Derrick Rose looks healthy, MVP healthy in win over Hornets

Derrick Rose looks healthy, MVP healthy in win over Hornets

For the first time since the injuries, Derrick Rose looked like the MVP. He went full bore against the Hornets at times showing the speed and power that make him such a unique talent and carried the Bulls through a game which was on the brink of disaster.

Chicago held a comfortable lead with a shade over five minutes to play then managed to go on a four minute scoring drought in which New Orleans came back and built a four point lead themselves. MVP time.

Derrick Rose immediately drove in for a score, Noah was open for a tip in after Rose drew the defense aside to tie up the game, and then Rose grabbed the lead by knocking down a fadeaway 18 footer. A couple of free throws later and the deal was sealed. About the only thing he failed to do was knock down one of his final two free throws which would have given big macs to the crowd.

* Note, you can bring your coupon to McDonalds and they'll honor it if the Bulls lose 154 to 26 so we can stop going nuts over this thing. This also works for Dunkin Donuts coupons, so if you're particularly cheap you can pick up about 50 of the Dunkin Donuts coupons off the ground that didn't win and go use them [don't you judge me].

Rose scored 32 on the night with nine assists and had several end to end drives for layups where he hit a gear not meant for mortal men. Only a few missed finishes that he'd typically make prevented him from scoring 40+, but he still came through when the Bulls needed him.

Has anyone seen the Bench mob?

Taj Gibson played some tremendous defense and had the end of game defensive heroics to match Rose's offensive ones, but the rest of the bench mob simply killed the Bulls. Korver and Watson combined for a 2-8 performance despite high quality looks, and the Hornets rolled on the Bulls whenever the backups were in the game. The reserves weren't getting it done defensively [a rarity] and still couldn't find a way to score [not all that rare].

He's baaaaack, Rip looks good in return

Thibodeau used Hamilton nearly exactly as I described, and the Bulls offense flowed much better with him in the game. He shot only two for five from the field but had five assists. The Bulls dominated the Hornets while he played, looking very crisp offensively. Most importantly, Hamilton said he felt great after the game, and he'll be ready to go tonight against San Antonio.

Joakim continues his tremendous play

Joakim's confidence has to be riding high right now. The Bulls are back to using him as a primary facilitator when Rose is trapped, and he racked up five assists on the night doing so. Noah scored 15, pulled down 16 boards, came up big in key situations all night long. This is the Joakim Noah the Bulls need against the Miami Heat. This is the Noah that gives the Bulls a chance at a championship, and he's been playing this way for about a month now.

Bulls will need more tonight

This was perhaps the most exciting Bulls game we've seen in awhile, one of the most exciting this year. Unfortunately, you aren't looking for exciting when playing with full health, at home, against one of the worst teams in the NBA. Point blank, the Bulls need to play much better against San Antonio. They're unlikely to survive a 3/18 three point shooting performance tonight.


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  • I think the Bulls perimeter guys will start shooting better and will make some 3 pt shots which would have made the game a lot easier yesterday. That said, Korver is worrisome. I am more concerned about his passing up shots unless he is in the perfect position rather than taking a 40% chance of making the shot. He gives up the ball to Rose with 3/5 secs left that will result in Rose trying to do too much or getting beat up because he has to go inside. This will definitely happen in the playoffs. I would rather Korver shoot and the Bulls get a 50/50 chance rebound to reset the play.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Totally agree about Korver passing up way too many shots. It's not like he's finding people under the basket for dunks, either. He usually passes up 3's for long 2's. Thibs should be all over him for that.

    I'm definitely over the Bench Mob. Last year I was a big time Kool Aid drinker, but after the Miami series and this year, I'm done with CJ and Ronnie, and Kyle and either of the bigs are on the bubble. Trade em for a bench scorer and re-sign Mike James to back up DRose.

  • While the Bulls play(defensively)was lethargic all night, if I am not mistaken the Hornets were on a 13-0 run to take a 4 point lead when Thibs took out boozer and Korver, the Bulls then closed the game on an 8-0 run, coincidence, maybe, maybe not.

    I continue to contend you cannot afford to have both of those guys on the floor at the same time, you might be able to cover up for one of them but not both.

  • I agree with cant have Korver and Boozer on the court together and think the other team wont kill you....

    Yeah the 3 pt shooting was dreadful. I was surprised when I heard at one point they were 2 for 17 as I thought they were 0-fer at that point.

    If they hit just a few more of those this game becomes a laugher. I assume they will be shooting a bit better in tonight;s game.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Both you and Bigway are right about the defense. Honestly, it's been lousy, except for a few minutes here and there, for a number of games now. And these games were against the weaker teams, where a shutdown defense would have earned a 20-point victory. Tibbs has got to be going out of his mind over this.

    Unless the defense plays strong consistently, the Bulls will have to make a trade. And they need more mental focus. What is the one consistent that all great athletes have (besides talent)? The ability to concentrate, focus. Korver (or anyone) passing out of an open shot with 3 seconds left! Where's his head? Giving up open shots and layups. Someone is not thinking. Dribbling into a pack, inviting a TO. Shooting the first free throw fast and clanking it. All mental.

  • my concern is many times the Bulls settle for long twos, resulting in a miss and then a trasition basket opportunity for the other team. The other concern is the many turnovers. You have to respect the Hornets, they came out to play and didn't settle for long jumpers, they were looking for shots at either the rim or near the basket.......something the bulls have to learn how to do better outside of Rose because the long twos and shooting near 40ish percent from the field will not do it against elite teams. Rose looked solid, Deng with those airballs??? maybe some rust but a win is a win......on to the next one...

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