Bulls Beat #226 - End of the Road Warriors

Bulls Beat #226 - End of the Road Warriors

I discuss the Bulls nine game road trip, Derrick Rose's back, and Luol Deng's first all-star selection.

Bulls Beat #226 - End of the Road Warriors

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  • CJ put everyone out of their offensive rhythm with his over-dribbling or shooting. I don't blame Deng on this one too much. He could hardly see the ball. Thibs tried to put JL3 along with CJ to give another ball handler but both are chuckers. This is where even an avg PG like Mike James could have helped to stabilize the offense and get some shots for Deng, Korver. CJ was totally out of control and off-course Boozer was sucking big-time on defense at crucial moments.

  • Great Podcast Doug. FYI, I follow JR Smith on twitter and a fan twitted him saying, "Please don't go to Chicago". JR follows up saying something along the lines, " Why? Madison Ave. is awesome". I know that may not mean anything, but the fact that he did'nt dismiss the Bulls is interesting. I am sure his agent has talked to various teams in the NBA already, so the fact that he complemented Chi town may say something. I don't agree with your statement that Luol Deng is not an All-Star without DRose. In 06-07 under Scott Skiles I think Luol was more deserving than. He was for sure the leader of that team. He does not do one thing great, but does everything good. He is the true utility man on the team. I also wanted to ask, now that he is getting more noticed, is there any way he bumps Lebron from the first all defensive team? Deng has been relentless in individual defense , as well as team defense. You look at the Bulls defensive numbers when he was out, they all suffered.

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    He said, "Michigan Ave."


  • My only worry is Thibs, would he play JR Smith? doubt it. What message would it send? Brewer and Korver? They won't even be back next season.

  • For what it is worth on Jeremy Lin.

    Most points scored since the merger in a players first 4 starts

    Lin 109
    Iverson 101
    Shaq 100
    Jordan 99

    I have no idea what this means for Lins future, but that is amazing.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It means nothing at all.

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