say he won't hitch his wagon to the Bulls that I say he's stupid, if he wants to win a championship he would be trying to get to a winning team that has a future and not a team with no good assets or agri.g all stars with hardly nothing left. So yeah I stand by what I said, he's DUMB and IGNORANT... PERIOD!!!

  • If that Ken Berger report is true, personally, I would trade Luol (Injured), Boozer (Defensive Liability), Omer (No Offense), and possibly Draft Picks for Hedo and a Dwight rental.

    WITH Dwight, Bulls win a title this year. If Bulls win a title, and Dwight STILL leaves, he would get killed by everybody (fans, NBA people, analysts, media...EVERYBODY)....so maybe that fear keeps him in CHI.

    If Bulls win a title and he still leaves? Bulls could end up with about $12mil in cap space, because they move Boozer's contract.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    as a capologist, you blew it, with the addtion of Turkeyglues contract the Bulls would not have significant if any cap space next season, even if Howard leaves.

  • Now regarding this Pau post. There is absolutely no way the Lakers trade for Boozer if they (reportedly turned down Pau for Rondo).

    The ONLY way I could see the Bulls trading away Boozer and getting back Pau is if they gave up Brewer, Korver, Watson, and take back Metta's contract and probably Steve Blake's contract.

    Short of this, Bulls would have to get a 3rd team involved like GSW and hope LAL would want David Lee and Monta. Bulls would have to give up Asik and probably take back Biedrins contract though.

  • In reply to YouBlewwIt:

    dude you kind of come off as an ass, but you make some good points.

  • Howard is a moron and definitely does not care about winning. Anyone else see the report that he said he'd be open to going to Miami (sign and trade) if he makes it to free agency this summer?

    If he doesn't want to come to Chicago because he wouldn't be "the man" because of D Rose, then saying he's open to Miami makes absolutely no sense! It just means that not being the 1st option isn't the real reason he doesn't want to come to Chicago. If the Miami situation happened he'd be at best the 2nd option but most likely the 3rd option depending on which of the big 3 went to Orlando.

    Now I don't think the Miami thing will end up happening, the hypothetical scenario blows so many holes in the reason why Howard doesn't want to come play alongside D Rose.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Exactly why I said he's DUMB, STUPID, and IGNORANT!!!

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Maybe he just wants to hang out at muscle beach, or south beach rather than Oak Street beach. That is his prerogative as a free man in a free society.

  • Wasn't this rumor of Gasol for Boozer/Asik/CJ going around last week?
    I think the LeBron story is in full replay again. All these writers are picking up from these fringe sources and putting out stories.

    Anyhow, even if Boozer sucks to be in a trade with Gasol....Gasol is getting old and the Lakers sure do act as if he is in his prime. New Orleans almost gave them Chris Paul for him(it is still unbelievable they did that). Thanks!!Dan Gilbert for nixing that trade.

    And Howard seems to be the next Melo because he is picking the city rather than the team like LeBron. One day he will be the King of Russia and the next day he will be the hated "Tsar" of Brooklyn

  • Even though these trade scenarios are unlikely for the Bulls. I am encouraged by the fact that management is trying to get better despite the solid team they have. I think they know you can't win with Carlos Boozer playing no defense as your premiere big in a playoffs series against the Heat or even the Thunder.

    Trying for Pau Gasol is a valiant effort, maybe if they included a third team like the Cavs..shipping Omer Asik to recieve Ramon Sessions who will be redirected to LA along with Boozer and maybe even Ronnie Brewer to shore up that weak small forward position of theirs. We get the better power forward, but they upgrade the small forward and more importantly the point guard position. Anyway, glad the Bulls brass is probing and looking to make this team better, get Rose a big who can screen and score to take the pressure off some. The Bulls really wanted Chris Bosh and they had to settle for Boozer, you can't blame them. They couldn't of come out of 2010 empty handed, the fans would of been furious. Eventually we will get that scoring Big that can play some D or that scoring guard that can form a dynamic backcourt with Rose.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    +1 I like that mgmt is being active and continually probing possible scenarios. i'd love the 3 way trade idea with cleveland, but since they can prob get sessions for just a first rounder, they prob would like to keep that kobe, gasol and bynum core together for this season for another run

  • Milwaukee Journal apparently reporting Monta Ellis and spare parts to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen(.357 FG's and .287 3 pt % god talk about living off a name) Jackson.

    Moves are being made. Does anybody buy Howard moving? Yahoo Sports again reporting that Magic fear Howard walking, and getting nothing - looking for a trade. Meanwhile Utah is saying they are open to dumping players for salary expirings including Al Jefferson and perhaps Devin Harris.

    I(and most posters) think Bulls will do nothing of note, but other teams possibly snag an Al Jefferson?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Good trade for the Warriors if Bogut can get healthy, but replying on Bogut and Curry to be healthy seems a bit sketchy.

    As for Ellis to the Bucks, seems designed to make Skiles tear out what little hair he has left.

    Can't see Howard moving, the Magic seem to know he's not coming back but they are probably best off just keeping him and banking the money from a 2nd round playoff run, then tanking from next year. Nobody seems to be willing to give up much for a rental, which suggests that teams know the situation is rigged and Howard has done a LeBron and already made his decision in collusion with Williams.

    I also don't think there's a sensible move for the Bulls to make if Gasol & Howard aren't available. We'd all like a better SG situation but that doesn't seem realistic.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Good point about the rental. Lot of people(media especially in Chicago) were advocating getting Howard even as a rental and banking on winning/convincing him to stay. But, this might be a LeBron/Wade/Bosh courting everyone for whatever reason and then screwing to go to his initially decided team. These guys want to keep all options open just in case their ego makes them go to another place.

  • Excellent article on Yahoo by Adrian Wojanowski explaining Dwight Howard’s reasoning for choosing Brooklyn, NY (New Jersey).

    Superstar players can make more money off the court, as evidenced by D-Rose’s $200 million Adidas shoe deal. For the off-court opportunities, Dwight wants to be in a major market - NY or LA. Chicago is already Rose’s town and Bulls are Rose’s team, so Howard doesn’t want to ride in Rose’s wake – he wants to create his own path. Howard also doubts Adidas will pay $200 million to two players in the same market. And for Adidas, that also makes sense – Rose in Chicago and Howard in New York – impacting two huge markets.

    The most intelligent plan for both Brooklyn and Howard is to sign as a free agent using cap space, avoiding the typical loss of assets that occurs in superstar trades. More star players should have the sense to do this instead of worrying about the extra year on the contract and weakening the destination team as a result. Howard is young enough that he will sign another big contract in 2016, so the extra year is meaningless. What is important to Howard is the big market, being the team leader, and the team having assets to be competitive rather than using them in a sign-and-trade.

    It’s actually a sensible plan and in Howard’s best interest.
    The Brooklyn Nets will definitely be a playoff team. They will have a frontline, point guards, shooters, an athletic wing.

    Frontline > Dwight Howard - Brook Lopez
    Point Guards > Deron Williams – Jordan Farmar
    Shooters/Wings > Marshon Brooks – Anthony Morrow – Gerald Green.

    If PF Kris Humphries resigns that bolsters the frontline and makes 8 legitimate players.

    Nets are about to consummate a salary dump trade with Charlotte to clear another $6.5 million in cap space for 2012-13. I believe its Shawne Williams and Johan Petro plus a 1st for Boris Diaw’s expiring contract.

    In 2010 Nets signed SG Anthony Morrow and PG Jordan Farmar as free agents. After last season’s surprising trade with Utah for Deron Williams, the Nets drafted Marshon Brooks which is looking like an excellent pick. They recently picked up athletic SF Gerald Green (2007 NBA Dunk Champion) from the D-League and he’s playing well.

    In July the Howard signing and moving to a brand new arena in Brooklyn, NY will complete a major transformation in the biggest market in the USA. The Nets will be in the playoffs next season. Whether they will contend for the ECF at some point remains to be seen. They will certainly need to integrate all these changes. But it’s clear the Nets won’t suck, they will be competitive.

    I understand the reasoning behind this move.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I also think he wants a billionaire owner willing to spend deep into the luxury tax. I don't blame him for that. He has that now in Orlando and he wants that in Brooklyn which he'll get.

  • In reply to Defense-Rebound13:

    And Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov just lost a landslide election for Russian President to Vladimir Putin - so he won't have to sell his NBA team, haha.

    Really, with acquiring Howard and the new arena in Brooklyn, I think the Nets will be a completely re-energized organization.

  • In reply to Edward:

    They will be sitting pretty. This really sucks, we probably should of traded Asik last year and landed either Courtney Lee or OJ Mayo. Instead we are stuck now with brick hands and fragile RIP.....which translates to "rest in peace" since he can never stay healthy.

  • In reply to Edward:

    It all makes sense, except the part about Lopez starting as a 4, he likely doesn't have the foot speed to defend the position. And as they say, you are what you can defend. There is a shot that it might work since he doesn't really like to play in the paint or rebound, but they could move him for a better fit.

    I totally agree about the extra year being nearly irrelevant to a younger guy who has confidence in himself. Just buy some insurance and go play where you want to. You will likely make 90-95% of the money(contract wise) and be happier in doing so.

    That is why Howard is trying to talk the Magic into not trading him, so he doesn't have to disrupt his life right now(mid season), and join his buddy DWill on a stronger Brooklyn team this summer.

    Will the Magic and or any other team fall for the DHoward/DWill con job.

  • In reply to Edward:

    To me, your post was the most interesting of all - you clearly showed the logic of Howard signing with NJ, for money, for team talent, and he plays with his BF.

    The Nets made 2 solid FA pickups in Morrow and Farmar.
    "The Brooklyn Nets will definitely be a playoff team. They will have a frontline, point guards, shooters, an athletic wing.

    Frontline > Dwight Howard - Brook Lopez
    Point Guards > Deron Williams – Jordan Farmar
    Shooters/Wings > Marshon Brooks – Anthony Morrow – Gerald Green."

    This NJ/Brooklyn team could compete with the Heat and the Bulls for years. Altho, as we see from NY, the superstars don't always mesh well. In fact, that has been a problem in Miami. Talent over chemistry? Usually, but not always.

    The Bulls need another piece. It might eventually come with the Charlotte pick or Mirotic, maybe sooner with a great pickup in the draft. Taj and Butler look good. Even if they are not top tier, they could be pieces to get someone who is.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    I agree with the thought that logically everything looks great but with Howard you never know. Looking at how NY is working and the inability of Howard to make free throws, it is always an issue unless the other player is a real superstar like Kobe. I don't think Deron Williams is that and that is the difference between Kobe/Shaq and Deron/Howard when the big men struggle on free throws. And, plus Shaq had a better offensive game and there were no other super teams in the league like Miami to play the Lakers during the Shaq/Kobe times.
    All this guarantees is probably a little step ahead of where Orlando is but not the almost guaranteed feel you had with Miami when LeBron/Bosh moved to Miami and even that hasn't worked yet.

  • Think there is any way we could swing this or something similar?


  • In reply to CPBuff22:

    Actually this would be a bit better, also add in some draft pick exchanges.


  • In reply to CPBuff22:

    Unlikely since the Lakers reportedly could have had Howard ages ago if they were willing to give up Bynum & Gasol. Also how do the Bulls figure into this? Why does the Magic want Boozer instead of Gasol?

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  • I've liked how Boozer has played this season. I don't get why people are acting like he's garbage.... his contract just sucks.

  • I rather have the "poor man's version of Boozer" in Gooden who is doing a great job filling in as Center for the Bucks and his contract is alot easier to swallow!

    Hopefully we can get a decent SG before the deadline but its hard to give up Asik a decent defensive 7 foot center and rely only on Noah, Boozer, and Gibson as our front court if we trade Asik away...o yeah also Scal but come on why can't we make him an asst coach and free up 2 roster spots (Lucas and Scal)

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