Bulls fall to Blazers, Philly up next 7pm on WGN

Chicago controlled the game early, but a series of poor defensive plays and open threes allowed Portland to hang around. Then Chicago failed to capture their Miami magic in the fourth quarter, and the offense crawled into a hole and died.

This is what we'd expect without Derrick Rose, however, if the Bulls were going to split games against Portland and Miami, then we're happy they won the Miami.

Point of failure

After combining for 35 on 19 shots against the Heat, Watson and Lucas combined for 17 on 23 shots against the Blazers. They had no free throws a total of seven assists and five turnovers [all by Watson]. The Bulls had solid production from everywhere else on the court, particularly Carlos Boozer who had 22/14/4 but killed the Bulls with his lack of stepping up on screens which caused many of the open threes.

This was part trap game and part the level of talent the Bulls have without Rose. When Derrick is out, they can be beaten by anyone and will be prone to inconsistent play. The level of defense is what disappointed me most in this game, there's no reason that a Roseless Bulls team should come out and give up open shot after open shot all night long.

Bring on the 76ers

Philadelphia is also coming off a tough loss yesterday where the Miami Heat beat them at home. It was a game Philly could have won if they could have found any offense, but they didn't. Like Chicago, they'll look to rebound tonight.

What's different tonight?

Without any info, the best guess is that Chicago will roll out the same team tonight as last night. In which case, they'll need to improve considerably on last night's effort.

The Bulls need C.J. Watson and John Lucas to knock down open jumpers and move the ball more. John Lucas's magic looks nice when his terrible offense is going in, but he tends to hold the ball for 16 seconds at a time and then force up a tough shot out of an isolation play or dump the ball off to someone else with no time to work.

C.J. does a much better job of moving the ball around to facilitate some offensive flow, but he needs to take better care of the ball. Both players were victims of poor shooting nights partially due to taking tough shots because the Bulls couldn't get much else going on, and the PG position is the default bailout shot taker in this offense.

Chicago needs to focus on always taking the first decent look they get as they passed up shot opportunities at times looking for a better opportunity which never came. They don't have Rose's creation ability to bail them out of tough spots, so the first good look needs to be taken each possession.


The Bulls still have the pieces to beat Philly without Rose as Philly can play very poorly at times, but they'll be the underdogs tonight unless Rose suits up.


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  • He are a couple of tidbits from the mind or your typical NBA player.

    Stefan Bondy: Dwight Howard said he missed going to dinner with Deron Williams last night because "I wanted to go play my video game." Twitter

    What was Wolves forward Michael Beasley doing in those final minutes before Thursday's trade deadline when his fate was decided and the Wolves turned down a trade offer that would have sent him to the Lakers? "I know exactly what I was doing: I watching Fanboy and Chum Chum, eating pizza, French fries and lemonade," he said, referring to a Nickelodeon cartoon and some of his favorite foods. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

    For the most part at least until they get into their 30's they are nothing more than overgrown infants with millions in their pockets. That is why I root for my team and the guys on it, but I couldn't care less about them(or any and all so called "celebrities") or their activities off the court, and have little respect for them as men, which clearly the vast majority of them are not yet.

    I know(now) that we are all less grown up in our 20's than we think that we are, but this generation seems to have gone from extended adolescence to extended infantilization, and NBA players seem to be leading the parade.

  • Oh yea, one last comment on last nights game.

    I can see why there has been such a clamoring on this site(by the leftover Ben Gordon apologists)to get our hands on Jamal Crawford(3-15) for the past year or two.

    Who wouldn't want to combine the Matachucker with the Matapussy, when it is such an obvious recipe for a championship.

    At least Boozer hits his open jumpers, even if he cannot create them for himself.

  • It is so strange when you compare Philly with the Bulls. Philly has 4 guys who are in the top 6/7 of their rotation who can create their own shots while the Bulls have 2 if you count CJ. And then you have Thaddeus Young who always seems to play great against the Bulls. Still, the Bulls are a better team.

    I am sure the Bulls will be better focused today but will CJ/JL3 feed the hot hand rather than "chuck"?.....I hope Mike James get some time to see if he gets the offense going or maybe JL3 will be fired up again after playing badly yesterday

  • How can both offense and defense both be so bad from the starters compared to the bench? You move somebody from the bench to starter and they start sucking on both offense/defense.

  • I hate the green uniforms.

    I hate the way the Bulls played even more ... but only down 6, pretty good result all things considered.

  • It's the same tune we're seeing tonight. CJ Watson has been horrible on defense and turnover prone on offense along with Deng, Boozer. Hopefully they can clean it up in the next half but if this continues, the Bulls have to think hard about letting all 3 of Korver, Brewer and Watson go and bring back Kirk Hinrich who with Jimmy Butler should be a nice rotation. Can the glass man Rip Hamilton ever come back from his vacation??? Being cheap doesn't always pay regardless of what some owners think.

  • Flopping should be called as a technical foul every single time that it happens. I don't like when our guys it(Asik on pick) anymore than when our opponents do.

  • It almost seems like we need to put Butler in the game to check Holiday.

  • Great second half adjustment to come away with a quality win. 27 second half free throws ... Bulls need to be that aggressive all the time.

  • Any win without Derrick Rose is a quality win, and the Bulls beat Philly and the Heat without him. The Portland loss was disappointing, but if Chicago was going to drop one of those three games then you'd pick the Portland one as it helps in the tie breaker the most to lose to a western conference team.

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