Bulls destroy the Bucks in the paint for the win

It wasn't particularly pretty. The Bucks managed to hang around all night as Brandon Jennings was on fire early and Jon "who?" Leuer kept them in it late. In the end, too much Derrick Rose in the paint, too much Boozer/Noah on the glass, and too many turnovers did the Bucks in.

Hard to take much from this game. Milwaukee's only "big" was Drew Gooden, and we know Poor Man's Boozer doesn't really count as a big. His 'Oley!' defense did nothing to slow down Rose or anyone else who found their way into the paint. Nor could he keep anyone off the offensive glass as the Bulls capitalized all night.

The Bulls aren't likely to face too many front courts as pathetic as the Bogut-less Bucks. To their credit, they took advantage, but I almost felt bad for Milwaukee.

Do the Bulls trust Butler to take on an expanded role next season?

We've gotten our first glimpses of Butler in competitive minutes the past couple of games, and so far he's looked a little timid. Defenses give him the Bogans treatment, and he doesn't really have a way to make them pay. He does play with a high motor, but he needs to improve in many areas before I'd count on him to play any role for a contending team next season.

This isn't to bag on Jimmy Butler. Most rookies have a long way to go, especially ones who've only played about 15 real minutes on the season. There's not much to judge yet, but he looks like he needs to find his way around the offense. The lockout hurts rookies in Butler's position more than almost any other player, because guys like Butler improve in practice. However, the Bulls simply haven't had many practices this season.

We'll see if Jimmy can impress by the end of the season, because if he plays well I expect the Bulls to waive the non guaranteed Brewer to stay out of the tax.

Nice work by the bigs

Joakim Noah is finally looking like the good Noah the past week or so. The Bulls are going to need him at his best against Miami on Sunday. He simply dominated the Bucks in the paint, and he's looked very active in all phrases lately.

Carlos Boozer rebounded from a poor showing against the Pacers to crush the Bucks. It was the type of matchup I felt he'd excel in, and he did.

Too big, too strong, too fast, too good

Derrick Rose performed as if they needed to make a highlight reel from just this game. He sliced through the lane over and over again as Jennings had no hope to stay in front of him, and Drew Gooden's help was about as pathetic as it gets.

Is the turf toe bothering Rose? No idea, but it sure didn't look like it tonight as he looked plenty explosive and destroyed the defense with his first step.

Time to get the Miami game face on

With Rip Hamilton a surprise scratch for this game, who knows what the Bulls will bring to Miami in terms of personnel. Hopefully the full team will be ready to go, but even if so, Deng, Rip, Gibson, and Rose would all be playing with some type of nagging injury.

Chicago will need to find a way to improve considerably over the level of play they had against the Pacers or Bucks tonight in order to hang around with Miami and steal a game in South Beach.


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  • It was good to see the offense roll a little, but this is two games in a row where the defense is not performing very well.

    Hate to say it, but I don't think we are in proper form to be taking on Miami right now.

    As for Derick being a closer, its a work in progress. He has done a fantastic job for such a young guy. He is growing in this role. He has won many games for us down the stretch on his own ability. However, in the Indiana game, he passed to the open man, just like Michael passed to Pax and Kerr for the last shot in our championship years. Because he made this pass, it doesn't mean he is not a closer. Let me be clear, he has plenty to learn with this regard, but my guess is the next close game, he takes it to the hole without assistance. If he gives up the ball again, then I really have to give second thought to what RW has written.

  • In reply to Swish14U:

    Elite closers still pass the ball. Derrick Rose will still need to pass the ball at times. I think at that time he could have drawn the foul and possibly hit the shot, because the defense was on their heals and he had deep penetration.

    That said, he passed to a guy who's theoretically a shooter with no one in his zip code. It wasn't a bad basketball play. I blame Thibodeau more for putting a cold Scalabrine on the court.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    He did the same thing last year in the ECF when he drove and Wade decided to play help D on Rose's drive, leaving him to kick it out to Deng for that same corner three. Except that time Deng actually made the shot.

  • "Joakim Noah is finally looking like the good Noah the past week or so."

    Three straight double doubles and five over his last eight games. His shooting percentage is finally picking up as well.... 51.5% over those last eight games, 59% over his last five.

    Lets hope he doesn't suffer a set back or another freak injury like last year, the Bulls need him playing at this level... especially with Deng's performance uncertain for the rest of the season.

  • Noah and Rose were the players of the game. Looks like the Bucks have their future powerforward in Leuer, dude has a silky smooth jumpshot and plays under control(not bad for a second round pick). Butler still looks lost on offense but he almost had a few tip ins and is a high energy guy with a nice steal in the game. Brewer concerns me a bit with his inability to finish at the rim, its obvious he lost lift from his past injury but he still played good defense. Korver still looks like a nervous wreck when he shoots the ball but hopefully he can snap out of his slump and still gave a few made threes in the game. CJ Watson came through with some nice made shots in the 4th when paired with Rose.

  • This Saturday morning, Bulls cut PG Michael James.
    Will Bulls add another player (a big) in time for the Miami game?
    I have to agree with Swish14U that our Banged Up Bulls don't look ready to play the Heat. Bulls are nowhere near full strength.

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