Derrick Rose is out again, but the Bulls keep finding ways to win. How long can they keep it up and what impact will it have on the playoffs?

Bulls Beat #230 - Bulls rolling

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  • It's hard to think of another team to lose their superstar and still win as frequently as the Bulls. With no clear second scoring option on the team, the Bulls have found ways to pull off victories with their tough defense.

    As far as how long the Bulls can keep it up, I'd say they need to find consistent scoring and point guard play from CJ Watson or John Lucas. Lucas had an amazing game against the Heat shooting 8-10 from the field, but that shooting percentage will almost certainly go down to the mid 40% range as the season progresses.

    Derrick Rose's injury will only impact the Bulls in the conference finals. Its clear that the two best teams in the east are Chicago and Miami. Without Derrick Rose, the Heat have no hope to beat Miami. The bigger question is how serious Derrick Rose's injuries are. He has been sidelined for multiple injuries this year which should be bothersome to Bull's fans.

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    I know I definitely have a fear overall that Rose is a star that has a Brandon Roy like career arc moreso than a Kobe Bryant like one. There's not necessarily anything to prove that except paranoia, but it wouldn't surprise me if he has a relatively short prime due to injuries.

  • A couple other names that have been thrown around as CotY are Doug Collins and Rick Adelman. Collins inherited a pretty awful situation in Philly a couple years back and has dramatically improved the team each year since then. Adelman's chances are likely close to zero now after Rubio went down and the T'wolves have sucked since.
    Popovich is another possible choice. It wouldn't surprise me if the award went to Karl. I think if either Brooks or Spo achieve the most wins, they'll be locks for the award. Not so much if Thibs does. His name hasn't even been tossed around as CotY this time around, but I hope so.

    The persistent injury problems to this Bulls team is troubling. I'm sure it kills DRose that he couldn't even make an effort at defending his MVP trophy--though I think he's only played at an MVP-level during stretches of the season.

    I would definitely take Durant's cast over DRose's. Swap Westbrook for Gay or something and maybe keep Boozer for some inside scoring and then Ibaka off the bench. Any three of those guys... Durant... Westbrook... Harden.. they have it so much easier than DRose with those kind of offensive threats on the floor.

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    In terms of COY, I could have gone with Collins earlier, but the 76ers have been on such a huge slide that they really aren't playing much above expectations at this point.

  • I really wouldn't look past the Knicks especially with the coaching change they've had.
    The Knicks are playing better defense and just swept a home in home series with the Pacers rather easily. We will see how well the Bulls play going up against the Magic again without Rose, I say it will probably be a loss, hope they can pull out another big win tho.

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    I'm expecting a loss tonight as well, you can only pull a rabbit out of your hat so many times with John Lucas and C.J. Watson.

  • The Bulls struggled to bring to light resources that will make or break them later. Joakim is gonna have to hit that jumper when the playoff defenses sag. Besides being healthy and on tha floor can Hamilton become tha dagger in tha heart? Boozer, Boozer,Boozer??

    Whatever the outcome, we fight valiently and till the final horn. Sadly, i dont think its enough.

  • If NewYork comes outta no where and has repeat success ( they just won a super bowl for Gods sakes), i can feel the vomit surging, getting ready to spew. I hate those slugs

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    I think the bulls will be fine without Rose. They are a deep enough team to win without him and even to go far into the playoffs without him! come ch ch ch check it outtttt

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