Derrick signs massive [185 million guaranteed] marketing deal with Adidas

Yahoo sports reports the deal could be worth as much as 200 million with incentives. One of them will almost certainly be to win an NBA championship. Combined with his Bulls contract extension, Derrick Rose has banked 280 million in guaranteed money this year.

It's interesting that the biggest stars sign these massive deals which can mean more to them than the money they're getting from their teams. It will be interesting to see if Rose can ever extend his influence into mainstream America like Michael Jordan who became the key pitchman for so many companies.

Rose has other endorsement deals, but he doesn't [yet anyway] have Michael Jordan's camera presence to cross over into selling products not directly related to his sport. That said, at some point, you also wonder when enough is enough for these guys.

Derrick will likely make an average of 35+ million per season over his career between just Adidas and his NBA contract, when you make that much money is it worth it to take the time out of your life as well as becoming a corporate shill to make an extra 50 million?

At any rate, congratulations Derrick, that's a monster amount of cheddar right there. Now Rose can start riding his solid gold jet ski in his caviar pool, because he's faaaaaast.

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  • Congrats to D Rose for a very fat contract with addias. Now he needs to learn how to be even more selfish and get the Bulls owner to get him more help. These all star players today are teaming up to win and win now. It's a different generation in the NBA today and these players aren't teaming up with Rose. If Rose wants to win by being nice... well we all know what is said about nice guys. Rose better let go of some of his pride and start trying to recruit some of these all star or some of the better players in the league cause after all he plays for an owner that doesn't have an exceptional reputation throughout the league. He should know that more money means more pressure to win and win big.

  • Grats Derrick. Now maybe if we trade for Dwight he and Derrick can negotiate with Adidas to pay JR's luxury tax under the table. lol

  • More power to him for getting whatever he can, but along with reality TV this is just another sign that we are in the Decline of the Roman Empire phase of our existence as a great society.

    What does it say about our society when a kid with an I.Q. significantly below 100(75-80 range, I'd bet), can bank $280 million simply for playing a kids game well. I like Derrick and he carries himself well, but other than being a great ball player does he really have even one single skill that would keep him from being borderline homeless, I doubt it.

    Our values, or what we put value on are so incredibly upside down. I have always maintained that we(the US) would blow up the world economy by the year 2020 making the great depression of the 20 century look like a speed bump.

    This to me is just one more sign that the end is near.

    Anyway, I hope that he doesn't end up like Iverson and so many others before him, even if the world does go to hell as I think it is destined to.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It says that hard work can actually pay off. Rose has worked his ass off for what he has.

    Also on a side note not related to basketball, to compare any modern society to the Roman society is absolutely foolish. We are not battling with other countries in the manner the Romans were. Every major country relies on another for something, it would be stupid for China or another country to allow the US economy to completely colapse. You sir are a wack job.

  • In reply to do53:

    Some very interesting posts for a basketball site!

    1) Entertainers get paid big bucks in our society. Is this balanced and reasonable? Probably not. Is a man who can throw a ball through a hoop (or across a MLB plate or down an NFL field) worth 200 times what a competent bricklayer is? Only in a society with skewed values.

    2) However, this is the system. People pay to be entertained, and they live vicariously through their sports teams. Rose seems like a nice kid and he has worked hard, pushed himself more than many players with elite talent, so he is taking advantage of his skills. We all should.

    3) A lot of us enjoy basketball. It's fun! We are not curing cancer or bringing world peace, nor do we expect that from the sport. It merely livens up our lives a bit. The emotional attachment we may develop for a team is not logical (As Mr Spock would say), but it's better than war or drug addiction or alcoholism. Still, as Bigway pointed out, if we didn't go overboard on sports, there would be no contracts for tens of milions of dollars for the players.

    4) Ancient Rome was always fighting because it expanded the Empire by invading! Not a model for 'Love your neighbor as yourself' or 'Treat others as you would like to be treated'! Rome collapsed from within. As with Greece before it, the family unit broke down due to sexual immorality; this weakened the empire; and it was then conquered by enemies. Is history repeating itself in the USA? Many think so.

    When we view the sports heroes or movie stars or political giants, how many of them have great family lives? How many are kind, loving, faithful, and loyal to their mates and kids? That was the most important point Bigway was making. We may do better to play a game with our kids instead of watching one on TV.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    Thanks for getting the point, instead of going off on an ignorant rant as I absolutely knew that others would.

  • In reply to do53:

    Ever heard of the Colesseum? and what it was meant to do to/for the masses.

    and you have no knowledge of or understanding of history.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    there is nothing more gratifying to read than how envious a self-declared intelligent person is over the accomplishments of those they deem intellectually unworthy.

    i can crawl back into my cardboard box happy now.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Our values are upside down; it's not gifts you are born with, it's what you do with them. There's plenty of rich white corporate assholes in this world, living off the suffering of others, yet you choose to see a hard working young black man with an incredible gift as the sign of destruction? If anyone deserves this money it's Derrick & his family.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    +1..It is ridiculous to complain about Rose making all kinds of money when you have corporate CEOs who are obviously there because they had "connections" or born in a connected family and are as clueless as a person can be. The companies survive because of their monopoly on the product and these "idiot CEOs" keep making millions. Without Rose, Reinsdorf's Bulls are simply the Charlotte Bobcats or NJ Nets.
    Kudos to Rose and his negotiators for milking Adidas who probably have executives making millions because of the hard work of Chinese kids.It is a very dangerous and complicated topic on socialism and corporate welfare to even go there as basketball fans.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    and race has what to do with this issue, but then again we already knew that you are a racist, i.e. one who sees life through a black and white colored lense, as you have again proved with your post.

    As I clearly stated, I like Rose as a player, he carries himself well, and more power to him for getting whatever he can out of his talents and the situations it offers him. My comment was about where our society is headed and what his marketing contract says about that.

    But you chose to go off on an ignorant racist rant, more power to you, that should get you far in life.

    and by the way, who do you think is paying Rose all that money.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Being intelligent is one ability. Being fast and strong and providing entertainment is another. Both of them have value, so why would you fault Rose for playing to his strengths? If people will pay for it, then go for it!

  • In reply to bullsman24:

    If you or anyone else actually read my post, I did not fault Rose for anything, in fact I gave him credit for maximizing his situation. My comment was not really about Rose at all.

    But I more or less expected the reaction that I got here, which is why I went with it in the first place.

    The vast majority of you guys are just way too easy.

  • I have his first Adidas shoes some place around here. Mint condition almost. I think I played a few pickup games in them a few years ago. I know you're happy for me.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    if you like the shoe, because you like the shoe, then I am, if you like it because it has Rose's name on it then you are just one small part of the problem.

  • YOU GUYS ARE PRICELESS.. "how many of them have great family lives? How many are kind, loving, faithful, and loyal to their mates and kids" NO ONES FAMILY LIFE IS PERFECT

  • significantly below 100(75-80 range, I'd bet) borderline homeless

  • He’s prob mad b/c his family spent a ton on his education and he didn’t master his profession as Rose did and he’s stuck in the middle class

  • And I bet YOU would be the first one protesting against more of YOUR tax dollars going to teachers or construction workers… but obviously YOU contribute to sports revenue YOUR a member of Bulls Confidential… LOL

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