Is Richard Hamilton still coming to Chicago? Could the Bulls have had Fernandez?

Is Richard Hamilton still coming to Chicago?  Could the Bulls have had Fernandez?

Richard Hamilton sent Bulls fans into an utter panic last night with his tweet indicating he had to decide between three teams in free agency

Got my list narrowed down to 3 teams. 17 hours until I clear waivers. Can't wait Yesssssirr.

Quite frankly, I would wager the suspense over this will be over in within hours of him clearing waivers, and it will be official. With preseason games starting in two days and the team having minimal practice time in a shortened season, the Bulls [and any other potential suitor] would want Hamilton in camp right away.

I've still heard this is a done deal, and I'd speculate that Rip just wants to add a little suspense and drama to his decision to gather a little extra attention. Not exactly "the decision", but everyone wants to feel wanted, and this is simply Richard Hamilton taking the time to feel wanted for a day.

Bare in mind, most FAs get to have that feeling for quite a bit longer, so don't hold it against him.

While the Bulls wait for Hamilton to sign with them. They potentially had the opportunity to pick up Rudy Fernandez for Keith Bogans. Dallas was looking to move Fernandez for a non guaranteed deal to free up some cap room. They ended up moving him for a trade exception.

Gathering Fernandez would have been a great move if the Bulls weren't certain whether Hamilton would sign with them or not, but it seems highly likely to me that they are certain. Ignoring the tweet for a moment, where else would Hamilton go at this point? He clearly wants to win, wants to play on a real team, and likely wants as big a role in that as possible.

Chicago is the only destination which offers him all three of those things. We're also a defensive minded team that plays similarly to the Pistons teams of his prime that were so good, so he'll fit right in attitude wise with this group.

With Hamilton in the fold, what could the Bulls do with Rudy Fernandez? Bare in mind that Fernandez has been below average since his first season which made all Bulls fans covet him. He's groused, constantly, about minutes and threatened to return to Spain if he can't have an increased role.

Taking a look at the Bulls seven perimeter players (Rose, Watson, Rip, Brewer, Deng, Korver, and Butler) Fernandez would likely only get minutes ahead of Butler initially, and Butler is likely slated for nearly zero minutes as it is right now [don't be surprised if the Bulls assign him to the D-League just so he can play since there's so little practice time and game time available for him to do anything with the Bulls].

How is Fernandez going to fare in that situation? He was a whiner in Portland with a much better situation, so the answer is not good. Also, given a choice Dallas probably shifts him to Denver because Denver might refuse to take Corey Brewer without Fernandez, and Denver isn't an immediate threat to Dallas's championship hopes while Chicago might be.

In the unlikely event that things do fall apart for the Bulls and Hamilton, Jamal Crawford looks ready to be scooped up for two years at the MLE. He's fielding similar offers from other teams that stink and would likely take our offer ahead of those on the table. Maybe Chicago has to go three years at the MLE to get it done, but Crawford is out there to be had.

Reggie Williams is also still available, but after the Bulls saw CJ Watson's stats decline after moving away from Golden State they may be wary. Williams would provide considerably more shooting at the two guard position but not a whole lot else. Still, you can never have enough shooting.

Hamilton should clear waivers around lunchtime for those in Chicago, I expect an announcement soon afterwards.


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  • Rip's the best fit the bulls could have gotten for their system. His ability to play off of the ball will make things that much easier for Rose. If the bulls stay healthy, they take the title this year.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I'm still picking Miami. Unless the Bulls pick up Iggy or Howard in a trade--highly unlikely IMO--I don't think we stand a chance. Offense is too lethargic. I still can't forgive Thibs for one of his halftime briefings in the Miami playoff series. Something along the lines of "our defense needs to improve" after we prevented Miami from scoring consecutive back to back possessions and we failed to score for 7 or 8 possessions in a row. Wish we could inject a little bit of D'Antoni into Thibs brain.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Bulls can beat the Heat with improvements from within. I hear Boozer & Brewer are looking great. You know D Rose is going to step it up even more. Noah is healthy & worked on his hook shot. Asik will be better. Also hear Deng is focused, looks meaner, more aggressive, & worked on his 3 ball. Thibs was watching film for 6 months, scary, & he is no longer a rookie head coach. Will add Rip, & Butler, who from all accounts is a tireless worker & willing to do whatever for the team, and has the ability to bother Wade or James for stretches. Only losses are Big Sexy (God I'm gonna miss "Give it to me Big Sexxay!") & Korver who should be used in more of a specialized role.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I do like that Hamilton plays off the ball which is a plus relative to other SGs, however, not that found of his pedestrian three point percentage. Still, he's a huge upgrade over Bogans.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Do you think Brewer will start with Hamilton off the bench & Korver in a specialized role? I have heard very good things about Brewer so far, and I think he deserves it.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    38% last year

  • Missed ya Doug: Did JCraw turn Bulls full MLE offer down? Was it offered? Bulls settled for RIP? JCraw regret now? Thanks

  • In reply to Aslan:

    The Bulls never made an offer to Crawford. If for some reason Hamilton doesn't pan out, then I think they'd get involved with the bidding on him.

  • This is supposed to be a site for Chicago Bulls fans, not Bulls haters. That said, it's just hard for me to be too up on the Bulls right now.

    We knew they/Jerry wouldn't pay the tax. Gar/Pax meet with players(Butler), and make no serious offers. They propose trades(for Mayo), and make no serious offers. They dick around FA's, franchises. Reinsdorf horns in on the coaching hire, and personally insults D'Antoni just to quash the deal. Not that I wanted D'Antoni. No offer for the one legit guard out there in Richardson. This franchise is a cheapskate, laughingstock around the league. No one wants to come here for a reason.

    Let's see now.. OK ready with the latest Bulls fan drama, "Oh no! What if Hamilton(Rip/Thibs the instant way we embrace newcomers to the franchise with nicknames cracks me up), but what if Richard Hamilton isn't coming?! You mean the Richard Hamilton who shot .409 and .429 the last two years? The Richard Hamilton whose soon to be 34 years old? Yes he shoots a couple of threes a game which brings down his percentage, but those are still sub par/role player numbers at best.

    Wait! There's still J-Craw(hardy f-ing har, J-Craw?! Seriously). The same "J-Craw" who for his career is shooting .410 Field Goals? The same J-Craw who shot .338 and .341 from three two of the last three seasons? And as clueless defensively as Boozer.

    Yet virtually no talk about Jason Richardson who only shot .474, .447, and .470(despite his dropoff for part of a season with Arenasland/thrown together Olrando). J-Rich if soemone deserves a nickname shooting .383, .393, and .419 on five to six three point attempts a game?! That J-Rich. And yet everyone rationalizes about not pursuing him or going over the tax because Jerry(Gar/Pax) are not going for it this year, but instead want future "flexibility" three years down the road?

    And Thibodeau exhibiting all the raging, game long standing/griping, socially immature signs of a Scott Skiles(in the head coaching role that is, playing a part he's not fit for, he's fine as an assistant/assoc. head coach of thirty years). And Joakim Noah bragging about partying at every opportunity while his field gaol percentage plummets. I know he and Boozer battled injuries, and I'm not saying it's beyond the realm of possibility that both rebound, and have solid to good years.

    Karma wise though I'd say mroe then likely this team is headed towards a big fall. And I wouldn't be surprised if they and Hamilton started off hot, but the lack of offense and Thibs counterproductive grating will eventually cause them to falter. And it's too bad for Derrick Rose because he deserved the lane clearing of Jason Richardson's excellent volume threes. Really the Bulls needed to sign and trade one of the bigs and use the M.L.E/pick up not one but two offensive players if they were serious about winning a championship which they are not.

    I hope they at least get Hamilton who is probably going to be at least a decent player unlike Crawford who sucks shooting threes, and most years in field goals/quality offense in general. Either way U.C. filling fans through a decade of shit gives Reinsdorf no reason to change. And nothing will. He will NEVER pay the tax despite Billion dollar profits.They lucked into Rose which instead of bringing a zealous pursuit of winning garnered a keystone cops, half assed effort. They should have made an offer/pursued Richardson period.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I don't see how you can be so down on a team that's one of the best four in the NBA if it does absolutely nothing at all but bring back the same roster.

    Your bar for "happiness" is way too high to take much enjoyment out of sports.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Really way too upset over what still amounts to the difference between 2 role players, either of whom is such a massive upgrade over Bogans that we should be doing cartwheels no matter what happens.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Dude, breath! You say they don't want to win, that they will take a huge fall and all they have to do to change all of that is sign Richardson? Really?! I must have missed that year when he was an all pro. Your down on Hamilton because he's 34, but isn't Richardson 33? and Hamilton has been called Rip since College, nobody hear made that up.

  • Doug,

    Off topic, but do you still trade for Howard if he doesn't state that he'll sign in Chicago next year and if Orland asks for Noah, Deng and Boozer in return. I'm guessing Orlando doesn't want to pick up all three of those salaries, but lets just say a third team is in the mix.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Yes. I would.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    If you're trading out those three in addition to Howard you'd be getting back Turkey-poo and some other massively overpaid but rotation servicable guy to match salaries.

    So Rose + Howard supported by Watson, Hamilton, Brewer, Korver, Gibson, Asik, Turk & one more vet. Seems good enough to challenge for the championship to me, and I think so long as you challenge for the championship Howard isn't going to bolt elsewhere for less money.

  • If the Bulls were REALLY serious about winning and NOT the luxury tax, they would scoop up RIP and find a way to get Jamal here as a 6th man. They have 11 million in expiring contracts that could be dealt to ATL in a S&T OR they could deal say CJ and Korver to a cap room team, take on a trade exception of 8 million, then S&T for Crawford into the exception with a pick going to ATL. It's funny how other teams are trying to be creative, while the Bulls sit on their hands. Not sure of it's the ineptness of Paxson/Forman OR the cheapness of JR. One way or another, it will come back to hurt us, NO DOUBT IN MY MIND.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    IMO 100% Cheapness of JR. I remember Jerry stating that he would give up all 6 NBA titles for one World Series Championship. We'll he didn't have to as he won in 2005, however that sentiment still remains with him. "All in" with the White Sox (130 million dollar roster), all out of money for the Bulls. I can't stand the man, and I wish he would sell the Bulls. I also believe that Dwight Howard hasn't added the Bulls to his wish list because of Jerry. He will play in cold weather (New Jersey/Brooklyn), and he'll play second fiddle (Kobe) even only for a year or two. However, Jerry Krause seemed to be able to steer JR in the right direction--or maybe it was just the greatness of Michael Jordan. Maybe Gar and Pax could have done a better job. We'll be able to point fingers soon enough. 11 days until tip off!

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Agree about Howard and the cold weather. I am guessing in Howard's mind, the difference to winning a ch'ship is spending for the last few players. If you can take on a contract(screw luxury tax) for a player who is overpaid but is skilled in one thing(like Korver)..will JR do it? No. Because, it doesn't work 90% of the time like we have seen in Orlando(Arenas), Dallas(in previous years). But, it worked for Dallas last year(taking Chandler and others). As I have written before, if JR makes his money from the Bulls and Prokhorov from his oil companies...then there is no parity there. The players will gravitate towards the Nets. So, the advantage of a big market is kind of offset by this. The players want a free spending owner, big market, other young superstars, in that order and the Bulls have everything except the # 1 point ...the free spending owner.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Well Howard's preference seems to be a nice warm southern location or New York ... everyone wants to go to New York, it's New York, I don't think it's the owners, I mean James Dolan is a moron who calls Isaih Thomas for advice yet people still want to play for the Knicks.

    FWIW I can't believe the Magic didn't take the Nets offer ... draft picks out to 2018 is exactly the sort of swing for the fences move you have to make when you're going to lose your super star! That's 6 1/2 years away, a lot can happen between now and then and who knows what state the Nets will be in. When you give away picks that far into the future you can easily get a situation like where Detroit got the #2 pick (even if they wasted it on Darko) or how the Clippers have the Wolves pick now ... plus the Magic would be tanking right now so those picks would come in just as their new core was starting to mature. Absolutely perfect rebuilding package, and they're saying no on some ridiculous hope they can convince Howard to stay.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Jmax I agree, kind of...

    Jerry Reinsdorf is all about ROI (return on investment) and the "art of the deal".

    The United Center is at capacity all the time and White Sox Park is half empty most of the time. Jerry is a consummate business man, a genius in that way.

    Jerry has temporarily gone the "rebuilding" route for the White Sox. JR is tacitly admitting White Sox Park is half full and will remain so until they field a better, younger team.

    I thought Reinsdorf would focus more attention on the Bulls winning a championship but I'm getting those old "luxury tax blues": JR is all about the Art of the Deal.

    Reinsdorf knows he can win an NBA championship if he pays over the luxury tax for it. It won't increase his Chicago Bulls profits in my opinion. But if Reinsdorf can artfully improve the team w/o going over the luxury tax, he'll do it.

    The last two years for the Chicago Bulls has all been about staying under the luxury tax and assembling a better team.

    JR has no profit incentive to go over the NBA luxury tax to win a 2nd NBA championship. If he can "artfully" put together a better team w/o a luxury tax penalty, he will.

    JR isn't cheap, just incredibly smart with his money. He's not like the Mark Cubans of this world who hungered after a 1st championship. I wonder how much Mark Cuban will be willing to spend on a championship when he has 7 championship rings in his vault as does Jerry Reinsdorf. Does any living francise owner in professional sports have as many championship rings as does JR (Yankee owner or anyone).

    I hope I'm wrong and Jerry Reinsdorf decisively assembles a Chicago Bulls team that will win the NBA championship. So far, it's still the same JR who watches his ROI (return on investment) and loves the "art of the deal".

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    The Bulls are owned by a group. Jerry Reinsdorf is just the public face of that group.

  • In reply to onlinesportfreaks:

    He's the chairman & managing partner, he calls all the shots

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    And he owns well over 50% of that group.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    You r so right, it's scary. You have to go for it while you can. We had a chance to trade Asik for Mayo last season. But the Bulls would rather go with potential (I like the kid...he plays hard...but...) with what truly is their main need: a SG. Meanwhile, Gasol has re-upped with the Grizz so now that makes it hard for the Bulls to make such a deal.

    It would have been smart to go for Rip AND Crawford. But the Bulls continue to think like a small market team....

    I will cheer for this team like a nut job. But ownership needs to understand that they have an opportunity. Right now.

  • In reply to themurph:

    Disagree. I think Mayo is more of a potential guy. He has failed to live up to his name so far. Asik from day 1 has shut down the paint. To me it's more a question of interior defense or perimeter scoring.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    What cap room team is going to take CJ and Korver off our hands for free?

    How does Crawford really help this team relative to the guys we have if we add Hamilton?

    We don't have minutes for him, and he's not that good.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Amen on Crawford

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Agreed Doug,
    After Hamilton, adding additional role players, even good ones, to this team will not help much.

    IMO, the only significant improvement would be to somehow trade for a major All-Star - without giving up too many assets. Not easy to do! For example I don't think Clippers should have included both Eric Gordon and Minnesota's draft pick for Chris Paul - just one or the other

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Teams with room right now need to fill their roster anyway, throw in our 1st rd pick to sweeten the deal. Say we traded Korver and Watson plus our pick to a room team, then S&T for Crawford. He would get ALL the backup minutes behind Rose and Rip. He would provide the bench scoring we need AND the ability to run the point when Rose is off the floor. Rose plays 36 mins, Rip plays 30, that is 30 mins right there for Crawford off the bench.

  • Doom and Gloom resides here today. This team has kept it's core intact, which should be a good thing. They seem to have an us against the world mentality. Also a great team attribute. Like everyone else, I wish they's have added a player like OJ Mayo, but this is still a very good team. The Bulls only really played up to their potential in two games during the playoffs and looked like world beaters in both. Don't underestimate this team. p.s. a trade could still happen before the deadline, and Mayo would be a prime target. Looking forward to an exciting season and much spirited banter here on Chicago Bulls Confidential.

  • I think we all are feeling the effect of the Miami playoff series. We lost 4-1 in a close playoff series and we can think we will get better this year. But, we won 4-1 against Indiana in a close playoff series. So, what's the big difference here? The Bulls have proven they can win in the reg season. That's a giant step IMO. But, unless you do something drastic to get over Miami...I am not confident that this team has the talent to beat them(hopefully I am wrong) even with Rip.

  • J.R. has shown his hand, he will not spend into the luxury tax so that means this team's best way of improvement is through trade. If Boozer and Noah can't figure out how to play with each other and of them or Deng has to eventually be put into a trade for another dynamic scorer to keep up with the firepower that the Heat and knicks have. Hopefully J.R. is just waiting for the right "piece" to put the bulls over the top and he will spend in luxury tax territory.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    I'd guess that if the right trade or FA was there he'd spend but there hasnt been much for the taking yet...and honestly nothing that much better than Rip....hopefully Rip comes in and gives this team the boost it needs. I'm clearly in the minority on this site being optimistic tho :-)

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    I agree that there was nothing significantly better than Rip available.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Exactly, its not like the choice was between Rip and DWade.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    I'm tired of hearing how great the Knicks are going to be. Didn't they get swept by the Celtics last year when Rondo had one arm? So what if they added Chandler. Which Chandler are they getting? Dallas Chandler or Charlotte Chandler? Besides, all they have left at point guard are a couple of rookies. If they had to dump salary to sign Chandler, what do they have left to sign anyone else.

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    It's reasonable to worry about Chandler's history of getting hurt and not being able to play to his full level. However if he can play decently then the Knicks should be able to get to a league average defense at worst and that probably pushes them past the Hawks, Orlando (whether they trade Dwight now or not) and Boston into the 3rd best team in the East. They're still a step below the Bulls/Heat, but it'd be a case of us wanting to get the #1 seed to avoid playing them in the second round I think.

    The point guard situation isn't a huge concern for them since it looks like they're dropping the seven seconds or less system, they just want someone who can dribble a ball up the court then stand around watching Melo/Amare, hit the odd three and offer decent defense, Tony Douglas is perfect for that.

    Of course it all goes out the window if Chandler gets hurt, they might struggle to be a .500 team then.

  • Under the new CBA we will see far fewer teams willing to enter the luxury tax zone. There is an EXTREME penalty for paying the tax 3-4 consecutive years. Even Dallas’s perennial and willing luxury taxpayer Mark Cuban is avoiding it now for the first time in more than a decade!

    Going forward, I believe the Knicks and Lakers will be the only teams willingly paying the tax as their revenues are significantly higher than even the 3rd highest revenue team (Bulls by about 30% or $50 million) and double the revenue of many other teams.

    I’m not defending Reinsdorf, but I understand his management of the team payroll and the team assets. I agree with keeping Taj and Asik. I agree with preserving assets like Mirotic and the Charlotte pick. And I agree with the use of shorter contracts for role-players. Bulls already have 4 players on 8-figure mega deals (Deng, Boozer, Noah Rose), attempting to add another isn’t the answer. The problem is both Deng and Boozer are overpaid, and as an earlier poster said that can probably be handled only through a trade.

    As an aside, I have thought Noah might be overpaid at $12 million, but the recent signings of Chandler, Gasol, Nene at $14 million and DeAndre Jordan at $11 million show the Bulls actually negotiated a good deal by extending Noah early and not allowing him to become a RFA.

    We will see teams managing their payrolls differently under this new CBA. Reinsdorf began preparing for that in 2010 free agency when he kept the final year of role-players’ contracts non-guaranteed. It will be interesting if this strategy bears any fruit within the next year in terms of facilitating a trade.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Excellent, a huge dose of reality from Edward as usual, exactly what I've been saying since the Rip story came up.

  • Wow, everybody is pissed off today. I just want the season to start and see how Rip fits in, would I have rather had Richardson for 2 years yes, 4 years no.

    Given the money being thrown around at anyone 7 feet tall, we are going to have a luxury tax choice on Asik next summer. If he shows any(or significant) improvement this year, it could actually be bad for us, he will likely get a multi year deal for $10 million plus per, which we won't be able to match.

    Add Taj the following summer and the luxury tax on steriods in 2013 and what the Bulls are doing makes sense. Look the Lakers dumped Odom for salary cap reasons, the Mavs let Chandler and Barea go and gave away Fernandez and Brewer to dump salary.

    Welcome to the new NBA CBA.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Wait and see what all the salaries look like next year. Teams will only bid heavily on guys if there is an abundance of cap room.

    I also think Omer's complete helplessness on the offensive end and restricted status will stop him from commanding a massive offer.

    If he gets one, we should let him go, of course the alternative is to look and see what you can get in trade now.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Houston is always looking for their big man and they were ready to take Pau who has 2/3 years of tread left on him.

    So, do you think with the new CBA because of the punitive luxury tax, teams like NJ,Lakers, NY will stop taking on bad contracts if they think they can win with those guys.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree, and the timing worked out well for the Bulls who were pretty much up against the cap coming into this year, so they don't have to give out any ridiculous contracts. Their worst one is Boozer, which isn't even that bad currently, and they possess an amnesty on it moving forward, which teams that are spending this summer do not have. The player salaries are looking pretty sound moving forward, and I think most people forget just how difficult that is to do.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Hey, DeAndre Jordan, of 7 ppg and 7rpg fame got 4/43, and I dare say while not nearly as athletic, Asik is by far the bigger presence, especially defensively. I am officially scared that this is our last season of Asik and destroy.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yes, Bulls need to consider starting negotiations on an early extension for Asik. Like they extended Noah early last year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I don't think it'll be quite 10 million, but it'll be above the MLE for sure if he continues on from last year. Hard to justify paying that unless we're going to play him and Noah together some.

    It might be better to trade him at the deadline. Before he gets the next deal he still looks cheap even if it is a mirage, matching an offer on him will make him some guy you can only get rid of in a salary dump and just letting him walk for nothing doesn't sound too appealing either.

  • why is rip playin games?! sayin he has narrowed down to 2 teams... whats up wit this dude. If you are gonna sign jus sign already jez!!!!!!!

  • RIP is playin the Bulls, it will serve management right for being cheap if RIP signs elsewhere. Remember Boozer had a handshake deal with Cleveland some years ago and signed elsewhere. Again, the Bulls owner would get exactly what he deserves if Hamilton decides to burn them. This team will not beat the Heat in a 7 game series. Bulls fans should stop fooling themselves thinking this Bulls team is fine as is even with RIP, if he signs. I will be another fan that will continue to cheer for them but in my heart I know they won't get past the Heat if they meet them in the playoffs.

  • Well, if Rip signs, I wonder if the Bulls Brass will let him wear his headband around his facemask? (Being that they still have that stupid rule against headbands.)

  • In reply to Mr Fusion:

    The only thing that's stupid is his facemask. I'd say no to both the headband & the facemask.

  • doug will the bulls add another big to replace kurt thomas? if so who?

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    How about Joel Przybilla?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    read that he was signing with bucks or retiring. espn i think

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    I think they will. Przybilla has been mentioned, but I'm not sure who else is available right now. Whomever it is will be a strictly emergency guy.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    How about Kyrylo Fresenko, Hollingers stats say the he was a monster on the boards and defensively last season, a beefier version of Asik perhaps.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    How about that Samhan guy. I loved him in the Tournament two years ago.

  • Rip and Rose falls off the tongue like ice cream from your old ladies chin.
    Check us out here:

  • 15 mln $ for three years ?? It looks different than a few days ago... Rip is smart, very smart. J-Rich gone, Carter gone, Jamal almost gone.

  • In reply to jaet:

    More like greedy, let him walk, Bulls can work a sign & trade. The offer is 2 years, no longer.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Just read that final year is not likely to be fully guaranteed

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Which is exactly what I posted several days ago: 3 years with the 3rd non-guaranteed.

    Bulls like that non-guaranteed year - it is the "expiring contract" of the new CBA. Because teams will need to dump salary NOW, not at the end of the season as the tax is too severe.

  • True. KCJ: "Sources say Rip's deal is guaranteed 2 years/$10 million. Third year is team option with partial guarantees on $5,150,00."

  • Check this persuasive argument from Bill Simmons as to why Chicago is the best destination for Dwight Howard and Chicago is the best trade partner for Orlando.

    He examines 5 options, dismissing the first 4, Lakers, Mavericks, Nets and staying in Orlando. Below, I've cut and pasted the 5th option the Chicago Bulls.

    And here's why the Dwight Howard era makes me nervous. As I've written before, God doles out the "complete car wash package" to only a handful of athletes. We love the ones who take care of it; we resent the ones who don't. Through seven years, Howard displayed every skill except one: an ongoing thirst to dominate everyone else. Shaq drifted through his career, made excuses, only intermittently stayed in shape and made a point to care about a variety of things — not just basketball — but during the 2000, 2001 and 2002 playoffs, history will show that he annihilated everyone in his path. (Same for Hakeem in the 1994 and 1995 playoffs, Moses in the 1983 playoffs … the list goes on and on.) Dwight hasn't had that moment yet. Never jumped a level when it mattered. Never dragged his teammates to a better place, made them feel invincible, made his opponents say, "Once that guy gets going, we're helpless." If anything, those opponents swung the other way, allowed him to get his stats and concentrated on shutting down everyone else (like Atlanta did last spring).

    Quite simply, it's been weird to watch. The numbers say one thing; our eyes say something else. We're watching someone take care of the "complete car wash package," but not totally. And that infamous trade list summed everything up. How could the Chicago Bulls NOT be on it?

    How could Howard not be thinking, "Get me to Chicago, I could win right away!"

    How could Howard be looking at this NBA landscape without saying, "Maybe it's a good idea for me to team up with Derrick Rose, the 23-year-old MVP?"

    How could someone in his camp not point out to him, "Hey Dwight, if you pushed for the Bulls, they could offer Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Omer Asik, salary-cap filler and two no. 1 picks and take back your deal and Turkoglu's deal, and you'd still have Rose, Carlos Boozer, Rip Hamilton, Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson, whatever veterans they can bring in AND the best defensive coach in the league?"

    And if you're picking a cold-weather team based on markets, point guards and branding opportunities, how could you pick Brooklyn (living in the shadow of the Knicks), Deron Williams, this goofy Nets ownership, a lousy supporting cast and a franchise with a sad-sack history over Chicago (the third-biggest market), Rose (better and younger than Williams), a better supporting cast, a shrewd ownership and one of the most rabid fan bases in the league?

    Put it this way: If I'm Dwight Howard, I'm thinking about titles and titles only. I don't care about money — that's coming, regardless. I don't care about weather — I have to live in whatever city for only eight months a year, and I'm traveling during that entire time, anyway. I don't care about "building my brand" and all that crap — if I don't start winning titles soon, my brand is going to be "the center who's much better than every other center but can't win a title." I care only about playing in a big city, finding a team that doesn't have to demolish itself to acquire me, finding one All-Star teammate who can make my life a little easier (the Duncan to my Robinson), and winning titles. Not title … titles. I want to come out of this decade with more rings than anyone else. I want to be remembered alongside Shaq, Moses and Hakeem, not Robinson and Ewing.

    If you're looking at it like that, Chicago has to be the choice. Two summers ago, I thought LeBron copped out by joining forces with his biggest rival; it just seemed peculiar that the most talented player of his generation, and possibly ever, would willingly become the Robin to someone else's Batman. Howard's trade list was peculiar for a different reason: Either he doesn't follow the league, cares about the wrong things, has the wrong people advising him, or all of the above. Because I can't imagine, for the life of me, why Dwight Howard wouldn't be scheming to become Derrick Rose's teammate right now.

    As a basketball fan, I'm disappointed. As a Celtics fan, I'm delighted. Either way, the way he ignored Chicago tells me everything I need to know about Dwight Howard. Wherever he lands, that team will definitely win. I just don't know if it'll win. And neither do you.

  • Dwight Howard does not want to come here everyone. Maybe because he want to be the the GUY.. his team..who knows. If he dont want to come here then forget him. I would not trade our core without a signed extention. Of course he left the bulls of his list on purpose. If he want to go to the Nets so be it. Two less teams the bulls will have to worry about the magic and the NETS. Dwight Howard is basically spitting in the face of drose and chicago fans. Let him watch drose and the bulls compete and win a championship and feel like and idiot!!! Obviously if the reports are true he is not serious about winning and have another agenda.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    One thing about Howard is atleast he told that he doesn't want to come to the Bulls and tease the Bulls fans as well as screw up the existing chemistry. LeBron, Wade and Melo all played the Bulls.

    Maybe he wants to be the "guy" and for all the hype Deron Williams gets, he has not been close to a MVP consideration. Maybe he got some votes but nothing serious. That said, it is really strange that he has Chicago off the list even if it was not his #1 choice

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    yes that is true. im glad he did not toy with the bulls and fan. i was a dwight howard and magic fan as long as they werent playin the bulls of course. I guess i am mad that he left the bulls off his list. i understand that he has the right to choose where he wants to go...but dont say you want to win then choose a team that won what 12 games last year.

  • In reply to bullzfan:

    He wants to be the guy yet is happy to be traded to the Lakers ... doesn't really compute, no way does Kobe let Dwight be the face of the team.

    I don't think Howard really knows what he wants, all he knows is he's not happy with what he has in Orlando and the grass is greener elsewhere.

  • Eric Gordon ... let's find a way to make that happen.

  • to late

  • In reply to PaBullfan:

    No, I mean now that he's traded ...
    I mean, there's no real reason for NO to keep him ... and no reason for him to be happy about going to NO.
    Maybe they'd give him up for a couple players and picks.
    I have no idea about all the new salary cap stuff ... so I have no idea if there's even a way to make it work ...
    But it would be nice.

  • rip deal official i guess. that flew by unnoticed by me all night.

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