Do the Bulls have room for Chandler, Smith, or Martin?

Do the Bulls have room for Chandler, Smith, or Martin?

With Chinese obligations coming to an end shortly, Wilson Chandler, J.R. Smith, Aaron Brooks, and Kenyon Martin will be looking for work in the NBA. Do the Bulls have room to add one of these players and would any of them take the min to come here?

At the start of the season, I would have said no. There's simply no room for any of these guys on the roster. However, we're 1/3rd of the way through the season, and we don't know what we'll get out of Luol Deng the rest of the way. We don't know if Rip Hamilton's groin will feel better this year. We've seen Taj and Noah already suffer ankle sprains.

In short, we've dealt with enough injuries that despite our depth, we could still use more of it.

Kenyon Martin isn't going to come here. The Bulls have all four of their big men playing presently, and he's not going to sign up to be a 5th big man when he could sign up to be higher up in the rotation in Miami or New York.

However, Wilson Chandler and J.R. Smith have become more interesting targets. There normally wouldn't be much room for either guy, but with Luol Deng still out with a torn ligament in his left wrist and Richard Hamilton continually re-aggravating a groin pull, the Bulls suddenly might have plenty of minutes available.

Hopefully management is open to adding either player and will initiate talks regardless of the present health of our team. However, the players will likely determine whether or not they want to come here based on what the minute situation looks like and whether or not they can get a significant offer elsewhere.

However, since a majority of the NBA season will be over prior to them signing and no teams likely to go over the full MLE, both players will likely look to take one year deals to showcase their talents for next year's free agency, because of that, they'll look for teams that will make deep playoff runs [where the GMs are watching] which they can impact the game in.

If the Bulls continue to struggle with injuries, they'd be a great fit, but if Deng looks like he can play through the wrist and Hamilton's groin recovers then they won't. It might take some creative selling on the part of management to convince them to take the chance on a potentially crowded roster.


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  • I was hoping the release of James was the precursor to a big move, but doesn't look like it now.

  • In reply to Gringo Rican:

    I think they're just maximizing the money they can save under the tax in case they have to bring someone in later.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    But if Bulls had to release a non-guaranteed PG it should have been John Lucas XXVIII. Bulls should have kept Mike James as he was clearly the better player. This was Thibs decision - favoritism.

  • I wanted the Bulls to sign Chandler if he hadn't gone to China. I think he'd be a perfect fit. JR Smith just isn't a Bulls type of player. I don't see it happening.

    Doug, what do you think is the long term plan for SG? It's the only position where the Bulls don't have big money committed in the future. I'd like to see them try to trade up for Doron Lamb in the draft. He could get the Jimmy Butler treatment behind Rip next year, and be ready to step up if the Bulls don't pick up Rip's non guaranteed year.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    My guess is the long term plan is to use cheap fillers each year and get aging vets and ring chasers. I don't think the Bulls are looking to commit big money to all five positions.

  • I'd prefer Martin, but I read that Martin already has an idea on where he wants to play. He'd be nice to have though. You can never have too many bigs.

  • Given how Sam Smith seems to hate JR with a passion, but also the fact that the Bulls called Denver about bringing in Smith last year.

    Given how he wants to be here, how he would be a cheap option and a great bang for you buck at the vet min, do you think the Bulls would take a legit shot at him?

  • I am not sure of Wilson Chandler or JR Smith. Obviously, Martin will not happen to the Bulls as you say. JR Smith is intriguing but since he is such a freelancer and no training camp...will Thibs even play him like what he did to Rasual Butler. I think Thibs would prefer to ride Korver/Brewer than Smith(if he is signed).
    Chandler might have the chance to see the court because he might play defense, rebound like Thibs wants and stay within the system. I think Chandler can be a good fit if he can guard LeBron for 10/15 min in a playoff game and rebound/score some 6 to 8 points.
    I think if Rip is healthy, we are ok with the shot creation stuff.

  • Bulls Trade Noah + Deng + Picks for Dwight
    Sign Wilson Chandler


  • In reply to BullsFTW:


    I'll take that, championship!!!

  • In reply to rob32:

    I would definitely take that too, however, I think Orlando would want Taj or Asik in that deal and would send Hedo our way as well.

  • "If I could play with Derrick right now and God wanted that to happen, it will happen," Howard told the Chicago Tribune. "It has nothing to do with me not wanting to play with Derrick Rose. I love him. That's my brother."

  • In reply to NateTags:

    get gar/pax on the phone with god! Dwight wants to come to chicago !

  • Dwight Howard is open to playing for the Bulls

  • In reply to MJG214:

    Oops, similar post.

  • A healthy Deng today would have most likely won the game for us!
    Even a healthy CJ to give Rose some rest would have probably won it for us!
    RIP is a big upgrade for us from last year with Bogans and I can't bear to think of us not having Gibson, Brewer, Asik in seasons coming up but we have a good team and I like that Thibs isn't afraid to pull Boozer or Noah when they don't give what he needs and then go to Gibson and Asik even to close out a game!

    With all this said we really could use a more NBA compitent PG then Lucas III even as a 3rd stringer and I'd love if we got JR Smith even if we needed to trade Korver and our draft picks to get him.

    Deng is our true #2 Robin behind Rose but I also love how RIP passes well, is constantly in motion and make things happen, he also played good D on Wade!

    I'd love to have 1 more slasher and 3 pt shooter but slight character risk player like we would get in Mayo or JR Smith....come on Reinsdorf use some of that $ you made on the Bulls throughout the years and give us Bulls fans the championship(s) we deserve!!!

  • In reply to smiley:

    I think the problem with getting a competent 3rd string PG is that no one good enough will sign for the vet minimum (with the exception of Mike James or someone like that...who I agree, would have been much better to keep than Lucas).

    What would be more ideal is having a SG that is an excellent ball handler. If Watson is hurt, you could probably get by for a couple of minutes here or there to rest Rose if one of your SG's could competently bring the ball up, initiate the offense, and guard PG's on defense. Brewer, unfortunately, isn't that guy. Hamilton might be able to fill that role on the offensive end, but I think he'd get smoked by quick PG's.

  • Groin Pulls – How Long to Heal?

    When I played ball I twice had groin pulls. They are very annoying and they linger for a long time. They don't heal during the season.

    When do groin pulls heal? In the off-season, with a couple months rest. Rip is 34 years old, he will be dealing with injury this all season.

  • I see a lot of comments about Mike James. We just don't know if he would have made a difference. Mike James played well against a lousy team and it was not guaranteed he is better than JL3. JL3 outplayed John Wall in a game which doesn't mean he is better than Wall.
    Missing CJ hurt in spelling Rose for about 10 mins but essentially Boozer playing like crap killed the Bulls yesterday.
    Basically, you had Boozer, Brewer, Noah left free on offense. Rose can compensate for one bad offensive guy but not for 3 guys especially against the Heat.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Seriously?? James is 36, has been around the league for many years, was not considered one of the better players in the D league, but was more available (thats why he was chosen), and you think he's the answer to WHAT? He's at best a 12th or 13 man on the roster guy, and isn't being chased by any other team. Think that might be a clue about what he can bring. It's one game, dont get carried away. You're the guy that gets all excited about the 6th round running back that has a good game in the first preseason contest, aren't you?

  • In reply to michaelb14:

    You are the guy who doesn't understand the contents of a comment. I was saying the same thing you are implying;-)

  • Yeahhh LET'S CHASE HOWARD !!

  • While I would like the Bulls to take a long look at Wilson Chandler, he is a restricted free agent, which means Denver would have the option to match any contract offer he received. I don't see a scenario where he signs for the minimum or the Bulls work out a sign and trade.

  • I'm surprised that I haven't seen any comments on here about Boozer's kid chanting "Let's go Heat" during the game last night!

  • Doug, it's funny that you posted this article because last night before I was going to bed I was thinking...what if we signed JR Smith once he got back from China? I'm sure management will definitely consider this given they know they need to go through the Heat to get to the finals. Against the Heat, Korver missed 2 or 3 wide open 3's, and he can't play defense. He even struggles to guard Mike Miller. Brewer started the season very strong, but he hasn't seemed like the same player he was the first few weeks of the season. JR Smith could come off the bench and be fine with it as hes done it for most of his career. The dudes 6'6 athletic as hell, can handle the ball, and plays tough defense. I think he would be great coming in with the bench. Hes the scoring we need off the bench.

  • fb_avatar

    Could the Bulls do a sign and trade with Denver? Say something like Korver and a pick for JR Smith. If we do the vet minimum then(if Deng does play) we have a glut of wing players. JR could provide a lot more than Korver to make him expendable.

  • I wish it was some type of way we could get Wilson Chandler when he become available. I think he would fit perfectly, to what we are trying to do. He can score a little, play a little defense and at 6'8" spell the most important two spots (SG,SF) we need. I feel a combination of Deng, Chandler and Hamilton could be just enough to slow Lebron and Wade.

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