Bulls @ Knicks 7pm on TNT

The Chicago Bulls will look to rebound from a loss to the 76ers against a struggling New York Knicks squad. The Bulls will be without Richard Hamilton while Luol Deng may return.

I somewhat struggle with the idea that Deng might come back today against the lowly Knicks but couldn't give it a go yesterday against a team we really needed him for. Obviously, it may have just taken another day.

There has to be one day it feels good enough and one day it doesn't somewhere, but because Deng is a warrior, I'm thinking if he were that close that he'd probably have played yesterday and wouldn't be surprised if he's a scratch tonight.

Keys to the game

Move the ball

The Knicks have a horrible defense, so if the Bulls move the ball and keep their offense in motion they should find plenty of quality looks against New York even if they're missing some of their better players.

They should also look to push the pace against a team that's likely to leave them plenty of opportunities in transition.

Obviously Derrick should do some domination

He should dominate every game, but the Knicks aren't a great help defense team despite having Tyson Chandler, and they don't have a strong scheme to fall back on. I look for Rose to have a big game both passing and scoring.

Overload Carmelo

There's no natural passing synergy on this Knicks squad, so overload Carmelo Anthony with your defense and see what happens. Without having a quality PG or an effective two man game, the Knicks can struggle to create high efficiency shots for their role players and get bogged down in inefficient isolation play.

Bring the energy

The Bulls have lost three of their last five. They need a win to get back on track. The Knicks can be dangerous when they put it together, and the Bulls aren't playing well enough to take anyone lightly.

The team looked listless in their loss to the 76ers and needs to get the effort level back up rather than relying on pure talent alone to right the ship.

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  • OK looks like Boozer is bad enough defensively to play Amare into form.

    Korver's got the hot sauce going on offensively but defensively he's making Landry Fields look as good as David Berri rates him to be.

  • If Korver is getting his ass kicked by Melo, maybe we should play Gibson at small forward on him.

  • Edward, it looks like Bulter has played himself out of the rookie gitters during the course of the 4rth quarter last night.

    I am somewhat surprised that haven't heard from you.

    He looks like he feels a lot more comfortable tonight. We really have to make an effort to develop him this season, because he will almost certainly take Brewers place on the team next season.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Played well during crunch time. Nice jumper and good defense on Melo.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ah, just been a bit busy recently, Thanks.

    But yes, Jimmy Butler handled the defensive assignment of an All-Star starter. How cool is that? And I loved his pull up 15-foot jumper at the end - looked so smooth. I wish Taj could learn to shoot a pull up J like that.

    As we've said all along, Butler can be a solid rotation player. His defense is already there. Looks like he may have cracked the rotation. Unfortunate that it took a serious injury to Deng to get him a few minutes, but I'll take it! I hope that even when Deng returns he can get some minutes.

  • Spike Lee really complaining about a carry in the NBA? Washed up attention whore, sit down.

  • Former teammate of JR Smith on Smith

    Most selfish teammate: JR Smith

    I played with JR his rookie year in New Orleans in 2005. We were a bad team, full of me-first guys, but he took the crown. I’d never seen a guy so intent on shooting the ball every time it hit his hands and I’m sure I never will again. Watching him during his latest Denver years, I can see that not much has changed.

  • JR Smith's a buster and Spike Lee's a drama queen.

    p.s. I really enjoy watching the Knicks lose.

  • In reply to logicprisoner:

    Yes, beating the Knicks is like two wins in one day since I normally hope for both the Bulls and the Knicks opponent to get a win.

  • I agree with you on the NY thing, I root against all teams NY.

    But, it occurred to me during the game last night, that it is more fun when the Knicks have some stars to root against. A couple of years ago, I could barely get up the interest to watch the Bulls play the knicks.

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