Deng to play through torn ligament will be out for awhile

Deng to play through torn ligament will be out for awhile

Luol Deng has a torn ligament in his left wrist. The surgery would sideline him for three to four months and likely cost him the entire season and playoffs.

He's decided to play through the pain. He can't damage the ligament more since it is already torn. I'd imagine he'll need to have surgery after the season is over.

Fortunately for the Bulls, the injury is on his left, non shooting, wrist. That doesn't make the injury insignificant though. While his shooting stroke shouldn't lose too much, he'll still need to finish with his left, dribble, and physically check guys on defense.

Hopefully the pain threshold isn't too great, and he's able to continue to play through. Even in Deng's darkest days as a Bull when he was viewed as a bad contract, I always admired him as a person. This is just one more example of him putting the team before himself.


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  • Interesting thing for people complaining about Deng's minutes: he said he knew he was badly hurt but didn't let on and ASKED to be put back into the game. But like how Noah didn't let on how badly hurt he was last year until he went on to need surgery. Can't really blame the coach when guys want to be out there so badly they'll cover up their serious injuries so he'll let them play.

    Obviously it's a bad blow but hopefully Deng can play through it like he thinks he can. I can see where he's coming from, if he tries and can't then the surgery will probably make him miss the rest of the season ... but if he goes for surgery now that might happen anyway, so why not risk it.

  • If Deng postpones surgery until after the NBA season, it seems likely he would also wait until after the 2012 London Olympics. Deng plays for host country Britain and is fiercely loyal as Britain granted his family asylum when his home country Sudan was involved in a civil war.

    The 2012 London Olympics closes on August 12. So a mid/late August surgery could potentially delay Deng playing in the 2012-13 NBA season.

    Or perhaps Deng avoids surgery altogether?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Actually, it shouldn't matter much if he gets through this season without surgery. Anyhow, Britain doesn't have much of a chance to win and it is more of a statement appearance. Also, it shouldn't matter if he even comes back in Feb of next season.
    The only worrisome part is(it is not as per Sam Smith) if Deng can hang-on this season without aggravating the injury and then eventually having surgery done.
    Until we see Deng playing a legit SF like LeBron, Durant one-on-one this season and how his skills are impacted because of the wrist, it is a worrisome injury. He might do well against a Mil or NJ team but it is definitely not good.

  • Deng's Injury Begs the Question: aside from talent, are the Bulls a team that just has too many injury prone players to win a championship?

    Players Injury prone beyond the norm:

    Boozer - Yes(oh yes)
    Noah - Yes(past few years thumb, fasciitis, ankles)
    Taj - Yes(ankles, fasciitis)
    Derrick - Yes(though he plays through most of them)
    Deng - Yes(many years beset with injuries)
    Brewer - Yes(injuries, traded, then hampered last season greatly)
    RIP - Has missed significant time the last three seasons
    C.J. - No(but One this year).

    Despite last year's playoffs and lackluster starts by Noah and Boozer; With RIP's emergence as an excellent SG and difference maker(at least so far this season) along with C.J. and Ronnie's good play plus Boozer and Noah showing signs; hopes have been lifted that the Bulls are indeed a legit contender with a shot at taking down Wade and the Wadettes.

    And then, (Chris Berman voiceover) "Down goes Deng(Frazier), Down goes Deng!"

    Flippin' Injuries. Again. It makes you wonder? Acknowledging the Bulls long list of injuries with so many key players isn't necessarily saying they can't overcome them this year. But a key guy like Deng going down with a serious, recurring(in his other wrist) injury does beg the question. Why can't guys like Deng, Noah, Boozer, Taj , Brerwer escape serious trouble with injuries?

    OK. Say Deng comes back in two weeks, and everybody else stays relatively healthy, then this will just be seen as a blip on the radar. That is, if Deng doesn't further aggravate the injury and is ready for the playoffs. Certainly Noah, Taj, Deng, and Brewer could with less games and less chances for injuries to occur make it through.

    The Good news: Joakim looks like he's coming back - huge! Boozer has had some good scoring games while looking good on the boards and even leading the team in steals. C.J. and Ronnie overall have looked great. Derrick has been Derrick with much improved defense(which is critical to the Bulls winning) and his assists are up while his TO rate is down(though he still has his ugly turnover games here and there).

    Thibs has grown. And the Bulls have charcter guys from top to bottom. They share the ball and play the right way. Even Boozer to me has looked more genuine and comitted to winnning. We're sitting here with a terrificly entertaining team, a team with a chance to win it all. Let's just hope Luol comes back, and he, Booz, Jo etc. can play.. all the way through June.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Here's the question all these injuries brings up for me: Why can't we hire out the medical staff from the Phoenix Suns?

    Amare is generally regarded as the most successful example of micro-fracture surgery.

    Grant Hill went there with glue and Popsicle sticks in his legs, and has been a bastion of good health since.

    Whomever is down there on the Suns' staff is who the Bulls apparently need!

  • Honestly and realistically, how much does Deng's injury matter to this deep team if others are relatively healthy. Let me jump ahead and say that other than an ECF match-up against the Heat and a finals match-up against the Thunder, do we really need Deng for the whole series. Against Atlanta or Indy or NY, if Deng plays 3 out of 7 games in the series, the Bulls are fine.
    In the reg season, even if Deng plays like 2 games a week, we should be fine.
    Will Thibs follow that approach? Probably not...just my thoughts.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    It matters alot because the Bulls don't have another wing who can rebound as well as Deng. Jo, Taj, Omer, and Booz are all plus rebounders, but having a wing who can clean the glass puts the Bulls over the top as an elite rebounding squad. That's huge for finishing the defense and providing extra possessions on offense.

    The other reason is that, with Bogans gone, Lu and Ronnie are the only stoppers we have on the perimeter. Likely 2nd round opponents ATL, PHI, and IND all have multiple perimeter threats and you can't afford to concede games in a playoff series.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    jimmy will be that guy when he gets his shot. he was a good defender at marquette. I live in milwaukee so I got to see him play live. He's a good all-around player.

    Can't wait until the bulls come to town feb 4th!

  • Its time to see what jimmy can do, Like taj when t thomas got hurt.

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