Derrick Rose vows to become more aggressive

Derrick Rose vows to become more aggressive

The Chicago Bulls have to stew over a loss to Golden State longer than perhaps any other loss the rest of the season. In this compressed schedule, they are in the midst of a two day layover. They'll probably be filled with rust by the time they take the court again.

The two day break comes at a fortuitous time for Chicago. Similar to a bye week in football, sometimes it's good to get it early, sometimes late. The Bulls need all the practice time they can get in order to get all of their pieces in sync and getting two days in a row early will help them get back on the same page.

Derrick Rose started off the season attempting to be Chris Paul. Trying to run the offense, distribute the ball, and create shots for others. Derrick Rose is not Chris Paul. This is not a bad thing. Chris Paul has no titles. If I were to compare Rose to another player in the NBA, it'd be Dwyane Wade, and that's not a bad thing either. He has one title and won it with a fairly lousy cast [no offense to old Shaq].

Rose needs to score. He's an elite scorer. He's not an elite court vision guy, he probably will never be an elite court vision guy. That doesn't make him a failure, in fact, it makes him more likely to succeed. At the end of the game, do you want your superstar to score or pass and hope your role player scores?

"We have to get our offense going so we can get easy baskets," Rose said. "That's what I'm real concerned about. Last year, we rarely got easy baskets. This year, we have to find a way."

"In the first quarter I have to establish myself a little more," Rose said. "I see that being laid-back is just not doing it. I think both games in the first quarter I shot the ball just one or two times. So next game, I have to change it up."

"I have to push the ball, get to the rim, be more aggressive," Rose said. "We tend to slow the ball down a little bit, getting a feel for how we're playing. I really haven't caught on to it yet."

It's funny how the same words coming out of someone else's mouth might play out much differently. However, Derrick is absolutely right. He needs to get going earlier. He needs to establish himself as a threat first and let the others play off of that.

So far this year having Richard Hamilton in the offense has taken shots from Rose and given them to Hamilton. A fairly terrible trade off given that Hamilton's efficiency has stunk for the past three years.

The Bulls offense looked all clustered and jammed up when Bogans was on the floor, but it performed better than the offense is right now despite the disadvantage because Keith still scored extremely efficiently when he did shoot, and Derrick Rose took more shots even if they were far more difficult ones.

In short, the Bulls have worse players getting better looks and taking more shots, but it's not as good as a better player taking more shots with worse looks. This isn't to say the Bulls aren't better off by swapping Bogans and Hamilton. They should be, but they still need to learn to play as a unit, and it will take some time.

Richard Hamilton, in particular, needs to adjust to a new role where plays aren't run for him, and he plays off of what Rose does rather than Rose waiting to see what Hamilton does off of a screen.

Look for Derrick Rose to abuse the Kings tomorrow, after all, he's had to sit with this loss for near an eternity in this season.

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    The only issue I have with this is that Derrick Rose is going to remain the primary offensive weapon and NO one else on this team will be a threat to do anything really to hurt you for real. All I keep picturing is Haslem and James crowding Rose in the corner for that last shot. Will we ever be able to score in bunches like other teams? Will we ever have a TEAM attack? Does everything HAVE to come down to hero play by Rose?

    I'm so sick of these grinding games. Wilbon wrote an article saying no one expected the Bulls to come out like this, but I remember PLENTY of games just like this. Only difference was Derrick's aggression level and shot count. Now we are getting to see what happens w/o it. Deng and Noah are the only other Bulls not sleepwalking (I know the others are exerting effort, but we need unexpected, game changing plays this season to win.)

    I just fear that Derrick is going to force the issue (I agree something needs to be done, but I hope the answer just doesn't become, D.Rose takeover), get us to start winning games again, have a lovely highlight reel and then we get bounced in the playoffs again.


  • In reply to Christy Toney:

    I think you have a lot of spot-on analysis here; you obviously watch most/all the games. But I believe the one point you're a bit off on is the D-Rose 'hero' act. In order for the Bulls to play better as a team, score more efficiently, etc - I think they need to essentially run the same offense as last year. The substitution of Rip for Bogans should be enough by itself to dramatically impact the Bulls' overall efficiency, particularly scoring. A few LESS extra passes because he'll actually shoot, a few extra made baskets, some cleaner post entries, etc. The problem in these first two games is the Bulls have been trying to change their style to fit Rip's game and also lessen the burden on Rose.

    Derrick Rose still needs to be Derrick Rose. The Bulls are not a juggernaut. And he is the MVP. Allow additional parts to fit into what you're doing, don't reshape your team/style for them. They were an ECF team, obviously they were doing something right. So maybe what they have is enough, so long as they stop trying to be a different kind of team than what got them here.

  • In reply to stakfry526:

    I think you're right, the 2nd unit last year sort of had funks like this when they were running similar sets for Korver and just waiting for him to run off of screens and everyone was standing around watching, which is what's been happening with Hamilton. Derrick needs to attack and drive which will force the defense to let him go one on one or bring help, which will leave open men for Derrick to pass to for open shots. Based on the team's makeup, it's how they need to play to be effective on offense.

  • In reply to stakfry526:

    I think you are 100% correct. The team should play exaclty like last year. We are a grind it out team. That wont change...keep it close and win it with defense at the end with some timely scoring. The upgrade of Hamilton shouldnt change the approach. We'll be better in transition with Rip, he'll shoot and score more that Bogans did so that will help...but overall they need to be the same team as last year.

    Obviously they laid an egg against GS defensively...they'll fix that, no worries. They also need some time to adjust to Rip. I trust in DRose and Thibs to figure it out...

  • In reply to stakfry526:

    I agree completely.

  • In reply to Christy Toney:

    I hope that Derrick doesn't go nuts, but him averaging 2 shots a game in the first period probably doesn't make much sense either.

    It really comes down to whether you set up the others by trying to run plays for them, or have Derrick attack and set up the others for open shots off of him.

  • I feel like Derrick Rose does this to begin every season. Starts a bit slow, tries to get his teammates involved, share the ball, etc. At least this year he's realizing after only 2 games that he needs to take control. He's the MVP, enough of the 'aw shucks' routine.

    Rose seems to have a mentality vs. abilities paradox. He doesn't want to personally dominate, he wants his team to dominate. He doesn't want to take tons of shots, but senses he must in order to win. He wants to average 10 assists per game, but his abilities are better suited for him to score 30 points per game. Rose obviously did a great job balancing this last year, but it would be scary to see him fully embrace what he is. If he ever does, I could see him throw up a 27/8/5 + title in a peak year.

  • In reply to stakfry526:

    One thing we often forget when discussing Rose's game and decision making, etc. is that he's only 23 years old. He's still growing and developing and learning. The scary thing is that he probably hasn't even entering into his peak years yet!

    I think the mentality vs. abilities paradox things comes mostly from people/the media trying to fit Derrick into the classic old-school point guard mentality. I don't think he truly cares what other people think, but at the same time, he's trying to embrace the distributor role more because people criticize him so much for not being a classic point guard.

    I'm sure he'll figure it all out, hopefully this year. He needs to just be himself and not worry about whether he's fitting into the classic point guard mold.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Agree with that. We(fans), media and maybe the coaches are all trying to say this is how Rose should play. Some people think he is a mini-Lebron and some people think he is more like Wade. That tells you nobody really knows. And from history, we feel comfortable to compare with a previous or existing player just for simplicity of explanation.
    Does Wade have the ball-handling skills of Rose? I don't think so. Didn't Wade whine most of the time about how he needs support from another superstar? He might be right about needing another player for help but each person's mentality is different. We all know even if Rose is mini-LeBron, the mentality of LeBron in the 4th quarter on a big stage. Yeah, he overcame the Bulls/Celtics. But how much was that he had that confidence over the Bulls last year and was fearless against the Bulls last year. But, now once he digests that Rose is a stud...does it impact him?

    That said, once Rose matures in BB IQ when to be Chris Paul and when to be MJ...he will win more. I also feel the BB IQ of Noah and Boozer is hurting the Bulls and Rose. These guys have to learn how to move the ball and be in right positions on defense, offense for Rose to succeed.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I agree about the fans and media trying to fit him into a label but I dont think for a minute that any coach is going to force DRose to be Paul....Thibs knows who needs to be the man.

    I'd bet in two weeks from now after what...10 more games...the team will settle into their roles. I think Hamilton will figure it out and I think Boozer will be the Boozer of last year when healthy (17 and 9).

    It's been two games no reason for any concern...the world isnt really ending in 2012 :-)

  • I didn't watch the G.S. debacle, but Sam Smith said in his write up that Mark Jackson had the Warriors come out, and double Derrick. That's exactly what I thought he would do, and said so before the tip off.

    I don't like I told you so respondents, I've been wrong on plenty as has eveyrbody. It will though be interesting to see how many teams get on board, and extended double Rose. With so little offensive talent in the way of explosive slashers or three shooters for that matter why not double him/get the ball out of his hands? Luol Deng can have his all-star year, and who else is really going to do anything offensively?

    Also, Doug did you not state emphatically when the lockout was over/free agency began it was time for Reinsdorf to pay the tax? And that Jason Richardson was the best offensive player to pursue/upgrade, but that he wanted four years, and even waited for the Bulls to make an offer to him before resigning with Orlando?

    I heard a lot of people complaining about how Reinsdorf was cheap, and should have paid the tax. I would agree if you have a Bulls team to enjoy watching then it's time to move on. If that Bulls team shows up, and wins on a nightly basis/a rate expected of first or second best in the East, then I'll stow away the dissapointment with what I and many others felt was a miniscule upgrade when the playoffs screamed the Bulls needed to integrate a major offensive weapon.

    We hear the Jerry supporters now which to me is just pathetic. If the Bulls are indeed planning for tomorrow rather then today after making it to the ECF so be it. But Derrick is a good kid, and he's put it all out there for the Bulls. And as far as I'm concerned until proven otherwise they've left him high and dry.

    If the Bulls go on a winning streak or appropriate winning pace of first or second in the ECF I'll be glad I was wrong. Derrick, Lu, Jo, Taj, Ronnie they're good guys. Of course I'll be rooting for them, but I just don't see them moving forward with the relatively little they did to shore up the offense.

    And this Reinsdorf apologist who keeps replying to me(with the support of other posters who earlier completely agreed that Reinsdorf shafted this team i.e was and has been a cheap bastard) can enjoy his "future flexibility."

    Again Doug, please let this Jerry "crusader" know if you did not say this was the time for Reinsdorf to pay up for his Billion dollar profits and this was the year. Not next year or the year after. There were just too cheap to incur the tax and sign J-Rich to a four year M.L.E. This crusader keeps blathering that there's "no way" they could pay the tax..? So I guess that means Doug didn't know WTF he was talking about according to Don Quixote(Ellis) aka "Shades."

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I watched the GSW game and didn't think they sent too many doubles at Derrick. They did double him, yes, but it wasn't every time he touched the ball. He only seemed to get into real trouble with the doubles if he was stuck in the corner or near a sideline with no where to go.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    a douchbag says what?

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    This isn't some amateur tech blog. Be respectful.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    The Bulls wouldn't have made a significant difference in paying the tax this year by signing guys. Richardson would have cost them lots of money in the third/fourth years.

    They decided they didn't want the threat of another long term contract and are clearly positioning themselves to put the best team together that they can "for the money" rather than the best team that they can "period".

    It's disappointing as a fan, and perhaps they'll swing a trade to make me change my mind, but I find it unlikely.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Wow, way to make yourself look like a complete fool. You really shouldn't question my knowledge of the CBA when it comes to FACTS.

    Signing JR instead of Rip wouldn't have affected the Bulls' team salary one bit over the next 2 seasons. FACT.

    Outside of doing a few trades where they take in more salary than they give out, there is NO WAY for the Bulls to pay the Luxury Tax this season. FACT.

    You should know that I know as much about the CBA as Doug. Not knocking Doug, I've "known" him for 10 years or so and he obviously knows more than most. I'm not bragging either, the info is there in plain English, all one has to do is read up and learn it.

    Even someone like yourself with no knowledge of how the CBA works should be able to understand why signing JRich instead of Rip would have ZERO effect on the Bulls' payroll the next 2 seasons. Zilch. Nada. None.

    JRich for the MLE would make the exact same amount of money as Rip this season and next. I hope you can at least understand that two players making the exact same salary count exactly the same against the Salary Cap (and LT)?

    So you might want to work on your English comprehension- Doug NEVER said anything about the Bulls paying the Luxury Tax THIS SEASON. Or next season. Like he re-iterated in this thread, JRich instead of Rip only mattered in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons.


    Doug wrote:
    The Bulls wouldn't have made a significant difference in paying the tax this year by signing guys. Richardson would have cost them lots of money in the third/fourth years.


    We may find out next season if JR is willing to pay the tax or not- unless the Bulls do a salary dump of one of their big 4 contracts (Boozer, Rose, Deng and Noah), I don't see how they avoid paying the Luxury Tax for the 2012-13 season.

    Boozer, Rose (low est $16 mil next season), Noah, Deng and Rip will combine to make $60.665 million next season. Add in Taj's option and Asik's QO and you're at $65 million for 7 players.

  • In reply to Don Ellis:

    I'm not even sure I agree with Doug's assertion that the Bulls didn't sign JRich because they were afraid of the LT in 2013-14, because if they sign a player to the MLE in the summer of 2013 they're less than $1 million under JRich's salary. With 4.5% raises off this year's MLE of $5 million, JRich would have only been scheduled to make $5.675 million in 2013-14. The MLE that season will be $5.15 million for non-LT teams.

    And I hope the Bulls AREN'T over the LT for 2013-14, being over severely limits the team's options:

    -Teams paying the LT will only have a $3 million MLE, everyone else's will be $5 million.
    -Teams more than $4 million above the tax level cannot receive a player in a sign-and-trade transaction.
    -LT teams trading away a $10 million salary can only take back $12.6 million in salary. Non-LT teams can trade away $10 million in salary and take back $15 million.

    I couldn't possibly care less about JR's profit margin, I care about this team having flexibility to make moves going forward.

    Why sign JRich for 2 more years than Rip- in 2 years, we should be able to get a BETTER player than JRich for the MLE.

    As long as the Bulls are competing for championships, I don't care if JR makes $1 billion a year and every Bulls player makes the minimum, as long as we're winning.

  • HEy Bullsfreaks,
    I watched Portland today, and the strangest thing happened. Kurt Thomas is still dominating!! I couldn't believe in Big Sexy, even after so many great performances last year but now, man, I gotta say, he's no fluke. Especially after watching our bigs continually get hit, non-call under the basket and come away with nothing. Old man Kurt was embarrassing Cousins, tossing him around and he even broke out for a fast break dunk at one point! Damn, I miss that dinosaur!

  • In reply to retrodman:

    Thanks for the report on Kurt Thomas!
    Yep, Reinsdorf refused to give Thomas anything but a 1-year contract. Well, he got a 2-year contract from Portland and for more money as well. So Reinsdorf didn't try very hard to keep him.

  • Also, signing Richardson doesn't guarantee he's going to be an offensive monster, but at a position we so desperately needed to upgrade(including Three Point Shooting where his/Richardson's numbers are not Good, but Excellent) when the Double Teams come at Derrick(such as the G.S game).

    If you are indeed going for the win this year then Jason Richardson was your best bet. Period. And signing to him to the four year M.L.E meant yes we would eventually.commit this year/now to incurring the tax. And of course Reinsdorf being the cheap bastard he is wouldn't do it.

  • The point about Reinsdorf being a big basketball spender is false. Yeah, he has given out big contracts but so has almost every owner in the league. The point is will he spend on a marginal player more than the market value because it fits the team's need. Spending on Boozer or Rose is not the measure. We saw what Wade did in 2010(all the other talk is a guess). Wade said that the Bulls didn't take care of their own players(right or wrong) and it will impact these young guys like Dwight Howard who are not analyzing Bulls or Reinsdorf's history every day like us.
    As fans of a big market team, we need to expect the owner of this team has to take some big losses sometimes. If he made 1 billion profit, he can afford to take a risk on losing 100 mill. Will he do it? Apparently not. So what if we had Richardson for next 4 years...if he sucks...try to find a team to dump him after 2 years. I don't understand with some people acting as if it is their personal money they are losing. We are fans and all we want is wins from our team.

    The other point is if the MLE is 5 mil next year or 2.2 mil(because of LT)...should we wait to see who the next piece is. What happens if there is an injury to one of the key Bulls.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If anyone thinks Reinsdorf is a big spender in terms of basketball, they are simply delusional.

    He's signed big contracts, but he's traded away talented players for salary relief, and has refused to ever pay the luxury tax despite making the most profit in the NBA over the past 20 years or so.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    JR certainly isn't a big spender, that's for sure- but then again, the Bulls were max under the cap in 2005 and 2010, it takes a few years to build your salary level back up after freeing up max cap room. We should find out next summer, I don't see how the Bulls avoid going over the LT unless they have 4-5 guys making the league minimum.

    Let's say the Bulls amnesty Boozer next summer- is that seen as a great move because Boozer is overpaid, or is that seen as "JR being cheap"?

    This may be an inaccurate generalization, but lots of times it seems like a lot of people play the "JR is cheap" card because they don't agree with the basketball decision. Rip or JRich pops into my mind immediately, I'd rather have Rip, and I certainly seem to be in the minority there (among fans, anyway).

    It has nothing to do with money, I prefer Hamilton the player to JRich the player, JMSO.

    And you're going to have to refresh my memory, what talented players have the Bulls traded away simply for salary relief? Tyson comes to mind, but he was overpaid for most of the duration of his last deal.

  • For some reason, it just seemed like derrick didn't have confidence in his driving ability and kept passing the ball or taking those long jumpers. He takes great pride in his three pt shot and he has fallen in love with it but he isn't getting the love back. He should mentally stop shooting 3s after 4 shots if they aren't falling. Defense and Turnovers have to be shored up. Teams are swarming and raking at Deng and Boozer and others. Draw the contact from over zealous defenders, make them think twice. No lazy passes and receivers should come to the pass, the ball movement has to be crisp and precise, with this don't have hamilton or deng dribble..recipe for disaster, Rose should drive and kick to get these shooters going......

  • After digesting the GS game, it occurred to me that this game was the perfect time to see Drose post up. Smaller quicker guards on him should mean he uses his strength and jumping ability to abuse them down low. Since it's the first time this year, after an offseason of working on it and not having a lot of practice time, I'll give Thibs a pass for not making the adjustment, but there should be quicker recognition in the future.

  • In reply to FriendofJoakimN:

    I'd probably never have my PG post up ever. Post offense by guards just strikes me as generally ridiculous. It's too easy for a big man to come and trap, and it drains the clock and stagnates things because you typically don't have other shooters on the perimeter to play a two man game with.

    It's something you might use for a possession or two, but I don't think this adjustment would mean much.

    Now if Derrick had a mid post turn around jumper that might be something else, but we've never seen him do that.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Agreed, but if he was working on post up stuff in the off season, you'd think that would have been something he would have added to his repertoire. Not that it should be a steady diet of it, but show it a few times and see what happens, especially against Curry and Ellis.

  • Anyone watch the Heat/Celtics game last night? Norris Cole saves the day? Miami stumped by the Celtics' zone. LeBron not closing—typical. I can't remember; did the Bulls play zone defense against Miami at all in the playoffs last year? If not, I would like the Bulls to test it out. TNT had no problem prostituting themselves out to the Heat. “They’re set-up to steam roll the league”. They even made the claim that the Heat’s defense is better than the 72 win Bulls with Jordan, Pippen and Rodman. I get it. They’re good. However, they let a Paul Pierceless Celtics team back into the game, because they couldn’t score against the Celtics’ zone defense. LeBron and Wade weren’t closing the game. They have weaknesses…

  • In reply to Jmax:

    With the slow start of the Bulls, it is easy to make conclusions about the Heat/OKC. But as we saw last year, Heat will look like they are playing a video game with inferior teams(or inferior match-ups) and can be hot/cold.
    You can say Boston/Dallas are elite teams. But both have lost their first 2 games and Boston was missing their best player.
    I am sure Gar/Pax/Thibs are all making notes. And hearing Pax today on radio... you could tell he is aware of the deficiencies of the Bulls and all they need is this team to get in sync with Hamilton.

    That's why Boozer/Noah/Rose are the three critical pieces for the Bulls against Miami. All three made a lot of panic decisions against Miami in the playoffs especially Boozer/Noah. That's why Noah's jumper is crucial. If he makes some crucial shots at the end of games...he becomes our Cole in a way.

  • I was watching that game too and saw the Celtics make a comeback. While the Heat are good, they can be exposed. However, if they do keep the high intensity play up (and can hold off opponents in the 4th quarter) then the rest of the league will have trouble, but to compare them to the 72-10 Bulls? First of all, it's a shortened season, second, they have to win something before the comparisons should be made. The TNT/ESPN commentating really annoys me. I'm perfectly happy with listening to Stacey King yell about "CJ Whhaaaatsinnnn!"

  • Completely agree with Rose reaching potential as elite lethal scorer, I see him eventually peaking level at about 28 ppg (his shooting% will only get better) and 9-11 Apg because he be even more comfortable with his teammates' strengths. I love this team and the youth, the promise is there plain as day. I hope Jimmy Butler gets some run, I think he might end up being real special and hopefully Thibodeau takes a look at his hustle. Go Bulls!

  • In reply to BullyD:

    I completely agree about Jimmy Butler. I would love to see him getting some of the minutes backing up Deng, but I have a feeling that unless Korver gets hurt, we won't see much Butler this year. I like Korver, but unless he starts shooting lights out again, I'd rather take a chance on Butler at times and get him some playing time.

  • This is what is most confusing to me. In his second year Derrick Rose excelled in both the midrange shot and the floaters/shutput shots. He rarely goes to them now. I'm all for him shooting 3s but he has to mix it up with what he excelled at in his second year. The PnR with Boozer would be ideal but the bum doesn't set good picks. PUT YOUR BODY ON THE DEFENDER instead of slipping right away and Rose is late with the pass to the roller most of the time.

  • That 4rth quarter by Coles nearly made me puke, we better pray that it was a fluke.

    Miami can't win 70(this season), but if Coles can really play like that they may win 60.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I was foaming at the mouth to pick up Cole in my fantasy league after last nights performance. But I told myself not to shit my pants before the plane takes off. I don't even need a guard. Miami going 60-6? Not a chance. They were damn close to losing that game 1.) @ home 2.) Celtics without Pierce. They will lose 10+

  • Rose has spoken! I honestly didn't think he'd come to this conclusion this quickly. I thought he'd continue to force the issue of getting his teammates involved. I like that he's a tad impatient and wants to sort of go out there and lay it all on the floor like he did last year. Once he establishes himself first, then I think that'll just really open it up for his teammates.

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