Bulls vs Nets 3pm on WGN

Bulls vs Nets 3pm on WGN

The New Jersey Nets will stroll into the United Center to take on the (presumably) Roseless Bulls. The Nets don't appear to be much of a threat, but with Marshon Brooks back in the lineup and the potential return of Brook Lopez, they have potential to be a larger threat than their record would indicate.

Will Lopez go? Will it matter?

Brook Lopez is listed as questionable for this afternoon's game and might play in his first game this season. The Nets will probably decide at game time whether he feels good after warmups.

Under normal circumstances, Lopez would add considerably to this Nets team, but in his fist game back it's dicey how much he'll bring to the table. Will he have his timing down? Will he be in game shape?

If he's able to go, I'd imagine it will give NJ a big lift given their lack of big man options. However, due to the above mentioned concerns, I doubt he gives them as much as he will in say two to three weeks.

Our first look at Marshon Brooks

Marshon Brooks was at the top of Bulls fans shopping list on draft day and when the Bulls traded up in the draft most thought it was with an eye on him. The Bulls selected Nikola Mirotic, a guy whom many felt was a top 10 pick on talent but has a nasty buy out situation which could prevent him from ever coming over or make the Bulls wait two to four years.

While Mirotic has played well enough to continue to validate the Bulls appraisal of his talent, Brooks was a front runner for rookie of the year until he was injured in mid January missing the first two games against Chicago. He hasn't played nearly so well since returning from injury for New Jersey.

How to contain Deron Williams?

I've traditionally liked C.J. Watson on defense, but he's struggled with Rondo for a couple of games, so the Bulls will need to be cognizant of getting him some extra help on Deron Williams, the primary threat of the Nets offense.

I look for Chicago to trap on screen and rolls and see if the Nets bigs can get anything done once released. My guess is that they can't.

Beat them up inside

Whether Lopez plays or not, the Nets are soft in the middle. Lopez has never been much of a rebounder or shotblocker, and he's not an exceptionally quick athlete to provide help defense.

This means Noah and Boozer should consider their runs of big points and big rebounds to lead the Bulls while Rose is down. To the extent that Watson can get through Deron's defense, he should find himself with plenty of quality looks at the basket as New Jersey isn't going to provide much help.

Chicago should own the glass against these guys and outside of Kris Humphries hitting the offensive glass, the Nets don't have much of a rebounding threat.

Luol Deng time

The Nets have no one to check Deng who's been playing extremely well as an offensive facilitator with Derrick Rose out. Deng's logged back to back double digit assist games [the only two of his career], and is playing well on offense.

The Nets have no answer for Deng on the defensive end, so look for his solid offensive play [be it with the pass or shot] to continue.

Play low risk basketball

This Nets team simply doesn't have what it takes to beat Chicago unless they beat themselves first. As long as the Bulls aren't turning the ball over and giving up offensive rebounds their superior defense and inside presence should win out.


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  • "Per Thibodeau... Rose is out today. #NJNvsCHI" - CHICAGO BULLS

    Thibs has never been that crystal clear, does that mean there's a chance rose plays?

  • I don't know if CJ is mentally exhausted but he has been playing bad for a few games now along with Brewer. Maybe starting games is not so easy for these two guys when other teams prepare for them a lot more.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I agree, CJ and Brewer are both playing very poorly recently.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    This should put to rest the trite little notion that either could start for another team.

  • The annual embarrasing loss to the nets had to come at some point i guess

  • This game's painful to watch.

  • Do you still want to go to the nets dwight howard?

  • In reply to rob32:


  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I wouldn't look for him to come to the Bulls. I say Howard and Derron Williams end up with the Lakers or Dallas. It seems like the free agents that could help this Bulls teamare going to the Clippers or Knicks. As I have stated before, no free agents want to sign with the Bulls in this shortened season. If the Bulls don't make some kind of trade this year to better their offensive effiencies they won't get out of the east come playoff time. Miami or another athletic team will end the Bulls season.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    For what it is worth, going into this game the Bulls were second in the east(Miami) in offensive efficiency.

    They don't need better efficiency, they need someone other than Rose than can be counted on to create their own offense, they have no one else right now.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Someone else to go to other than Rose or better offensive efficiency, same thing imo, the Bulls offense still stink even with Rose. Come playoff time everyone will notice just like last year against a very good defensive Miami team how much the Bulls offensive plain and simple just stinks.

  • You could say that this was just one of those games, especially with an early start, but my guess is that the entire starting lineup was out partying with Dennis Rodman last night.

    I would have had a breathilizer waiting in at the players entrance today. Anyone who showed up with any reading whatsoever would have been immediately suspended without pay for the day.

    Can we please stop starting Brewer, he is turning into Bogans without a 3 point shot. With Rose out, we have no choice but to start CJ, but he is not a starting caliber point either.

    I continue to maintain that cross matching Noah on boozers man is a horrible strategy by Thibs, it wrecks our team defense and it wrecks Noah individually. Since Noah is the primary help defender, he should cover the least likely offensive threat, not the most.

    ruining your team concept to protect or cover up for a piece of shit, does not seem like the move of a genius to me.

    I was laughed at last year for suggesting that I would trade boozer for Humphries, how you like them apples now. Hujmphries may not be the most talented player, but he is a tough, physical guy who plays hard.

    I don't see that much of Deron Williams other than when he plays the Bulls, but doesn't he seem to come out like its personal against the Bulls, even when Rose isn't playing.

    Final field goal shooting #'s, Bulls 33-84, Nets 34-85, yet we were never in the game.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It seems that Williams has something personal against the Bulls because of Avery Johnson. The Bulls didn't give him a chance when he was looking for a coaching job so he tries his best to beat the Bulls every time his team plays the Bulls.

  • I'm sure its probably a rumor but per: HOOPSHYPE.com Rose wants Gasol in Chicago. A trade of Boozer and another point guard for Gasol is Rose suggestion for a trade with the Lakers. Bout time Rose opened his mouth and says who he really wants to play with as far as a major player on the Bulls. He just said he doesn't want Boozer anymore... SMART SMART kid. Again, Boozer does not fit this Bulls team, your MVP has spoken in so many words.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think this is BS rumor because Rose wouldn't ask for LeBron to come because of Deng or even supposedly call Howard even though Howard is his adidas friend.

    That said, if this is true...Rose better get back on court. I guess he is having too much free time getting massages and is advising GarPax on what to do;-) This trade is great for the Bulls and maybe the Lakers might do it to pair up Boozer with Howard(for Bynum) and keep a 2/3 year window of Howard/Kobe/Boozer

  • In reply to Reese1:

    It is from one of those spanish sports websites, which are even less reliable than ours. Whatever the source, if there even is one, would have to be coming from the Gasol side, not the Rose side. So it is probably someone who knows Gasol saying that he heard that Rose said, so and so.

    The question is would the Lakers trade Gasol for CJ Watson and Boozers contract? Certainly would not even consider it until they have no shot at Howard.

    If this trade were to happen, I will personally drive boozer and all his duffle bags to LA myself, and I live in Vegas.

  • I have never heard a more nonsensical rumor in all my life. There's absolutely 0% chance the Lakers would take on Boozer's contract. I'll take everyone on this blog to Morton's steakhouse if I'm wrong.

  • Doug, I am still a firm believer the Bulls are one offensive player away from having a legit shot to beat Miami. Hamilton will help as the starter, but I believe they need a real 6th man scorer off the bench.

    I know this is a touchy subject with Bulls fans, but Ben Gordon is the guy we should be targeting. Will the Bulls trade for him, probably not, because its clear they have zero intentions of paying the luxury tax. But a trade for Brewer and Korver for BG would give us that offensive punch we still need. Losing Korver while getting Gordon would be a huge get for the Bulls. We would miss Brewer's defense, but I believe Butlet can give us the defense off the bench that we need.

    Ben Gordon giving us 15-20ppg off the bench would put the Bulls on another level offensively. Detroit gets two expiring contracts and maybe our low 1st rd pick this year.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    I agree Bulls need more scoring, but who else can you suggest in trade besides Gordon? Because Bulls won't reacquire Gordon in a million years. His best basketball is behind him.

  • I think there is a chance Bulls can trade Boozer in the off season to a Western Conference team. Boozer belongs in the West - they play less defense and he was twice a West all-star coaches selection.

    I'm not saying the Lakers will take Boozer, but some West team may as there are only 3 years remaining on his contract after this season. But just in case I'll take my steak medium rare, haha.

  • We have to see when we get hamilton back, this team has not played 100% healthy like other teams.....but like everyone says, we need our Lou Williams/Jason Terry guy off the bench. Brewer has just been awful and korver is on and off. Asik has too be the most disappointing to me, I thought this guy was going to be a defensive stud with improving hands......I don't know how your stone hands can get any worse but he sure looks awful out there this year. They need to put some super glue on those hands. I don't want to see John Lucas III or Scalabrine next year, injuries happen and we need to have real nba players that can step in and play Butler, let him learn through his mistakes so he can be ready just in case of injuries.

  • 1st time on the blog. gotta ask a question.. Would Grant Hill be too far fetched a proposal for the bulls wish list. He can play behind Deng or Hamilton, we dont need to give up size or defense, and Hill would give us both. He does have a big contract that runs out at the end of this year,but damn... he would give all he has to get at least ONE RING, right??

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