Bulls vs Bucks 7pm on CSN

Bulls vs Bucks 7pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks face off in their last game before all-star weekend, their third meeting this season. The Bulls won the first two meetings fairly easily and should be heavy favorites yet again. Milwaukee has no inside presence to contain them, a bunch of selfish isolation scorers, and is even more dependent on Brandon Jennings than the Bulls are on Derrick Rose.

Win the PG matchup, win the game

As a Bulls fan, it feels awfully good to make the above statement, because Derrick Rose doesn't lose PG matchups. However, if the Bucks don't get something absurd out of Brandon Jennings they have almost no chance. The Bucks simply don't have the horses on either end of the court to compete with the Bulls unless Chicago lays an egg.

Derrick Rose should dominate this Bucks team for as much as he wants to push himself. They have no shot blockers, and he's had little trouble beating Jennings [or any other single defender] off the dribble. I don't know if Rose will have a monster game as he's generally looked to get teammates involved as much as possible when the Bulls don't need his scoring, and it's unlikely they'll need his scoring in this game.

However, if they need it, Derrick will throw up a monster game on Milwaukee.

Drew Gooden is likely out, good or bad for Milwaukee?

Is Ersan Ilysova really worse than Drew Gooden? He's statistically outplayed him in the past three games during Gooden's absence, but I'm not going to pretend I've been breaking down Bucks game film each night before going to bed to know how well he's actually playing.

I did find it interesting that Ilysova only scored nine of his 58 points over that stretch from beyond the arc which surprised me given that he's a guy whom I've generally viewed as hurting you from beyond the arc. Perhaps he's expanded his game.

That said, as bad as I believe Gooden is and as well as Ilysova's put up stats, I think this injury kills Milwaukee. Ilysova doesn't have the body to deal with Boozer down low on the defensive end, and the Bulls can stick Noah on him to shut him down while on offense.

Expect a huge rebounding margin

Milwaukee, on the whole, lacks any front court talent to contend with Chicago while Bogut and Gooden are out and should get destroyed on the glass. Milwaukee will have to play small and hope the Bulls bigs can't beat them, while Chicago should play big and prove that they can.

Who rebounds for this team now? Ilysova has a very high rebounding rate largely due to a strong work ethic on the offensive glass, but the Bulls box out well, and they should have no trouble controlling the glass in this game.

Given how frequently Milwaukee will likely go small, it will be interesting to see if Omer Asik finds his way into the game or if he has to sit out again. The Bulls elected to matchup small against Atlanta playing John Lucas at SG rather than playing Omer in a bigger lineup. An interesting decision given Lucas isn't exactly a dynamo out there.

Milwaukee will scrap

They're injury riddled, under-talented, and on the road, but Scot Skiles usually has his teams playing hard right up until the point they're in utter revolt and hate him. If Chicago handles the fundamentals and wins the rebound/turnover battles they should win the game without much difficulty.

However, they've shot the ball poorly recently which will allow Milwaukee to hang around, and if they don't extend a strong effort to push their advantages on the glass, they could be a hot shooting night from Jennings or Iylsova away from an upset.

Ironically for the Bucks, the fact that it's a road game probably helps them as the Chicago contingent in Milwaukee is significantly louder than the Chicago contingent at the United Center.

That all said, my bet is for an easy win for Chicago going into all-star weekend.


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  • How about Stephen Jackson for Brewer or Korver or some combination of the bench guys other than Asik and Taj.
    I think Rip/Jackson/Deng combo at SG/SF would be great because it gives Rip the optimum amount of time/rest to play to be effective. And the Bulls can reboot after next year with a new SG in 2013-14

  • I'd trade Korver for Stephen Jackson eventhough SJ is a bit of a cancer or was part of Ron Ron's going into the stands in the Palace fiasco! I think he brings good size and can play SG/SF being 6'8". He also has been known as a volume scorer and the Bulls would be have a very big lineup of Rose/SJ/Deng/Boozer/Noah for their starting 5 with RIP off the bench!

  • I don't think Stephen Jackson is a cancer. There have been many players who have said they loved having him as a teammate. Tim Duncan and Gerald Wallace said they liked him, but I really don't see the Bulls making any moves at all. Maybe Joel Pryzbilla will decide to sign here today.

  • Im not sure why everyone is wanting to trade Korver for garbage, and yes at this point Jackson seems to be garbage. Korver has been playing better defense this year and the other team has to know where he is at all times. There is no way a team can use his man to trap or double Rose meaning they either have to use a big or use the guy guarding Deng. He is a lot more valuable to this team than his stats show.

  • In reply to do53:

    It is not like trading Korver for garbage. Korver just struggles to shoot against good athletic wings or good defensive teams. It is not that there are no positives to his game. He does space the floor for other guys and also doesn't take any bad shots like a chucker which is pretty important. And he plays hard on defense which I think most players will for Thibs(maybe except Boozer). We need a combination of a little bit of Brewer and Korver(they are specialists).
    We need to use stats based on situation of the team, player, coach, system etc.. Yeah, it would be nice if everyone was as professional as Deng or Rose. But, the reality is we need another offensive guy for situations only rather than as a main piece to help Rose, Deng. This Bulls team can handle a guy who doesn't seem a complete professional but will thrive in the right situation if he can provide some offense/defense as one person to complement Rose and Deng.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Korver also struggles to shoot anytime hes not standing completely still.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Im not saying that we absolutely shouldn't trade Korver, Im saying that we should get more value that Stephen Jackson. The guy is a cancer and honestly isn't that good anymore. With the structure of Korver's deal and the fact that he has a lot of respect around the league, he could easily be part of a deal that brings a much better piece to Chicago. I won't begin to guess what that piece is but he is worth a lot more at this point that Stephen Jackson.

  • I think most of us are clamoring for more offensive help, but between the CBA restrictions and the Bulls comittment to this group, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Ballsy trade at this point with Omer etc.? Likely not happening.

    I understand why people like Stephen Jackson based on his game from past seasons, and some of the things he gives you. However, the guy(who is soon turning 34) is currently shooting .357 from the field and .278 from three. Those numbers are not good. And attitude wise I think he's shown a stable side and also a negative, counter productive anger at times. Not awfully interested in guys who are shooting poorly and somewhat volatile at times.

    Side note: I was looking at various team stats last night comparing Miami, OKC, and Chicago. The Bulls by far lead the other two in rebounding and assists. But Miami and OKC are one and two in points per game and team field goal percentage while the Bulls fall well below in both categories.

    I know the stat gee.. I mean guys will focus on the Bulls overall offensive rating etc. etc. But another thing I thought about was dunks. Yes dunks. And getting to the line. Two forms of offensive dominance.

    It's hard for me to picture a championship caliber team that is not getting it's fair share of dunks and getting to the line as superstar talents do. Miami had three players in the top 20 in dunks and OKC has two with Ibaka well up there last season.

    If you discount dunks then what about getting to the line? Free throw attemtps OKC and Miami both near the top at two and three while the Bulls sit at 18. Getting to the line is crucial in defensive scrum, playoff games

    I'm sure you can look at Detroit and San Antonio and think where were the dunkers and high free throw attempt guys? Still, RIp and Chauncey both got to the line, and the Wallaces got their share of dunks while Rip and Bilups got some as well. Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker could get to the line and yes get some dunks.

    If Hamilton is fully healthy, and plays at a fairly high level, and Jo and Taj bring 10 or near ppg each of offense against Miami I think the Bulls will have a shot. But that's a pretty big if. Especially considering Noah's hooks and drive game has vanished as has Taj's interior game while RIP has been on the walking wounded list all season.

    However, the second half of the season could tell a different story. The Bulls could come rolling into the playoffs with a healthy RIP and a surging D-Rose. Time will tell.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I agree about searching for someone who can provide offensive depth while playing defense at the same time. There have been a ton of options discussed and these guys are available for trade because their current teams expect much more from them and they have disappointed for whatever reason. It is time for these teams to move on and the Bulls have to strike fast at these opportunities. These are guys like Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, OJ Mayo, Pau Gasol, Kevin Martin or even Dwight Howard. It is upto GarPax to determine what to give up and who best fits the Bulls. These windows close like the rumors for Igoudala because Philly is winning now.

  • Well, Stephen Jackson isn't playing tonight anyways.

  • I was at the game Monday and in the past I have really dogged Boozer but he played pretty well from my vantage point. Moved the ball well and got some nice rebounds hit a few jumpers. He does some things you don't always see on TV. He's a big body and moves the ball well.

    Korver is frustrating to watch he missed some very open shots that was kinda upsetting.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    The problem is that he doesn't move that big body, or his feet at all, which is why he is a one dimensional role player, not a $15 million/year Robin to Roses Batman.

  • Looks like Przybilla is signing with Portland. He could have been a nice addition but I'm just glad he didn't sign with Miami. Now lets just hope Miami doesn't somehow get Kaman!

  • Well I be damn... Noah went a got himself a triple double ... Congrats !!!

  • In reply to deelowda1:

    Noah and Boozer are playing together pretty well now. Noah is feeding him and Booz is scoring. It's finally beginning to work.

  • I can't see the Bulls doing any wheeling and dealing come March 15th. I could be wrong but I just can't see the Bulls bringing in a new player this late.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    1) The Bulls are going to make a play for Howard. Howard is going to get traded. I don't doubt they can get him if they sell the farm, but can they get him for, say, Deng, Noah, Asik, Mirotec and picks, without having to take Turk? Probably not, but maybe. A lot of GMs would take the Bulls offer over Bynum and Gasol because of both the upside and still fielding a strong team now. And would Howard sign at least a 1-year extension? Probably. He'd be crazy not to try it with Rose for a full year.
    2) If Howard is out, I think they will try to deal for another scorer - there should be some sellers at the deadline. The Bulls have some young chips that should appeal to at least a few teams, and they won't be able to keep them all anyway.

  • In reply to rustyw:

    If that's not the farm, I'd hate to see the garden.

  • Nice win by the Bulls, a win is a win but this teams offense still stinks. Hamilton and Watson are injured and they just need more consistent help in scoring for Rose. I hope they don't think this team as constructed is enough to get out of the east come playoff time. Trades could probably be made but we all know Reinsdorf won't go over the luxury tax.

  • This team was very close to advancing past Miami last year. And that was with an offense that was entirely reliant on scoring from derrick rose. No boozer, no Noah, when it counted and with bogan's as our starting sg.
    This year our team even without rip for the majority of games have dominated easily on offense without having to depend on rose at all.
    If our front office thinks this is a team that can win it all, I understand. Our offense is better this year and our defense has always been championship ready. I won't be heartbroken or hopeless if the bulls don't make any major moves.

  • Congrats to Joah, even if his triple double did come against a team without any centers, it must have felt good to be the biggest, fastest and strongest guy on the floor for once.

    John Lueur, unstoppable again, at least when guarded by the escort.

    Anyone notice these past 2 games against the Bucks that Deng cannot guard Delfino off the dribble, whats up with that.

    I sure wish the Bulls had taken my advice at any time over the past 3 seasons by investing in Shaun Livingston as a developmental player. As sort of home a town guy(Peoria), at 6'7" and still young(and cheap) he would look great next to Rose now that he appears to have fully recovered from his gastly injury.

    I fear that on Sunday we will definitively find out that Luol Deng is not an All Star.

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