Bulls at Pistons 6:30pm on CSN

Will the Chicago Bulls take Ben Gordon in the post? I kind of doubt we'll see that more than once or twice. However, assuming Richard Hamilton plays, the Bulls will have the tall side of the Rip vs Gordon matchup for the first time.

Chicago just pulled victory out of the jaws of defeat last night, and as such, they'll have plenty to work on tonight to right the ship and get back to winning comfortably rather than hoping Derrick Rose drains three straight triples again.

The Pistons trot out a guard heavy lineup that doesn't mesh all that well together and should pose relatively little challenge to the Bulls. Their best shot at a victory is hot shooting, but the laws of averages will be against them as they don't have the size or skill to to consistently compete with Chicago.

Keys to the game

Simply don't beat yourself

The easiest way to lose to a junk team is to make a multitude of mistakes combined with hot shooting by the opponent. If Chicago maintains their fundamental defense and keeps turnovers under control then they should easily get past Detroit.

Push the pace of the game

Chicago has much better finishers than Detroit, so a fast paced game is likely to benefit the Bulls as they'll convert more of their break opportunities.

Cover up the three point line on the shooters

Ben Gordon and Brandon Rush are shooting over 40% from the three point line on a good volume of attempts. The Bulls need to keep track of these two and run them off the three point line, particularly in the corner.

Don't lay off

With this the second of a four games in five night stretch, Chicago should look to crush Detroit early and earn some rest for the starters. Detroit's a team that has no business hanging around the Bulls, so come in, get focused, do what you need to build the lead, and get out of the building with a win.


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  • You mentioned Brandon Rush, doesn't he play for Golden State?

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Maybe you meant Brandon Knight.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Yes, meant Brandon Knight, not sure how I came up with Brandon Rush there.

  • Didn't the Pistons beat a good team in their last game? Hopefully, it was Atlanta's defense which threw the Bulls of their rhythm yesterday.

    This is a "typical" made for Boozer game...not a great frontcourt where he can dominate.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    You called it!
    Boozer had a good game and was able to score against weak competition.

  • With ZBo out for 2 months... and my inability to change my fantasy lineup due to being out of town, I really need Monroe to put up a quadruple double with 50 points and 30 rebounds...

    And the Pistons lose by 30...

    Rose, Deng and Jimmy (for good measure) all go off for triple doubles as well.

    That should about do it..

  • Bulls starting to look more like the team from last year ... kind of boring against bad teams because you just expect them to get a solid win.

    Boozer and Noah showed some signs of working together better, after starting pretty poorly with turnovers after trying to force some passes ... if they can keep working on that Rose trapped -> Noah -> Boozer open shot thing going when teams try to trap Rose then it'll help heaps though.

    Lucas didn't look as bad as we feared either, although I guess you have to consider the level of competition.

  • it doesn't matter how lucas looks out there, he only goes in to give rose a break.

  • Is there anybody out there who still thinks the bulls were wrong to let BG go or that he is worth anything close to $11 mil per year?

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I think you'd struggle to make the case he's been worth 11 million total to the Pistons, let alone per year.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    LOL, an overwhelming majority of Bulls fans on the internet said that the Bulls were crazy to pay Deng more than they offered Gordon.

    Now Deng is the #2 player on the best team in the league, while Gordon is scoring a bunch of meaningless points for a HORRIBLE team.

    Of course, there were just as many people who thought that Paxson was crazy not to re-sign Eddy Curry for $10 million a year for 6 years.

    Ironically, a lot of these same people who couldn't have possibly been more wrong about those 2 guys are the people who still rip on the front office.

  • Thibs is crazy...Rose gets hurt and is lying down on the ground with a few minutes remaining and Bulls up big...He puts him back for a few more plays before taking him out.
    Also, there needs to be an asst coach monitoring Deng's minutes. Deng will be done before the playoffs. He was tired today and didn't play well

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