Bulls Beat #224 - Injuries sminjuries

Bulls Beat #224 - Injuries sminjuries

The Chicago Bulls went 3-1 this week despite Derrick Rose missing the week. Credit Boozer, Watson, Hamilton and Thibodeau for the strong play.

Bulls Beat #224 - Injuries sminjuries

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  • I disagree with your point about guards posting up taking the offense out of rhythm. Sure, if you do it simply because your guy has a height advantage, but he's not very good at playing with his back to the basket, it could be a mess.

    But when you're talking about a player like Hamilton, who is obviously very adept at it, and can do it quickly, and make good decisions (pass/shoot), it's a tremendous weapon, and doesn't hurt the offense at all imo. I don't see how it's any different than Boozer posting up, or any great post scorer for that matter.

    I think we're just too used to seeing someone like Luol try it, where he'll be very slow and methodical and usually still not get a basket (although he's gotten better lately). With Rip, he QUICKLY backs his man down, and either passes or shoots, and thus far, it's yielded very solid results. I don't know the percentages, but it feels like every time he does it and shoots, he hits the shot.

    Enjoyed the podcast btw. The Heat scare the sh*t out of me.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    And you have every reason to be scared of the Heat cause this is the team that will end the Bulls season if they meet again in the playoffs unfortunately. Too much talent on their roster and the Bulls don't have enough talented offensive minded players that can step up and score when a big basket is needed. Again, regular season means nothing although I'm sure we all appreciate the way the Bulls have been winning and having the best record in the league, it will mean nothing when the playoffs get here and they have to play a team in a series where the real adjustments are made. The Bulls need offensive weapons that can match what's going on in Miami in the playoffs. Sure the guys are stepping up now while Rose is out, but can they do this in a series against the Heat who are a very good defensive team as well as the Bulls. I guess this is why I'm not impressed with the Bulls still winning without Rose and having the best record in the league thus far. Talent 9 time out of 10 will beat a complete team almost every time. However I do appreciate the Bulls regular season play, its the playoffs that have me concerned when the offensive play will take a front seat over any thing else and will Rose have enough help to get the team pass the ultimate encounter in the Miami Heat.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The thing is, I think we're a better offensive team this year with Rip, and I think THIS year's Bulls team would've beaten Miami in the playoffs last year. The problem is, Miami has gotten better too. Miller looks to be back to form (well, at least until he gets hurt again), Chalmers looks improved, Haslem is back, and they added Battier. So yeah, I basically think we're screwed, along with the rest of the league. Just don't see how anyone beats that team four out of seven games. I think we're the second best team in the league, but that still kinda sucks.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I agree we're probably the second best team in the playoffs. However, we're in the Heat's league. We have a chance. We'll just be underdogs.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    There's plenty of reason to be worried about the Heat, but what can you do?

    The Heat have perhaps the 2 best guys in the NBA, the Bulls don't have any way to match them in star talent. They can only hope to beat them with team play, chemistry, depth, and effort.

    If the Bulls decided not to trade for Dwight Howard after he put us on his list or something similar, that'd be one thing, but they simply don't have any reasonable way to match their talent.

    No one does.

    Yet, despite that, they didn't win last year. They were beat by a more complete team with greater depth. That team only had one true offensive creator on it too.

    I'd prefer another superstar, but unfortunately it's not happening.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I don't think the Bulls need another superstar, just a player who's known to be a threat. Hopefully RIP will turn out to be that player. I believe the Bulls can beat the Heat in a playoff series, they just have to do a few things, play solid team defense, get in the passing lanes and take a page from the Mavs game plan in beating the Heat and that's to play a lot of zone defense at critical times during the series. Let's just hope that the Heat perimeter scores don't get too hot during that series and the zone D won't matter.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And the Bulls should definitely keep an eye on the Boston situation if they're serious about breaking up the big 3. Ray Allen would be the perfect fit for this Bulls team. Allen needs a change from always playing for a team that has green in the team colors... Milwaukee, Seattle, and Boston. I think Bulls red would be a good color for him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think the best hope if that Noah and Boozer to continue this uptick in form. Beating Miami from the perimeter seems like an exercise in futility ... who is more likely the score, the guys being guarded by LeBron/Wade/Battier or the guys being guarded by Bosh/Anthony/Hasleem/Curry (lol, I doubt they're persisting with that experiment come playoffs but I can dream)? Especially since the perimeter guys are going to have to guard LeBron & Wade on the other end so you can't even put out a one way player on the wings lest they be destroyed like Korver was last year.

    The guard situation is about as good as we're going to do I think, with Hamilton taking Bogans minutes, and hopefully Korver's minutes when we play the Heat. Obviously we'd all like someone better than Rip, but those guys don't come for the MLE, and teams don't just give them away in trades either.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think the Bulls and Heat series will be competitive. I think the Heat have more talent, but the Bulls can win if they get hot and really just play well. The Bulls need someone to take pressure off Rose and I would be all for a Allen acquisition.
    I'm interested to see how Rose plays against the Heat. Even though his stats aren't quite as good this year he's a better player- in terms of understanding the game. I think his understanding of spacing and how to get his team involved is much greater and will benefit the team in the long run.
    In some ways I don't want to mess with the team as is, mainly because I'm curious to see how they do and I like routing for these guys. In the end it's all about winning, but I'm much happier routing for these Bulls than a team like the Heat. Although I suppose that's because I'm a Bulls fan, I might feel differently if Lebrin came to Chicago.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Sounds like a bunch of pansies in this forum with no true FAITH in the Bulls, does everyone forget that the HEAT are a bunch of PUSSIES and will choke? I think the pressure to even get to the Finals and an improved Bulls team will cause them to wilt like the bitches they are. DRose is smarter this year and I believe the collective will and experience from last year, along with the addition of a champ in Rip will further stress out Frozen One and that asshole traitor DWade, the biggest pussy for not returning to Chicago. Does anyone in this forum have the real faith in the Bulls? Or is this a Miami Heat fan page since Miami has problems even finding fans to fill up their arena every night? Keep the faith! The Heat have shown they choke, and the Bulls were closer in the series against them last year than people remember, some fans. Go Bulls!

  • In reply to skande:

    I like your spirit!
    And when it comes to playoff time I will be all-in supporting and rooting for our Bulls. I think on this blog we like to play amateur GM and are always scheming for ways the Bulls can improve.
    But we are all Bulls fans in the end! Yes, GO BULLS!

  • In reply to skande:

    I agree with you, never heard such a bunch of pansies in my life....and they all seem to think the can coach better than Thibs. Pretty annoying at times. But in the end it does seem they are actually Bulls fans....just hard to tell most of the time.

    People just dont know when to enjoy a truly historic moment in their teams history.....DRose and company are special....way more likable than the Heat and we'll take em down this year if were healthy....

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    The reason it takes your team out of it's offense is that it puts everyone on the floor in a position they aren't used to. You have to vacate your traditional post players to get size out of the lane to help.

    If you have it built into the offense then that's fine, but you need sets to disguise it and work it in effectively.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Posting Rose could be beneficial. Especially if you pushed Boozer out and had him play off of Rose. He's more effective moving toward the basket (not posting) and taking his 15 foot jumper. It's probably not ideal, but if effective may be something to consider to throw another wrinkle in the offense. Over all though I agree it's ineffective unless you have an elite post guard- like MJ.

    Question for you Doug- Kendal Gill said the pick and roll is fairly easy to defend for good defenses. Do you find this to be true?

  • In reply to Hoover:

    A single pick and roll itself can probably be stopped most of the time, but the pick and roll creates space and an opportunity. It's very difficult to cover two very good players in a pick and roll.

    You typically have to either "give up" a shot, or bring a third man into the field to help defend. Once the third man comes if the team has an option for all five players than one of those options will now be open.

    I don't believe a pick and roll is an unstoppable play by any stretch, but I do believe it creates quality shot opportunities without overly stressing your guard trying to force him to create in isolation repeatedly.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I totally agree with your posting up analysis.

    In fact I would take it a step further. I think all teams make a mistake when they "force" players who are not naturally post players into posting up just because they are facing someone shorter than they are.

    If you are already a naturally good/ great post up player then by all means go after the mouse in the house. Otherwise, you just end up destroying the natural flow of the offense, while wasting most of the shot clock just trying to set up the guy in the post.

    Since the Bulls have no natural/dominant post players, they should only do so as a change of pace, to give the defense something else to think about.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I don't know the stats for this season on Rip, but I know historically posting up guards is better in theory than practice and rarely results in high percentage offense. I think Doug hits the nail on the head as to why it's hard to exploit a sized mismatch at guard: when you post up a guard the other team still has a big there as a second wall of protection, when you post up a big man they don't.

  • I'm gonna correct you on the Philly/Miami matchup. Boxscore shows blowout, but in reality, it was a very close game til Vucevic went down. Without Hawes and now Vucevic, they had no big man, had to go small, and that's when Miami pulled away. Before, it was pretty close game. Miami would go on small runs and then Philly would come back and make it close. Back and forth basically til Vucevic went down.

  • In reply to kozelkid:

    Same thing happened to the Bulls last year. After Asik went out, the Heat started getting inside more and making more shots. In hindsight, we know now that Asik is the best defender of the Bulls big guys and Noah/Boozer sucked in that series.
    The other thing is that intimidation factor is probably gone against the Heat. I think last year most players were intimidated by the talent of the big 3 combined with their actual play.
    The biggest key for the Bulls is the health of Rose, Rip, Deng and Boozer. These are the guys who will provide the offense.

  • In reply to kozelkid:

    Thanks for the extra info.

  • the Bulls strength is depth which helps in a season like this however everything gets squeezed in the playoffs as we saw last year.

    I think they could beat the Heat but it's going to take a collective effort and some luck. I think it depends on what the Bulls get from Boozer and Rip knocking down their jumpers and not getting in foul trouble.

    I would also say luck and some calls will have to go the Bulls way to beat them.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    I know its the "conventional wisdom", but I for one think it was a mistake for Thibs to shorten his rotation and reduce the Bench Mob's playing time in the playoffs. This played to the competition's benefit as it takes away one of Bulls greatest strengths. The wiser move is to grind down the opposition with fresh players, but keep a close eye on the Bench Mob while they are in.

    Last year there were a number of playoff games where Thibs would play the Bench Mob in the first half and they performed well, but then was reluctant to use the bench in the second half. IMO, the extended minutes to Rose and Deng (playing all 24 minutes of the second half) rendered them incabable of responding to the Heat's strong and effective 4th quarter surges.

    So I say, continue to play the Bench Mob in the playoffs! It is our team's strength. Play to our strength and create trouble for the opposition.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yes, I also noted the first half second half dychotomy with Thibs in the playoffs last season. It is basically what most coaches do, they coach scared the higher the stakes get.

    Since playoff games almost always come down to the last several possessions, Thibs needs to find a way to make sure that his guys still have their legs so they might actually still have the ability to hit a jump shot in the last 4 minutes.

  • You forgot to mention Norris Cole. He is a significant upgrade over Mike Bibby.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Maybe, but he's also been quite a chucker as well. He isn't playing within the offense and has hurt them in that regard. Chalmers is really coming to his own, however. The guy has been an absolute sniper from deep. Fortunately, Thibs' prides on his defense being able to run off shooters (see Boston vs Cavs, Magic shooters).

  • Seeing what scrub PGs have done the last few weeks makes you wonder: if in a parallel universe the Bulls never went for the stupid Vinny Del Negro experiment and just hired Thibs to start with would Rose have been a superstar straight out of college? I mean obviously he wouldn't have won the MVP, the team wasn't strong enough to get the wins, but for Rose's first two years under Vinny he was a good player but certainly below the full on star level. But what if it was just the coach and the system?

    And what if Vinny is doing the same to Blake Griffin and he's actually even better than he already seems?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    I've thought both of those things frequently.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    Excellent point, players especially young(and or immature) ones need strong leadership from both their coaches and veteran teammates.

    Vinny does not appear to be a player development coach, whereas, Thibs with the crazy work that he puts in is likely one of the best in the business.

    Despite our gripes about Thibs stubbornness on certain issues, we the fans, the Bulls organization and Rose should feel blessed that things worked out the way that they have.

    It is an often overlooked dynamic, but I think a great relationship between the teams best player and its coach is borderline essential to compete for championships year in, year out.

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