Bulls vs Suns 7pm on CSN - Rose gametime decision

Bulls vs Suns 7pm on CSN - Rose gametime decision

The Chicago Bulls come back home after the Roseless team took a beat down at the hands of the Grizzlies yesterday. Derrick Rose is officially questionable for the game with the coaching staff leaning towards holding him out, but Rose deciding whether he wants to play or not.

Phoenix isn't a particularly good team, and the game is at home. The Bulls should stand a solid chance at winning the game regardless of whether or not Rose is able to go. Of course a healthy Derrick Rose turns a 50/50 into a 95/5, but it's better to let him rest than to have this toe thing linger for even longer.

It makes little sense to throw him out there though, the Bulls have two days off following the Suns game and giving Rose five consecutive days off to heal makes much more sense then allowing him to bang up the toe and require more time off later.

Keys to the game

Hit the glass hard

The Suns are one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA. They're terrible on both ends. The Bulls are one of the best teams and are very strong on both ends. Whatever Chicago lacks in skill, they need to make up in energy, especially on the glass.

Defend the three point line

The Suns take more threes than the average team and hit them at a higher percentage. It's imperative that the Bulls run them off the three point line and try to force them into shooting long twos or driving against the Bulls shot blocking big men.

The Suns don't have great finishers on their roster, so running them off the three point line isn't likely to cause problems even if they can attack the hoop.

Get back on defense

It's not the seven seconds or less Suns, but they still kill teams with early offense and transition opportunities. Chicago needs to be wary about getting back on defense quickly and forcing Phoenix to run half court sets rather than getting things through transition or early offense.

48 minutes

With Derrick Rose out, the Bulls are one of the mediocre teams in the league much like Phoenix. They're still at home, they still have a great defense, but they need to play with real intensity to get the win rather than relying on Rose to bail them out.

As long as they focus on the fundamentals, execute, and don't take plays off on either end, the Bulls should come away with the win regardless of whether Derrick suits up.


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  • I think CJ coming back gives a good feeling about the game. The chucker JL3 can come in if they need some shots to be taken.
    I am holding some faint hope that Noah starts his season tonight

  • The play of the Bulls without Derrick Rose should end all conjecture that Bulls currently have a 2nd all-star on their roster. If they did, that all-star would have the ability to step up and carry the team. Now all we read is that Bulls have to give a stronger team effort and hustle their way to a couple wins while Derrick is out.

    While it is possible (if Bulls have East’s best record) that Luol Deng may be added as a coaches’ choice for 3rd best SF in the East (behind LeBronchitis and Carmelo). This would be a somewhat hollow nomination, imo, as it would be based as much on the team's play rather than Deng's play.

    I don’t mean any disrespect towards Deng, I value his play and contributions to this team, but he simply not on the all-star level. If he was we would be reading articles about how Deng will step it up and carry the Bulls in Rose’s absence.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Agree with your bolded point completely.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'll go so far as to agree with the entire post.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Boozer must have seen your post. Twenty-two points already. As if the Noah Boozer dynamic couldn't get anymore confusing. Noah not too shabby either.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Interesting that in a garbage game, they tied for team high plus 24.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Edward: It appears that Carlos Boozer could be an all star PF in the western conference. A weaker level of talent + minimal defensive effort make CB a viable trade option to a west coast team. Quick, let's find naive squad to take his inconsistent soul! Prediction: 26 points prior to half time + less than six points the rest of the way. Let's offer a 2 for 1 tuesday special @ the United center....Carlos + a pick! Which team is desperate enough to execute a trade? A man can dream, C

  • In reply to cgiebelh:

    You called the 2nd half. Now I'm waiting for your Trade!

  • In reply to cgiebelh:

    Excellent points, I expected HOF nominations after that first half against what would be the Wizards of the West if it weren't for Steve Nash

    Boozer was/is a western conference allstar kind of guy, especially since you typically make the allstar team based on offensive stats.

    He pulled a full Ben Gordon tonight, blow up for a quarter or a half and return to normal for the rest of the game.

    Look, at this point the guy has one definable NBA skill, he can hit wide open mid range jumpers created for him by others. Not a bad thing, if he were even remotely competent in any other phase of the game. He would probably thrive playing with Nash and for M' Antony, D omitted for effect.

    Just for balance, Gortat, his primary cover despite the fact that he is the Suns starting center, had 14 & 15, and he only makes $6.7 million per.

    I'm guessing if The Colonel(KFC, he does one thing right) was making mid level money he might be more palatable to Bulls fans, and might not even have to start.

    We really should be shopping him around the western conference.

  • Nice start for the Bulls, hopefully they Suns don't get hot.

  • Second unit not taking good shots though.

  • All you need to get back on track offensively is a game against Phoenix. Watson and Hamilton being in sure helps make up for the lack of Rose.

    At least the Bulls have more competent offensive players to put out there.

  • Fortunately, the Suns second unit also can't take good shots once Nash is out.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Like I said above, without Nash, the Wizards of the West

  • Boozer absolutely lighting it up with 20+ in the first half and even had a steal there are you kidding me??? Let's hope this FINALLY gets him going.

  • In reply to MNBullsFan:

    He is getting wide open shots and hitting them repeatedly. He's not forcing anything, Phoenix is just leaving him open, Booz is getting his shots easily.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Certainly enjoyable to watch, even if it will never happen in the playoffs against any decent team defense, never mind Miami.

  • I was curious about Boozer's 26 first-half points, you know since he sucks so bad and everything.

    Now at least I know, it's because Phoenix is letting him score.

    "The play of the Bulls without Derrick Rose should end all conjecture that Bulls currently have a 2nd all-star on their roster."

    If that's true after one game without Rose, then I guess tonight proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Boozer is that 2nd All-Star.

    After all, the Bulls WON the first game without Rose...

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I think we forgot about JL3 being the second all-star(for a game) against the Wizards. He dominated the #1 pick and a guy whose floor was supposed to be Rose's ceiling.

  • Of course, it does help that Phoenix came into the night 22nd in the league in defense, while Memphis was 10th.

  • So Deng only plays 15 first half minutes, and he's 2/6, missing his first 2 shots of the 2nd half. Doesn't make any sense.

  • Boozer with a miss and a charge, I guess he's back to his old self.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Don Ellis: Stick your finger in the air to feel the direction of Boozer's inconsistent play. More of the same....huge performances versus weak competition. Then, he'll disappear against top tier teams. Boozer would be a perfect fit for golden state, sacramento +/or phoenix. Not a prime time player, C

  • In reply to cgiebelh:

    Actually Boozer's numbers used to go up in the playoffs when he was in Utah, that was one of the reasons I was reasonably happy we got him. Except against Pau Gasol, his length always bothered Boozer.

    I'm going to write a blog about him one on of the next two days the Bulls have off and I'll get into it deeper.

    But I'm hoping that last year was an abberation because he was hurt- we'll find out in about 4 months.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    yes he used to do that, and I was somewhat encouraged by that stat also, but I fear that today's Boozer is that Boozer anymore.

  • Wow who is this new shooting guard wearing number 7? The guy can score, he needs to start next to rose.

  • In reply to rob32:

    No doubt, he was literally perfect thru 3 quarters, outside of committing one foul.

  • If Bulls can maintain this 20+ point lead throughout the 4th quarter, which seems entirely likely given Phoenix's lax defense, I hope Jimmy Butler can get some playing time - like 5-6 minutes..

  • In reply to Edward:

    Strange game with Boozer and Noah with more minutes than Deng. Thibs must be drunk on his birthday

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Maybe! But do you think Hamilton and CJ being back might have something to do with it?

    5:30 left with a 28 point lead against a lackluster Phoenix team. I'm waiting tor my Jimmy Butler...

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