Bulls at Cavaliers 6:30 on CSN+ Irving out sick...

Okay, I know it's the Cavs, but seriously, how do the Bulls keep getting pushed to CSN+ for the Blackhawks? The Bulls miss out on a second dose of Rookie of the Year front runner, Kyrie Irving due to an illness. The game now looks like a blowout win for Chicago.

What's there to say?

The Bulls should cruise through this game. The Cavs are pretty terrible with Irving, without him they'll likely be completely dreadful. The Bulls have too much talent at all positions. The only way Chicago doesn't blow out the Cavs in this game is if they completely lay an egg, show up drunk, and completely take the Cavs for granted.

The biggest question in this game is whether the Crowd will support the Cavs or the Bulls. Cleveland's a bit of a drive, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Bulls fans drown out the Cavs fans particularly since they'll likely have more to cheer about.

If Chicago plays with focus and fundamentals this looks like a 20+ point win.


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  • Looks like a Scal n Jimmy game! Then again there was that Nets game

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Early on it looks like a classic "Mataboozer" defense game, except everybody is joining in.

  • One major difference this season is how the Bulls are killing so many inferior teams. Last season, I don't remember so many blow-outs. Does it mean anything? I think so on how the offense/defense is more finely tuned and less mistakes.

  • I've heard it said by quite a few folks that Point Differential is a good measurement of championship teams- they usually kill the bad teams.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    Maybe, but the Bulls have squandered away some big leads in the 4th quarter against weak teams. The key is Focus, Concentrate!

    A MLB pitcher remarked years ago, 'I would be pitching a good game, then I'd start relaxing on the mound and suddenly there would be runners on the bases!'

    Of course, the Bucks took down the Heat twice so far this season. No one can focus all the time, it takes too much mental energy.

  • Down Goes Miami!
    Down Goes Miami!
    Down Goes Miami!

    to the Utah Jazz 99-98

    Bulls and Heat now tied in the loss column at 8.

  • OH HELL YEAH! A blowout win by the Bulls and Lebron assisting in another late moment loss.

  • Good now ESPN can stop saying the Heat are the best team in the league, even record wise. Even though they still will call them the best team in the league. Now OKC is due for a loss.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    OKC should have had its 8th loss of the year last night to Orlando. But Orlando snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

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