Are the Bulls a failure if they don't beat the Heat?

Are the Bulls a failure if they don't beat the Heat?

Sometimes in life, we forget where we are because we're so focused on where we want to be. Where are the Bulls? Either the second and third best team in the NBA. We're not first though. That's Miami. It might hurt to say it, but it's the truth.

The Bulls won't be favorites against Miami unless the Heat have a serious injury. They won't be favorites next year or the year after that. Even going three years out, Dwyane Wade will probably be going strong enough that the Bulls still won't be favorites.

Simply put, the Heat have the best player in the NBA. A guy in 4-5 man race (along with Rose) for second best player, another guy in the top 15, and enough role players to have quality depth. On a talent for talent basis, no team in the NBA will top them. The best any team can hope to do is build a strong team and get lucky.

It doesn't matter if the Bulls add player abc or xyz. Only adding Dwight Howard or his equivalent would truly make a difference, and Dwight's not coming. Don't envy the job of Gar Forman and John Paxson as they're in an impossible position trying to fight what is almost certainly a losing battle.

It's sad that Dwight doesn't want to come to Chicago, because if he did, the Bulls have enough trade pieces to make it happen. Dwight and Rose would likely win multiple titles, and the NBA would have an epic battle between the Bulls and Heat every playoffs. It'd be epic enough to reseed the brackets to make sure that matchup happened in the finals rather than the ECF. Dwight wants what he wants though, and apparently, that isn't the best chance to win multiple championships.

Now the best team doesn't always win, and Miami might not win again this year. The team that wins might be Chicago, Oklahoma City, or a true dark horse. However, the championship is Miami's to lose, and I don't expect another LeBron choke job this season.

In order to win, the Bulls need to bring their A game up against Miami's B game. If Chicago brings its A game and it isn't enough are they still failures for not having the deck stacked in their favor?

I'll say no.

This is a Bulls team you can be proud of regardless of the results. It's led by a superstar you can be proud to root for as a fan and filled with high quality players who are actually good guys off the court. They may be the 90s Knicks for the next four years, stopped by a team with talent too colossal to defeat. However, ask a Knicks fan, and they look back on those teams with tremendous fondness.

This isn't to say things are hopeless. Chicago can compete, and Chicago could buck the odds and win. If they do, it will instantly become my favorite Bulls championship, because they'll have won it through heart, determination, and hustle rather than a talent base which simply could not be denied.

It'd be a working class championship, a championship representative of the city of Chicago, a championship where David slays Goliath. The Bulls beating the Heat and [likely] the Thunder to win the title this year would become the greatest sports moment of my life. One which would never be topped.

However, if they come up short, just remember that the underdog usually doesn't win. We usually don't get fairytale endings, and this Bulls team is one worth loving either way.

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  • Yeah, I agree. The only way this team would rip my heart out like they did last year is if they didn't make it to the ECF, and at least take the series to 6 games. I just want a good battle. If we win, amazing, if not, well, it's very understandable.

    The thing that hurt so badly last year was that the Heat felt vulnerable (and they obviously were considering they lost to the Mavs). We had home court, we handled them during the regular season, and things seemed to be lining up perfectly. Then to go out in five games like we did, was just painful.

    This year the Heat have blossomed into that team that everyone was afraid they would become. They are very aware of how important it is to win the title this year. And I just don't see them losing to Derrick Rose and the Bulls. Lebron and Wade don't fear our team. And that fear is what has gotten the best of them in the past.

    I will say this though, I still think there's ways for this season to become an incredible failure. I think we're definitely the second best team in the East, and probably the league, but we're still vulnerable imo. Much like the Spurs last year, or the Mavs against Golden State. I could see a team like New York, or Philly, or maybe even an Atlanta giving us some problems. And if we get outed before facing the Heat, that would be disastrous. You at least want that shot against those guys.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I agree it is not a given that Bulls advance to the ECF. You can add Indiana to the list of teams Bulls could potentially lose to.

  • We'll find out if the Bulls are the best team during the Playoffs. That's why they play them. In the meantime, and while it's fun to discuss, it doesn't matter one damn bit who the favorite is. How did that work out for Miami last year? This is not the X games or figure skating or gymnastics -- judging the most impressive will not result in determining a championship. This isn't college football, the best team will be determined on the court. I know the whole point is the fun of discussion, but we will all just have to wait. Anyone saying they know something for certain is full of crap.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    And the best team almost always wins 7 game series, but you can't confuse most talented with best team.

  • While I understand and agree with most of your points I just can't fathom thinking of the bulls as a success if they don't beat the heat, maybe even win it all. I understand that right now they're the 3rd best team in the league and there's a ton stacked against them, but in all honesty I came into the season thinking that the bulls had a legitimate shot at a title and with that in mind, there's almost no way I can see myself feeling good about this season unless that happens. If management doesn't see fit to make moves to get better...or if they can't..., and the bulls don't win then its a failed season. And more that that Gar/Pax (and thibs) have said-if not outright they've at least alluded to it- on many occasions that this team can win a title this year, that's the barometer I choose to gauge them by.

  • In reply to fola:

    I feel the same way. The Bulls are one of the few teams with a realistic goal to win a championship. Anytime you fail to reach your goal, it is a failure to some degree. We will enjoy the journey no matter what, but any other thoughts are just consolation if they can't win it all.

  • If the bulls lose to the heat in the playoffs they will be failures and I dunno know how you could view it any other way. There are no moral victories to be had unfortunately.

  • I'm sorry but I just wouldn't settle for second best no matter how good and talented the Heat are. They can be beat, but the Bulls owner needs to make something happen. Whether they have to trade fan favorite players or go over the dreaded tax. IT CAN BE DONE!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    +100. Bulls and Rose are too confident in this team. They've got to open eyes.

  • I don't think you are being sarcastic frozentear so get some zoloft or other anti depressant!

    Bulls are a fun team we can be proud of and anything can happen in the playoffs! You could have the best of seasons and be undefeated but lose the final game like in football with the Giants taking down the Packers and Patriots!

    We have trouble with athletic teams especially and the Pacers are improved as are the Knicks. We can't under estimate anyone in the playoffs but need to put away teams we should be putting away and hanging with the other elite teams and closing them down with suffocating defense and Rose, Deng, Noah and others being clutch and winning it for us at the end!
    With this said it would be nice to have another volume scorer on the team like Stephen Jackson, even Beasley, OJ Mayo, etc to help carry the offense and be more diverse then just Rose having to carry the weight and break down the other teams Defense himself!

    This team is fun to watch and they look like they play well together even Boozer and Noah are much improved!
    I love seeing the assists coming from unselfish play and especially from Noah and RIP being great passers and racking up the assists to their teamates for open looks!
    GO BULLS!!!!

  • It's the same old question of Boozer producing/playing some kind of defense and the Bulls have the balance or offensive firepower to compete against the Heat and OKC which have two scoring all stars and great role players, teams that can get to the rim at will. The Heat have 3 scoring machines and solid spot up shooters/defenders surrounding them, that is just tough to overcome. Maybe getting Iguodala or at least Ray Allen, Monta Ellis can help narrow the gap but they will probably not make a move and if they do make a move, it will be smaller like getting leandro Barbosa or someone like him. "We like our guys" "great chemistry" "we have mascots and 4 foot tall shooting guards" NOOO, we need to give wade and lebron more offense to worry about while rebounding the ball like madmen.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    exactly. for the bulls management it's C.O.T : CHEMISTRY OVER TITLES.


  • I would not say it is a failure if they don't win this year as they were injured/inexperienced last year but if they lose again next year to the Heat, then it is a failure. If they lose this year with everyone being healthy...then it is a disappointment but not a failure. But, in this day and age with all the history knowledge of the 90's Knicks and resources..GarPax have to change the "status quo" during the summer if the Bulls don't beat the Heat.
    This year is really a true test how much maturation the whole team and the key players have gone through. LeBron is definitely on a mission but that said his 4th quarter problems will not go away easily even as he looks like he is crushing everyone to pulp now. We have seen a similar story before(maybe not so dominating).

    Ironically, the Bulls got killed by the Heat with perimeter shooting in the playoffs while the Heat(especially LeBron/Wade) have taken their game inside. That might work great against Philly or Boston or Atlanta but will that work against the Bulls which is their biggest strength.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Are you kidding me ? Who was injured last year. Don't tell me Boozer didn't play well because of his toe.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    If I remember correctly...Boozer and Noah were playing through injuries. Asik broke his leg during the ECF. Rose still didn't seem 100% after his ankle injury against Atlanta. They were pretty beat up at that point in the playoffs. Despite all of that, they still competed and kept every game close. The only blowout was game 1 when the Bulls won.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Noah wasn't at all injured.
    Asik got injured at the end of Game 4 against Miami. So we miss him for only one game.
    As for boozer, injured or not, he sucks.

    Rose was healed before the ECF. Indeed he looked tired but it was precisely because the team depends too much on him. He was out of gas during the ECF. It even seems like he will be again exhaustive when playoffs come given how Thibs makes him play.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Read my whole comment. I said both injury and inexperience played a part in making a firm determination of the loss.
    Agreed, Boozer injured or not might not have made a difference in winning/losing the series. But, Rose was not completely healed and the main problem with Rose was that he was mentally and physically beat-up by the 4th game. Asik might suck now but he was playing well against the Heat and the momentum changed after he went out in the game.
    Also, you have to be realistic to the fact that Keith Bogans was the SG. Jeez...that might probably be the worst SG ever to start on a C'ship contender or a conference final team. I know people will talk about his grittyness/defense on Wade etc.. Rip Hamilton on one leg/without any chemistry shut down Wade in the 1st game this season. I am not buying Bogans's great defense. But, Thibs's stubbornness plus the unavailability of a decent option(like a Rip) for Thibs made it worse.
    Overall, it is tough to win in the NBA at a young age or without inexperience. That's why Rose/Bulls might fail again this year. Look at how Kobe/Shaq(probably more dominating in their prime than LeBron/Wade) failed initially in LA.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    " I said both injury and inexperience played a part in making a firm determination of the loss."

    I agree. And one part of the inexperience was Thibs. The Bulls were beating everyone the last few weeks of the season. Then the playoffs, and Bam! They lost a number of garbage games that they would surely have won a few weeks earlier. That has to be partly on the coaches.

    Thibs should have used the bench more and experimented more, especially with Thomas and Rasoul. Rose and Deng were both overused on the regular season homestretch, and it cost them in the playoffs, not only against Miami, but in the earlier series against Atlanta and Indiana (And those extra games made a difference against Miami - remember it's not just physical energy, it's mental energy, the ability to focus.).

    And the rest of the coaches have a responsibility to counsel Thibs on this stuff, not just be Yes men! When Boston HC sent the starters out of the games earlier for the final month, the starters squawed, but they killed in the playoffs! Thibs was there for that, wasn't he?

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    In reply to deewaves:

    Noah may not have been injured, but he was never in sync. Spending so many games out on injury last year really hurt him in the system. He was great when Boozer wasn't in, but having Boozer playing at the same time really seemed to puzzle Noah.
    Boozer was garbage last season, and while statistically better this year, still not impressive for what he's supposed to be.

    I'm not sure how you can say Rose was healed by the ECFs. He hurt his ankle in the first round against Indy. Kept playing on it so it could never fully heal. He's take a shot so he wouldn't be in pain, but it was obvious for every game after that he wasn't making cuts the same. He was still fast, but he wasn't D-Rose fast. That combined with being inexperienced and hugely fatigued did a lot of damage to him and through him the entire team.

    Also, the way Tibs plays him has him 25th in the league minutes per game at 35.5. He is averaging less than Deng (2nd and a bit more of a worry due to his injury history, but seems to be doing fine), Howard (38.3), Durant (38.1), Kobe (38), LBJ (36.8), Rondo (36.7) and Griffin (36.6). He's even 13th among Guards. Your stars are going to play. That's just the way it is. He's a professional. He worked over the summer to try to come in in better shape.

  • I'll say no as well but they are failures if they lose in the first or second rounds. But the Bulls overachieve during the regular season.

    I don't think this is the Bulls window. They could win but most likely the refs will give Miami the edge.

    I think the Bulls window is when they retool around Derrick after Boozer either gets Amnestied, traded or expires. Rose probably won't be as good as he is now but who knows.

    I think they might have to become bad to get good again. Which they might in a few years when Boozer isn't productive and they lose either Taj or Asik or both.

  • What's make you think Howard doesn't want to play in chicago ?

    - Howard said Rose is like a brother for him and he doesn't mind play along side him.

    - Rose said twice that it would be great playing with Rose.

    - Adidas said it doesn't bother them having their guys playing on the same team.

    So what are Forman and Paxson waiting for ? yeah it's on them, we know they have never done something great for this team. It seems like it won't change.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    No.. Howard is not interested in Chicago unless something drastically changes. An Orlando reporter who probably knows more than us was telling that the main reason is Howard wants to be a #1 option and that is not happening in Chicago with Rose. Deron Williams is the perfect complementary player for Howard(better shooter than Rose) but less explosive/star than Rose. If Williams had replaced Jameer Nelson in Orlando, they would definitely be as good as Miami/Chicago

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Howard is definetly dumb. he wants to win or to be the first option ? When you ask a trade to chase a ring, you have to put your ego aside like Lebrons did.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    deewaves, let me assure you that your and others' dream of bringing Dwight Howard to the Bulls at the expense of Joakim Noah, will never happen. He'll be a Bull for life! You know why? Three very huge and influential people love Noah. (1) The President of the United States, Barack Obama; (2) Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Bulls; and (3) John Paxson, who drafted him.

    Even the Coach, Thibs, who for some mysterious reason dug his own grave by using Noah indifferently in that Eastern Conference final against the Heat, had better be careful in what seems like an inevitable rematch with the Heat. If he repeats that performance he could be on the hot seat, and I won't be surprised to hear the name Phil Jackson being whispered about.
    I hope he wasn't listening to that gang on the bench of Ron Adams and Adrian Griffin who have had runins with Noah at the start of his career with the Bulls. You never know how petty, smallminded and evil such characters could be. I hope they don't have too much of Thibs' ear, but only time will tell.

  • First, I'm apologozong for the Wade and Lebron's moms "ho's do not good mothers make" comment. Though some objections were by regular posters who are immature, and I have no interest in their responses. But a couple of other posters objected as in actual people with some maturity, and I admit that statement was in itslef inapporpriate and yes immature in it's own right..

    A sports blog agreed is not usually a forum for deep introspection. I just like Derrick, and do think he is at a crossreoads where he could enjoy life a lot more, and have a better control and understanding of his personal life. But that's up to him and destiny so what will be will be. And the dissapointment with Wade and LeBron as people or men is partrly compassionate, but they are antagonists in my view. If they were kids of friends of mine or relatives I would be extremely dissapointed at what their parents did when they were growing up lets just leave it at that.

    As for "Loving" this Bulls team, love comes from someone who brings you joy. If a team that never makes the Finals or can overcome their nemesis in Miami fills you with joy, then you are a good person in my book. But also, the excpetion as a sports fan.

    Look, Noah, Derrick, Lu, Taj, Kyle, Ronnie, C.J., and on and on yes they are character guys. And Thibs for my money has made major strides in coaching in a demanding but resptcful manner. Sure they are a likable group. I know from the venemous response to almost any Derrick critiques that there is love for him for sure.

    But the only real love of this team for most fans is going to come from the reward of an NBA Finals appearance aka beating Miami and hopefully winning an NBA Championship IMO.

    Let's say Boozer was solid on both ends, and Hamilton was able to play(and played respectably), and Jo and Lu represented well, And Derrick found a way to shoot a respectable percentage and score somehwat studly or prolifically, then I could see the "we're proud of them" feeling take hold after losing to Miami.

    However, I highly doubt that would be the case. Boozer likely will kill us defensively as he did last season. Derrick doesn't have the offensive help he needs to free him up to dominate Mimai the way he probably could if so. Most likely loss will lead more to frustration then love.

    But I get Doug's point, and he is to be admired if he still finds admiration or "love" for this team with all of it's shortcomings mainly being a lack of scoring or All-Star talent.

  • I'm fed up with Rose behavior. He is the one we should blame.

    Why doesn't he want to team up with other stars ?
    Does he really think this current team can beat the heat ?
    Doesn't he notice he has to be a superman each game to win ?
    Nobody has ever done it by himself, why the hell does he think he can do it against 3 stars?

    I mean everybody is helped : Durant/westbrook, kobe/gasol, CP3/Griffin, TP/ Duncan. why does he believe he is the exception ?


  • In reply to deewaves:

    Agreed, Rose should start being more selfish and get management to get the players around him that it will take to beat the heat. The Bulls imo have too many bigs that can't really score. I can see Rose being like Nash of the Suns, the MVP of the league and cant even get to the Finals. Let's face it folks, Miami will have this team at least the core together for the next 4 or 5 more years and the Bulls will continue to be the second or third best in the east for probably all of those years. So with all of that being said... I say they are FAILURES for the next 4 to 5 years if nothing is done to the Bulls roster to beat Miami. Sorry but it is what it is.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    yeah it's scary something has to happen. I'm going to be really disguted if Heat wins a championship.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    tell me Reese1, how do you add a photo on your profil ?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    It's been a whole since I added the photo deewaves. Just go to this sites directions or right click the avatar and the directions should come up for you

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I don't want Rose trying to play GM. Great player does not equal great talent evaluator. Otis Smith got Big Baby because he's Howard's friend, and Howard reportedly wanted Agent Zero to stick around. We don't need any of that. Let GarPax do its job. On the other hand, once they do identify a candidate, it wouldn't hurt if Rose chipped in to help persuade the guy to come in. I don't think it's ego that stops him from doing it. I think he is a very strongly expressed introvert. I recognize it because I'm the same way. Other players' recruitment would mean absolutely nothing to him, so it's hard for him to imagine that it's worthwhile for anybody else.

    Other than Howard, which isn't happening, I don't know that there's a move to be made that gets the Bulls over Miami in the next 2-3 years. JR Smith, OJ Mayo, Pau, etc. would help, but they wouldn't put the Bulls over the top, at least on paper. The talent gap is just too big. GarPax is probably taking the long view and counting on reloading with talent with Mirotic, Charlotte pick, and whoever they can get when Lu and Booz are off the books. By then Miami will be old or maybe broken up (if they don't win), and our superstar will still be in his prime.

    I'm taking the long view as well. The only way I see failure is if D Rose never wins a ring in Chicago.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Agree. Rose should not be a talent evaluator. Honestly, he is still learning to play the PG and use his team-mates to the most optimum level and obviously he has to have a different focus as a player. How much ever I hate LeBron, he was smart enough to realize that experienced talent evaluators/executives like Riley are the ones who know how to fill a c'ship team and went to Miami and not to stay in Cleveland, run it himself.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Pat Riley is an excellent basketball mind, executive, and so much more...

    Let's not forget it was Riley who devised the the plan to have Dwayne Wade recruit LeBron and Bosh to Miami. It was a classic example of industrial espionage with Riley and Wade working in tandem and behind the scenes with Wade visiting other teams (including Chicago) and never letting Chris Bosh out of his sight while Bosh was in Chicago.

    Riley also began the recruitment process well in advance of the allowed time by using Wade. Players can talk to each other when teams cannot contact the players.

    Riley is shrewd indeed. He won 2010 free agency, while Bulls lost.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Nobody says that Rose should be a great talent evaluator. Nobody says Rose should draft players. All we asking from him is to give his advice, to push for trades. He doesn't need be a great talent detector to know that him and Howard or Gasol would be better than the current team. He refused to recruit Lebron, Melo, Crawford, Howard, Gasol and still saying this team could beat the Heat. Isn't there something wrong with him ?

    GarPax can't recruit a player if they know Rose isn't OK with that. A player can't accept going to Chicago when he knows Rose doesn't want him there. That's why he need to give his advice and stop acting like he can do it by himself. There's no bad or shame with getting help.

    It's just funny how you guys trust GarPax. I don't get how you like their inactivity. It was obvious last year that we weren't going to be the heat. Instead of doing a move, they said that they would wait for FA next summer. After being almost sweept by the heat, they couldn't grab Crawford, Afflalo, Richardson or Carter. They ended up with grandfather Rip hamilton. Now you are talking about Mirotic in 2014 ? Are you kidding me ? By the time he comes in chicago, Miami will have won 3 titles, Deng contract will have ended. Rose will have asked for a trade because of that lazyness from the FO.

    C'mon wake up !!!! time goes on. One day Rose contracts, Noah or Boozer will end. We don't want to be 2000 Utah Jazz always beat by the lakers or the 2000 phoenix always beat by the Spurs. Now those teams are destructed. We have to be carefull.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I think we have very different ideas of where the Bulls are. I don't think any available player outside of Howard is enough to make them favored over the Heat in a series. That includes everybody either of us mentioned, plus Monta Ellis, Courtney Lee, Kevin Martin, Beasley, etc. They are all incomplete players in some way or another, plus they would all cost us talent. You have to give to get.

    In short, while they can beat Miami, I don't expect it, and I don't think there's a way to close the gap in the short term. Their time will come when some future assets mature and some old contracts are cleared out.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Those players you mentioned might not be as good as Howard but they would upgrade the team. We can't kept the same since they can't beat the heat. something has to happen.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Gasol for boozer and whatever, makes us better at both ends and gives us a second go to guy on offense, greatly increases our chances of beating the Heat.

    I'd go so far as to say that we would have beat them last season, and likely won the NBA title.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    It's not Rose's job to recruit a star it undermines him as team leader. Because we all know Gar/Pax have a long history of botching big trades so what would that say to the teammate Rose was trying to get replaced? It would be dissastorous! Frankly it would also be highly likely that whatever star they were trying to get didn't come. So if I was Rose I would stay loyal to my boys on the roster and let GarPax bumble around like idiots trying to improve the roster with character guys like Jimmy Butler...

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I'm sick and tiered of people saying, Rose needs to recruit players. Rose is a player not a GM. When Derrick decides not to beg other people to come here, what he's really doing is defending his current teammates, which is what any great teammate does. Lebron went to Miami because he didn't believe in his own ability win a title alone, Derrick does, and I will take that any day.

  • i agree with the original post to the extent that the frustration will be far greater if the bulls fall short of the ECF. the prevailing notion is that the bulls and heat are on a collision course; while the prospect is noteworthy, both teams would be viewed as colossal failures should either of them trip up for reasons outside of injury to key guys. however, should they meet, the bulls need to make it a greater series than last year's, and i believe that will resonate stronger with the fan base.

  • In reply to krs1:

    Very reasonable and I agree with this viewpoint. Bulls may have to try several times before getting past Miami - like Jordan's Bulls through Detroit.

    But that said, it is OBVIOUS Bulls need more firepower to be FAVORED over Miami or even considered equal. So that is on management/Reinsdorf. As I believe Rose/Noah/Deng are ready to win now, not 2-3 years from now. Noah and Deng in their 30s are not going to scare anybody!

  • In reply to Edward:

    Deng and noah RIGHT NOW don't scare anyone.

  • In reply to rob32:

    No, but they are legit 3rd & 4rth guys on a championship team, although I might reverse the order.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Unless its playoff time where Noah was completely useless last year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Well said. 3rd and 4th options.
    Now it is on management to acquire the 2nd option if they want to win several championships like Reinsdorf said this team was capable of doing.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Hell, Pat Riley sitting in the stands like the Godfather is a scarier sight

  • In reply to Edward:

    I agree with both you and krs1. Trade Asik for a strong SG, throw in Brewer or Korver plus a #1 pick, even the Charlotte pick if necessary. Talk was the Bulls could have had Courtney Lee or Mayo last year for Asik. That plus better coaching could have taken down the Heat.

    I think the Magic would take the Bulls offer for Howard (Noah, Deng, Asik, Charlotte pick, Mirotic), but Howard would have to agree to at the very least a 1-year extension, and probably 2 years. If he would only extend for 1 year, maybe the Bulls could keep Deng and still do the trade.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Luckily, you are not the GM of the Bulls. They aren't giving up Mirotic, unless at a minimum they got back Ryan Anderson, a somewhat similar player.

  • It wouldnt be a failure in our hearts as Bulls fans, we will remember our victories over Toronto,New Orleans, and triple doubles in Milwaukee with slobbering fondness. The very fact that we have this post today hints to something heinous and abominable: what we have is not enough- we have looked over into the next stall and saw what the next one is pissing with. I dont disagree with anyones perspective on this blog,hell, the red and black is beautiful and forever.... that being said.. what about these competitors who lace it up and put in the blood sweat tears?? They are the warriors who step out into whatever they must.Truly our Bulls are winners already.
    The failures will be Reinsdorf and Gar/Pax who- stood still when it was time to move. Now where the hell is the" organizations wins championships" mantra we heard when it was the 90's and mofos were taking credit for players effort? Is ownership and the suits going to take credit for the coming up short of winning it all. No. And thats who needs to be blamed first.

  • I hate to say it, but the Heat have too much star power in a match-up with Los Toros. The smart money would be heavily on them.

  • I think that the bulls as constructed are set up to beat the Heat, assuming Rip is healthy. Deng shows that he defends Lebron better than anyone in the league, Rip or Brewer can defend Wade very effectively because of their quickness and length. If we can not let Bosh have that stupid wide open mid range jump shot I don't think he can be too effetive in the post agains Noah.

    For them, because of our length at 2 and 3 they have to guard those with Lebron and Wade leaving Cole or Chalmers on Rose. Cole is a very good defender but I don't think he can match up with Rose. Plus, the minute they try to trap Rose we have a secondary ball handler this year in Rip as well as Noah looking really good distributing the ball.

    So all of that to say that I think we have an excellent shot at beating them in a 7 game series. I am very excited for that game in a couple weeks should be a good one as hopefully both teams will be healthy.

  • In reply to do53:

    and why do they almost sweep us last season ? Do really think old Rip is the answer ?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    A young Rip could be the answer, but I agree it is unlikely old Rip is the answer to put Bulls past the Heat. Plus, I am doubtful Rip stays healthy through the entire playoffs.

    For next season, Rip's $5 million salary is only guaranteed for $1 million. So Bulls can cut Rip by July 10, 2012 and free up $4 million of his salary and his roster spot.

    This according to Sham Sports which is the authority on NBA salaries.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Unfortunately, I believe that information if for the third year of Rips deal, 2013-14, not this summer. We are locked in to him for the upcoming season, 2012-13

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ah, you are correct. My mistake. Sham Sports has it listed as you say. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part.

    Bulls are in a very difficult position to make roster changes for this team.

  • These are the Chicago Bulls. They are not the Cubs or even the Bears for that matter. We measure the success by one metric. Championships. There are no moral victories here. We are not the Knicks fan base. ECF appeareances mean nothing and will not be looked at with great fondness. It will be considered exactly what it is which is disappointing. The bulls are held to a higher standard in this city based on what they have accomplished.

    Now if and when the Bulls do win a title, it will be that much more gratifiying, knowing that they earned every bit of it and did not take the easy road.

    But make no mistake about it, anything less will be failure. Thats the reality.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Agree 200% Dmband, this is not a moral victory team. I know things are different today but the Bulls in the late 80's with Jordan made the necessary moves to get past Detroit and Paxson knows this cause he was a part of those 80's Bulls teams. If the Bulls expect to beat Miami, changes will have to be made.... Bottom line.

  • This reminds me of a great Onion article in which it made reference to a team with great chemistry will always lose to a team with great biology.

  • I have a question would you trade for Rondo? I'd try for Allen but I started thinking would Boston take Korver, Watson and Asik? I know Rose and Rondo dislike each other but so did Rodman and Pippen. You could move Derrick to the 2 guard.


    Although the Bulls already lack shooting the more I think about it this idea sucks. I don't know Rondo is more of a play maker on fast breaks.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Nice idea but C's would never trade Rondo for Korver,Watson and Asik. They're actually looking for a player which they can build around. I think they'd rather consctruct a team with Rondo than Asik.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I'd rather have steve nash because he can shoot the three. i agree with moving rose to the 2 guard spot, he's a scoring/shooting guard playing pg anyway like iverson was.

    The bulls haven't been able to fill the sg spot so maybe getting a true pg and moving rose to sg will be the answer. also c.j. watson should get more playing time with along side rose. it worked well for dallas last year(barea,kidd,terry are all pg's who played together effectively)

  • This team competes. One thing we know is they play till the wheels come off. Last year was awesome but expectations are nothing short of everything.this time around. Does this team presently constructed have the diversity to adjust to the adjustments?

    Can Noah make that elbow jumper if his man sags into the passing lanes-looking for him to pass? Can Brewer, Omer ,and Taj score at a decent consistency against the backline defenders in a zone? Will Carlos Boozer...?

    If we are measuring whether we can just compete with Miami as if we Goliaths ourselves- we are ripe for upset. The Phillys ,Indianas ,and New Yorks are game planning us big time. Last year, it was production from the sg spot AND Omer's injury that was our undoing. This year, we need some suprise offensively to go with grizzly defense or we might not make it to big bad Miami in the ECF

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    really good point there at the end regarding Indiana and NY. The road to the ECF is going to be considerably tougher this year.

    My hope is somehow Miami has to play NY and Indiana en route to our Bulls if we get there.

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    Based off of talent alone ny, indy, and philly all have a decent shot at beating the bulls.

  • In reply to rob32:

    rob32, you're one idiot! Only on a Bulls Blog can we find nut jobs like you!

  • Yeah sorry Doug but the bar was set high in the MJ days. This FO needs to have the balls to take a gamble on finding D Rose another option on the court to beat those assholes.

  • The suits see how close we are, they saw what happened last year, and didnt this season flash before your eyes when Rose bumped Tony Parker the other night? It took an asswhipping by New Jersey to resurface Rose when we were going to be cautious. If they think that as constructed they are gonna do right by THibs,Rose, and the number of fans who pay into the CHICAGO BULLS brand- then the whole motivation is economic,and not championship

  • I have to disagree on Doug's assessment about this Bulls team being like the 90s Knicks. I believe we are more like the (in playoff terms) 88/89/90 Bulls team trying to get past the Pistons. Only with the Heat now taking the place of the Pistons, minus the "Bad Boys". I'm not saying the current Bulls team are EXACTLY the same as the Jordan era, but I'd much rather keep the comparisons in the family rather than relating us to the Knicks. Which no true Chicago fan should stomach!

  • In reply to Mr Fusion:

    Doug was clearly alluding the the likelihood that the Bulls don't have to top line talent to overcome the Heat, just like those Knicks didn't have the talent to overcome Jordans Bulls.

  • One surprising thing how the media treats OKC as a bigger threat to the Heat than the Bulls. They have been together more than the Bulls in the sense Durant has a year's extra experience in the NBA. He plays one of the easiest positions compared to a PG/Center. Westbrook for all his talent is Mr. Braincramp waiting to happen in the 4th quarter and they lost 4-1 to Mavericks. I don't like anybody on their team except Durant and Harden to show up during crunch time.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    And honestly who besides Rose is reliable?Deng??Come on who behind that? Not only do we feed into that chemistry b/s ,this talented Bulls squad could a little nastiness, OKC did address that picking up Perkins. Its not suprising seeing as they are talented as well.Sefalosha and Ibaka round out what is /can contest Miami in June

  • In reply to mummuhwalde:

    C'mon,...Perkins/Sefolosha are worse than Asik/Brewer. Does chemistry does upto a certain limit. It is a combination of chemistry/talent/coaching. It is a good bet that whoever is the EC winner will beat the WC winner.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    championship is a combination by order of :

    2. Talent
    3. Rebounds
    4. Bench
    5. 3 pts shooters

    The bulls doesn't have No2. Miami has all these 5 things.

    Chemistry doesn't win championship. Chemistry is for babies.
    NBA is the men world. No boys allowed !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    The Bulls definitely need a secondary creator and if you have listened to Gar Forman, he has mentioned that. Chemistry doesn't mean liking each other or having dinner together. That's hogwash.
    It is the understanding of how to play with each other and knowing each other's strengths/weaknesses and playing to it/off it. Why do you think Miami didn't win last year. LeBron/Wade never understood each other. It is easy to play through your weaknesses against inferior opponents bu t Dallas with their chemistry because beat them. Everyone in Dallas exactly knew how to play with Nowitzki and off-course they were talented, lucky etc..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    "Chemistry doesn't mean liking each other or having dinner together" looool. you made me laugh.

    But Bulls had a better chemistry than the heat last season but they got beat. It's the less thing to consider if you want championship.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    They could easily beat the bulls in the playoffs I think it would be a fairly even matchup. Who randomly picks backups and says that is why one team is better??? 3/4 of the guys you mentioned come off the bench. Thunder have a close to even talent match at every position except PF. That and a huge advantage at SG with the bearded wonder Harden. To me talent wise they are every bit as good as the Bulls. Plus they have multiple scorers which if Rose isn't 100% would give them a massive edge.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    People are right. Of course OKC would play better against Miami than chicago.

    They can play defense as good as chicago. But unlike chicago they have 3 guys who can create their own shots namely Durant, Westbrook and Harden.

    See OKC games, you will notice something bulls don't have. When they are in the money, Westbrook and Harden hit big shots. They are enough courageous and talented to make shots in crunch time. They don't hide in Durant skirt. Thats why they are a bigger threat than us. When you play bulls, stop Rose and you win the game.

    I love bulls but you to be objective when you talk basket-ball.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    The Thunder aren't remotely close to the Bulls defensively. The Bulls are elite, the Thunder have been only slightly above average both last year and this year.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    As long as you're being objective basketball wise,

    the thunder play defense as well as the Bulls do, check the stats, watch a game, or get a clue.

  • Yeah, f#ck the Bulls. They’re just wasting our time by playing really good basketball that’s fun to watch. And their lack of selfishness and character issues is sending the right message to my children.

    I mean, really; where’s the drama and intrigue?

    I hope Reinsdorf moves the Bulls to Seattle. Or has the team murdered. Or both. Because as you’ve all so thoughtfully pointed out, the Bulls are really good for nothing.

    The worst thing about any sport is entitled fans. You people suck.

  • Yeah, f#ck the Bulls. They’re just wasting our time by playing really good basketball that’s fun to watch. And their lack of selfishness and character issues is sending the right message to my children.

    I mean, really; where’s the drama and intrigue?

    I hope Reinsdorf moves the Bulls to Seattle. Or has the team murdered. Or both. Because as you’ve all so thoughtfully pointed out, the Bulls are really good for nothing.

    The worst thing about any sport is entitled fans. You people suck.

  • In reply to brad73:

    F#uck you !

  • In reply to brad73:

    I'm sorry I thought this was a sports blog. OK I will speak to you directly ...Tell your Daddy, Jerry Reinsdorf to bring more players to the Bulls,ok? Then we won't hurt you with our feelings concerning your father

  • Yes. Beat Miami.


    i live in miami. was born in miami. i was jumping up and down WHILE PREGNANT when lebron came to southbeach. i was at the AAA when we had the infamous "parade." i was even happier when the heat beat the snot out of chicago--especially when my boy, d-wade, got dunked on.


    Where is that bull's pride? Why concede defeat before you even play? Jordan would not have done that. C'mon guys. I still want the Heat to win, but Chicago is a formidable team! Why sell yourselves short?

    I mean, yes, the heat are playing the best bball right now but, man. I had more respect for Chicago and its fans.


  • In reply to kkkkkkk:

    You nailed it on the head! If I had said what you just said about these pathetic Bulls fans, it wouldn't have gotten their attention. These so-callled Bulls fans are pathetic. The truth is that a lot of them are from another planet and they don't really like the Bulls. They praise the few players they like and tear the rest of the team apart.
    I sincerely hope the players don't take them seriously. They're an embarrassment!
    One thing I know is that Bulls management know they're a sad collection morons!

  • In reply to kkkkkkk:

    Bulls won tonight against a weak team. And Miami lost on the road to Utah Jazz. Bulls-Heat now tied in the loss column at 8.

    Thank you for your support!

  • In reply to kkkkkkk:

    I'd say this article is very pro Bulls pride. It's saying that we should be proud of the team giving their all even if they fall short of a championship. It's the people who want to brand the team as losers if they happen to not beat a very, very good team that are lacking pride IMO.

  • Well said. You can only build the best team you can ... you can't do anything about the quality of the league.

    A 9+ point differential and top 4 (maybe top 3 after the stats update) on both offense and defense team is the strong title favourite most years. This Bulls team is a great team, but they might just be unfortunate that there's a super team out there. In the mid 2000s this team would have demolished the league and won multiple titles no question.

    If LeBron didn't exist then the narrative this year would be "who can stop the Bulls?" and "Rose is young enough, can he win more titles than Jordan?"

    Maybe the Bulls can still beat the Heat though ... and damned if they're not trying to get the pieces, they've gone after Howard and Gasol but been shut down, so what can you do? All you can ask is management make every effort which they have. They just have to go into battle with who they have now.

    I mean it's not like it's a disaster. There's no need to make panic moves. They're still second in line with a good shot to take the title if the Heat slip up. And even if the Heat don't slip up Rose is young and has time. Wade will get older and fall off, LeBron is already talking like he's bored of Miami and wants to go back to Cleveland, the Heat aren't going to be in the way forever.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Bulls aren't a juggernaut even if you remove LBJ from the Heat the Bulls would still probably not be the favorite to win the Championship. Their odds would go way up but our frontcourt was non existant in last years playoffs it was pathetic they got pushed hard by the Pacers and Hawks. I would need to see a ton of improvement before saying they were the team to beat... Everyone talks like its garuanteed the bulls are in the ECF but its not they could very possibly get upset early by 76ers, Hawks, Pacers or Knicks. If the starters don't come hard with their A game they are vulnerable to defeat by anyone who does. That is the truth when you are a blue collar team that has to work for everything.

  • In reply to Chad:

    Come on now, if you remove LeBron from the Heat, the Bulls would easily be the favorite to win the title.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Imagine if LeBron stayed in Cleveland.

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