If options dry up, trade for J.J. Redick

If options dry up, trade for J.J. Redick

The Bulls need another SG, they were obviously highly interested in J.J. Redick last season as they were willing to bed three years and twenty million dollars on him. The Magic, in an attempt to go for the ring, matched the offer.

However, with Dwight Howard about to flee the city, J.J. Redick making 13 million over the next two seasons doesn't seem like such a hot idea.
Much like the Bulls felt a year ago, he'd be a very solid starting two guard next to Derrick Rose. He provides the shooting the Bulls need, more ball handling than they presently have, and considerably better defense than Kyle Korver thrown into the same position.

The Bulls obviously coveted Redick more than Brewer or Korver given that they guaranteed him more than twice as much money as either. Part of that was trying to pry him away from the restricted tag, but if Brewer/Korver were their first choice, they'd merely have signed them outright and pocketed the cash rather than making an offer to Redick at all.

Now, the Bulls could likely swap either Korver or Brewer for Redick straight up, and the advantage with this deal is it provides significant salary flexibility for the team relative to using the MLE to improve. They get a better fitting player thrown onto the team immediately, but his contract only has two years and declines in value which fits the structure the Bulls would look for in avoiding the luxury tax.

Especially since the extremely punitive tax hits in three years, Redick will be off the books at that point and can be resigned for less or replaced all together.

The move could make sense along with using the MLE or as a stand alone move to better round out the roster. Redick isn't the type of player who will put the Bulls over the top, but he's a tough competitor who will add incremental improvement to the team and help round out the Bulls shooting woes.

I'd trade Brewer for him first in order to leave the Bulls with a deadly offensive lineup when you are swapping offense/defense at the end of games. The Bulls can bring in Rose, Watson, Redick, Korver, and Deng if they want max shooting or swap out Watson for Noah if they want the possibility of an offensive rebound.

The ability to throw four guys out there who can knock down an open three along side Rose on a one possession offensive trip would make the Miami Heat's ultra trap defensive plan they used on him at the end of games a high risk endeavor as one of the Bulls likely gets an open three eventually.

Trading for Redick isn't a home run, and I don't claim it as one. However, it's a solid single that makes sense financially and roster wise by itself or in combination with many of the other moves the bulls are considering.

Quick update on free agency:
Caron Butler is leaning towards accepting the Bulls offer, but that's silly because they haven't made one since they're sign and trading for Jamal Crawford which makes perfect sense except that they're not doing anything until they see if they can get Jason Richardson.

Or so the latest rumormill would suggest.

My guess is that the Bulls will end up with one of the three free agents named above or Vince Carter who can't officially do anything until the Suns waive him after the CBA has been fully ratified.

So far, there are no rumors surrounding Vince, so my inclusion of him in the list is based on personal opinion. However, I had heard no rumors about Richardson until yesterday when Mike McGraw tweeted the Bulls were holding up all talks until they saw if they could convince him to sign for the MLE.

As such, I'm not scratching Vince off the board just yet since he makes a lot of sense in many ways.

Deciphering what the Bulls want to do at this point would be mere guess work as there are so many contradictory rumors floating around that you can talk yourself into believing anyone is coming which is almost certainly exactly how management wants it.


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  • "...and considerably better defense than Kyle Korver thrown into the same position": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIqn6xlRvEE lol:

  • Doug,
    Is this being discussed? What's your info?

    Brewer plus Lucas plus Pargo plus maybe a pick and 3Mil for Crawford and a S&T. Give Crawaford similar deal to what we proposed for Reddick last time of 22-25Mil over three years. Atlanta gets money, pick and salary relief, over what resigning Crawford would mean.
    Maybe Brewer plus Korver with no money or picks.

    Then sign JRich for the MLE. He could arguable start with Rose like Bogans did and also slot in 10 minutes at small forward for Deng.

    Maybe Caron Butler instead of JRich. Who do you think is a better deal for the MLE?

    This way we do not give away any bigs. Maybe next year we could get Afflalo for a big. Could we do it now, would Denver go for it?

  • In reply to adocarbog:

    I think whomever Bulls sign will want assurances they will be the starting SG. So I don't see Richardson accepting a Bulls MLE to be a backup for Jamal Crawford when he can start on another team and perhaps get more money as well..

    There is a rumor that Grant Hill is leaning towards signing with the Knicks in part because they are guaranteeing him the starting SG job.

    Will anyone of our SG targets accept an MLE when they can get more money elsewhere? This is a big question.

  • In reply to Edward:

    What I propose would get rid of Bogans and Brewer, maybe even Korver. Crawford is already a bench guy. Give JRich up to 20 minutes as a starting SG, like Bogans and the rest to Crawford. Then give JRich up to 10 more minutes to rest Deng.
    So each new guy gets close to 30 minutes. They should be happy.

  • In reply to adocarbog:

    If it is possible to have BOTH Richardson and Crawford that would be fantastic. I like getting rid of Bogans and Korver as I don't feel either belongs in the deep playoffs. I still hope we can keep Brewer somehow. I completely agree with you about not giving up bigs.

  • Excellent Video. Similar to Korver, relying on Redick for perimeter defense is a joke.

    It's all speculation, but from rumors it seems that the Bulls MLE amount of $5 million per year may be giving pause to some of our SG candidates. Perhaps they can get $7-8 million per year from salary cap teams.

    I WANT TO KEEP RONNIE BREWER. Brewer can compete deep in the playoffs while Korver cannot. If Bulls have to trade, make it Korver, or the non-guaranteed trio Pargo/Lucas/Bogans.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I agree, if Brewer or Korver goes in a trade, I hope it's Korver. Brewer is one of my favorite bench players from last year. He's always making something happen when he's on the court. It never failed, whenever he subbed in for Bogans, within a couple minutes he'd have a steal that would lead to a fast break or a backdoor cut and a dunk/layup.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Agreed 100% NateTags. You are very observant - Brewer creates offense with his defense! No matter whom we sign, I want Brewer on the Bench Mob!

  • In reply to NateTags:

    I wonder if Bulls are thinking Jimmy Butler can replace Brewer on th Bench Mob? Butler's rookie contract locks him up for 4 years at only $1 million per year, while Brewer makes $5 million per.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Interesting thought, I'm curious to see how Jimmy Butler does. I think he'll turn out to be a solid pickup.

  • JJ Reddick can't get off his own shot and is a below average ball handler. Otherwise, he'd be a point because he's only 6'3 (like Stephon Curry).

    His lack of foot speed and balance are often covered up by Dwight Howard's ability to clog the paint when a athletic two tries to break him down on the dribble.

    The one thing Reddick does well--and maybe the lone reason why he's in the NBA--is his ability to hit the three with defenders closing and the ability to hit those threes with considerable range. He really is a catch and shoot player, albeit better than Kyle Korver.

    He's really a backup, but has profited off of playing with the best big man in the game. It's silly to see him as anything more than that. On top of that, he has a hefty contract as you've pointed out.

  • In reply to Smellycat:

    Agreed. Redick is a poor option.

    The Miami Heat have a commitment from their FA target Shane Battier. Now we await the Bulls move...

  • While we wait to see what moves the Bulls make, check out this D Rose video...pretty sweet!


  • In reply to NateTags:

    yeah it's awesome !!!

  • Redick has his flaws as the other SGs/SFs on the Bulls. He is small(so can shoot over good small defenders like Korver) not good on defense(so obviously Thibs will not put him in before Brewer, Bogans), probably a better version of CJ(is he really?)...That said, he is a better "jack of all SG trades" than the rest of the guys even if he is not great at anything than one of the guys.

  • We need to sign Butler for MLE and S&T for Crawford...Butler our starting 2, Crawford our 6th man. The lineup of Rose, Crawford, Butler, Deng, Boozer will be tough to defend at the end of games.

  • I rather have Richardson than Butler. Butler is like deng. He doesn't have a ball handling.

  • If we could add JRich or Caron Butler @ MLE and keep everyone else that'd be great.

    Or get one of them and then sign and trade for crawford....I'd hate to lose Brewer too but we'd improve on offense so much it's be worth it as long as our Bigs stay intact

    All this SG talk loses sight of the fact that we lost to Miami when Asik was out and Noah hobbled....with htose two healthy that Miami series is vastly different in our favor in my biased opinion. All I know is that I want to keep Taj, Asik, Noah and give Boozer another chance...just need a slight upgrade at SG not a team changing move...

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Damn it would be great if we got both crawford and richardson !!!

  • We want a SG who handle ball well to allow Rose to play off the ball. We don't want a Kyle korver clone A.K.A Reddick.

    And by the way, why do the bulls prefer Richardson to Crawford ? Crawford can play PG. Richardson can't !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Crawford is somewhat of a lightning rod to me. I think he stinks. He has one skill and that's to create high volume offense at a mediocre level. I don't think this is all that helpful.

  • I think if the bulls can get both Richardson and Crawford, I will respect this management for the first time of my life !

  • Personally, I'd rather see either Butler or Richardson with the Bulls than Crawford. Crawford's a bit of a gunner, not particularly consistent, bad defender. Either Butler or Richardson has potential to thrive as third or fourth option.

  • I still say Butler is the best choice, after him Jamal is probably the best fit next to Rose.

    http://bullsville.com - The Bullsville Blog

  • The Heat signing Battier makes it imperative that the Bulls don't get people like Redick who are small and will be defended during playoffs. Redick might go off on a back to back game in the reg season but the Bulls are not looking for that. Didn't Bogans go off in some game last year when the other team's SG was bad.

    The Heat are doing what the Bulls in the 90s did...lengthy, smart wing players like Jordan, Pippen, Harper. Harper knew his role even with his knees shot could play his role well because of the presence of MJ/Pip. Battier can do that now as he probably never had this kind of super talent alongside him before. This is a chess/match-up game with Riley and the Bulls hopefully don't turn into the 90's Knicks who were never good enough to defeat the 90's Bulls. The Bulls have to neutralize the Heat's strengths and overwhelm their weaknesses.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Agree Completely. We've got to build a competitive Playoff Team. Redick, like Korver and Bogans, is a regular season player not a deep playoffs player.

  • Interesting, that is 2 nights this week that I've been thinking about the same thing that you have. If none of the "first tier" options work out, which they might not for any number of reasons, money being preeminent among them, who are the "second tier" options that might work.

    While I hadn't thought much about Redick, he would fit in that second tier. My thoughts were Courtney Lee, Marcus Thornton, and a sleeper pick, Gerald Henderson. Any one of those 4 are massive upgrades over Bogans. The question is what does it cost us.

    Thornton, I believe is restricted, can he be had for the mid level, would Sacto match, is he worth it.

    Houston wanted Asik for Lee last season, what would they take this year, not named Asik or Gibson.

    Charlotte probably wants to keep Henderson, whom the Bulls were interested in the James Dickey Johnson draft, might be a more athletic version of Aflalo. Would Charlotte take back their #1 (plus salary cap crap) from the T Thomas trade for Henderson, would the Bulls do that.

    That leaves Redick, who at this point is the most expensive option(salary wise), is he the best fit, I don't know.

    Who's your pick, Redick, Thornton, Lee or Henderson, maybe we could nab 2 of them to solidify a nice 3 man rotation in the backcourt.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yes. I like Henderson (definitely for returning the draft pick) or Thorton.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I would take Lee, but I don't think we can get Lee for something reasonable.

    I would also take Thornton, but I think Sacto will match on him at the MLE.

    I don't really see where Henderson helps us, so I wouldn't be interested.

    Redick is interesting to me because while his salary is high for two years, those are the two most irrelevant years. Any deal that is 3 years long is very dangerous because that's when the tax gets absurdly painful.

  • So i here the Knicks are in the lead to land Grant hill and Tyson Chandler smh....Bulls are doomed, can't compete with Miami or NY if they sign both.

  • Since I am still getting shut down by the reply button, here are my thoughts on everybody elses thoughts.

    Not sure why everybody including the Bulls(rumors) seems to be so hot for Butler. First of all he is not a SG, he is a small forward, which means that he is a backup to Deng, who also cannot play SG. Second of all, he is over 30 and just had a devasting knee injury, he may never be a player again.

    Redick to me seems to be a cross between Hinrich and Steve Kerr, not as good a pure shooter as Kerr, but a bit more all around player like Hinrich. Given that Redick is the smallest of all the options, and a defensive liability, it would seem that you would need to trade Korver for him, to maintain any semblance of an offensive/defensive balance. Of course, I have always contended that Korver was also a small forward and not a SG. Also, can Orlando afford to lose Richardson and Redick.

    F.Y.I., I find the Rose, Watson, Redick, Korver, Deng lineup, even for one trip down the floor ludicrous and would bet it never sees the light of day.

    Just not too sure that Crawford is a bulls kind of guy, high volume, low effeciency, streaky, inconsistent, not committed to defense or team play, not all that young anymore, and he wants more than the MLE, no thanks.

    Battier to the Heat sucks, but makes perfect sense for them. A total professional, glue guy who will do the little things and sacrifice himself for the good of the team. Does he start at small forward, with Lebron moving to 4 and Bosh at center. Even if they don't start the game that way, I could see that lineup being on the floor a lot especially in crunch time. Miami, was going to be better anyway, now they added a piece that I would have loved on the Bulls. We need to make at least 2 good moves to counter Miami in an effort to close the gap.

    I still say, try to get Iggy first, then make your moves for more 3 point shooting.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agree about only taking Reddick for Korver and that we don't need Butler. We already have a SF named Butler! Iggy would be great, but has there been any discussion of that happening outside these pages? I guess the Bulls probably have some sort of relationship with Collins still.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    The all shooting lineup I mentioned was only for an end of game possession where you have the ball on offense for a final shot, not one where you would have to play even a single defensive possession.

    That situation is not uncommon.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I would imagine a lot of crunch time lineups of LeBron at point, Wade, Battier, Bosh, & Haslem/Anthony

  • If the Magic would really trade Reddick for Korver (and change) in order to save on salary, obviously we do it. I agree that it'd be nice to keep Brewer.

    What about trying to facilitate a trade of CP3 to the Knicks so that we can land Landry Fields at SG? Fields is definitely undervalued after his poor end-of-season once Carmelo showed up. He's a full-sized shooting guard; he shot over 39% from 3 last year (on a lot of attempts); he can sort of create his own shot; and because he completed all four years of college (Stanford) he's neither too young nor too old to handle the 66-game schedule plus playoff pressure.

    There's no easy way to get this to happen. Asik + the Charlotte pick is way too much for Fields, obviously, and even that might not be enough to entice New Orleans. It just seems like there's an opportunity still if we become a trade partner. Maybe if we just threw a ton of picks at New Orleans? Honestly, though, I can't understand why the Clippers don't just include the Minny pick, Bledsoe, and Aminu to get Paul. If they can keep Griffin, Gordon, AND Jordan, they should be willing to give up anything else to land a premier point guard. Stupid not to.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    Yeah... let's not facilitate the second creation of a dream/super team. Ok?

  • How many here think Bulls will execute both a S&T, and a MLE signing?


  • I live in PA, just got tickets to see the Bulls play the Sixers on February 1st!

  • Oh man, If this happens, I can't imagine the anger on the next bullseye episode. Not only did we pass up an opportunity to get J-rich, we got j.j. reddick. Do you remember Fred's hatred for hinrich? I think he hates reddick at a nearly equal level.

  • David Aldridge on Twitter:
    Source: Caron Butler agrees to terms with Clippers. Three years, 24M.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    $8 million per year for Caron Butler makes me wonder, Just what can Bulls get for the MLE???
    Will Bulls get outbid by teams with salary cap space?
    Must Bulls resort to a S&T to get one of the better SGs?

  • In reply to Edward:

    There aren't many teams with salary cap space. Quite frankly, that seems like an absurdly stupid signing for the Clippers. If they played their cards right, they could have potentially signed Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, but they're going to use up their cap room on Caron Butler?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yeah, the Clips really botched this one. It'll be a fun team, sure, if CButler stays healthy, and they've got youth and talent at all five positions. But I just don't see why you refuse to include the T-Wolves pick in a trade for CP3. It's not like the Clips are gonna draft Anthony Davis and have two stud PFs. No one in the draft can help them nearly as much as Paul.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    yeah it's done. The pressure is on the bulls now. They'd better not let Crawford sign away !!

  • I'm gonna go with history on this one and bet the bulls will make some kind of really underwhelming move (get reddick or carter), switch up a couple of scrubs and trot out basically the same lineup they had last year... this is the most conservative front office in the league everyone knows that. I guess that 90's knicks analogy kind of fits, rose is ewing, and everybody else is second-third tier talent...

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    or rather... a more recent example.. How about the 2009 Magic?

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I also wonder if Gar/Pax/Jerry think ...hey, we have lucked into Rose like we did with MJ. What did we do for MJ...kept trying different pieces until he learnt how to win after 7/8 years and the rest of the good pieces(Pippen, Grant) really figured it out along with MJ. They might be applying the same principle here thinking Rose and Noah/Boozer/Deng/FA SG and it is 1989/90 in terms of the team's maturity. But, with all the information available now for others...it is a different playground or do they realize that?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    i think management after all of krause's early 00s blunders has taken a really conservative stand in terms of offering guaranteed contracts to players who are not sure things. So they are just really slow and get beat by more aggresive teams. Sometimes that's good sometimes it's bad... if you are agressive you can end up with a pot of gold or a giant bag of shit.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    then again, they got aggresive only once and ended up with big gym bag full of dirty clothes (mr boozer=

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    exactly. They always things , they can win without changements. On this team, only Rose has a room for improvement. Still it isn't enough to win a championship.
    Lakers are ready to break their roster in order of getting Howard or Chris paul. So are the celtics. But bulls always stand pat. I've never understood them !!

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    What wouldn't be an underwhelming move to you at this point?

    Is Jason Richardson or Jamal Crawford qualifying as "not underwhelming"? I don't know what the Bulls will do, but my guess is that they won't do anything more exciting than use the MLE, and no MLE candidate is that great.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    They has to hit the jackpot by trading for Howard. Standing pat isn't always the solution !!

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    The only logical step now is Howard or bust, there is really no other way to win the championship (anything is else is wishful thinking). You cant win with a one star team. YOu can say Dallas was a one star team, but the difference between them and every other team is that Cuban took on any contract if it brought him a good player. So he had one star but he also had a 8-deep good player rotation (not merely decent role players of the brewer korver variety). This cannot be done any longer (reinsdorf wouldnt do it before) because of the new tax. As we all know, superstars are by far the best value player in the NBA. Superstars are barely payed more than good players (some good players are payed even more) but they make a much bigger difference. So if you have two superstars, your two best players are basically underpaid, you can get a third and fourth good player, fill slots 5-9 with role players (you can get lucky and find a bargain young stud or a ring chaser veteran).

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    and i know howard has no interest in the bulls... i dont get it, its his best chance to win and it´s a big city. I'm not from Chicago an have never been there so I don't know how life is up there, but who gives a damn, if you make that kind of money you can have a nice life in fuckin SIberia (you can get an indoor pool and install a fake sun in there). Then when this fool retires he can go live on venus or somethin

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    yeah get them realistic !! It's a natural rule. To win a champion ship, you need 2 stars no matters how many good players you have. Rose is a only star on this team since Boozer isn't one. As long as we won't have 2 stars, we'll never win the title. imo it's Howard, Monta ellis or bust !!

  • IMO, I think Bulls will be Crawford’s preferred team. But with these high offers happening today it will take an offer like Caron Butler’s $8 mil per to land him in a S&T. Bulls will include Ronnie Brewer (whom I will dearly miss) but rely instead on rookie Jimmy Butler to defend on the Bench Mob.

    Will Jason Richardson sign with Bulls for MLE $5 mil when Caron got $8 mil and Prince got $7 mil?

  • We need to figure out a way to trade for Oj Mayo and Iggy

  • Sounds like the Lakers are going to get Chris Paul. Pau on the downside gets CP3. Miami signs defensive stalwart albeit aged one in Battier - which will politically give them license to play more physical D when the media/ESPN hypes the upgrade. Clips sign Butler so he's out.

    Unless the Bulls get Richardson on the M.L.E I think any real upgrade is unlikely. Crawford shoots 42% field goals and 34-35% from three plus his D is non-existent. J-Rich is a mixed bag defensively, but even if you think he's poor he still shoots much better from the field 45% and threes. That is disregarding his trade numbers to upheaval Orlando. Whatever Doug doesn't like abotu Richardson, I'd still be happy if the Bulls picked him up. Any other oves at this point M.L.E wise anyway are probably going to be typical Bulls/underwhelming/ "Let's go for the championship.... ra, ra, ra."

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Isn't the big question, Will Richardson or Crawford sign for just $5 mil per on the MLE? If either would take it, I'm sure Bulls would give it. But with Caron and Prince getting $8 mil and $7 mil are they willing to sign for only $5 mil?

    If not, it becomes an issue of Bulls executing a S&T to get Richardson or Crawford more money vs. settling for Vince Carter on the MLE, uhg!

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  • So if the Lakers trade Gasol and Odom for Paul, I think it's fair to say Howard isn't going to LA. Bynum will not be enough on his own. I understand the Clippers may still be able to put together a better trade package, however if they refuse to include Gordon and Jordan--as they have in the CP3 talks--how can they offer anything of interest? Where does this leave the Bulls' chances for trading for Howard? Pretty good if you ask me. Thoughts?

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Forgot that The Clippers are expected to drop 24 million on Butler too. Come on Bulls. Make a pitch for Howard. I'd give up Noah/Taj/Charlotte pick and a little more. Make it happen!

  • In reply to Jmax:

    We should definitely offer Noah/Asik + Gibson + Charlotte pick + our next 1st-round pick + Korver (salary purposes) for Howard/Hedo and see what Orlando says. They might demand both Noah and Asik.

    However, I disagree that "it's fair to say Howard isn't going to LA." Don't count out LAL (or LAC, for that matter). The Lakers definitely have the power to get Howard for Bynum, especially if Howard decides he wants to go there.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    that's the thing.. these guys when they go public that they will only go to a specific place, teams making better offers start pulling back and it forces the team to send the guy where he want to go, even if it's for shit or sometimes they can get a bit creative with another team and make it happen

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    but as I said before, i dont get why howard wouldnt wanna go to the bulls, its by far his best chance to win. For the lakers to get paul and howard they would have to gut their entire team other than kobe. Now kobe is gonna be close to useless in 3 years I figure, but he'll still fuck up the offense by hogging the ball. Chris Paul is overrated in my view, not because of his skill but his body. YEs he is the most skilled pg in the league, but he is really small and he seems to be breaking down physically already. People forget he had to dog it through much of last season because he turned it on against the lakers in the playoffs for 5 games. Rose murdered him head to head. ROse is not a pure pg, but he is already a better all around player than Paul. That's all I have to say.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I agree with your Paul's take but going with Kobe, Artest and Howard(for Bynum...I don't know why Orlando would do that except for telling Chi, NJ etc.. that he wouldn't resign except with Lakers), he doesn't have to do much like in NO and preserve his body that way.
    We can say all we want but these guys(Howard, CP3) are scared. They are looking at their careers ending without c'ships and saw how the Miami guys were successful in their first year. Plus, the allure of the organization(lakers) or the head-honcho(Pat Riley) is the draw. They don't want to trust that somebody else can get the complementary pieces and they feel Lakers/Riley know how to do it. That's my take.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I think it's pretty obvious winning isn't paramount to Howard. He also seems to have something against the city of Chicago, some jealousy issue with Rose, or both. I don't get what he's thinking, but he seems like an insecure guy looking to get his ego stroked.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I agree, but if the bulls are to win in then next few years they don't have their second best player yet, im certain of this. So if it isn't howard it's got to be someone else, maybe not this year but hopefully within year 3.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    He definitely needs his own Pippen

  • Well well. Very interesting. Miami gets stronger, LAL has a legit chance at their own Big Three, the Knicks might get way tougher with Tyson Chandler... I was afraid of this, that last year was a unique window of opportunity for our Bulls... still looking forward to the season, but wtf! Please explain to me how this league just got MORE competitive?

    Merry Christmas!
    Peter T

  • it's not getting more competitive... i think lebron figured out for everyone else that individuals who posess extremely unique skills (talkin about sports superstars) in any line of work can work wherever the hell they want. It makes perfect sense, you cant fight it. The only way it could be stopped is if the league gets so unbalanced that half the country stops watching, but as we saw last year people love to watch (even more so if they hate them) super teams. That or the league opts out of the next CBA and manages to institute the following change:

    Hard cap with no max contract (meaning absolute highest bidder wins under the cap).

  • I am a bit surprised, no shocked that the Rockets are willing to facilitate Paul to LA by trading 3 guys including Kevin Martin and Louis Scola for an aging Pau Gasol, a 32 year old Gasol isn't even as good as a 39 yr old Kareem, how does this make sense for the Rockets.

    How come we never manage to be able to take advantage of some other team as a facilitator.

    Doug, based on what I am reading tonight, you better get up real early tomorrow or just take the day off, it is going to be insane, and unfortunately, by the time it is over the Bulls will be left standing on the side of the road as a few more major market super teams come together.

  • With Houston trading away Kevin Martin, I get the sense Courtney Lee has a future in Houston. haha.

  • ESPN reporting that Howard's preferred destination is the Nets. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/7334410/dwight-howard-ask-orlando-magic-trade-new-jersey-nets-sources-say

    If true (which I kind of doubt because it is Broussard) that would throw out the whole "Howard is only considering warm climate teams" theory.

  • Anyone else up for a jilted Kevin Martin?

  • In reply to brad73:

    i dont know how what his contract is... but how about a package centered around taj gibson and ronnie brewer? not enough?

  • He's making ~$10M a year. You would have to include two of Brewer, Korver, and Watson just to match salaries before you even start talking about talent.

    As for Howard, so much for warm weather. I think the problem with him coming here is D-Rose. Rose isn't a "pure" point guard in the playmaking, distributor sense. This is why you hear people saying that CP3 is a better PG, even though Rose is a better player. Howard apparently wants to play with a CP3 or D-Will type who can set the table for him. Not only will he not be "the man" in Rose's hometown, he won't even be the first option on offense. I wouldn't quite call it "jealousy," just the same alpha-dog quality that people panned LeBron for lacking. LeBron was willing to be Wade's Tonto/Robin/Dr. Watson. Howard isn't.

    It's really too bad, because egos aside, if he came here, the Bulls would be better than the Heat or new-look Knicks.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    I would call it exactly jealously. The guy's got a fragile ego. He's knocked Rose out twice, never apologizing for either.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Is that specific to Rose? D12 got suspended for picking up too techs and they weren't all against the Bulls. Laying people out is part of his game.

  • Now that we appear to have Rip all but tied up, I like this move a lot more in a trade for Korver. Rip gives us a good bit of shooting in the starting SG spot, and Redick can come in and give us a lot of what Rip does, with added range. Opposing teams would have a hell of a time getting their SG a rest against those two, running around screens constantly.

    I'd rather keep Brewer around for his versatile wing defense, and between Rip and Redick, Korver is extraneous. Though if we could find a good enough backup PG I'd be ok with shipping Watson out to offer Orlando even more savings. We'd have a huge logjam at the wings then, though.

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