Bulls star in new BIG commerical

This is sheer awesomeness.

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  • Doug this has been out a week or two already. Haha can't believe you haven't seen it yet.

  • In reply to zvodicka:

    I watch 90% of my games on DVR, so I tend not to see commercials. Tonight was one of the rare occasions I wasn't on tape delay.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    NICE! Don't feel bad Doug. This is my 1st time seeing this too. Usually I am at the Bulls games or watching recorded games too. Just not enough hours in the day.

  • Do you watch the playoffs on DVR too?

  • In reply to mikeb31588:

    Usually I watch playoff games live. I try to watch games live whenever I can, and for marquee games I'm more likely to force the kids to turn off iCarly.

    However, for a non-Marquee game, I'll throw it on DVR and watch it while working out in the evening. The Marquee games I usually watch live then watch again in the evening.

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