Bulls vs Bucks 7pm on WCIU Gibson in, Bogut out

For those not deeply following Milwaukee Bucks news, the Bucks will be missing Andrew Bogut who fractured his left ankle. Tough news for them. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls will get a lift with the return of Taj Gibson [pending any late setbacks] from his ankle sprain. All in all, the game shouldn't be much of a challenge for Chicago.

A Bulls team pissed off from their lack of focus against Indiana will likely look to crush the hapless Bucks to redeem themselves. Without Bogut, the Bucks lack much presence inside, and it should be a field day for Chicago at the rim.

Shooters need to shoot

Scott Skiles will jam the paint with bodies in an effort to keep Derrick Rose from scoring easy baskets at the rim. The Bulls will need some shooters to knock down their shots in order to perform at a high level against Milwaukee.

Much like Thibodeau, Skiles gears his defense towards overloading the strong side of the court, so quick passing should allow the Bulls to get good looks on the weak side. The Bulls have been one of the better passing teams in the NBA, so as long as they execute well and look to move the ball they should fair well.

Milwaukee has been better than their record

The Bucks might be 7-10, but they've had a murderers row for a schedule so far. They've largely lost to most of the high caliber teams on the schedule, but they recently beat Miami and New York on the road and have won their last three road games after dropping their first eight.

Some of that is mitigated by the fact that Andrew Bogut is now out, so the team probably isn't as good as the team that was playing reasonably well earlier.

Jam the paint on these guys

There's no one on this team that scares you beyond the three point line. Carlos Delfino might get hot as could Brandon Jennings, but neither are consistently good. The Bucks don't have much shooting range, so play the drive all night long and see if they can beat you from the perimeter.

No Booz birds out tonight

Carlos Boozer should have a field day against Drew Gooden, the poor man's Boozer. The Bucks don't have much to throw at the Bulls in terms of stopping Boozer, especially since I believe they'll overload their defense to stop Rose.

Go get the win

The Bucks have a way of mucking up games just like the Bulls did under Skiles. They'll try to keep it close and win at the end, however, if the Bulls execute and remain focused they should pull away from Milwaukee easily and keep the game from becoming a scrap fest.



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  • League pass only has the Milwaukee feed, only 6 minutes in, I may have to shoot myself. The color guy is a complete douche, almost a bigger homer than Heinson in Boston.

  • and there ladies & gentleman, right before your eyes is the simple reason why any discussion of Noah v Boozer is assinine.

    At about the 2 minute mark of the 3rd Delfino beats his man along the baseline from the corner. With snoozer standing in the lane (watching) Noah comes from the other side to stop the drive, block the shot, and then he beats everyone else on the court down the court for a fastbreak dunk.

    If snoozer ever makes even half that play, I will never say another word about the guy. Actually, if even the thought of trying to make that play ever crossed his mind, I'd stop.

  • Never heard of this Luer guy before tonight. I guess he is just your typical generic Wisconsin Badger. Can't we just trade Boozer for him.

  • For the love of God, can u please stop your boozer tirades! You r chasing everyone from the site. Soon it will just be you, talking to yourself like a bitter old man.

  • In reply to dreverts:

    It is not a tirade, it is a statement of fact, and I'll stop when shit(boozers play) stops happening, or people stop trying to tell me that Boozer is somehow adequate or better at anything besides hitting 50% of his wide open jump shots.

    There is nothing bitter about being empirically correct

    and I don't think that God has any problem with me stating my opinion, or even venting a bit, I believe that it is not in his nature.

  • by the way in case nobody noticed that is 9 points by Gooden in the 4 minutes since Thibs had to switch Noah over to shut down Luer.

    Make that 11 with 2 more free throws on the brainiac foul by Bozo.

    do I even have to mention who picked up the defensive assignment on Gooden.

    Doug you may have been right calling Gooden, Boozer lite(I've been suggesting for a while now that we would be better off paying Gooden)however, if he(Gooden) got to go against snoozer every night he would be Boozer heavy.

    It is safe to stop the countdown now, Taj in for defense.

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