I break down the first half of the season and grade out the Bulls players relative to my expectations of them this season.

Bulls Beat #227 - Player grades

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  • Man, I couldn't disagree more with your assessment of Rose. I have no problem with being critical of the guy, but I think he's played the best ball of his career in certain stretches this year. Imo, he's blended facilitating, and playmaking, with scoring, better than he ever has.

    The only problem with him this season has been durability. The injuries have kind of messed him up, and he's had a couple rough games coming off, or playing through them. But in the stretches where he was seemingly injury free, he's been completely dominant, and better than ever imo.

  • I get what you're saying, and to some extent I agree that he's done a better job managing the pass/score balance than last year, but on the other hand, I look at Rose as potentially the second best player in the NBA,and I don't think he's had that kind of season so far.

  • I agree, especially with the great point guard play this year... Westbrook and Williams have put up monster numbers, Paul has dominated better than any point in the fourth quarter, and guys like Jennings and Lin, Lowry and Lawson are having breakout seasons... Derrick has been great when healthy, but has real competition at the point this year...

  • Generally the Bulls have done well. My only complaint about Rose is not seeing the post game/fadeaway jumper he was working on last summer, we've seen glimpses of it and I hope to see more of it. You can't blame Rose from being injured by that scrub from Minny Tolliver. Injuries happen and hopefully he can recover. The only other complaint I have is the team defense has looked shoddy against athletic teams like the Sixers, they have to tighten it up against better competition.

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