Still want to go to the Nets Dwight?

Yes? Damn. The Bulls absolutely crushed the New Jersey Nets despite the fact that Derrick Rose left the game with back spasms after only playing 10 minutes. Rose's back started bothering him in the Milwaukee game, and the Bulls should consider resting him for a couple of games to get healthy.

As for the game? Over before it started. The Bulls won the first quarter 35-14, and the Nets never even remotely challenged during the game.

Keith Bogans scored seven guaranteeing a Bulls victory [credit to @pinkizdead on twitter]. Bogans complained prior to the game about how the Bulls management treated him on the way out the door. I get why he was upset that he went from starting on a championship contender to not getting picked up by anyone until injury struck the Nets especially given the Bulls kept Scalabrine and Lucas, two worse players.

However, Bogans should also have realized he was caught in a numbers game. With Brewer, Korver, Butler, and Deng on the wing and the Bulls still looking for another upgrade, he was simply the odd man out. He may be better than Lucas/Scal, but the Bulls needed a third string point and 5th big more than a sixth wing.

As far as the way the Bulls pulled him off the court, I get why it may have bothered him, but it was all the Bulls would reasonably do. They waived him as soon as they knew they had Hamilton officially because they wanted to keep him if they didn't. Tough luck Keith, but you don't sign a non guaranteed contract then complain about the guarantee date.

Luol looking good

I wonder if Deng's shooting had fallen off a bit due to fatigue and if sitting out for awhile with the left wrist injury rested him up enough to come back and play well. He's torn it up in his first two games back from injury shooting a combined 6/12 from the three point line and scoring 19 a game on efficient shooting percentages in both games.

Deng's playing well, and the Bulls look much better for having him back. We can only hope the wrist holds up.

Moving the rock

Boozer and Noah combined for 10 assists while Watson had 11 in 39 minutes of relief action for Rose. All in all, the Bulls set themselves up for easy baskets all night long with nice interior passing and wide open jumpers.

The Nets couldn't even hope to defend the Rose-less Bulls, let alone the Derrick Rose led Bulls. They didn't follow up on their rotations and guys like Boozer and Deng just feasted at the rim.

Not much to learn here

The game was simply too big a blow out to take much from it. It's always nice to see the Bulls go out and get an easy win, and they were able to do that tonight.


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  • Dwight wants to go to the Nets? He wants to go to a crap team, with an owner who is more interesting in a political career than running the damn thing, that is located in a cold weather city which is the one thing he allegedly isn't keen on?

    The fine folks at ESPN and friends weren't exactly clued in to where LeBron/Wade/Bosh were going despite their endless theories but we're supposed to believe they already know what Howard is going to do? Sorry, not going to buy it that easily.

    As far as the game goes, yawn. It almost feels like teams have started tanking early this year. I mean most teams are still theoretically in the playoff race, but in a normal season this'd be the time to start tanking, so that's what they're doing. Or it could just be an excess of really bad teams this year, aided by the lockout killing any chance for them to at least put some sort of scheme in place. Don't know, either way it's not very interesting to watch.

    If Rose is hurt then there should in theory be plenty of chance for rest. This team copes just fine, at least in the regular season, with players being out. Whether he sees it that way remains to be seen, players seem to want to prove themselves and come back quickly, nobody wants to be thought soft.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    That's a fair point that many of the predictions of where guys are going to land turn out to be false. I've heard from several people whom Dwight directly told he doesn't want to come to Chicago, but I haven't heard from anyone that he directly told where he does want to go.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    It depends on how he said it. If his answer was "I don't want to go there" then obviously he doesn't want to go here. But what if he said along the lines of, "I don't want to talk about that right now, I'm with the Orlando Magic and that's all that matters", then he never really specifically said he doesn't want to be in Chicago.

    People will always said "they heard" this and that, but no one really knows the whole truth.

  • I know the cause of everything has to be related to Thibs torturing Deng with too many minutes, but isn't there a slightly better answer to Deng's initial good shooting since coming back? Something as simple as practice.

    The Bulls barely practiced through almost all of January, and in many cases Thibs rested the guys by just running through the scouting report in ballroom, instead of having a shootaround. So the players weren't getting shots up. I'm not totally dismissing fatigue, but he also had a week where he was free to actually practice and work on his jump shot.

  • In reply to scotter:

    Good point.

  • "Keith Bogans scored seven guaranteeing a Bulls victory."

    I just spit out my coffe. Nice work, Doug. Lol.

  • In reply to RWilco79:

    Can't take credit for that one, someone tweeted it at me.

  • I agree with Shakes about Howard. ESPN just takes an opinion or a rumor from an established NBA guy and makes that almost a reality.

    Interesting quote from Kobe yesterday about two alpha males playing together(him and Shaq) and succeeding/having problems. Is Howard an alpha male or has he realized now that he is not after 6/7 years in the league? I think in their first 5/6 years every above-average lottery pick thinks they can morph into an alpha player. But, reality sets in soon. Has it set in for Howard or he still thinks he is better than Shaq and can win with a Deron Williams against Miami/Chicago/OKC in the next 4 years?

  • The D12 to New Jersey rumors aren't baseless. He's been quoted saying that he thought he was traded to the Nets before the season began. Apparently Otis Smith stopped the trade last second. He's spoken directly with Deron Williams and has put the Nets on his list. It's still a stupid decision, but the probability is very high IMO.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    I didn't say they were baseless, I just don't buy it like it's the done deal being reported. For example, to me it seems very conceivable both Howard and Willams could bolt to Dallas.

  • *whew* i have to admit i was pretty shook up when i saw bogans wanted to kick the bulls butts...thank goodness ronnie brewer was able to stand up to bogans' 7 point offensive onslaught and help us pull out a win.

    meanwhile, i'm starting to think that boozer is a stat wh0re...i didn't see the game but when i pulled up the box score to see how much bogans had torched us for, there he was with 24 points?? i'm sure a good portion of it was in garbage time but there have been other games where i've seen him put up points in spurts and ends up with a decent line at the end. do i think he sucks because when i watch the games and see how bad his defense is, his offensive work disappears in my mind?

  • In reply to misterchi:

    Well the whole game outside of the first three minutes was garbage time, so it's hard to bag on Boozer for scoring in garbage time ;)

  • Not sure why all of the hate against Howard? In my opinion the guy is the best player in the league, how many wins does this Orlando team have without him? Deron Williams is very underrated and I think if he and Howard team up they would become immediate contenders. You would also have to think that some of the ring chasing vets would like to play with these guys, which could include Ray Allen or Paul Pierce if the Celtics decide to blow it up. A team with Williams, Allen and Howard would be scary.

    That said I can not imagine why he would not want to play with the Bulls. Howards biggest weakness is his inability to touch the ball in late game situations. He teams up with a guy that loves the ball in his hands late in games. Combine that with the fact that he gets to play with Boozer, who despite what most of us think, is an above average 4. He would also have Korver who would probably start who is one of the best 3 point shooters in the league.

    A team of:
    PG: Rose
    SG: Rip/Korver
    SF: Brewer/Butler
    PF: Boozer
    C: Howard

    has to be the favorites to win the championship this year and for the forseeable future.

  • I say let Howard go to the Nets cause I can't see them winning a championship even with Derron Williams. Williams is an ok type player, he's not all that. And as far as Bogans goes, I'm sure the Bulls wasn't worried about him on the court but off the court is a different thing. He's another player with negative things to say about the Bulls management just like high profile players like Wade and Jordan in the past. Sure both guys have made nice about their statements in the past about Bulls management, but I'm sure what has been said in the past will stick with some free agents

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Have you ever watched Deron Williams? Guy almost averages 20 points and 10 assists/game for his career. Boozer looked better playing with him that he does Rose. Williams has absolutely no help in New Jersey. Guy is a top 5 PG in the league, to say he is an just an ok player is laughable.

  • In reply to do53:

    Derron is good but he's not a franchise type player to build around. He definitely needs to be with other all stars. Put Williams in Rose place with the Bulls and then you will see how far the Bulls would go, that's all need to be said...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Bulls have looked like a very good team even with CJ Watson or John Lucas the Turd running it. Regardless of how you measure Rose vs Williams you have to agree that Williams is far superior to those two.

    I don't think it's unreasonable to assume the Bulls could win 60+ in an 82 game season with Williams.

  • I have not heard anyone mention that rushing Derrick back from a foot injury has contributed greatly to his back problems. Any Dr will tell you that an foot injury that is not allowed to heal properly will almost certainly lead to back problems, which are most times significantly worse that the original foot issue. You begin to inadvertantly favor your injured foot which throws your entire back/spine off alignment. Add playing basketball at a high speed with impact and this speeds up the back issue.

    The Bulls need to shut Derrick down for an extended period of time. Enough already. He can and should miss a month. No one cares how many regular season games we win, it, along with home court advantage proved to be meaningless in both the Nba and NFL playoffs.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I agree completely on both accounts. My first thought after hearing about the back problems was exactly yours. They need to shut him down until he is 100%, as they are finally understanding they need to do with Rip as well. This team can beat Miami, but they need to be at full strength to do so.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I agree 100% about shutting Rose down. The way the team is built we would still win 25 more games or so which should be enough for a top 2-3 seed. The drop off from Rose to CJ isn't great enough to destory the team I think.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    We don't really know what is going on with Rose physically, but he should sit until at least this Sunday against Boston, as we are playing the 2 worst teams in the league this week, the Bobs, and the used to be Bobs(Hornets).

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Excellent Point! I did not think about the correlation between foot and back injuries. Thank You.

    I agree completely with resting star players (Rose, Deng) against weak teams. Bulls have got to be creative to keep their stars rested for the playoffs.

  • There's no doubt that D-Williams executes the pick and roll with Boozer much better than Derrick Rose. D-Rose functions best when Noah comes to set up the pick and he can attack off the dribble or when he did the pick and pop with Brad Miller. His vision/passing on the pick and roll and difficulty on the blitz are issues he needs to get better at. Still, Derrick Rose is a kind of slightly shorter version of dwayne wade, I'll take that over D-Will anyday, anytime. The only thing that Wade masters over Rose is his ability to draw body contact and feast on all those freebies at the ft line.

  • If Derrick's toe injury is limiting him then yes shut him down for a while. I'm not sure that is the case though from the phenomenal way he's been playing. If the back spasms need some treatment and a few days rest so be it - yes do it.

    Completely off topic, but the Clippers have lost Chauncey Billups for the season with an achilles tear. I realize with Vinny as the shadow coach, and Billups advancing age people may have considered the newly merged Clips as not ready for prime time or getting anywhere near the Western Conference Finals. But they have depth, and guys who can can shots. I would have enjoyed seeing them challenge OKC at least being competitive if not for Vinny perhaps.

    Meanwhile Dwight Howard speculation is like the LeBron chatter, a waste of breath. And speaking of wasted breath all the clamoring for Monta Ellis, inlcuding from myself, yet what has happened to him this season? Doug's has always had a beef with his efficiency, but still he shot .449 and .451 the last two seasons and .466 for his career.

    This year however Moped, er, Monta is shooting .420 in part due to dropping from mid 30's from three to a ghastly .256.

    So what about going after Monta? Huh?! With his stock down maybe he can be had without giving up the farm. The Warriors used a fairly high pick on Klay Thompson who already is looking promising with limited minutes as a rookie. Mark Jackson's squad is ranked 26th in Defense after he proclaimed they would be a "defense first" team. Hardy, har. Jettisoning the undersized Ellis for defensive upgrades could make sense..?

    What about Omer plus a defensive swingman who can score efficiently in Ronnie Brewer. They did just spend a high pick on the defensive big Udoh, but Asik could replace a vaporizing Andris Biedrins with some defensive depth. Of course Biedrins makes $9 Mil the next two years and Monta $11 Mil. So how do you send back the remaining $15-16 Mil? Answer: I guess you don't. I will say Ellis while apathetic defensively, unlike Boozer has capabilities and excellent lateral quickness.

    But like the Dwight proposals, it will never happen.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I don't get the Ellis love some people have, he's simply a terrible fit for the team.

    If the knock on Ellis was just that he's an inefficient chucker then maybe you could make it work. But the knock is that he's a ball dominant inefficient chucker. Why do Golden State potentially want to get rid of him? Because they've seen the result of two ball dominant guards and don't like it. So why does Ellis suddenly become a better fit next to Rose who is more ball dominant than Curry?

    For Ellis to work as a SG he needs the same conditions that Iverson did: a team built around him chucking up a lot of shots where the other guys just shoot open threes, play defense and grab the offensive boards from his (many) misses. And even then I'm not convinced it really works since Ellis doesn't get to the line like Iverson did.

    In short Ellis is one of the long line of NBA players with a star skill set but without quite having star talent, which means he's unlikely to ever be a good player on a good team, unless he changes his game. And the history on getting players to do that last part is, to say the least, not good.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    That guy that you don't get, he just put 30 on the Thunder, in the first half.

    As I've said, Natural Born Scorer, there aren't that many legit ones.

    The only thing that this Bulls team is missing is someone who can dump a truckload of points on a moments notice, and isn't too afraid to try too in the big moments.

    Other than Rose, we have no one who even comes close to being able to do that. We sure could have used a few extra points in the fourth quarters of the Miami series.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He's also played on one playoff team in his life.

    Now I don't subscribe to the idea that you can judge individual players purely on team record, but at some point it's pretty suggestive. Just look at last year. There's no way, purely on talent, that a team with Ellis, Curry and Lee along with very good three point specialists in Wright, Williams and Radmanovic should be slightly worse offensively than the Bulls despite supposedly being built to be an offensive team. The only explanation is that something is causing it to be less than the sum of its parts, and IMO that something is that two ball dominant guards doesn't work.

    I'm not denying that Ellis can put up a lot of points, I'm just very skeptical that it translates into wins, especially on a team that already has Rose. Where do those points come from on the Bulls as constructed? Given their styles of play, I'd say they come from Rose, and the Bulls would just be replicating Miami playing at their worst: Wade has a turn, then LeBron has a turn, then Wade has a turn with no synergy at all.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I just feel that I would rather have Ellis getting us those extra points, than waiting for Boozer to show up against any playoff caliber opponent, never mind at crunch time.

  • I am not sure about Monta Ellis. I think he would be a best fit for the Bulls as a 6th man to sometimes play with Rose and sometimes handle the second team depending on match-ups. Maybe Ellis will be very valuable against Miami. It is also about Miami this season in every move or every offensive/defensive set for the Bulls.

    I am not sure of trading Asik so fast as a lot of people want to do. We saw how valuable he was in the Miami series and we have seen him literally get the team back with his defense. We have not seen that with Noah. Noah said that he admires Rodman but he is almost the opposite of Rodman in terms of mentality. We all remember how Rodman frustrated Malone(a HOFer) and then kept his cool while the other guy was losing his game. Noah cannot do that yet. I feel it strange that a lot of people just want to replace Asik with another tall guy like a Kwame Brown or Biedrins.

  • The Bulls would not add Ellis unless they get rid of a big contract like Noah's in return because of cap concerns. I'm all for trading Asik not this trade deadline but at the draft where they could get a late lottery pick and I really like Tyler Zeller, a skilled offensive big(6'11") that you can play with Noah and his defense is good. This move would also foresee the continued decline of Boozer as he probably will get less and less minutes as the years go by. Asik will probably get 5 million a year and I don't think the Bulls think he is worth that longterm since he has zero offense and can't shoot freethrows. A team like Sacramento or GS should be good trade partners during the draft. Of course if Asik continues his poor play, his value might tank.

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