Bulls at Bucks... again... 7pm on CSN

Bulls at Bucks... again...  7pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls will go on the road to play in front of a louder Bulls fan base than if they were at home. Chicago will invade Milwaukee tonight, expect chants of MVP, Scal-a-brin-e and anything else that leaps to mind for our traveling contingent of Bulls fans.

Richard Hamilton and C.J. Watson are out for Chicago, but let's be honest, it shouldn't matter.

Either the Bulls beat up on Milwaukee or they played like absolute crap and fell apart. There's no excuse to lose to Milwaukee whom the Bulls completely outclass in terms of talent. The Bulls hold the advantage at every starting position on the court except perhaps SG where they probably play to a draw.

Oh yeah, and the Bulls bench is probably better too. Milwaukee will need to combine incredible shooting combined with a crapfast by Chicago in order to win.

Final thoughts?

Sure the preview is short and sweet, but the Bulls should win by 20 as long as they come with focus and energy.

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  • These refs.

  • Deng will log 45.5 minutes by games end. Thibs can't spell Deng with Jimmy Butler for 5-8 minutes because he has no playing experience. Butler has no playing experience because Thibs didn't have the wisdom and foresight to realize during a long and exhausting season he would need Butler and so should prepare him with small amounts of regular playing time.

    Deng looks beat out there. And a back-to-back tomorrow.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Will somebody remind Deng that he is not a point guard, in fact remind him that he is a shitty ballhandler even for a small forward, especially in traffic. He has been a nightmare with the ball tonight.

  • The Bulls nearly got beaten by Gooden and Ilyasova ... not a good look for the front court.

    Oh well the iso into off balance fade away long two worked at the end so I'm going to be results oriented and take the win and move on.

  • has Del Bimbo secretly rejoined the Bulls staff since the all star break?
    It sure seems like it based on the way the Deng has played offense, all he does since the break is stand around at the 3 point line.

    Luckily he has hit a good percentage of the 3 point shots that he has taken, otherwise he is doing and giving us nothing on O. Is it the minutes that supposedly don't matter catching up to him to the point where he has to rest on offense basically the whole game.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yes, I think you are correct. Deng is coasting. Now, I don't think its a conscious decision on his part. I think its fatigue - it takes a toll. Like the ballhandling turnovers you mentioned earlier. And they say the all-star weekend end is draining, not the basketball but the activities, media, people, and travel.

    Deng needs a break. Thibs needs to play Butler a few minutes in the 1st half on a regular basis/rotation. It could be just 3-5 minutes, but it will get Deng a small breather he isn't getting currently.

    Small breathers add up over the course of a long season and have a long-term effect - just like 40-45 minute games add up over the course of a long season and have an effect.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Given he's been hot from three and crap from two this year it seems like a sensible coaching adjustment to have him hang out and shoot threes more.

  • I was at the game last night and while the end certainly was exciting, and I'll take the win, this one smelled like a "trap game" coming off those two big wins against Philly and the Pacers. It did make me sick to see Boozer's half-hearted attempts to guard Drew Gooden - 16 points in the first quarter!!! We were screaming for Thibs to put Gibson in, and he finally did, plus if you watched the game you'll note that after the first Noah guarded Gooden a lot and - what do you know? - no more wide-open looks!
    I agree that Deng looked pretty pathetic on his few attempts to drive to the bucket; you could just see that he was going to get the ball stripped and that's just what happened. He DOES look exhausted.
    It was fun to be at the United Center North, as Bucks players were treated to loud choruses of boos when they went to the free throw line. It was also fun, when leaving the game to head back to Madison (and thus taking I-94 West), to see the long line of cars heading on 94 East/43 back to Chicago!
    I'll be very interested to see what the Bulls have left in the tank for tonight.

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