If Derrick Rose can't go at the all-star game does Jeremy Lin replace him?

If Derrick Rose can't go at the all-star game does Jeremy Lin replace him?

Derrick Rose is still sitting out with a sore back and the thought that he might miss the game has to have come up. If it happens, the East will need a replacement. Jeremy Lin doesn't deserve to be that replacement does he? No. Clearly not. How could you take Lin over Rondo?

It's the ultimate question of whether an all-star birth is based on whether you deserve it or whether the game is for the fans. There's no question who deserves the spot if you need another PG. It's Rajon Rondo. Not even close. However, there's also no question about whom the fans want in the game. It's Jeremy Lin. Not even close.

Who picks the replacement? David Stern.

Lin's star power is so bright that after just a few games in the league he's selling out stadiums in Minnesota and Toronto. Their only sell outs of the year. These stadiums weren't selling out to see Derrick Rose play, but they were selling out for Jeremy Lin. They weren't cheering for their home teams. They were cheering for Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is giving the Knicks 90% home games at this point. We're going to remove Chuck Norris jokes and replace them with Jeremy Lin jokes soon.

I don't know how you can put a guy who's had seven good games this year into the all-star game over Rajon Rondo, but I know you should. I know it's what the public demands, and let's face it, we let the public choose the starters anyway. The game means nothing. It's not like the old all-star games which had some real competition. It's a pageant [maybe it always was, but as a youth I just didn't realize it].

Home court in the finals isn't reliant on this game. Nothing is reliant on this game except whether you can get people to tune in. Jeremy Lin will move the ratings. He will provide a Tiger Woods in his prime affect on the game. I'd bet the ratings double if Lin plays.

In fact, he'd move the meter so much, the NBA should consider creating an extra spot for him anyway. It's hard not to like Lin as a story even if you get tired of hearing about him. This is a move that any smaller corporation would make instantly. The all-star game is about entertainment. Lin would become the most entertaining thing the NBA could do.

As for Rondo? Well hurting his feelings is just a nice throw in.


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  • Hell no! I think Rondo is the alternate but Josh Smith deserves to be added first even if he is a forward.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Just so you know, I responded before reading the article. HA!

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Though it would be nice to see Rondo get publicly shitted on. Again.

  • Is it just me or Carlos Boozer plays better without Rose ?

    Rose should feed him more !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I was thinking about this and one of the major differences it seems without Rose on the floor is the speed at which the bulls run transition. With Rose, the action moves so much faster up and down the court, Booz struggles to keep pace. With Rose out, the Bulls seems to revert to more of a half court game, more suited to Booz. Just my take on it. I could be way off base.

  • I respectfully disagree for three reasons.

    1. All - star team selection is an honor. These players take it seriously. The honor belongs to Rondo. I don't care much for him either, but he has had the better season.

    2. The all-star game is entertaining. Rondo is a better playmaker and will make the game more interesting.

    3. If you simply rig the game to include who ever you want, you end up with a farce. Its the same reason someone could include movie actors/actresses because someone wants to see them play. Or retirees. When the game becomes a complete farce,it will eventually go away.

  • In reply to Familyman:

    The game is already effectively rigged to have whomever fans want for half of the positions in there, that's why there is fan voting.

    Would the fans vote in Lin or Rondo? Lin. Would the coaches choose Lin or Rondo? Rondo. David Stern doesn't need to choose one way or the other per se.

  • In reply to Familyman:

    OMG. rightt? RONDO deserves to be in the all star game wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BETTER than lin. HOW LONG HAS LIN PLAYED? um like 10 games. yes, i admit hes played well and helped the knicks while carmelo was out but when carmelo comes back, we all know that the linsanity is gonna have to end. Rondo has helped the celtics ALL THE WAY. Lin deserves to be the rookie sophmore all star game but not the all star game. Hes not worthy of it. NOT AT ALL. Rondo deserves itt all; hes one the best point guard in the nba. :D and yeaa. if ur thinking if i m a fan of rondo; i m #1.

  • Lin should replace Melo and Rondo replace Rose(if hurt). Melo can show that he is getting into the team spirit of sacrificing his touches by giving up his spot with his ongoing injury. I agree that even though Lin has played only 6 games, it has basically turned the Knicks season around. And if Yao Ming and Grant Hill were getting on all-star teams as starters without even playing a game based on reputation, why not Lin as a backup?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    no. thats not possible. Lin is not worthy to replace carmelo or rose

  • As much as I dislike Rondo and love the Jeremy Lin story, it would be an insult to the players and the game to include him as an Alternate. If Rose can't play then the only logical guard selection is Rondo. I can't stand him but he is an elite player and a difference maker on a good team.

  • In reply to ChuckB34:

    How good is the Celtics team? They're a half game better than Boston, and Lin has only been active for seven games.

    I tell you that NY scares me way the hell more than Boston in the playoffs that's for sure.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Lin has only played 8 or 9 games and most against garbage opponents. It's the fans right to vote in their favorites, but for the NBA Commissioner to select a player as a alternate for a business reason after a protracted labor dispute is crazy and will only increase the players animosity against Stern. The alternate selections are to reward the players the fans overlook but most NBA insiders feel are deserving. Lin has done absolutely nothing to deserve that distinction. I like the Knicks star power but I still don't consider them a serious contender in the East. I don't think they have the team chemistry (with Carmelo, Amare, Lin, and now locker room cancer and knucklehead supreme JR) or coaching to win a 7 game series against the Bulls or Heat. I know it's just my opinion but I'll believe that until I'm proven wrong.

  • Someone mentioned above that putting Lin in over Rondo would be like letting celebrities or retired players play. That gave me an idea. They should start a "Legends" game at the All-Star weekend. Convince some of the retired players (i.e. Jordan, Pippen, Magic, Bird, Ewing, Robinson, Barkley, Shaq, Hakeem, Malone, etc.) to play in a pickup type of game. Maybe halfcourt 3 on 3 or something like that. I'd probably be more interested in that game than any of the other all-star weekend shenanigans!

  • In reply to NateTags:

    The NBA used to do this very thing (Legends Game) as part of the Saturday portion of 'All-star Weekend'. It got very boring seeing old guys walk every possesion, play only half court, etc. The 'Schick' Rookie game eventually replaced this and later, Sophmores were included. Made for more entertaining basketball.

    Maybe the '3 on 3' with only Legends is ok...

  • In reply to NateTags:

    I forgot to include that every year, some old 'Legend' would get hurt stopping play again. I think maybe they only played 2 quarters as a whole game would take too long.

  • Is this a joke? I can't believe how far this has gone after like 8 games? He's probably going to start coming down to earth soon anyways.

  • That would be a big insult to those guys who put in a whole season's body of work. I think people need to stop thinking like ESPN and just calm the F down.

  • Lin, Smith, Melo, Amare & Chandler for the Knicks starting line-up!

    All I can say is f**k!

    RIP get on the damn floor and stay healthy. Noah continue your recent streak of excellent play. Boozer lets replicate last night to a tee for our remaining games.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Maybe JR doesn't start, either way this pisses me off. James Dolan just keeps on lucking out. Yes the Knicks obviously still have to prove themselves, especially against elite teams, however it's just getting harder for our beloved Bulls. Luol better keep it up. I've also heard rumors that Gar/Pax refuse to give up Luol for Howard. I believe Howard doesn't want to be a Bull, but if the rumors are true I will have little faith in Gar/Pax moving forward. Petition to move the Bulls to the Western Conference? Blackhawks are... why not the Bulls lol?

  • This decision is all about INTERNATIONAL MARKETING.
    - China has 1.3 Billion population and the NBA in China is very popular and growing.
    - Yao Ming was a big part of that Chinese growth and he's now retired.
    - Jeremy Lin is the only Chinese (Taiwan) player of note in the NBA

    Therefore, Jeremy Lin means so much more to the long-term INTERNATIONAL future of the entire NBA and all of its players than almost any other player in the NBA. So David Stern should include Jeremy Lin if injury provides the opportunity. The entire league and all players will benefit. It's a business/marketing decision, not a pure basketball decision.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I agree. Taiwan is so much more into baseball that Lin can help take the NBA over baseball. Plus, don't discount the fact the fact that basketball is the most easiest sport compared to baseball/football to translate into Asian countries in terms of equipment, kids playing in small towns etc..Will the NBA make it Apple's IPOD or Apple's Newton?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I love the prospect of the NBA growing internationally. China has a cult following, and it's awesome. In 2008 I met a Principle Architect that branched off from HOK--now Populous--and he was in the process of designing 8 NBA sized stadiums in mainland China. It was spectacular stuff.

    Do you guys think the NBA has too many teams?

    It's hard for me to propose for cities like New Orleans and Sacramento to lose their franchises, but the quality of play would undoubtedly increase with a few less teams. Not like I'm complaining, but image if the NBA moves a team like the Kings to Barcelona or something crazy. Granted air travel doesn’t make this logical at all, so maybe they just start with a few games. We have NFL games in London every year, and I would like to think the NBA would have more success expanding overseas into Europe and Asia than the NFL.

  • In reply to Edward:

    thats mad dumb. i dont think david stern would choose lin (a rookie who has only played 10 games) over a future hall of fame (Rondo). urr madd dumbb, slow downn.

  • lol... I didn't even read this article because the title just pissed me off... Yeah, lets just let Lin replace Rose just because he's had a great 6-8 games( idk how many exactly) over shitty ass teams(besides the Lakers) and forget about other players who actually put up solid numbers this whole season... I know he hasn't played the whole season but come on, there's no way he deserves to even be on the damn bench... What was the stat. I saw on espn yesterday? 45 turnovers in some # of games (most if NBA history)... Kids got talent but he needs to learn how to handle the PG more carefully and understand how important each possession is... Hell if LaMarcus Aldrige sits out because of his minor injury(ankle) we might as well replace him with Al Jefferson or Louis Scola... ohhh doug

  • How about a compromise.... enter Lin in the 3pt shoot out

  • Rondo deserves to replace rose all the way. LIN DOESNT. i respect lin soo much but when it comes to choose between a rookie, whos only played 10 games over a future hall of fame, Rondo? i dont think David stern would ever do that; if he does that, i will loose all my respect for him! Rondo u deserve it all baby; show em all! :D

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