Chicago Bulls don't belong at the all-star game

Chicago Bulls don't belong at the all-star game

I didn't take in too much of all-star weekend. I missed everything but the all-star game, and to be quite honest, I could have missed that too without feeling too bad about it. Watching the all-star game made me sad for how good this game could be if either team really gave a crap about the outcome, but neither team did and neither Bull looked like they belonged.

Derrick Rose appeared to look upon the opening introductions with disdain, hanging out in the background while everyone else was preening and dancing. He looked like he'd rather have been anywhere but the all-star game as if he goes only because he has to. I'd bet that Rose would love to play a competitive all-star game, but this game of running up and down the court taking turns on giving up open threes and dunking? Not so much.

Steve Kerr commented on how Rose's back must still be bothering him, which is certainly a possibility, but looking at Rose's previous all-star games leaves open a possibility just as strong. Derrick Rose doesn't like or fit into dunk-a-thon exhibitions. I don't view this as a good or bad thing, just not Derrick's thing.

Luol Deng, meanwhile, barely played at all and couldn't have looked much more out of place when he did play. He hung around the perimeter rarely stepping inside the three point line and only hoisted up two long jumpers, both misses. There were times his teammates tried to get him involved in the dunk-a-thon, but Deng presumably wasn't used to the fact that everyone runs out of your way when you go up for a dunk.

I imagine Thibodeau spent most of the game thinking to himself "there's no place like home", "there's no place like home" wishing that he could wake up from this nightmare of bad defense. Of course there's no coaching at an all-star game, just a guy who has to manage the substitutions. He managed to contain screams of "ICE" and "STAY UP" for one night.

All three Chicago Bulls looked out of place on the court due to their personalities. Perhaps next year, Joakim can get the obligatory "the Bulls are too good to have just one all-star" spot and do it up big for Chicago. I have a feeling Jo could bring something special to the pre-game dance party introductions.

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  • haha, yeah, I kinda feel the same way. On one hand I'm happy that Rose doesn't follow in the footsteps of Howard and Lebron, but on the other, you'd actually like to see him look as if it wasn't literally killing him to be there.

    Plus I'm not quite sure why he has such disdain for events like this. It's really odd. I mean, there are points during regular games all the time where he is clearly playing to the crowd. Like at MSG last year when he had 3 nasty dunks. I don't see how it's much different competing a bit in an All Star game, and showing everyone watching that you can hang.

    But whatever, I guess that's just not his thing, and we have to deal with it. In the future I think I'll just DVR the game, and check the box score to see if it's worth my time to watch it.

    As for Deng, this was kinda expected. Never really expected his game to translate in that environment, and he was a borderline All Star in the first place. Unless he really ups his level of play, I highly doubt he'll be returning.

    Like you said, I think it would be a lot more fun if someone like Jo got in because we won't get the same robotic performances, and reactions. These guys at that game is a big yawner.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I think Rose is intimidated by Lebron to a degree. I think Lebron was in his head at the end of the playoffs. He might even be kinda jealous of him but I agree I didn't feel like Rose was comfortable in his own skin all weekend. Even in his interviews he seemed kinda disconnected and more mumbly than normal.

    I would say that Derrick being 23 is still effected by certain things but I think when you get older you start to become more comfortable with yourself and maybe he's just in that stage where he doesn't compartmentalize things that well at times and needs to learn.

    Look at Boozer he is an expert at compartmentalizing things. He could go 4/12 or whatever and say something like I'm proud of my guys like the game didn't even happen. I don't think it's because he doesn't care but rather that he knows there is nothing he can do about it and so why worry?

    I think Derrick needs to learn to be fake. I know that sounds weird but at these stupid events you have to do it. I'm sure 80% of those guys hate each other but they play it off like they get along.

    Did you guys see Paul Pierce stand up and cheer at the end of the game for the East? While Rose sat with an uninterested look? I know he wanted to play but I bet you Paul Pierce didn't wanna cheer on LeBron either. Sometimes you have to play it off like you care. It's phony but the whole weekend is phony and you don't wanna look like the pouty guy who can't get past his own insecurities.

    He'll learn.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Even if Rose is intimidated by LeBron, it is definitely not the reason he wouldn't dance like a fool during pre-game. There is no reason for Rose to show a fake personality in these situations. He doesn't have to please anyone. He has probably got more guaranteed money at the age of 23 with this personality in this re-adjusted economy than any other NBA player has had at age 23(not Kobe, not MJ, not LeBron).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I didn't say thats the reason he didn't dance. I just think he defers to LeBron in these kinda games because he doesn't wanna upset him or look selfish or something. I don't care if he doesn't dance.

    I'm also not saying he has to change his whole personality for the rest of his life. I'm just saying he should enjoy himself and act like he gives a crap because people are watching. Just try to enjoy things more and put ego aside. Yeah LeBron is an attention whore but don't let it bother you.

    Then go back to being the leader of the Bulls.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Compartmentalize? Wow, didn't know having an English major was required for a comments section.

  • It was nice to see Derrick have a couple drives and nail a couple threes with Lebron assisting at the beginning of the second half, but I was happy how Thibs split up the PG minutes basically replacing Derrick with Deron Williams when he brought the rest of the starters back. No reason to have either Bull in there at the end, while Miami's top two guys I believe played 30 and 32 minutes. Perfect.

    Lebron did single handedly make the game exciting at the end of the fourth quarter, and I can't for the life of me figure out why Thibs drew up 3 pt shots at the end for Deron and DWade. I have to think that was Lebron deferring or something, because he obviously should have been the go to guy at that point in the game.

    Was interesting to me that at the end when all the benches were standing and cheering, the lone player on the bench was Derrick.... looking completely miserable. Maybe his back was bothering him, but I doubt it. I think he loses respect for his fellow players when he sees them goof around like this. Especially Dwight Howard, who was simply embarrassing the majority of the night. He pulled the same antics of last year just jacking up threes. I personally love Derrick for that. I like to think that he's just dreaming up ways to scorch the Hornets on Tuesday. I'll be there to witness it!

  • In reply to johnbegone:

    Or maybe Rose finally wanted to be out there competing in those last two minutes of the ASG. But he knew Thibs wasn't going to risk it.

  • "D-Wade, Kobe, BronBron, Melo, CP3, yo, what up?!" (Yeecchh..)

    Seriuosly, who would want to hang around prima donnas like Wade, BronBron, Howard, Kobe? I sure as hell wouldn't. Fame turned Jordan and Scottie somewhat into prideful, enabled jerks for sure. But there was a time when they were at least partly happy, secure, somewhat humble people as in down to earth. Michael wanted to entertain the fans at some podunk pres-season game in Des Moines. His parents actually raised him and loved him.

    James and Wade's parents? Ho's do not make good mothers IMO. They come from this abandoned generation of socially lost hip hop wanna bees. So you should feel sorry for them beyond the antagonist dislike that create with the swag and selfish, disengenuous usery they know as the only way to go.

    So I don't completely blame Derrick for looking like his dog just got run over by a Mack truck every time he appears at one of these assemblages of phony, hyped, shallow, cutthroat egos.

    Still, if it were simply disdain, I think you could just say, 'You know what? F-ck it. I'll just be the happy person I am living a charmed life. I'll sit here, and if someone raps with me, I'll smile and just be sociable, and say some little bit back. A little rapport just to show I'm not being openly snooty or anything. Then if someone engages me as being friendly, but really is giving backhanded disses because I'm not a part of the "club" then I'll just say who the hell cares. And for the fans I certainly can show I share their joy of the game, and apppreciate their love.'

    It's just, Derrick is incapable of doing that. So It makes me think either he just lacks the maturity or understanding of life to approach things this way, or he's just too shy or scared to handle these things with any modicum of enjoyment or comfort.

    Vitriol(caustic, bitter) is the perception of any comment that bears some scrutiny of Derrick. Any alibi for shortcomings beyond pure athleticism or basketball execution is preferred. Anyone daring to be contrary to this blanket of illusion is persona non grata.

    Personally, I just don't see All-Stars at an All-Star game looking so maudlin. It just doesn't happen unless you're someone who not only is perceived as not really belonging, but you also perceive yourself this way.

    Vitriol aka the shitstorm is coming any fan's way for this view, but I like Derrick as a person, so fu-ck it. So I care about him beyond just glorifying or enabling him to be this way. A friend wants to find the truth if there is a problem, and do something about it if he can. A true fan, IMO, cares about players beyond the game. They are people after all just like you and me.

    Now in Derrick's case, as in all others, you may not be able to do anything about it. He might not want to listen, or even if he acknowledges he does have some problems, it doesn't mean he will attempt to do anything about them.

    I like Tom Thibodeau the more I see him. He's not a Scott Skiles. When a guy like Yao Ming begs you to come with him to China, you're an alright dude. Tom's alright. He's just a taskmaster on the basketball court or in anything in relation to it. But I see a comraderie now with the players, and wanting to build them up at times with some kind interactions even sometimes when they are not playing their best.

    But Tom Thjbodeau, beyond basketball technical genius, is a meat and potatoes guy.. At least that's the way he strikes me. He's not an intellectual or charismatic persona that can engage a player's psyche to help them overcome personal obstacles they might face; like say a Phil Jackson could.

    Look, Derrick is a happy guy at times. He looks confident around his teammates, his coaches, his family. But outside of his small world he's lived in, protected by his brothers and mom, say at FIBA for instance. He just looks like an unhappy, and yes sometimes a bit scared kid sent off to summer camp.

    Fans(fanatics) who think this is hating, wake up OK? Fine if you disagree that Derrick has a serious core problem that is an impediment to his life both professionally and personally. But to see this as hating, then you're just being immature, and overly defensive as the socially incapable intellectual. And I'm no genius obviously. There are many interactions where I am down right inept. However reflectively and intellectually I do believe there are some things I see. Things you see not from being smart really, but from caring. All I know is, It sure would be a lot more fun if Derrick could enjoy life as it is meant to be.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    i stopped reading when you called dwayne wade's and lebron james' mothers ho's. grow up and get a life.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Really? Calling ppls mothers hoes... Smh

  • In reply to BloodDiamond4:

    isn't that how most rappers got rich in the first place.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Isn't there a bridge in the suburbs you can jump off? Please?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You're looking too FAR into this matter. Your not changing lives here. In the end, it's just basketball.

  • In reply to Mr Fusion:

    "You're not changing lives..." LOL! Thanks for the giggle...

  • In reply to ChristyOO8:

    No prob. Now lets enjoy the rest of the season!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You're a dumbass.

  • I kind of found it interesting when Deron Williams and Howard were in the game together but they really didn't connect on any dunks or fancy plays....I thought they were future brooklyn brothers. Anyway, I enjoyed watching Andre Iguodala and thinking to myself.......damn, the Bulls could of gotten Deng and Iguodala in the 2004 draft. Anyway, he is exactly what the Bulls need, an uber athletic wing that can help better match teams like the Heat and Thunder. Anyway, I enjoyed the ASG and the ending was fun, especially the part of Lebron and Wade choking at the end...

  • I wish the Bulls reps would try to enjoy themselves. The fans wanna see you and I felt like Rose came off as pouty and distant. He should try to fake it for a bit... I'm sure 80% of the other players are faking.

    I know the Heat are A-holes but he should play it off like it doesn't bother him and try to take more liberties for himself. I think Derrick was too sensitive this weekend.

    It's a freaking show you have to act like you're enjoying yourself. The fans wanna see you.

  • I agree with Kerr that DRose's back is still bothering him. He looked a bit stiff and when he had an opportunity to dunk on the baseline, he didn't seem to have near that 40 inch vert and power we all know he usually possesses. I know he was being cautious, but I hope that his hops and explosiveness are able to come back during the second half.

  • In reply to Crown:

    I thought Rose just looked disinterested rather than being bothered by his back. He said the pain is gone. I just think he was playing at like 60% in the first half. Steve my have been covering for him.

  • I'm just glad neither Bull played too much and got plenty of rest. Neither guy is flashy so why fake it?

    It was probably the best all star game ever...I mean a flagrant foul braking Kobe's nose...the only way it could be better would be if Doug banned Road Warrior from posting comments. But since freedom of speech is freedom of speech so be it...

  • I think Rose is just a little shy and is uncomfortable to dance without any reason in pre-game introductions plus he is probably a more serious person. I don't see any issue with that as long as he has the killer instinct during the game/playoffs. We don't have to define an NBA superstar as someone who can pull off a dance move during pre-game. And I am sure Rose will do it sometime and it will be more of a You Tube moment than looking immature/buffonery type.
    I am surprised at why people are trying to stereotype an NBA superstar on the assumption that's what will make him a megastar like Jordan or Kobe. He is growing into his personality and improving his speaking skills.
    Actually, I am kind of glad as a Bulls fan that he is not into all this other things. His main focus is basketball and that's what you want from your superstar rather than trying to be some kind of non-existent multi-personality basketball player/entertainer.

  • Good inside look,!

    check it out.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    Pretty cool vid, kind of shows how they all view it as a celebration that gives them a mental break from the season grind.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    LOL at 2:43

    Deng getting the hell out of the way to avoid being dunked on by blake lol.

  • The best part of the game was when they showed Melo laughing about how Thibbs was yelling at him to rebound.

  • The way to make a competitive game: instead of East/West, make it USA vs International all-stars. If the Americans were playing for their country maybe they'd give a crap, and the international side surely would, since everyone loves seeing the USA lose at basketball.

  • There was one point when Rose looked happy and was joking around. It was when he was talking with Bill Russel.

    Rose is just different type of person than Lebrin et al. I wouldn't be surprised if Derrick stays distant from those guys because he wants to beat them. He seems more old school in that way. Also, he said his favorite player to watch is Wade, so I'm sure he appreciates their skills.

    As well, no player in the west was dancing either.

    If the Bulls can put players around Rose I think he will ultimately win more Championships than Lebrin. My general impression of Lebrin is that winning is not a huge passion for him. His talent is too great to keep him from winning a championship or two, but real greatness comes when you keep winning. I doubt he'll continue to have that drive once he's won. Historically the greatest are driven to win beyond just their skills (Russel, Jordan, Duncan). My guess is Lebrin ends up being the Wilt Chamberlin of the modern era (I guess Shaq was already that too)- an unbelievable talent who cares more about other things than just basketball. Which is OK, but it doesn't get you in the pantheon of basketball immortals.

  • This Bulls team needs a fun side to them. It's a all star game, where players come to entertain, relax and try to have fun. I understand that Rose is a bland type of person and all but to look like he didn't want to be there was a little too much for me. I mean former Bulls all stars always had fun at their invites to the annual all star game. Jordan and Pippin never act like they had a stick up their butt when there. Maybe this is why Rose can't get all stars to come and play with him. And I agree, no Bulls players this year certainly did not deserve to be in the all star game. No one said Rose had to dance or anything but DAMN!!!... at least look interested.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yea, you can still enjoy yourself and stay classy.

    Maybe Thibs is taking the fun out of all these guys.

    Winning is serious business, but life goes by really fast, you should enjoy the journey, especially when it is a blessed one.

  • Well its obvious deng looked out of place because he simply doesnt belong on the same stage as the others. deng on the east a.s. team = scalabrine on the bulls.

    As for rose, the loss in the e.c. finals is on his mind as it should be and he's all about winning. he doesn't care about dancing in a all star game. lebron and wade can act like fools all they want, their confidence is at an all time high right now when it comes to getting back to the finals(as it should be). the bulls haven't done anything to scare them, all they did was add a old sg who can't stay healthy and can't do anything on the court but catch and shoot. lebron and wade must be thinking "rip hamilton? Really? Is that it?"

  • As I said when Deng was selected, he is neither an All Star, nor an All Star game player, the actual game made this painfully obvious, almost embarrassingly so.

  • It's interesting that you look at Deng and say he doesn't belong on the All Star team, or isn't an All Star, but guys like Pierce or Dirk aren't flashy, and they've been perennial All Stars.... Is Deng in their league? No, but to compare him to being the Scal of All Stars? He's a great small forward, and there aren't many I'd rather have over him... I also feel like Rose could dominate the game if he chose to, but there is no real incentive for him, it's an exhibition. He's athletic, fast, strong and can get to the rim whenever, and I'm sure he played in the neighborhood courts where style is valued over substance, and that's not his game... and I'm glad it isn't...

  • Can't blame Doug for not putting a new thread up til almost game time. This Bulls team is a dull team at best with no exciting players outside of Rose, even he's on the border line of being exciting. As I stated before, no one said he had to dance at the all star game or do anything foolish, but come on now, the guy just signed a big contract with Adidas and he's starting in the all star game and that's no reason to try to have a little fun? Aggrey Sam seems to think RIP will be the difference if the Bulls meet the Heat in the playoffs this year. I beg to differ, the Heat will steam roll the Bulls just like last year and then I wonder what the excuse will be this time around. I've been saying since last year, this Bulls team just do not have the scoring, athletic ability, or the mental edge to beat the Heat in a series. I forgot which poster said it best... the Heat have gotten in the Bulls head and especially Rose's head. Maybe that's why he looked shell shocked at the All Star game, Wade and Lebron has Rose intimadated and he knows the team he has now can't beat these guys. He's just waiting for the time to come to lose to Miami in the playoffs.

  • I do think the Bulls can beat the Heat but they must achieve several objectives. 1st is a balanced offensive attack which makes lebron guarding Rose less a problem......this is where RIP or my favorite trade for Ray Allen if they can get him can balance the offensive attack. Second but maybe most importantly, Bosh went off against the Bulls, Taj and Noah have to do a better job of slowing him down. But its going to be difficult, Chalmers and Cole are playing at a high level and Lebron becomes superman every time he plays against the Bulls but we have to wait and see. It's too early to wave the white flag of surrender.

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