Bulls fail at fundamentals fall to Magic

Bulls fail at fundamentals fall to Magic

The Magic played bad enough to let the Bulls back in the game. They couldn't hit the broad side of a barn for much of the game, but their shooters came through enough to win, and the Bulls fell flat on offense with only Carlos Boozer showing up to play.

After a smack in the face where they almost lost to the Bucks last night, the Bulls couldn't bring it together tonight but instead continued with the same patterns. They played hard. It would be easy to say they lacked energy, but after a poor 1st quarter they largely shut down the Magic with their defense. They simply couldn't knock down shots.

Throw out the 1st quarter, did the Bulls play great defense?

I've been debating about this. There was a stretch where I believe the announcers said the Magic went eight minutes without hitting a field goal. You figure you have to be doing something right if that's the case. That said, I think the Magic's lack of scoring had more to do with poor shooting and execution than effort by Chicago.

Orlando seemed to miss a tremendous amount of quality looks leaving the Bulls in the game. Granted,they hit 11/26 from the three point line, but they had so many open threes that didn't fall that I still felt lucky it wasn't far worse. Especially when they had Anderson shooting them.

The Bulls also struggled on the defensive glass frequently. Perhaps their job was made difficult due to all the long rebounds, but in the second half it felt like the Magic were pulling down offensive rebounds on 50% of their misses. Granted, much of Orlando's offensive rebounding in the fourth quarter amounted to very little as they didn't seem to score that many second chance points.

The Bulls really lost the game due to the first quarter and a hot stretch at the end of the third period where Richardson knocked down a couple of threes. Outside of that, the Magic really couldn't get anything done on offense, but it was enough.

For one night, at least, we can whine about Richardson

Jason Richardson is not having a particularly great year. He's been relegated to spot shooter where he launches open threes and just about nothing else. When you see the quality of looks that Richardson shoots then look at his 37.9% from the three point line it simply isn't all that impressive.

It was impressive enough last night though. Richardson was knocked down 4 of 6 from beyond the arc and knocked down the two key threes at the end of the third that swung the momentum back to Orlando after Chicago threatened to build a lead. I'd take Richardson over Hamilton this season, but looking at what he's doing in Orlando right now? I'm glad we don't have him for the next three years after this season.

Richardson did leave the game with an injury after knocking knees with Jameer Nelson on a Bulls inbound player near the end of the game and did not return.

Derrick didn't get the whistle

Derrick shot just four free throws, a rather small amount for a guy who had to be lying on his back six or seven times after diving layup attempts. During one stretch he drove in and drew contact on three straight possessions without getting a foul call. A situation made more ridiculous by the three point shot foul Hedo drew during the stretch.

The Bulls weren't reffed out of the game, but Rose's abysmal night doesn't look so abysmal if he gets a few borderline calls and 6-22 for 17 points becomes 6-19 for 22 points by shooting 8/10 free throws. Rose has certainly gotten more vocal in chirping at the refs about the lack of foul calls, something which you hate in other players but love in your own.

Rose also disturbed me again by trying to fight over the top of screens but then not doing so quick enough and not recovering to leave his man run free towards the rim. Either the Bulls are doing a lousy job hedging, this defense is flawed, or Rose is not executing well enough. It looked mostly like a combinations of options two and three.

The Bulls shouldn't be fighting over screens on mediocre shooters, and they aren't properly picking up their interior rotation and thus leaving the opposing team's shooters open. They also found themselves out of position on the defensive glass due all of the switching.

Kyle Korver, you make me sad

Kyle was tremendous in the first half, but let's face it, when it's a game in the second half, no one cares what you did in the first half.

I know no shooter is always going to have it, but Korver missed his last five three point shots and three of those were plant both feet, line up the shot, bring it up slowly, focus, and shoot style wide open. Just no excuse for Kyle to go 0-3 with those types of shots. He should hit that one at a 70% rate.

Seriously, this was the game. Kyle had the chance to sink five threes in the fourth quarter and if he hits two of those open threes then the Bulls go on to take this game. Even one of them and the Bulls would have had at least a 50/50 shot at it. Just very disappointing.

Carlos Boozer stepped up

For all that went wrong, one big positive on the night was that Carlos Boozer stepped up and did exactly what the Bulls want him to do. He became the offensive creator with Rose on the bench knocking down shot after shot. In fact, the stretch in the fourt with Rose on the bench was probably the best offensive stretch the Bulls had all night as they feed Boozer over and over.

The Magic even gave Boozer the superduperstar treatment by sending double teams at him frequently when he was in the post. Carlos quieted down towards the end of the game as the Bulls stopped going to him, and he was getting it done largely through jumpers [which means I'd have been scared he wouldn't have kept it going anwyay], but it was a great effort by Boozer tonight.

Boozer also played some one on one defense on Howard and acquitted himself fairly well in the process. For a guy ragged on constantly due to his defense, he did a nice job maintaining his position and trying to force Dwight into tougher shots.

APB on Luol Deng

Has anyone seen him? He's been missing since the Bucks game. Did he miss the bus in Milwaukee? Reports were that someone who looked like Deng was spotted at the United Center, but no one watching this game believes them.

Much like everyone outside of Boozer and Gibson, Deng was a trainwreck. He shot 1-9 on the night for five points making a mockery of my midgame tweet that I wouldn't trade him for Paul Pierce.

Joakim played tough

I thought he did a great job on Howard, especially in the second half. He forced a boatload of turnovers on the night. He played help defense well, defended Howard well, and continued to hit the offensive boards effectively despite matching up against the league's premier defensive rebounder.

It wasn't quite as gaudy a night in the box score that he's had recently, but he's continued the trend of playing very well and did so even with a tough matchup.

Tough loss, let's get the next one

Chicago finished up their four game in five night stretch with a loss, and while losing sucks, the Bulls were probably due for one and many things combined to make this a likely target. Their schedule slows down the rest of the season though. No more four game in five night stretches remain, and they only have four back to backs remaining.

While home heavy, Chicago's next stretch might be the most difficult of the season. After the Jazz on Saturday they play New York, Miami, Portland, Philly, and @Orlando. Five quality teams [perhaps stretching it with NY] in a row. We'll see what the Bulls are made of over the next week and a half.

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  • Doug I know exactly how you feel. It's such a tough loss knowing we easily could have won that game. It's extremely frustrating but they did have to loose one eventually. Maybe this game will open their eyes for the upcoming games.

  • Deng has been in full blown ghost mode ever since the All star game. his defense has even been very questionable at times too. I don't see how Thibs can keep him out there so much when he is hurting us on both sides of the ball! Sucks that Korver went ice cold in the 4th or we may have been able to pull it out.

    Honestly I don't see how you don't trade Deng and Noah for Howard if they would do it...

  • If any thing I hope that game improved Boozer's trade value. Which might just be impossible at this point.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    While boozer clearly had a great game(for Him). You cannot ignor the fact that with score tied at 91, it was the Mataboozer's man Ryan Anderson who hit the next 5 points to effectively win the game.

  • I think the Pierce-Deng tweet your're referring to was responding to me. I'm just so down on that guy right now. I don't think there's any way we get past the Heat with his 8-15 points a game on mediocre to poor efficiency. I know his defense is good, and his rebounding is the one part of his game that I really like, but I don't think that's enough production at his price tag. Lebron still lit him up in the playoffs last year, so what's his real value to us? He's not a young player anymore, so the upside is no longer there. He's probably gonna be an injury prone player with a 15-17 PER, that plays above average defense (although lacking athleticism) for the rest of his career. Is that a guy to build around, and make untouchable?

    Meanwhile, Paul Pierce, after an absolutely horrendous start to the season, has been one of the best small forwards in basketball. Barring him falling off the face of the earth, I think it's safe to assume that he'll be a better player than Deng for the life of his contract (one season after this one). So you give the Celtics Deng and Brewer, and we take Pierce, and finally we have another player on the roster that can consistently create offense, consistently hit the open shots that Derrick provides, and has the respect of the refs on defense and offense. Also, he's played very well against Lebron in the past, and he's one of those guys that Lebron respects and fears a little.

    I don't care if Luol is the better player in the three years. Who knows what 's gonna happen three years from now? We have a chance to win a title right now, and Pierce gives us a better chance to do that. Also, when his contract expires, it's right around the time that we would probably like to amnesty Boozer. So you clear those contracts, and retool the team around Rose and Noah. Or maybe trade Noah and some assets for a larger piece. It gives you future flexibility as well.

    Really, I see no downside to this trade. I'm tired of Luol's game, I'm tired of his injuries. I'm tired of cringing every time he dribbles the ball. He's a good player, and a great guy, but he's just not good enough to be a cornerstone of this team. The sooner we realize that, and move on, the better off we'll be. Why should we have to get smoked by Miami in the conference finals again for the Bulls to say "Maybe we need to switch things up"? They're right back to that Skiles' Bulls' mentality of "Standing pat" and "Not messing with chemistry". The front office has fallen into the same trap, and they're too scared to be bold and try and fix some of our critical weaknesses.

    Sorry, rant over. I just feel like I needed to explain my reasoning for the trade a little bit better, because I know, at a glance, it sounds like a kind of silly idea.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    Its easy to do after Deng's play since the break, but I have never stopped trying to trade him(Deng).

    As I have said forever, he is at his very best a 3rd best player on a championship team, and given his ability to disappear at a moments notice, a 4rth best player on a championship team.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Historically Deng hasn't been clutch, but he's been very clutch this year.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Deng has hit a number of big 3's this year, even if not necessarily game winning shots, however, he is still an absolute ghost 50% of the time.

    I didn't see the tweets, but are you saying that you would rather have Deng vs Miami in the playoffs over Pierce?

    Viewed from the perspective of this year only, Pierce is the choice without even having to think about it.

  • Well now Deng says his wrist is really sore, and he might need to shut it down for a few games. Hamilton, I mean it's hard to believe at this point he's really going to miraculously come back healthy, and be major contributor at the two the Bulls needed..?

    Despite their record, you have to look at this team, and sense this is just not going to be the year they go to the Finals. I certainly would be shocked if they made any trades or major moves before the deadline.

    With an impaired Deng, and no legit scoring guard along with limited offensive players in Noah and Gibson who are major minutes guys, it'll be tough seeing Derrick ganged up on again in the playoffs.

    The Bulls definitely are going to have to make some off season moves, but will they be major offensive talent upgrades? This year's draft is deep, but at No. 27-30 the Bulls may be just out of range to pick up a true offensive talent i.e legit rotation quality skilled scorer. It's tough.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I also agree this doesn't feel like the Bulls year right now, but they'll still have some time to get things together before the playoffs.

  • First time commenter here. I have been reading the blog daily for a couple seasons now and decided now is as good a time as any to comment. I am really confused on how to feel about this Bulls team. Reading the comments on here everyday clearly im not alone, the bottom line is that the bulls (as currently constructed) dont have enough to beat MIA. The bulls have certainly improved in some areas but have regressed in others. (Hi Booz, Hi Omer) and while we've improved it wont be enough especially looking at MIA. Bosh has been playing great and LBJ..Well, no explanation necessary. And with the emergence of their bench honestly we dont stand a chance. When reading this blog last year Doug would kind of infuriate me because he would always say the Bulls would be bested by MIA in the ECF, I think i was upset because i knew he was dead on. And sadly that will be the case this year and next as well if we dont do SOMETHING. We have to do Something, I'm not like some of you other guys that are very familiar with the salary cap and how all the money has to match up for trades to take place, but I do know that If we dont figure something out we will never win a championship. So i guess until then i will be relegated to commenting on blogs like this and hoping and wishing something happens

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    It might be hard for you to believe but, believe you me, the Miami Heat are deathly scared of facing the Bulls in a 7-game series. The Bulls are tough!
    You'll see what I mean whenever they meet.

  • In reply to SlamDunk:

    I agree with you..simply because every games thats gone on between the two over last season and this season have been extremely close..like last minute close, but I just dont think the bulls have the Talent to outlast MIA in 7 games. Honestly i think the bulls are the better "Team" in its truest sense of the word but MIA when their on are basically unstoppable. We all know the formula..make them play a half court game and limit their points in transition..thats easier said than done,hopefully come playoff time Kyle can knock down those threes and prevent long rebounds

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    I agree the Bulls need something to happen to beat Miami, but they need to be careful, because just doing something to do "something" wont' be the something they need. That something may take a year or two, but they're better off saving their bullets to give them a great chance at beating Miami than wasting them and not improving.

    IT's a tough spot, I think it will prove similar to the Knicks trying to find a way to get past Jordan.

  • I heard Josh smith has asked for a trade. I would love the bulls (if all possible) to deal boozer and maybe brewer for Smith and Mcgrady.

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    I would also love if the Bulls can pull off a Josh Smith trade. He is relatively young but experienced now. He has a bad reputation because of his immaturity but he probably has matured a little bit by now and will be better paired with Rose. Forget Howard as he is not interested here. GarPax have to target the guy they want and go for it rather than try "token" try on everyone and fail to acquire anyone. I think that is their big problem.If you read rumors, almost every player on the trade market/FA has been contacted by the Bulls but we never get anyone.

    Also, does Thibs even talk to his players before the game? If he has developed a relationship with Deng...he wouldn't have played for such long stretches.

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Almost brought this up before the game yesterday.

    There is no hope that Atlanta would want to pair the Mataboozer's contract with Iso Joe's contract, the worst $200 million ever spent in the history of the world.

    However, the real question is, would Atlanta take Deng for Smith, even though we know that Linus(thibs)would never allow it.

    Unfortunately, Atlanta says no, the Bulls never even think about it.

  • I really like josh smith and I think Thibs could really get him to stop taking those long jumpers and just focus on his post game, which is pretty decent. I mean at this point the bulls HAVe to make a trade right? I just checked out ESPN rumor central and Supposedly Hamilton is a month away from returning and Deng is probably going to shut it down for a while. So your starting lineup is going to be Rose,Brewer,Butler,Booz, Noah?? That's not good enough and Hopefully gar pax realize this and do what they have to do. I heard Portland is giving crawford away for picks.. Something is better than nothing

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Korver will start. I can't see Butler starting.

    Josh Smith, while nice going forward, isn't the issue... Right now, we need a SG. We need a second ball handling shot creator. We don't have that. Deng is the worst dribbling SF I've seen.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I agree with that statement on josh smith, and clearly im retarded as i totally forgot about korver. Yes Deng has no handle. Granted he can score off slashing and cutting but he can't create his own shot if his life depended on it. And while a SG is the issue who do we get and where do the minutes come from? I really like Sjack or Crawford (who is available for picks) but again if and when Hamilton comes back where do the minutes come from.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I am glad to see that everybody is finally on board with what I have been saying for years, that Deng should never be allowed more than 2 dribbles.

  • 4th game in 5 nights against a good team. No Rip and no CJ. It wasn't a surprising outcome. Orlando also had a day off. Don't read too much into this game other than Boozer played well for a change against a good team and the bulls still almost won.

    Deng is going to sit for a few games, probably against the Jazz. His wrist is bothering him. You can see him wince and get up slowly every time he falls.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Of course we dont read too much into this game but what about the playoffs? Obviously Deng needs surgery on his wrist and he will prolong it until the offseason (missing time into next season most likely) So will he need to rest again and again? we can't afford for his wrist to continue hurting in the playoffs, forget MIA we're talking about the first round.

  • The rest of this season, playoffs included is pretty much not going to amount to anything. Deng is hurt and unless he has the surgery this will continue to be a problem..boozer has regressed terribly, Rip (torn) whatever you want to call him cannot stay healthy, watson has nagging injuries. GarPax is unlikely to make a trade..This sucks. Living on the North Side iv'e developed the "wait til next year philosophy" when it comes to the bulls. It would be awesome if Dougs Headline sta

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    Whoops...It would be awesome if dougs Headline started off Next Friday "The Bulls swing Blockbuster deal for Howard"...

  • The Bulls are a strange team this year.
    1) They have had the best record in the NBA much of the season, in spite of playing more games and more road games that any other team. I believe they have also had more injuries than any other team - it sure seems like it! And, as we saw tonight, they often do not get a fair shakes from the refs!
    How have they done it? They play with a lot of heart, play good defense, pass well, rebound great, and almost every player has had some strong performances.
    But they also lose focus too often, they let weak teams back in games, fail to rotate, fail to play tight defense at times. In other words, they get lazy!
    2) So, can they turn it up in the playoffs? They didn't last year! They were cooking down the home stretch of the regular season, but in the playoffs they lost too many games in the first 2 rounds, had to play extra games, so they didn't have the energy needed to take down the Heat.
    Plus, we could almost bet that they will have some more key injuries during the playoffs.
    3) What can/should the Bulls do? First, they might play the bench more and rest Deng and Rose. Like the leopard that can't change it's spots, I'm not sure Thibs can do it, and even if he did, it might not work.
    Second, they could make a big trade. Not sure if that is available. They won't do it if they overvalue their players. We all know they need another piece. They may have to wait until March 15th to see if there is a fire sale they like. Hope so.

  • Asik only played 9 minutes. It's likely a pipe dream that any kind of deal is in the works and that's why he's seeing limited minutes. That makes it more troubling that he only played 9. Thibs obviously isn't going to him anymore. When Asik is out there, he does seem to be mistake-prone and never seems to handle passes well.

    Bulls fans in general have waaaay too much confidence in their front office. This team would be hovering around .500 or worse if they hadn't gotten unbelievably lucky with the first pick in the 2008 draft. Then they threatened to destroy that by hiring Vinny Del Negro, so those couple seasons were a wash.

    MarShon Brooks was right there for the taking! Yes, the guy who just scored 19 points on 8-of-13 shooting in Wednesday's Nets win over the Clippers.

    This is the organization which brought you Boozer and didn't draft MarShon Brooks. Let's stop pretending like they're geniuses.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Bulls executed an excellent draft night trade-up, moving from 28 to 23 for just a 2nd round pick and cash. But they chose to use No. 23 on Mirotic rather than Marshon Brooks.

    Mirotic may prove to be an excellent player, but like the Charlotte pick which may not be useable for 4-5 years, Mirotic can’t come to Bulls for 2-3 years. Bulls’ problem is they need a talent upgrade NOW, not 3-5 years from now. Rose is ready to win NOW. Most all the other players are 26-27 years old – in their prime. Those two assets being deferred so long turn the Bulls into an asset deficient team.

    Some are now saying Marshon Brooks at No. 25 was the steal of the 1st round. Some have said Bulls lost interest in Brooks when Jimmy Butler out-played him in a private workout. So why then aren’t Bulls playing and developing Jimmy Butler?

    Just like last year, Bulls great regular season record is due to a playoff intense effort during the regular season. Most other teams don’t play so intensely during regular season, but amp up the effort during the playoffs while Bulls have no extra playoff gear to rely upon.

    It’s déjà vu all over again.

    However, before this 4 in 5 nights stretch with 3 against high-quality playoff teams I said if Bulls can take 3 out 4 that would be great. Yes, they had a chance to win all 4, but they just plain ran out of gas, and are playing with Rip and CJ out and Deng playing hurt. We have nothing to complain about in that context.

  • In reply to Edward:

    To bad we couldn't have swung 2 deals, to get both Brooks and Mirotic. We are likely to be crying(a little or a lot, yet to be determined)for the next few years, until we see if we got the better player in Mirotic, or not.

    By the time he shows up(if not traded before hand) we will be on the "second" Rose championship level team, with only Noah still on board(maybe, Taj and Asik).

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If Bulls had used No. 23 for Marshon Brooks, I wonder how far Mirotic would have fallen? Would Mirotic have been available at 30? Apparently Bulls didn't think so, so they moved aggressively on Mirotic. Bulls lost Marc Gasol in 2007 by waiting for their target to drop to them and got burned.

    Yes, getting both Brooks and Mirotic would have been sweet! Bulls tradeup from No. 28 to 23 was brilliant. Was there any possibility they could have also traded up No. 30? Would have had to been for a future draft pick.

  • Do I have to be the dick to point out that Rose has lost one of the biggest parts of his game?? The 1st half of last season, when he was the MVP, he was regularly coming off the high screen and killing a top of the elbow, mid-range jumpshot. He lost it the 2nd half and the playoffs and hasn't even tried to get it back this year. That's why, although he's badass in clutch, his efficiency is nowhere near elite. Nowadays, he either shoots the 3 or settles for a deep, one-armed floater. What happened? I've seen him warm-up, we all know he's a good shooter. Why has he gone away from a non-contested mid-range J? It's there anytime he likes. His shooting percentage, even in wins, is not elite and it's hurting us. He's our man, and he needs to start being more efficient offensively and Thibs should be smart enough to guide our superstar into better shots.

    Like everyone, I hate when people say CP3 is a better PG than Rose. It's simply not true. If you watch the effect Rose has on a game, it can't be compared. That being said, his recent terrible shots and lack of calm in the offensive sets is making him look more like Westbook than Nash. Rose, be cool, take that mid-range J, make it yours, and shut up all the haters. It's simple.

  • BTW, What does it say about Dwight Howard that Boozer played decent defense on him for a long time. It is the same Boozer who lets Drew Gooden and Kris Humphries have career nights. The Magic better make a trade and get some picks. It looks like they are never going to win a c'ship with Howard.

  • He has also been struggling to finish at the rim over the last few games. Hopefully the problem fixes itself.

  • It's simple, we lost because of Rose and Korver. They played too bad yesterday night.

  • This team needs a trade... that's all need to be said. I'm tired of complaining about this Bulls team. Even when healthy they still have offensive problems. Bulls have too many bigs that can't score Brewer is a disaster when attempting a shot and while Rose is descent he still come up short at times. Deng, Hamilton, and Watson has been the walking wounded this year. Bulls better make a trade or suffer the same fate as last year, best record in the league and lose to the Heat more than likely.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And sure, beat up on the Bucks to only come home to get smacked by the Magic. And who cares about 4 games in 5 nights, be prepared and professional enough to get the win at home. Again...this team has some serious issues that I'm sure won't be addressed at the trade deadline. Bulls front office should stop being so DAMN predictable being so close to contending for a championship.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Who cares about 4 games in 5 nights?
    Dude, sometimes you can only push yourself so far. They're human and ran out of gas. Rip, CJ and Deng are all hurt. And Rose may have some lingering back issues. And still Bulls are in 1st place. We have nothing to complain about. They won 8 straight and then lost one. It happens.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    That's right, this team definitely needs a trade. I really love chicago bulls, I'm a true fan but I've to aknowledge this team can't beat the Heat unless they make a trade which improves them. The reasons we lost last year in playoff hasn't been solve yet.
    Therefore, if I have to bet all my fortune on a Bulls-Heat serie, I'll bet on miami.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    We are all discounting the fact of the Bulls growing up from last year. We can talk about the shortcomings which I acknowledge is there. But, you also have to remember that it was the first time this team went past the first round and look at the experience of LeBron and Wade compared to that. These guys(the Bulls) are mentally tougher than last year. GarPax have to swing a deal but unless they can find a player who can do what Brewer + Korver combo can do , it is tough to pull the plug.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Jamal crawford !

  • I wasn't on the Marshon Brooks bandwagon because his free throw numbers were low for a shooter, and he didn't show signs of potent or prolific scoring until his senior year really. Admittedly though if the Bulls took him, I would have been at least excited to see what he could do given his potent scoring numbers in his final season of college.

    Work outs for draft picks can be a significant factor in some cases if you believe what media and NBA organizations tell you(why else would they bother with them?), but IMO there's no way a pick should be decided on based upon one or even two private workouts.

    Jimmy Butler was not on my list. He did look like a potential NBA player though from what I saw of him and his stats. He certainly did a good job on Carmelo, and hit a key shot, but Thibs gave him no burn in the following games. Many fans think he should have been at least given a chance although he has turned the ball over when he's been in there at times which gets the quick hook.

    It is at least possible that Butler could have some scoring capabilities right now, but we will never know this season anyway. I thought with James Johnson he did get enough looks to prove himself, and failed. I do not think that has been the case with Butler.

    As for Brooks, if he's shooting for a good percentage two years from now, then I'll be sold, but you can't argue he should have been picked over Butler that is if we could have traded our two picks to move up for him. Boston obviously liked JuJuan Johnson.

    Footnote: While I detest Riley and Miami, he would have at least run some gimmick or decoy weak side plays or curls for easy baskets for a rookie like Jimmy in a couple of games to see what he could with that springboard. Bulls don't do things like that. That said, it is entirely plausible that Butler with his limited handle and average shooting in college is not going to be a scoring pro.

  • We need a SG/SF with size and can be counted on!

    Jackson is definately not doing it in Milwaukee whether it be injury, playing in a small market, or Skiles or a combo of all that.
    Well he was on Charlotte, another small market before.

    I'd be happy if we got him as we can't count on RIP now or down the stretch in the playoffs. Also Salmons can turn it on...and off but, the Kings have a back load of SG/SF now with Thornton, Evans, Jimmer, Garcia, and Salmons.

    I'd love us to get Thornton, then Evans from the Kings but that would probably take a lot from us for that to happen. I'd even be happy with Salmons again.
    At the very least we need another ball handler and why do we keep relying to heavily on Lucas and Mike James? They are D-Leaguers but can do ok in spot minutes.
    We can see that we don't have great consistence with Deng and Boozer helping Rose with the offensive load. We need a guy that can drive and create his own shot even if he is somewhat of a high volume shooter. Rose should be the facilitator much more than the volume scorer at PG.

  • Just read a report the Bucks are looking to trade Bogut and give up to a team willing to take Sjax. I know he has been hurt but he is a top 3 center in the league. Some of you guys wanted to get SJax anyway, imagine getting Bogut as well. Would require them to take on Boozer which might be a deal killer. Would be interesting to take Bogut and flip him for a young 2, I would imagine the Rockets would take him for Courtney Lee and a pick.

  • In reply to do53:

    getting rid of the Mataboozer might be the only way on earth that I could be convinced to take on the inhuman Jackass, who after the malice in the palace should never have been let on an NBA court again, never mind allowed to mix with actual human beings again.

    But, I bet that even getting rid of the Jackass, isn't a good enough reason for the Bucks(or anyone else) to take on the Mataboozer's contract.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah lets get rid of Boozer and our only low post threat just so we can play really good defense! Oh wait they need to score to win too... Not sure why everyone constantly bashes on the Boozer when he is doing exactly what he has always done his entire career. He gets you points and rebounds and not a lot of defense but his per minute numbers are right in line with his career averages and he is healthy. Only a idiot expects a guy be something he isn't just because he found someone to give him lots of money.

  • In reply to Chad:

    This just in for anyone actually watching the past year and a half.

    boozer is not a low post threat, if he ever was one, at this point in his career, he is nothing more than a guy who can hit 50% of his uncontested mid range jump shots, shots which have to be created for him by others.

    He has absolutely no ability to be a go to scorer.

    Since this shit happens every time that he has a decent game offensively(about once a month), let me remind you that he just played against one of, if not the only power forward(big baby) who is shorter, fatter and more vertically challenged than he is.

    So unless Miami trades Bosh(or maybe Lebron) for Davis how does the Orlando game have anything to do with us beating Miami.

    When will you sportscenter fans ever learn.

  • this just in from Bill Simmons at Grantland

    Taj Gibson: Making one-seventh as much as Boozer, only every time he comes in for Boozer, it's like subbing an ISDN line for a dial-up. How would Gibson fare playing 35 minutes a night? It's unclear. Stay tuned for "More Things That Will Be Answered When Chicago Amnesthizes Boozer This Summer" right after this

    and this

    Tony Allen: The league's best perimeter defender (it's true) and contract bargain (two years, $6.3 million), as well as someone who improbably shed "Trick or Treat Tony" status (he's just Tony now) and made Celtics fans say things like, "I wish we had Tony Allen" (also true). Why I love the conceit of this column — there's no way Memphis would rather pay Iguodala or Deng $14 million a year than Tony Allen $3 million a year. None.

  • The bulls need to make a trade. PERIOD...if they dont then they will get bounced in the playoffs. I THINK they will make it to the ECF but who knows, You have J.Crawford being given away for peanuts and pop and SJax being given away for less than that. GarPax have to do something.

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    The Bulls are over the cap and have no trade exceptions, so they have to match salary in any trade. Who do you give up for Crawford? Brewer and compromise perimeter D, or Korver for a much worse 3pt shooter? I want the bulls to do something too, but I'm not sure there's a good move to be made. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't go with a D League wing until Rip is healthy.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    well its been rumored portland is asking for nothing but picks in return

  • In reply to insertclichehere:

    It's not just about what Portland wants. The trade has to work under league rules. Due to the Bulls salary situation, they can't acquire him for picks. They MUST match salary which means Rip, Ronnie, Kyle, or CJ + Taj or Omer.

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