Chicago Bulls at Los Angelas Clippers 9:30pm on WGN / NBA TV

Chicago Bulls at Los Angelas Clippers 9:30pm on WGN / NBA TV

The Chicago Bulls complete their opening four game road trip with a stop at Lob City to take on Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and the L.A. Clippers.

It's somewhat of a crime that almost every worthwhile Western Conference team the Bulls play this year will be on the road. Bulls fans missed out on both L.A. teams coming to the UC this year.

The Clippers annihilated Golden State in game one, a game which neither of the Golden State guards could throw a ball into the ocean, then they got blown up by the San Antonio Spurs. The trend is that a fundamental defensive team can probably do alright against the Clippers which should bode well for Chicago.

Keys to the game

Derrick Rose needs to own Chris Paul

Historically, not a problem. Rose plays his best against the elite PGs on both sides of the floor. I expect Rose to do so again, as he's typically done an outstanding job on Paul defensively and scored at will himself.

Pay attention

The Clippers are going to rely on athleticism to score. Jordan/Griffin using their athleticism in the post or on cuts. These are the types of plays that defensive focus can stop. Joakim Noah especially needs to be wary of where he is on the court and can't over help on Chris Paul to leave the lob open.

Carlos Boozer is going to need to keep Blake in front of him and force him to work in the post or shoot from the outside. Just don't let Griffin get behind him for the pass over the top.

Spread em out and slow it down

I think the Bulls can play fast or slow, but I like their advantage much more going slow in a game against the Clippers who will have more fundamental cracks in their defense than Chicago. I also like the Bulls outside shooting more than the Clippers, and slowed down games rely more on jump shooting than dunks.

Bring out the A game

The Bulls are 2-1, but I don't think any fans really feel the Bulls have impressed with the way they've won. It's always good to win 2 of 3 on the road, but Chicago needs to kick it up a notch to beat the Clippers.

I'm not going to do game predictions, because I will predict a Bulls win every night except perhaps when they play Miami. This is a game they probably have about a 60% shot at victory in which means while they should win, there's still a good shot for an upset. The Clippers are coming off a rest day and have home court advantage. However, the Bulls are the more fundamental team and who really trusts Vinny Del Negro to beat a well coached squad?


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  • How do you like the Bullls outside shooting more when they have Paul, Billups, Butler, Mo Williams, and even Brian Cook (if he actually plays)?

    That's the one aspect of this matchup that really scared me. They have shotmakers, and guys that can hit from deep.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    All three of those guys who can really shoot are PGs, so I don't see them having more than two shooters on the floor at once.

  • Look for Griffin to have a huge game against the defense of Boozer seeing that he doesn't know how to move his feet on defense and he obviously has no more lift in jumping. The Clippers, just like Golden State, too many scorers that know how to score and can hit jump shots and entirely too much athleticism. I look for this game to be a loss for the Bulls, hope I'm wrong tho.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Surely the defensive matchups will be like last night, where the Bulls C guarded the guy who was nominally the Kings PF. Why wouldn't they have Noah and Asik guarding Griffin and leave the lesser threat of Jordan to Boozer?

  • I think this game is a toss up depending on which Bulls team shows up.

    Boozer defending BG, I'm not looking forward to.

    I cant wait to see Rip knock down some of these open jumpers more consistently. Would love to see him have a 20+ pt game soon.

  • 1. I am curious to see the hype-machine that is the Clippers especially Blake Griffin. If he is not consistent on his jump-shot, then look for Boozer to do well against him. Actually, Boozer has played well in 2 games except for the GS game. But, we need to see how much energy the Bulls have in this game.
    2. That said, this game seems like a big time trap game for the Bulls. They are tired(back-to-back),on the last game of the trip, no rhythm yet and Clippers are rested.
    I am sure Vegas would be picking the Clippers tonight

  • If this game was at the end of the season when the Clippers had time to work together a bit longer then I'd pick it as a Bulls loss ... but the Bulls really should be winning this given Paul/Billups/Butler have only been on the team 2 weeks and Vinny Del Good Hair showed he struggled to teach players anything in 2 years, let alone 2 weeks.

    Hopefully Deng can have a good game ... Butler is coming back from a major injury and wasn't that great the couple of years before anyway ... so on paper SF is where the Bulls have the biggest matchup advantage.

  • I'm interested to see how many Blake Griffin flops there will be. I'm setting the over under at 5.

  • I've been watching the Clippers, and if Billups continues to play the way he has so far they could be a very dangerous team in the West except they don't have a real coach. They all talk to Vinny like he's an unwanted relative. Chauncey is only shooting .333 Filed Goals, but shooting .357 on 7 three pointers pg along with 5.5 FTA's.

    I'm picking the Clippers tonight at home if I'm betting, but if Rose plays these name PG's like he did last year/outplays Paul as he did last year they'll have a chance. I wish Joakim would come around if he's healhty as others have said.

    If Boozer's getting burned badly defensively on Paul lobs/passes to Jordan etc. they may have to give Taj more minutes. I know Butler won't get any burn, but I wish in the Kings game when the Bulls were up big they would have given him a few minutes on the floor/given him a look here and there.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Hopefully, for your own sake, you didn't bet lol.

  • MVP Rose looks like he is back so far tonight ... good start by the Bulls, looked dangerous when Blake got off to a flier but they pulled them back. Would have a bigger lead but for the Clippers hitting some tough shots.

  • Looks like the Bulls are starting to get into basketball shape. Ten games in they should look back to normal.

  • Noah... he makes some dumb choices.

  • In reply to SoulEater7:

    That is what happens when you have to carry a 265 lb sack of shit around for 30 plus minutes a night.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Oh Boozer? Yeah. But not all of it is on Boozer. Sometimes Noah just can be frustrating at times. But then he'll dive on the floor and get fouled and make both shots and you forget some of his bad defense and awkwardness. Just a frustrating player to watch at times but he's a big guy and everything his harder for them. I think he's slowly coming along here.

    I think most the guys are coming along now after 4 games, Kyle,Rip(still missed some bunnies)Ronnie looking better already.

    Rose is in game shape and it only took 4 games. It always easier for the great players get get back in basketball rhythm.

  • Rose just Chris Pauled Chris Paul.

  • Great to see Rose and Noah find some form ... Rip showing some good signs too. Glad we had that game when we did though because the Paul and Griffin show is going to be hard to stop in a few months once they get used to each other.

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