Latest rumored signings and impact on the Bulls

Yesterday was the first day that signings were leaking around the league including several players the bulls were "targeting", and the league nixing a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers

Jason Richardson is the Bulls target

Not surprising, but this has been reported by multiple beat writers. I wrote a few days ago that I think it will come down to Richardson and Vince Carter. I don't think the Bulls will look to move on Jamal Crawford, but his name has still been floated around [though the Bulls trading Brewer for him has been debunked and also makes no sense for Atlanta IMO].

J.R. Smith is still a possibility returning from China, but he's not someone that I think management has ever been interested in, and I think he only comes here if all other options fail.

Chris Paul was almost a Laker

All parties had agreed to a trade.
Lakers: Chris Paul
Rockets: Pau Gasol
Hornets: Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic

Pretty tremendous return for the Hornets, as you could build a very solid team around those four guys, and quite frankly, that team would be better than the team they will actually put on the court this year. The complain might be that Odom is 32, Scola is 31, and Martin is about to turn 29.

A lot of declining pieces there. That said, the Hornets could easily flip all three of these players to contenders for boatloads of picks/prospects in a follow up trade if they wanted, or they could simply field a playoff team with those players in tact.

The deal was nixed, reportedly, to stop the flooding of superstar players from small markets to large markets. It was killed for "basketball reasons". However, it sounds like a "to support small owners" reasons, because this trade would have massively increased league revenue. Imagine if a Howard trade comes afterwards and the NBA gets a Heat / Lakers final with James, Wade, Bosh, Howard, Kobe, and Paul in it? Ratings are through the roof, interest is through the roof.

It will be interesting to see if Stern sticks with this or not. When Stern nixed the deal, he effectively made it impossible for the Hornets to trade Paul at all. Now, Paul will potentially leave New Orleans for nothing putting New Orleans in a far worse spot going forward which isn't good for the franchise.

However, there are a few options that could still happen. An amended version of this deal could still end up going through today, and it wouldn't surprise me.

Random other thoughts on this "almost" trade. Seems like kind of a lousy deal for Houston to me. I know someone will say Pau Gasol is an "A" list player while Martin/Scola weren't, but Gasol is 32, and the Rockets don't have enough time to build around him. Plus when he was in his prime, the Grizzlies couldn't build a team to win a playoff game around him.

He's the same age as Scola, and scored the same number of points last season. He scores with greater efficiency, and grabs an extra board or two per game, and while he's clearly better, he's only an incremental upgrade over Scola. For that, you're throwing in a 23 point per game, high efficiency offensive scorer?

The Rockets trade their two best players for Pau, and I don't see someone waiting in the wings to step up and replace Martin. They'd have no time to build a contender around him and would be worse in the short term for having him. The deal is virtually cap neutral as well as Pau makes just 1 million less than Scola/Martin combined and will be vastly overpaid by the end of his deal most likely.

This trade was also a huge risk for the Lakers. Chris Paul is a bad ass, but how is he going to play with Kobe, and his knee has been pretty balky. I don't know that the Lakers are immediately better on the court with this trade, and clearly they were hoping to swap Bynum for Howard as a followup move to pair Paul/Howard going forward.

If the Lakers couldn't pull off the follow up move, they still have Chris Paul to build around, but they're probably worse off this year as their pieces wouldn't fit together nearly as well as last season and the total talent level probably declines, especially since they wouldn't get maximum benefit from Chris Paul's superstarness since they already have an ultra closer.

Impact on the Bulls?
Probably good. A second superteam to go through would make our path to the championship all the more daunting.

Caron Butler to Clippers for 3/24

Seems like an oddball move for the Clippers. Perhaps they just figured they were out of the running for Paul and Dwight because they're the Clippers and not the Lakers. However, why use up so much cap room on Butler? I would have exhausted every possibility to bring in Paul/Dwight prior to making this type of move.

As for the contract, seems pretty reasonable. 8 million is a good chunk of change to play Butler given his recent health, but when you look at the follow up signings it wasn't so bad. They also managed to lock him in for just three years which means they aren't on the for too long if things go south.

Impact on Bulls?
Negligible. There was a lot of smoke around Caron Butler to the Bulls, but they hadn't extended him a MLE offer, so he clearly wasn't a top priority for them. If they had extended him a full MLE (4/21.3) it would have been interesting to see if he'd have chosen us or whether the Clippers would have added a fourth year.

Either way, Butler's not a SG, I've been saying that for quite some time, his arrival to Chicago would have only made sense because it was just a good deal to lock him in at 5 million and would give the Bulls flexibility to trade Deng whom no one will really want at his salary anyway, so such flexibility is minimal.

Tyson Chandler to Knicks (rumor 4/58)

With Tyson Chandler going to the Knicks, New York has a legitimate team to field and will become a significant threat in the East. They have two dynamic scorers, and someone to clean up the glass and defend around the rim. They'll be competing heavily with the Bulls and Heat to sit atop the East.

Nearly 15 million for Tyson Chandler though? Wow. The only thing worse than that is paying 15 million a year for Ben Wallace.

It will be interesting to see if the Paul trade falling apart, and potentially Chris Paul being forced to free agency, will impact whether this signing goes through. If the Knicks know Paul will be a FA, they could keep their cap room open and add him next year for nothing potentially.

Paul would still have to take a pay cut, my guess is the Knicks still get this done.

This signing also signifys the Knicks are willing to go to complete cap hell, damm the tax, to win. This shouldn't come as a surprise as they can probably sport a 100 million dollar payroll and remain profitable even with the new tax. However, in a couple years, Amare + Melo + Chandler would cost them 55 million without anyone else.

They'll still need supporting players.

Impact on Bulls?
Will make the East considerably tougher to get out of.

Pistons sign Tayshaun Prince 4/27

My first thought was that this was a horrible signing for Detroit, but then I remembered, Detroit is basically a crappy small market team, and the only reason we forget that is because Joe Dumars caught lightning in a bottle and ran a successful franchise for so long.

However, Prince is 32 years old, Detroit is going no where. Why bid at all just to lock in another bad contract that you'll want to dump desperately in a year or two?

Impact on Bulls?
Helps raise the market for mediocre role players. If Prince is getting 4/28, it will be a heck of a lot tougher to sell Richardson on 4/21. Also removes Prince as a target, but he would have been a horrible fit here anyway.

Shane Battier to sign with Heat (full or most of MLE?)

Haven't seen the numbers yet, but Shane Battier announced he'll sign with the Heat. This should improve the Heat a decent amount. At the end of games, they can pull the PG and put in Battier, they now have three tremendous perimeter defenders, and Battier can still knock down the open corner three.

Battier has been a guy who's steadily impacted winning his whole career with his style of game and is a perfect role player for them.

Impact on the Bulls?
It really amps up the pressure for Chicago to find some type of threat to match. The Heat can double on Rose with 2 of their three perimeter defenders and still leave someone of high quality on Deng. If the Bulls don't have a strong offensive option at the two or on the inside they'll really struggle if Rose can't defeat the double team.

Eddy Curry to sign with the Heat


I know it's the vet min, so who cares, but really, who cares? Curry adds everything the Heat don't need and nothing that they do, and that's if he's actually in shape.

Impact on Bulls?
None, but none of our vet min signings will have an impact on the Heat either, so I don't mean it as real criticism, the ROFL is for those who think this matters.

Mike Dunleavy to sign for 2/7.5 with Milwaukee

Impact to Bulls?
Dunleavy's not a tremendous fit on the Bulls, but for a shade under four million per season he's a solid player. He shoots well from the three point line, scores efficiently, and has a bit more off the dribble game than Kyle Korver. That said, he's a pure three that we really simply wouldn't want.

Shannon Brown to sign for 1/3.5 with Suns

Impact to Bulls?
One more potential target off the market, however, I'm not a fan of Shannon Brown myself. I don't see him as a good shooter or shot creator. He's an athletic defender who provides a bit more shooting than Brewer, but isn't really a need for the team. He might have been an upgrade over Bogans, and the pricetag was certainly cheap. This is one of those signings where maybe you wish you made it if you can't work out something better later, but you don't make it now because there are still so many better options available.

Jason Kapono 1 year vet min deal with Lakers

He gives the Lakers some outside shooting which they need, but he wasn't someone the Bulls would have pursued, so negligible impact for Chicago.

Random rumors

Nene may get a max contract offer from Denver or someone else. -- Holy stupidity batman!
DeAndre Jordan is looking at an 8/40 offer from the Clippers will likely find a higher offer sheet elsewhere - Holy stupidity part 2!


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  • BREAKING NEWS!!! Just saw on hoopshype....Brian Scalabrine is signing with Chicago Bulls a non guaranteed contract.

    I pray this Gar/Pax are able to get something done and this isn't the only signing with the Bulls that we hear about!

  • W/o the MLE or the use of the MLE on battier, can the heat still sign bibby and dalembert?

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    No way on Dalembert, he'll get 10 mil a year

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I read recently that Dalembert was leaning towards resigning with the Kings.

    Kwame Brown leaning towards staying in Charlotte.
    Kurt Thomas leaning towards Chicago

    Not that any of those guys are major difference makers, but there aren't many more C options out there for Miami. I'm curious what they end up doing about their lack of big men.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    They can still sign Bibby with bird rights, but not Dalembart unless he just agrees to play for the min or what is left of the MLE.

  • Doug, with the new salary floor, there are going to be many "holy stupidity" deals going around. This CBA was absolute garbage for properly paying the middle class, which was one of the problems of the old CBA. Wait to you see what Dalembert, Afflalo, Thad Young, & Marc Gasol gets. Way too many crap teams needing to spend up to the floor, way too few impact free agents this year.

  • I wish we'd pursued Dunleavy. Couldn't we have amnestied Korver and offered Dunleavy 2/10?

    And I like protecting the middle class, even if it means a few contracts on the high side. The alternative is way worse.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    Those bloated middle class deals are going to kill those teams. Middle class is way overpaid.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Possibly and yes. Still, it's way better to have a fat middle class than a totally skewed distribution of salary. That's one of the things unions are for, in the NBA and elsewhere.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    That'd be a waste of an amnesty clause. Bulls are saving that boy for Carlos Boozer if they need it.

  • Just saw Grant Hill is resigning with the Suns. I'm just glad that he's not going to the Knicks along with Chandler.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    After giving Chandler $14.5 mil per year maybe the Knicks couldn't afford Grant Hill who got $6.5 mil from Phoenix for 1 year.

    The big question is: Who will agree to sign with Bulls for the lowly MLE of $5 mil per year??? Will Richardson or Crawford accept $5 mil after Caron's $8 mil and Hill's $6.5 mil? I'm concerned, to put it mildly.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I agree, the market hasn't been set well for offering the MLE with these other signings. We haven't heard much out of the Bulls so far, I hope they are quietly working on something and not just sitting around watching. I read a few days ago that they are "getting creative" with S&T offers for Afflalo. We can only hope and wait.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Oh man! Do you have any details or links on that S&T for Afflalo by chance?

  • In reply to Mr Fusion:

    Here is the article that said could just be talk, but hopefully they're putting something together.

    I do like that they are staying quiet about whatever they're doing to avoid causing problems within the existing locker room by openly shopping players like Boston did with Rondo.

  • Don't lose hope just yet. Taj Gibson hasn't been at the Berto yet. Is he part of a trade package to get Nick Young or Mayo or Afflalo??? I still feel the Bulls will go the trade route. If they land Nick Young, not a bad catch even though he is a bit erratic and poor defender but he is athletic and could become an above average defender.

  • sounds like Dhoward met with nets and houston which is tampering and magic is filing to league...good for bulls?

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    Heck yeah. Good work Prokhorov. This is awesome. Free agency blunders. Bulls must capitalize. That's one thing I've always respected about Bulls Brass, despite lack of blockbuster trades they're professionals—i.e. courting Kobe before he resigned with the Lakers. Kobe had a huge amount of respect for Bulls Brass for keeping their mouths shut and acting professionally.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    I read that Nene is going to sign with the Nets. What will Denver do with Affalo then? Half their team is in China and will Affalo want to resign with them in that case. Maybe, GarPax know something and surprise with a Affalo with S&T, Crawford with MLE(defense and 3 pt shooting with Affalo, ball handling, 6th man and offense from Crawford)

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    That would be amazing. Do the Nets like Nene more than Lopez. Interesting to me.

    On another note:

    "If found to have had the meeting with Howard, the Nets could face stiff fines, a loss of draft picks and perhaps even lose the right to sign him as a free agent next summer or trade for him."

    Per Yahoo Sports


    To think Dwight may have screwed himself is too funny.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Well, to think that the guy has expressed very few things, and one of them being "nice weather".

    Brooklyn/NJ = not nice weather.

    Done on purpose to ensure he doesn't get shipped there?


    Okay, I know... not bloody likely, but why the hell does he all of a sudden want the Nets? Decent squad where he'll still be the star? Not in LA, not in Chicago... Hmmm.. I don't get it.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Seems odd to me too, I can't see why he would want to go to the nets. Maybe he feels with Rose that he'll never be the man but with Deron Williams he'll obviously be the man and the gap in talent isn't that big.

  • the only thing this new CBA did will be to prove how high a pay cut the stars are willing to take to stack a team. sure, it will hurt their wallets a bit, and role players will get overpaid on worse teams. But it's not going to change the structure a bit. Stars need to be forced to take the highest salaries offered to them as easily as Stern nixed the Chris Paul deal.

  • In reply to mepeterser2451:

    Ridiculous. You don't have to take the job that offers you the highest salary. Why should the players? They are laborers who are unionized in order to protect them from draconian measures such as the one you've proposed.

  • Aside from getting Dwight I have one hope... Signing an amnestied Gilbert Arenas. I understand the stigma that follows Gilbert, but NONE of the other guards around have as much upside as Gilbert. The guy is a goofball, especially since he has been on teams that have not been competitive. I have been watching him since his college days and few players (Eye have seen) have the knack for the game that he does. If healthy his addition takes us passed the Heat (IMO Arenas > Wade).

    Rose and Arenas in the backcourt would be fearsome. Arenas can light it up (Hibachi!) Chemistry will be an issue with any new addition, maybe more so with Gil then others, but the upside makes it worthwhile.


    I like that a lot!

    and btw: the Bulls won't get Howard because Luol Deng is untradeable in the mind(s) of garpaxdorf

  • In reply to No It All:

    I went to University of Arizona during his reign, and I freaking love Gil... The only thing is, what the fuck happened to him?

    I'll take Arenas circa 2004, but he's just garbage now.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I was there then too. I think Gil is a guy that has suffered from being on teams that were terrible. Unfortunately from him he isn't the consummate professional type that will bring his A game everyday in games or practice when he knows the team won't win anyway because his supporting cast is bad. That said he has to have an enormous chip on his shoulder at this point and I think he will/would play harder then he has during his NBA career. In that context, lookout! I still like his midrange to outside game and think his knack for the game and passing lanes makes his Defense better then most think. He and Bogans sharing the two with some brewer thrown in is much better then just Bogans and Brewer...

    Supposedly we can't make a bid and will have to wait until he clears "waivers" to make him an offer as a FA... fingers crossed.

  • In reply to No It All:

    Did you watch Arenas play for Orlando last year? He was horrible! He couldn't shoot and he's a guy who needs the ball a lot to maximize his abilities and that's not happening playing next to Rose. I like the creative idea, but I think it would be a bad move.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Arenas + Bogans > Bogans

  • What do you guys think about Reggie Williams from GSW? I think he'd be a nice fit either starting or coming off the bench and playing with the "bench mob" next to his former teammate CJ Watson.

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    I like Reggie for sure, though it's worth noting his numbers last year were similar to Watson's at the same age in GS.

  • Bulls Asset Preservation Strategy
    Here is my opinion/take on the Bulls thinking. They are likely taking a very conservative asset preservation approach. Meaning, Bulls want to add a SG, but they are unwilling to make a S&T trade to give Richardson or Crawford more money as that S&T would cost them assets and screw up their 2-3 year plans. I’ll explain my opinion on why Bulls don’t want to trade certain assets:

    1) Omer Asik or Taj Gibson - Bulls want to keep/resign both and don’t want to trade big for small to get a SG. (Bulls can afford this if they amnesty Boozer in 2-3 years when the luxury tax gets severe).

    2) Mirotic or the Charlotte Pick – Bulls see this as an opportunity to reload with lottery talent in 2-3 years and don’t want to squander this chance.

    3) The 2012 Non-Guaranteed Trio (Brewer/Korver/Watson) - Bulls want to keep these 3 contracts which are non-guaranteed for next year at $12.57 million total. Bulls see this as excellent trade asset for a team that needs to shed salary during the 2012 off-season or perhaps even at this season’s Feb/March trading deadline. So they don’t want to include any of these 3 players in a S&T now. Also, gives Bulls flexibility.

    4) The 2011 Non-Guaranteed Trio (Pargo/Lucas/Bogans) - Bulls would include the current non-guaranteed trio Pargo/Lucas/Bogans in a S&T, but why would Orlando or Atlanta do the Bulls such a big favor in allowing them to sign their UFA SG? Of course they wouldn’t unless they got something additional in return. Would a Bulls draft pick be enough to get this done? (Bulls won’t include the Charlotte pick).

    So I see this as kind of a stand off by the Bulls. Their IDEAL SITUATION is a good SG agrees to play for the MLE and they preserve assets 1,2,3 above. Bulls are basically waiting for a player to cave-in and accept their terms, not the market’s terms. I understand this thinking, it would be great if our team could retain all their assets and just add Richardson or Crawford to the roster!

    But so far it doesn’t seem Chicago is that appealing a destination where players agree to sign for less money, unlike Miami or Lakers. I could see Bulls using an asset from 1,2,3 above in a S&T for a younger player like Afflalo/Mayo/Young, but not Richardson or Crawford due to their age.

    We just have to wait and see…
    a) We get lucky and Richardson or Crawford accepts the MLE.
    b) Bulls break from this asset preservation strategy and make a S&T.
    c) We have to settle for Vince Carter or JR Smith because Bulls held to this asset preservation strategy and Richardson and Crawford refused the MLE.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I largely agree with your view there.

    I would add this as well, is there really a big difference between Jason Richardson and Vince Carter? Do you want to pay an extra 10 million for one guy vs the other for that difference?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Right, there's probably not a big enough difference.

    So I'd guess Bulls will keep their assets and if that means no Richardson/Crawford then so be it. Bulls will sign a Rip/Vince/JRSmith instead.

  • Edward, sounds about right and I cant really disagree with the approach. This team was a few injuries away from beating Miami last year in my opinion. No need to go all global nuclear meltdown and trade half the team for Howard etc....incremental upgrade and good health will have this team killin it this year....I cant effing wait...

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    I kind of disagree with you on being close to Miami. Yeah, they are not far apart as Philly/Indy is with Miami but they did lose whatever the injuries/referee calls were. Honestly, they couldn't do crap about passing/shooting in the crucial few minutes of a lot of games including Rose. As a Bulls fan, I want to believe they are ahead of Miami but they are not especially after last year.

    That said, if we are not getting Howard...we shouldn't be trading Asik for Courtney Lee or somebody like that. Front court depth is crucial and Asik was really on an explosive basketball growth last year. If they get 2 wing players, merging the talents of Bogans, Brewer, CJ, Korver....that's probably the best thing GarPax can do other than getting Howard

  • I heard on NBATV that the knicks will amensty Billups. How about signing him for the SG. I know he's older and a PG, but he and Rose can be interchangeable on the court. Just a thought.

  • In reply to skystang06:

    He'll probably get picked up in waiver process, if not he's heading to Miami.

  • MARCUS THORNTON! A GUY WHOSE NOT GREAT, bUT NOT TERRIBLE JUST INKED A 5/40 contract. They don't even have a position for him on the floor! They have freddette, salmons, evans, and garcia. Where is there room for thornton? At the very least, you don't pay your 3rd guard 8 million a year.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Maybe they amnesty Salmons and he comes back to the Bulls.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    This OVERPAYING is why Bulls are sticking to their 2-3 year plans. Bulls refuse to get caught up in the frenzy and overpay.

    How does Rip Hamilton on a 2-year deal sound?

  • In reply to Edward:

    I would say that sounds exceptional. we know the players on the bulls get along really well, so keeping that young group together while adding an active shooter would probably be the best option we have left at this moment.

  • The Bulls are just too conservative, bottom line. Everyone knows that they need a 2 guard that can score from the perimeter and create his own shot and what are the Bulls doing... being quite as usual, trying to be secretive only to do nothing but more than likely bring in a old washed up player at the end of their career. It seens like every team in the league are trying to make moves but the conservative Bulls... I MEAN MY GOD... DO SOMETHING!!!

  • In reply to Reese1:

    i share your frustration but remember this is a really good team as is.....they need to do the right thing and not SOMEthing....have faith in your team brother...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Who has signed for the MLE or less that you wish the Bulls had gotten? So far the guys they would like to have were out of their price range, and for the most part wouldn't have improved the team anyway.

    The big guns in terms of guys that make sense are:
    Jason Richarsdon'
    Jamal Crawford
    JR Smith
    Vince Carter
    maybe to a lesser extent:
    Reggie Williams
    Tracy McGrady

    None of which have signed anywhere.

  • no more keith bogans?? yea! KCJHoop According to source, #Bulls just pulled Keith Bogans off the practice floor. Story soon at 24 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  • maybe bulls have signed a real sg if this is true.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I would interpret it as having come to terms with someone on the MLE or a trade just went down.

  • Houston could come out quite well in the trade if their strategy worked and the line up clicked. Bring in Pau and sign Nene and you have a tremendously skilled front court that can put up a bunch of points for you. They would have had some decent wings and guards still. Remember they seem to be insanely in love w/ Courtney Lee as well...or perhaps they would flip him to us for CJ or Kyle to try and replace Martin's volume. If they dont sign Nene they'd could go into next off season with max cap space and try and steal CP3 back or land Dwight. Certainly some risk but Pau's game should age pretty well and there isn't much point in playing for 6th seeds.

  • So if Rip finally agreed to a buyout and Vince is on the market is there any way we can get the old man washed up platoon at 2? A Vinsanity/Rip combo at the 2 has got to be better than Bogans right......?

  • In reply to FreeJoakim:

    Also gotta like this:

  • In reply to FreeJoakim:

    Love it

  • In reply to bzoooty:


  • Jason Richardson: Field Goal percentage - 48, 47, 44, 47 the last four years. 3 PT FG% - 38, 39, 39, and 42(on 5 and 6 attempts per year).

    Vince Carter: Field Goal percentage last four seasons - 43, 42, 43, 42. And 3 PT FG%. - 36, 38, 36, 36(and that's on far fewer attempts then Richardson)..

    I know Doug's a well versed stat guy, and has his reasons for finding fault with Richardson's efficiency. But there's no way his numbers don't represent substantially more quality then not only Carter, but any Bulls scoring guard since Ben his better years.

    But it's a mute point. When you propose trades for (Mayo)SG's one season removed from 17ppg on 46% and a No. 3/high draft pick/young to boot, and offer Ronnie Brewer it shows your not only disingenuous, but a team other G.M.'s don't want to do dick around with/ do business with. Not to mention FA's/the players themselves. Gar Forman and John Paxson are two of th most unappealing/uncomfortable looking people I've ever seen in such an elite personal relations skills/appeal job as a pro sports G.M.

    K.C. Johnson said today, and said from the bgeginning the Bulls would not use the M.L.E. And he said that's the talk around the league. That the Bulls will not use their M.L.E. And with all the P.R. about trying to win/courting guys like Butler they never even made him an offer. It takes more then a somewhat uncomfortable in his own skin as the head honcho Tom Thibodeau calling you on the phone to attract FA's.

    At this point if the Bulls use the full M.L.E, and sign anyone of quality as IMO Richardson at least somewhat is I'd be shocked. K.C. also says today that NBA sources say the Bulls have no plans for sign and trades to acquire talent. Oh, but they're just waiting for the February deadline to make their "big move." God the Bulls are such a f-ing joke when it comes to spending/getting talent. Seriously if they do nothing, I'm going to watch other teams as much as I watch the Bulls unless Rose is just on a tear. Pax was a great player, but as a G.M. he and Gar draft wise B+ but trades/acquiring talent D-.

  • Jamal Crawford, Jason Richardson, now RIP Hamilton,and Vince Carter... what will the conservative Bulls do while teams in the east, Miami,Boston, N.Y.make major potential moves that will make their resoective teams better. But let me guess, J.J. Redick is always available

  • And all of the D Howard talk needs to cease cause the guy does not want to WIN, goiing to N.J. REALLY!!! Howard is a joke and probably never will win a championship, and I hate to say it but with the conservative owner and management of the Bulls Rose might not either, at least not in Chicago.

  • I'm sensing the imminent return of Jamal Crawford.

  • In reply to logicprisoner:

    That's what it sounds like. Not my first choice, but I definitely wouldn't complain about Crawford. He's not known for his defense, but I wonder what Thibs could do with him given his quickness and length.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    He fills a need offensively. Yeah, I'd definitely be interested to see how Thibs would approach the defensive issues. Still in all, signing Jamal's a better move than no move at all. Derrick needs someone to spread the floor. We shall see.

  • In reply to logicprisoner:

    I totally agree. By the way, it's nice to have crazy Mike Tyson posting on this blog.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    LOL I'm taking a break from filming The Hangover 3.

    Here's a link to kill time until we learn more about any pending deal.

  • In reply to logicprisoner:

    One of the comments at the bottom of that article rumored Korver & Bogans for Crawford...that would be perfect from a Bulls stand point if it went down like that.

  • Bulls will sign a SG.
    What they won't do is leak to the media all the little details of the process so us fans can follow along.

    Bulls will sign a SG - ON THEIR TERMS!!!
    Not on the $7-$8 mil per terms that other teams are OVERPAYING.
    i.e. Thornton, Tayshaun, Caron, Hill, Thaddeus.

    Read my long post above to learn why Bulls insist on preserving their assets while they improve the SG position.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Obviously the Bulls management aren't in the news business. I believe a move of some sort is in the works. Edward, I read your long post and it made a lot of sense. Thanks for that 411.

  • Bad news for Afflalo lovers, good news for you Jason Richardson guys, I could certainly live with this result, but I'll believer Richardson accepting our full MLE when I see it.

    Check out this article from Bill Simmons on

    Actually, after CBC, it the next best place to check in for NBA talk.

  • KC says Bulls zeroing in on Rip Hamilton. Given our (slim) prospects, I can dig this. Better, and presumably cheaper choice than Crawford or Richardson IMO...,0,314801.story

  • In reply to brad73:

    I could see Bulls giving Hamilton a 3-year deal with the 3rd year non-guaranteed.

  • In reply to brad73:

    Don't like it, not at all. We can do better than Rip Hamilton

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    For the MLE limit of $5mil per year or less? Who will accept the MLE? It seems everyone is getting $7-$8 mil per year.
    i.e. Thornton, Tayshaun, Caron, Hill, Thaddeus.

  • If RIP would sign for the vets minimum or slightly above, we could always sign RIP as a free agent and then do a sign and trade with atlanta for Jamal Crawford for Brewer and Bogans or Korver and Bogans. Think about that lineup.
    D Rose
    and Jamal coming off the bench with the second unit with Watson, Brewer, Taj and Omer. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

  • In reply to zvodicka:

    Crawford wants $8-9 mil per year. Ain't gonna happen with Bulls. Remember he wanted a $10 mil per extension with Hawks.

    But we got RIP for $5 mil, plus the $7 mil buyout from Detroit. LOL

  • David West is going to the Celtics.

  • Why do NBA players hate Chicago? Check out this tweet:

    WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski
    David West has desperately wanted to play for a winner, and will take less money to do so in Boston.

  • In reply to kbar17:

    It makes no sense. I don't understand it. The Bulls might have been better off going hard after one guy, instead of casting such a wide net. I have a feeling they're working out a significant trade though, and I hope it's more than Crawford.

  • In reply to kbar17:

    If a over-capped team like Boston can pay a above average player like David doesn't make sense why the Bulls can't do something about Richardson or Affalo or somebody like that...

    Hopefully, the Bulls are aggressive in dumping so-called assets like Bogans, Pargo, Korver, LucasIII etc.. and not end up just waiving them later. What I am worried is they seem to be in contacting every SG born but are they doing the custom pitch for everyone or using a bland pitch?

  • In reply to kbar17:

    West is getting $9 mil per for 3 years from Boston. And that's after blowing our his knee just months ago. I don't see how anyone would pay him more.

  • R.I.P to the Bulls for 2 year contract worth about $10 Million.

  • WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski
    The agent for Dwight Howard, Dan Fegan, tells Y! Sports that Orlando has given Howard permission to talk to three teams.

    Lakers....Nets......?????? Dallas? Houston? Chica......... naw!

  • Yes, Rip Hamilton is our new SG.

    Despite all the BS talk about wanting to play for a winner, neither Richardson or Crawford would sign for $5 million per - they wanted more money via S&T. Now they get to sit at home in May and June counting their money while Bulls are deep in the playoffs.

    To be truthful, the only reason the money works for RIP is Detroit will pay him $7 mil per his buyout and the Bulls $5 mil = $12 mil total. LOL

    RIP and Brewer sharing the SG will be interesting.
    What's even more interesting is Bulls keep their assets:
    Asik, Taj, Mirotic, Charlotte pick, and $12,57 mil in 2012 non-guaranteed contracts to pursue possible trades.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I understand the Hamilton signing but the Bulls will still need more perimeter scoring. By talking a bunch of B.S. from the owner of the Bulls about going into the luxzury tax to compete for and ultimately winning the Bulls seventh championship, Reinsdorf is doing his best to avoid the dreaded tax at all costs by being as usual... CHEAP!!!Give Crawford or Richardson what they want and stop bringing back journeyman players that don't contribute and stop lying to the fans about going all in to win a championship. DAM!!! Miami, N.Y. and even Boston have are better while the Bulls continue to be cheap, WHAT A CHEAP DAM JOKE!

  • Yes Reese, with Hamilton added Bulls will will be barely below the luxury tax threshold while competing as one of the NBA's premier teams.

    KC Johnson stated in his article that the reason Bulls did not offer the full 4 years of MLE to Richardson was luxury tax concerns (in the 3rd and 4th year when the tax becomes severe). Which is obviously why Hamilton's contract is only 2-years. I also believe next year's massive extension for Rose along with the Taj and Asik extensions significantly enter into Bulls planning.

    But I agree additional scoring is needed as he's not THAT Rip Hamilton anymore (the 2004 NBA Champion). And I agree that Reinsdorf is doing everything possible to avoid the luxury tax

    In two years the luxury tax will be crippling! Even perennial and willing luxury tax payer Mark Cuban is cutting payroll. He stated under the new CBA it is no longer beneficial for a team to be a taxpayer.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Edward, are you on Twitter? Your Bulls insights are very informative.

  • fb_avatar

    I raed the reason Cuban is cutting payroll is so the Mavs can be major players in the 2012 fee agency bonanza.

  • "Sources said the Bulls never offered the full, four-year midlevel exception of roughly $20.5 million to Richardson, citing luxury-tax concerns."

    Cheap. But thinking, Rip would be an ok fit. Remember, if Bogans scored 6 points last year, the bulls almost always won....

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