Bulls at Hawks 6pm on CSN

Bulls at Hawks 6pm on CSN

The Chicago Bulls stunned the Atlanta Hawks last Tuesday by coming back from a 19 point third quarter deficit to win the game. Derrick Rose went into MVP mode, and the Hawks had no answer. You can bet they'll be looking for revenge.

The Hawks are an up and down squad. They're the only team to beat Miami, they almost beat Chicago, then they lost to Miami with both LeBron and Wade missing the game. The Hawks can have a dominant offense when their guys are on top of their game as they can get offense from all over the floor.

However, they're also prone to long stretches of terrible shot selection and offensive inefficiency while they settle for long two point jumpers.

The Bulls are coming off of a back to back, but the Hawks are in the final game of a back to back to back with travel between each game, and they played a total of four overtime periods in the previous two games. The Bulls should be the fresher of the two teams today.

Keys to the game

Play with patience

The Hawks disrupted the Bulls offense with their zone defense last time. The Bulls will need to prepare to tackle the zone and should prepare to play Korver some extra minutes as a zone buster. If Richard Hamilton [unlikely] were able to go for the Bulls, it would be a lift for the team as his mid range jump shooting would also help bust up the zone.

Keep the Hawks outside

The Hawks love to take deep two point jumpers, especially Josh Smith. If the Bulls can defend the paint, the Hawks will likely fall into their pattern of jacking up bad shots from the perimeter. Once they start launching long twos, they'll be easy to beat.

Boozer's time to shine

Obviously Rose is always the most important piece in the offense, but Boozer can make a big impact in this game.

The Bulls went to Boozer in the pick and roll much more than the low post last night, a trend I hope continues. Boozer's at his best when he's rolling to the basket or shooting an open pick and pop jumper. Both will have some value against the zone defense. Hopefully the Bulls keep using Boozer to his strengths rather than trying to have him create down low.

Final thoughts

Hard to pick against the Bulls given how we'll they've been playing the past couple of games. Even when they struggle, they find ways to gut out wins. I doubt the streak ends today in Atlanta despite the trouble Chicago had with them last game.

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  • Agreed about Boozer, this is so true. Boozer looks so much better when he is playing with movement within the offense. It seems this is closer to how he played in Utah.

    I don't recall Bulls using Boozer like this last season. Has the team finally figured out how to use him? But I'm not completely sold yet. Like your comment in the previous thread, I want to see Boozer play well against Miami and a few other elite teams.

    Hope Boozer shows us again tonight!

  • I watched the end of regulation and the 3 overtimes of that loss to the Heat. Still can't figure out how they lost with the anonymous talent(OTB, other than Bosh) that Miami had on the floor.

    The Hawks are an athletically gifted team, but way too many knuckleheads(even with Crawford in Portland), who just don't get the game. As I've said the only guy on that team that I would want on the Bulls is Horford, he would be my dream PF for this Bulls team.

    By the way, if that Atlanta game was a real indication, Miami is no longer a 3 man team, they have some depth to rival us, as they had an entire starting lineup in suits that night(not just Wade and Lebron)

    As for everybody's new hero(for one day at least), Boozer, at this point in his career is not a post player, he is not much of a PNR player either(finishes scared), he is almost exclusively a pick and pop(fadeaway jumper)player.

    Not saying that you can't be effective doing that, but lets stop pretending that Boozer is what we hoped he would be and just admit that he is a niche role player.

    Actually, JVG pointed that out in the fourth quarter at Orlando, he basically said that Boozer was most effective at hitting wide open mid range jumpers created for him by someone else breaking down the D. At this point that is all that we can expect from him, if he is hitting his jumpers everyone will be on the band wagon, on the nights that he can't hit them, not so much.

    If Taj could hit that jumper with the same effectiveness, Boozer wouldn't be a Bull and Taj would be an All-Star. Oh Well, in a perfect world?

    Anyway, here's hoping that Atlanta is Atlanta tonight and that the Bulls get an easy win with the Hawks giving up early on their 3rd game in 3 nights.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agreed about Miami's depth. Chalmers has matured a bit & likely feels the pressure of a rookie trying to take his job, last year they were somehow able to keep Haslem as a free agent, add Mike Miller, & this year was able to add Battier & rookie Norris Cole. Joel Anthony & James Jones play roles. They are still nowhere near our depth, but it's not as bad as once believed.

    The good news is they have only 1 1st round pick over the next 4 years (2014), but they still have the MLE & whatever vet min player they can sign, which is always an attractive situation for a ring chaser.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Exept for not having a defensive Center like Asik, Heat bench matches up very well with Bulls bench. Haslem, Battier, Miller, Cole, and James Jones. That's pretty darn good.

  • In reply to RichG:

    But they have Joel Anthony who is basically Bogans impersonating as a Center/PF in the starting lineup and we need to reserve judgement on Battier(I don't think he has been deep into the playoffs anytime).
    The only player who can be dangerous in the playoffs other than the three.. is Haslem.
    Cole is just the new flavor like how we Bulls fans think of Butler. It is foolish to expect anything of a rookie in the playoffs when teams are well prepared

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    No one will ever mistake Joel Anthony for Karl Malone, but he's a worthy rotation player whose value doesn't show up in the box score. Carlos Boozer wishes he could block shots and rotate defensively the way Anthony does. Battier is a seasoned pro. He's one of the reasons Memphis did go deep into the playoffs last year. While it is true Cole is only a rookie, I like what I see so far. Don't forget about Mike Miller. He really wasn't healthy last year, and his game is much more multi-faceted than Kyle Korver's.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Yea, and some D league guy that I never heard of(Harris, I think) played for Wade in that game and pulled down 14 rebounds from the 2 guard slot

  • I'm hoping for:

    Another good game from Boozer, considering that ATL's frontcourt is undersized and the 2-3 zone allows for Boozer to move to open spots on the floor for that 15 ft jumper he likes to shoot.

    Noah playing within himself. It just appears that Noah has been down on himself and his play has suffered. I don't mind him trying to look for his shot, but a lot of the offense that he is trying to create this season looks forced. I want to see Noah be the high energy, high intensity, rebound machine that we all know he is capable of being.

    Lastly, I'll be looking to see if Thibs makes a defensive adjustment on the backpick that ATL was running for alley oops. Whether it is telling his player, on the ball, to put more pressure on the passer, or making it a point to disrupt the timing of the screen, is an adjustment I'd like to see this game.

  • Bulls playing with no HEART.....

  • They just don't care tonight. Including Rose.

  • This is a game where I doubt Boozer will show up. He is not a high energy guy. Hopefully, he pulls down some rebounds..
    Time for Brewer, Korver or Asik to have a big game..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If Boozer was the problem I'd be happy. DRose is not even interested. Walking up and down the court...

  • If the Bulls will make a comeback, it is against the Hawks. They must be worse in BB IQ than the Wizards and the Raptors

  • what is this crap, the hawks... come on

  • Bulls look exhausted tonight, especially the starters. They're just leaving the 3pt shooters wide open (8-9 for Atlanta).

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think Rose is not 100% with his elbow. It's sink or swim with JL3 in this game. Thibs...Preserve Rose for another day.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I Agree. Bring in the bench. Bulls starters are now -30 to -40.

  • rose is -28 for the half.. pure mvp action right there

  • Combination of way over their head shooting by Atlanta with horrible play by the Bulls, but man, this is ugly.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Especially since this is Atlanta's third game in 3 nights! Back to back to back for them!

  • what's the plus minus record for a player in a game. Rose is -37 bozo is at -40

  • It's now 97-80 with 4:54 left in game.

    You see how Lucas and Butler are hustling and clawing their way back? Bulls starters where just too exhausted tonight. They were dead on their feet and a step slow. The NBA grind caught up with starters tonight.

    Last night Jeff Van Gundy was marveling at Bulls focus, intensity and execution. Bulls need that effort to be good. But you can't outwork your opponent every night.

  • I don't blame Derrick for looking a step slower, but his real disinterest in the game, especially in the 3rd quarter, is disheartening for me.

    Getting Jimmy Butler some minutes though is a plus. He rebounds, defends well and has been able to make a couple and 1s during the 4th quarter.

    I don't usually mind listening to local commentary, especially since I understand that there will be some bias to the home team. But the local, ATL play by play commentator on League Pass irritates the hell out of me.

  • In reply to stepbackJ:

    Agreed. Total desinterest.

  • In reply to stepbackJ:

    I don't think its disinterest, its exhaustion. You can't play on razor's edge every single night. Some nights, your opponent will have more energy and outwork you. You can't always control that, they're human.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yea, it might be, but Atlanta was on their 3rd game in 3 nights. It seems to me it was mental fatigue more than physical, or maybe they just need to see the cardiologist.

  • Thonus should title his column for this game:

    Bulls take back statement against Hawks!

  • Well, that was lovely. As usual I it only took the next game to prove me correct in my Boozer imitating BG7 prediction, I just didn't think that the entire starting unit would mail it in with him.

    Where is all the Boozer whoreship(did that on purpose)now.

    Told you last night that I would get the last laugh, I mean cry.

    Boozer minus 39, Taj plus 24, by my math that is a 63 point differential, (Wow, is that a one game stat or for the entire season). Not sure if that qualifies as a fact or an opinion, what do you think MappyLite.

    Smith and Radmanovic shoot a combined 16-24, including 6-6 from 3. More inconvenient facts. I believe they are both listed as power forwards, doesn't TOAH play that position.

    In the first quarter Boozer defending the pick and roll against Radman and Zaza made them look like Magic and Kareem.

    How about that Big Baby for Bozo trade now, or are you still keeping JL3. Actually, 2 or 3 years ago when he became a free agent, I wanted the guy that got traded for Big Baby, Brandon Bass, who is currently putting up about the same numbers in Boston as Bozo but is only on a 4 year $16 million deal. Would Boston trade us Bass for Boozer, hmmm, I wonder.

    Boozer, like Gordon before him is a disease, and if Thibs lets it he will eventually infect the entire team as he did tonight. And that is why I have such an "irrational hatred" for him, just like I did Gordon.

    Awfully quiet here tonight, no smart ass remarks, I wonder why, almost takes the sting out of the loss.

    Can't wait until Boozer's next 20-10(will that be in January or February) game so the bandwagon gang can nominate him for all NBA first team defense again.

    lol,lmfao,hahaha and all that other texting twittering bullshit.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You need to stop cluttering up the board and start seeing your shrink again. I don't know what boozer ever did you but try to move on.

  • In reply to dreverts:

    Maybe his shrink went to Europe with Elaine, and forgot to leave a refill for his medication?

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Maybe you need to get off the couch in your mothers basement watching Seinfeld reruns.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    First of all, my Mom doesn't have a basement.

    Secondly, do you realize how hilarious your attempt at making fun of me was? You obviously picked right up on the Seinfeld reference.

    I'm trying to do a live show right now, I really need to stop reading this stuff at work. I shouldn't be busting out laughing on the air.

  • Don't look now but Indy is 6-2(probably had an easier schedule), never theless, last seasons playoff series was not a fluke.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The Pacers are a good team and just like I said during last years playoff series against them, they will be tough to beat and they just may challenge the Bulls for the central division this year.

  • Is there a pattern with the Bulls losing if the other teams are hitting their 3s and if the Bulls are not handling the ball well. Both the losses happened because of the lack of ball handlers. Rose was out of sorts today and Josh Smith and Teague were stealing like the Wall Street bankers.
    That said, this kind of thing happens to all teams. The only thing I was disappointed is Thibs should be able to sense if his starters are mentally off and just give them a mental break like baseball managers do to some of their everyday players.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Thibs should be able to sense if his starters are mentally off and just give them a mental break like baseball managers do to some of their everyday players

    Noah 17 min
    Brewer 19 min
    Boozer 22 min
    Rose 28 min
    Deng 30 min

    He couldn't have played his starters much less than he did.

  • High turnovers continue to plague the Bulls. That has to be the number one thing they need to clean up. Too many players getting plucked or stripped or throwing a bad pass. Golden rule number one..do not defeat yourself. Other things that are a worrying sign is the continued poor play of Noah, he just seems out of it most nights. The poor fg% of Rose which is a trend from last year and Boozer's jumpshot happy ways. I know he can't jump but he has to use his strong body and stop playing so soft. Zach Randolph cant jump but uses his strength to finish around the rim. Another disappointment is Brewer's inconsistency, sometimes he's good and other times not. If anything comes out of this bad game, hopefully coach Thibodeau gives Jimmy Butler a chance, especially when Brewer disappears.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    I think after a month or two, if Brewer is like how he is in the last few games...Thibs might using Butler instead of Brewer.
    I think Noah and Brewer are the two big disappointments of the season on how they showed some promise and then completely disappeared now.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Brewer isn't a disappointment at all, he's playing pretty much exactly at the same level he's been at his entire career.

    People got all excited over him hitting a lot of jumpers and 3's over 4 or 5 games, but just because he "is who we thought he was", that doesn't make him a disappointment.

    He's an outstanding defender and energy player off the bench, nothing more, nothing less. He gets paid as such.

  • I just got home from work, I guess I don't have to bother watching this one?

    It actually worked out perfectly, I have to be back at the station at 8 am, now I can get some sleep.

    It looks like the Hawks proved that minutes don't mean anything this early in the season- apparently they had all kinds of energy in the 3rd game of their back-to-back-to-back that featured 4 OT in the first 2 games.

    There's actually much less gloom-and-doom than I expected, although I did love this little tidbit:

    "Where is all the Boozer whoreship(did that on purpose)now.

    Told you last night that I would get the last laugh, I mean cry."

    If anyone thinks they can have the last ANYTHING 8 games into the season... nuff said.

    If the Bulls had won and Boozer had 40/20 with 15 blocks and 13 assists and 10 steals, the "Boozer lovers" still couldn't have had any last laugh. Not after 1/8 of the season has been played.

    I can see lots of good quotes through the season, my "Stupid Internet Comment of the Day" is just going to write itself all year.

    2 weeks in, and we're 7-2 despite having played 7 of 9 on the road.

    The Bulls came into tonight having played the 3rd toughest schedule in the NBA before playing #5 ATL tonight. (per Sagarin)

    I know I'm not the only one who realizes how impressive that is.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I agree with your sentiment that the Bulls' 7-2 record is impressive, especially with this absurd, condensed schedule that the League decided to implement.

    I personally wouldn't have minded a shortened, 50-55 game season.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    D-Ellis: I agree with your thoughts about the bulls having played 1/8 of the regular season. The larger point becomes acknowledging a concerning trend regarding our favorite punching bag: Carlos Boozer.

    As a starting NBA power forward, we're not able to rely on a consistent level of production in the starting line up. The bulls winning formula consists of:

    -A proven MVP
    -4 starters who have defined roles on this squad.

    Boozers strengths: scoring-rebounding. If Carlos brings this skill set only 40% to 60% of the time, it ends up hurting the squad.

    Glaring choice: Given the same number of 1st unit minutes, Taj Gibson will give the Bulls a 10/10 with better defense. The 10 point deficit will be absorbed by the shooting guard position: Rip Hamilton. Carlos moves to the 2nd unit or is preferably traded.

    A man can dream! Tx, C

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    Maybe you just crawled out from under a rock in Mappy's backyard, and missed the entire last season, especially the playoffs, add it all up and it is considerably more than 8 games, or 1/8th of a season, check it out, it is fact.

  • Hey Doug, I have always enjoyed reading your recaps, which is insightful and to the point. One question, don't u think Noah is shooting too much from the outside? also, when he misses (which happens too often), we can't get the rebound. Also, why do u think his numbers are down so much from last season when he is not injured? Is his elbow injured? I saw he had his elbow wrapped when he played last night, and he kept holding his elbow. tks.

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