Bulls rest Rose and still annihilate the Bobcats

The merciful thing about this Bobcats game was that it started six and was effectively over by 7:00. If you had Friday night plans, no need to worry about whether or not you were missing something special. Derrick Rose rested, but it made little difference and shows just how good this Bulls team really is.

The Bulls front court crushed the Bobcats on the inside, and the Bulls defense again clamped down and held another opponent under 70 points. The Bobcats weren't bringing much to the table in terms of offense, and the Bulls did an excellent job of limiting turnovers, second chance points, and giving them anything easy.

The result was a Bobcats team shooting 32.9% from the field and a 30 point blowout by a Bulls offense that had a fairly pedestrian night. They only hit 43% of their shots and shot a pathetic 55% from the free throw line, but the game was such a lopsided farce that it's difficult to complain about the Bulls faults.

After trotting Derrick Rose out with obvious back problems against the Hornets, the Bulls rested Rose against the Bobcats. A move which seemed to generally garner praise on twitter. I agree, good move. It would have been even better to have come to that conclusion a game earlier, but it was a good decision now.

I do want to clarify some things though. Young teams play the hell out of their young players. Thibodeau isn't playing Deng/Rose more than any young team would play their star players, and by superstar standards, he's probably playing them less. While I think we'd benefit from resting them a bit more overall, it would go completely against conventional wisdom to do so. 23 year old superstars typically play 40 minutes a night.

Is there anything useful to take from the past few games? Perhaps not, but it is nice to see Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer playing very well together. Whether they've finally forged some good team chemistry together or whether the quality of opponents is a big factor remains to be seen, but we've seen good Carlos and good Noah at the same time much more frequently recently.

The Bulls will head to Boston tomorrow to play the Celtics to finish off their nine game road trip. Derrick Rose should suit up and play as Thibodeau described his rest as precautionary.


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  • As far as the minutes go, when everybody and their mother continues to cackle about something there's probably something to it. That said, even though a slight Derrick Rose incurring injuries semi-regularly playing heavy minutes getting knocked to the floor does evoke concern as well as an injury prone Deng, the minutes argument probably has been overblown. Personally I found the amount of time spent arguing over it just plain boring if not annoying(though I respect someone who feels strongly about anything as long as they don't go D.B. with personal attacks).

    I will say with Thibs coaching the All-Star game, and looking much more balanced with the players as far as I'm concerned(Joakim put his hand on Thibs shoulder during a sideline briefing heading back to play) it's easy to cool off the critiques.

    I still think it's clear at times Thibs has made mistakes with player minutes including development. Tom has admitted as much about C.J. The fact that he did so makes me respect Thibodeau that much more. That's what a man does, admit mistakes. More and more I like what I see from him coaching the Bulls players. You have to have respect and forge some type of relationship or at least understanding with your players. Tom Thibodeau is definitely no Scott Skiles, and I like what I'm seeing.

    As for last night's game I had trouble keeping my eyes open on DVR because there were no stars in that game. The Bulls defense and Jo, Taj, and Booz looked good but I mean, come on? Offensively that game was a yawner and then some. I do enjoy good D just for the sake of good D sometimes against a quality or even decent opponent. But that Bobcats team is one of the shittiest NBA teams I've ever seen in my life. 2016 here we come...

    Jo and Taj rediscovering their low post games is beyond huge. Jo will have to get back to the away hand hooks(which were automatic), and the regularly appearing baseline hooks if he's to be put back to full stud status(in my book). If he does, I think they can win it all. Something tells me also they need to find a way to get some production from the kid Butler. That energy to the team would be huge. And Rip will have to be healthy come playoffs. I like what I'm seeing though overall.

  • One other note, Josh Smith is complaining that he was snubbed from the All-Star team for "political reasons." Well, aside from the fact that teams with league best records do get more guys in, like the Bulls with Deng, it also doesn't help when as a wing you shoot .306 from three and .546 from the Line! HOF line all the way, kids got a legit beef(hardy, har).

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Although his numbers is not that great..I feel Josh Smith deserves it more than Deron Williams. DWill is getting by more on reputation and getting stats from playing on a lousy team. Same with Melo until this Lin guy has helped the Knicks out.
    I think the Bulls, Heat, Philly, Indy and Atlanta need to have the majority of the all-stars and the other teams can be represented only if they have a decent record and outstanding play from one of their guys this season like Paul Pierce or Howard.

  • I am going to withhold judgement on good Noah and good Carlos until at least this Sunday, especially good Carlos.

    It is bad enough that Thibs has more or less joined them at the hip, to Noahs great anguish, the rest of us don't have to follow suit.

    We already know that Boozer would be an All Star if he could play against his doppelganger every night, we will see how he does against a Celtic team that seems to have recaptured its defensive mojo, giving up barely 80pp for the past 3 weeks or so.

    I expect their paths to diverge considerably this Sunday.

  • A win is a win I guess, even if it was against a bottom dweller team. Now, if the Bulls can only play this well against the better teams in the league, and especially against the one team that I think have gotten into the Bulls heads and will disrupt their sikeky every time they play against one another... The Miami Heat!

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