Bulls crush hapless Wizards

Bulls crush hapless Wizards

In a game that wasn't so close as the 10 point final score, the Bulls crushed the hapless Wizards. Derrick Rose sliced through the lane all night long in his second straight monster performance.

What do you think about the beating Derrick is taking?

Derrick scored 35 on 10/20 shooting and 14/15 from the free throw line. He spent the whole game inside the paint, finishing at the rim. It was every bit the MVP performance, and it's exactly what you want to see out of him when the Bulls need him to score.

It's probably stupid to suggest he tone it down, but after watching him take three or four hard fouls and tough falls where he was hit hard mid flight while the Wizards were down 15+ points made me think he needs to realize when to stop pressing the issue.

This is probably on Thibodeau more than anyone else to get him out of the game in these scenarios, but I don't think the Bulls want to just yank Rose because they're up by 15 either. It's a situation where Derrick might want to keep an eye on the score and start thinking of getting his teammates more involved rather than taking it to the rack himself over and over again when the Bulls have these monster leads.

Tough to criticize a guy for being a complete bad ass, but how many years is he going to hold up if he takes five hard falls to the floor a night?

Overall, the starters were rode hard again tonight.
Rose: 40:52
Brewer: 38:24
Korver: 44:42
Boozer: 35:54
Noah: 38: 53

With Hamilton/Deng out, you could argue the Bulls didn't have much choice. C.J. Watson may not have been ready for big minutes, and the Bulls got killed during the nine minute stretch that Jimmy Butler was on the floor [though I think that had little to do with Butler].

Still, there's no reason the Bulls couldn't have gone to Taj/Omer more who've frequently played more than Boozer/Noah anyway, but I think Thibodeau definitely views playing time for these guys as a reward and after their early struggles wants to give Boozer/Noah some extra room to play.

Given our injuries, I tend to view it in the opposite fashion. Half the roster has missed games already, there's no reason to press our luck by playing guys more than we really need to.

Derrick comes about as close to recruiting Howard as he ever will

Per the Trib:

"Me and Dwight definitely have a relationship, especially because of Adidas," Rose said. "I know that our market and the city speaks for itself if someone was interested to come to the Bulls. Dwight is a great player. Who wouldn't want to play with him? You never know what's going to happen."

Until Howard adds the Bulls to his list of teams with which he'd sign a long-term extension, scenarios involving a trade for the All-Star center remains a long shot.

KC Johnson appears to agree with my take that Howard's comments don't amount to a hill of beans and that the Bulls still aren't on his list yet.

Joakim Noah's got it going on

Another big performance by Noah. Over the past seven games he's averaging 12.4 points, 3.6 assists, and 12.1 rebounds per game. The assist totals in particular show you how much more integrated he's become into the offense recently. He's also shooting 62.5% from the field over this stretch.

This is the Joakim Noah we expected to have this year, and it's great to finally see him back and playing at a high level again. The field goal percentage was never a huge concern for me, since it was artificially low due to the amount of tip shots he missed early in the season.

I've always felt most tips should not count as a shot attempt/offensive rebound combination unless they go in because they inflate both stats artificially.

Not many guys shoot 5/12 from the three point line and hurt their percentage

Kyle Korver is one of those guys. Kyle's minutes have been up and down, and he's a guy who's threatened to get squeezed out of the rotation with everyone healthy, but he's generally delivered on the one thing he's supposed to do. Knock down threes.

He's sitting at 42.7% on the season right now while launching nearly four per game despite limited playing time. Korver's also done a nice job on the glass this season so far as I feel he's really attacked the defensive boards when playing at SF and has avoided getting beasted by more physical players on the glass.

Carlos quietly chips in 18 points

Everyone's favorite punching bag quietly scored 18 and has picked up his play from early on in the season. Boozer will never live up to what Bulls fans want from him, he'll never live up to what I want from him.

However, the hate on Boozer is also overstated. If he made eight million a year instead of 15 million a year would anyone really complain all that much about Boozer? We'd simply accept that he's a player with some strengths and weaknesses and take the strengths.

That's the reason why calls to amnesty Boozer make little sense to me. Maybe he's not the guy you want closing out the Heat. Maybe he's not the second star the Bulls hoped he'd be. However, he's still a very valuable player that provides skills the Bulls desperately need.

The Bulls aren't better off if they amnesty Boozer. Not unless they can take that 15 million and use it on some other player who's a stud, but that seems like a long shot. There's no easy way for them to reuse the money in a productive fashion.

If the Bulls are forced to go into the tax and Mirotic is ready to come over and looks good I could see Boozer getting amnestied, but he's not an addition by subtraction. Losing him would be subtraction by subtraction. Don't take the fact that he hasn't lived up to a 15 million dollar a year player and believe that he's a guy the team is better off without. He's not.

Side notes: Bulls interested in JR Smith/Dwight Howard?

According to Woody Paige on around the horn they are. At least, so says this realgm thread.

I didn't see the segment, but I've seen enough Around the Horn to know I'm not taking anything Woody Paige says sources tell him all that seriously. This sounds more like a "the Bulls could use JR Smith, I bet they'll get him, so I'll make it up" type of deal to me.

He also said they're interested in Howard. Howard's not interested in them, despite his comment yesterday, or at least that's my opinion.

At any rate, I figured I'd pass it along for those who want to get excited. Personally, I've been on the JR Smith bandwagon. A good team can absorb one knucklehead. JR Smith can be that knucklehead.


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  • The Washington Generals are a garbage team and it seemed almost unfair that the Bulls were trotting Rose out there after they already demonstrated that they could play John Lucas and still win.

    Noah & Boozer are playing better than to start the season. Makes you wonder since those two certainly seem to play better when more is asked of them, just like we saw last year when they played better separately than together. The idea that Hamilton is an upgrade on Bogans because of the effect of defenses having to watch him has been much touted ... but what if he's also a downgrade because Boozer and Noah feel less involved?

  • Doug: I agree with your thoughts towards lowering our expectations of Boozer while playing for the bulls. However, it's a naive notion that Gar/Pax would not be able to engineer an off-season trade for a stud PF who has proven offensive + defensive game.

    The Bulls aren't better off if they amnesty Boozer. Not unless they can take that 15 million and use it on some other player who's a stud, but that seems like a long shot.

    At present, Carlos is an untradeable asset who would not be involved in most trade senarios. It is an eventuality that CB will be amnestied + several NBA teams would submit bids in the range of $7-$9 million. An opportunity cost of $6 to $8 million loss; but worth it for the long term success of the team. The NBA measuring stick is elevating your game against elite competition in the playoffs. It will never happen with Boozer. Tx, C

  • I hope Deng sits for a little more time. Once he gets back, Thibs is going to play him for 45 mins anyhow.

    Health is the big key for this team especially of Hamilton and Deng against Miami. The Bulls can beat Miami in a 7 game series if a few things go well. I would go out on a limb and say that Rip is required only for a Miami series and that's about it. If he can get a few games before to get into a rhythm/understand the offense...fine. He is like a "Miami Consultant" for the Bulls. Otherwise, rest him against the other teams and try practice sessions against the Wizards kind of teams with Rose and others.

  • Just a few thoughts. First, about rose. He was going to go hard no matter what in this game after what happened in Miami. If the Bulls were up fifty he was going to push it down their throut. As for playing the subs more, I don't think they could. None of them played well at all. I think the Bulls would have lost if fooled around with the bench. Finally, I think the bulls won this game because of Noah. I know Rose was great, but in the fourth when the wizards starteds to double Rose in the backcourt, it was Noah's ability to handle the ball that broke that all up. When Noah is on his game, I really don't think he is much of a downgrade from Howard.

  • " If he made eight million a year instead of 15 million a year would anyone really complain all that much about Boozer?"

    I agree that Boozer takes a lot of heat he shouldn't, but not that fans don't have the right to gripe at all. The fact is that given his limitations and contract numbers, the team is badly hamstrung.

    That, however, is not Boozer's fault. He took the money he negotiated. Kudos to him and his agent. If he is really a $8 million player, the blame should be directed towards Gar/Pax. Their watch, their negotiations, their deal.

    I'll actually give Boozer credit. For the most part (to the extent possible given the Bulls offensive philosophy), he is the same player he was before in Utah. Dominates lesser foes, folds against bigger bigs, more of a jump shooter than post player, fairly decent rebounder, matador defender, oft injured. How many times have we seen NBA players sign for the big cheddar, and just become total shells (how's Miami treating you, Eddy)??

  • From the Wilbon article on ESPN....
    So I asked Derrick Rose what he took away from all that happened Sunday in Miami, and without hesitation he said, "That we're damn good."

    I think that's a good response to all those that were afraid that the missed foul shots and the loss would ruin his confidence!


  • Funny excerpt from Sam Smith's article regarding his post game conversation with Noah.....
    So I asked Noah if he ever fantasized about being a seven foot point guard. I knew I’d made a mistake as soon as Noah began to look up with a smile appearing and his eyes lighting up.

    Here’s how the conversation continued:

    Noah: “Do I ever fantasize? Usually when I think of the word fantasize, I think of women.”

    Me: “I really wasn’t going there. You’ll notice I tried to keep it to basketball.”

    Noah: “I don’t think of basketball and fantasize as the same. It’s not the same category.”

    Me: “I’m a little older than you.”

    Noah: “No, I don’t fantasize about being a point guard, no.”

  • The biggest problem with Boozer is he disappears against good teams. He lights up the bobcats and wizards of the world with his outside shooting but against good teams he seems to get lost in the shuffle.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    +1 amigo.


  • Rose is getting his feel for the floater/push-shots and when he breaks the defense down, it left korver and other shooters open. He's taking less threes and attacking. This is the kind of offensive game that gave him the 48% fg in his second year. I still want him to shoot open threes but not too many. Noah has been brilliant and getting back to the kind of play we saw early last season before his injury. If we get Deng and Rip healthy, we should have a good shot in the ECF. Korver should be parked at the three point line instead of running around screens for midrange jumpers, he seems best in catch and shoot situations. Even if he shoots 3 for 9 from the 3line, it equates to 50% 2 point shots. We kind of saw Boozer attacking the basket in yesterdays game, he needs to do that to balance with his rainbow jumper.

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