Bulls @ Warriors 9:30 on WGN

Bulls @ Warriors 9:30 on WGN

How bad ass is it that we get another game tonight? Shortened seasons may suck, but Bulls basketball four days a week is awesome. The Bulls and Warriors both played last night with the Bulls pulling out an amazing victory and the Warriors falling to a mediocre Clippers performance.

Watching Mark Jackson give a speech to the Warriors at half time tells you all you need to know about this Warriors team. Paraphrasing, he said something like "I know we got back into this game freestyling, but we need to find a focus to our offense".

Now, I've never thought Mark Jackson would be a good coach, but boy is he entering a crappy situation. A team with no structure, defense, or discipline with a moderately unhappy best player in Ellis that also gets no practice time to learn structure, defense, and discipline even if Jackson had some hope of teaching it.

The Bulls escape from L.A. should keep them from getting too overconfident, while Jackson will likely be pushing his club hard to try and get his first win as head coach.

Key to the game

Lock down the perimeter

Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis key Golden States explosive perimeter attack. Both are undersized, and the Bulls have the physical defenders to potentially beast them and take them out of their games. On the offensive end, the Warriors have no answer to check Derrick Rose, so Rose should aggressively look for his own shot.

Don't get caught up in and up and down game

The Bulls have a unique advantage in being able to play well fast or slow. Against the Lakers, it made sense to push the pace. Against the Warriors it makes sense to slow it down. If this game turns into a battle of half court execution, the Bulls are significantly better on both ends than the Warriors.

Keep a body on David Lee

Carlos Boozer is a solid defensive rebounder, and he'll need to focus on his box outs against David Lee, one of the NBA's premier offensive rebounders. He'll also need to make sure to check Lee on the perimeter as he'll knock down the mid range jump shot consistently.

On the offensive end, Boozer should have his way with David Lee who lacks the strength, length, or athleticism to defend Boozer down low.

Let's see if Rip can get going

Not necessarily a key to the game, but after a relatively frustrating opening game against the Lakers, it'd be nice to see Hamilton come in and have a nice night.

He was visibly frustrated with his performance last game, however, he'll have another tough defensive matchup tonight playing against either Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis, both small quick guards who might take advantage of Rip's lack of quickness.

Hopefully, Rip will get used to trusting the help defense and using his length to bother guys at the perimeter while knowing he has some elite help on the inside if beaten off the dribble.


The Bulls should win this one fairly easily as long as they play their brand of basketball. Worst case scenario for them is extremely hot shooting by Golden State, but other than an elite shooting performance, the Bulls should roll.


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  • Diggin' these packed together games!!!


  • These are the type of teams the Bulls have a big problem with during the reg season(Toronto, GS, Portland, Orlando)...who have good 3 point shooting teams from stretch PFs or a PG/SF types.

    If the Bulls shoot like yesterday, they will lose. And they won because Lakers were playing more like the Bulls rather than "showtime" stuff which kept them close.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If I remember correctly we pounded Golden State last year. We won one game by over 40 Pts.

  • I think we'll see Rip post up a little more here tonight since he has the height/size advantage over Ellis/Curry. Like he said he "loves to post up midgets".

  • Our bigs should dominate in this game. Rose should look to get Boozer and Noah paint touches where they can hopefully draw contact and get to the line. Like to see the Bulls get 20 free-throws, especially our frontcourt. Deng and Hamilton have to be more efficient on their jumpshots and try to get that corner three shot which is said to be the most efficient shot in basketball. More dribble drive penetration and drawing contact is needed and I think Deng and Hamilton can do a little of that and so can CJ watson with that second unit. Bulls should dominate on the glass which will be key to victory.

  • Here's the thing. Rose needs to be aggressive, blow by his man and take it to the rim then either make a basket, get fouled or kick out to Deng or Rip. If he penetrates and misses , Noah and Booz can clean up. We will have this all night long.
    Doug, on Mirotic, don't forget that, like Asik he will not be on the rookie pay scale too long because he will miss likely three rookie seasons. Then if he is good he will have only two seasons at most at rookie pay scale. He will make what Asik is making now for those two years or so. After that, if he plays great, as we suspect he might, he could get a Noah type contract, and Bulls will be able to afford that. He will never get that money in spain.
    If he comes and sucks it up, I am sure he can go back to Spain after two years in the NBA and at 24 he would still have a great career. Lots of upside for him in this scenario and little downside. He appears to have a Serbian or Montenegran background and they are a dime a dozen in the Chicagoland. I know cause I am one too.

  • In reply to adocarbog:

    Asik wasn't and isn't on the rookie pay scale. 2nd round picks don't have a pay scale, they can be paid pretty much whatever the team wants to pay them, as long as the team has the cap space or exceptions to do so.

    Mirotic will be on his rookie contract for 4 years after coming over, no matter when that is. He doesn't get to skip the rookie scale just by waiting a few years to come over.


  • Lets hope the Bulls can have some consistency with their offense tonight and hopefully they still have last seasons trip to GS in the back of their minds cause they did lose that game last year at Golden State.

  • I doubt Mark Jackson will be a successfull coach long term in the NBA simply judging by his countenance. I just thought he looked scared/a pretender dealing with players during last night's game ala Vincenzo. Of course you can't judge by one game. However his sloganeering/player rap as announcer didn't impress me as a leader or bright coach's mind. Then again Jeff Van Gundy was at least servicable, and he often sounds similarly hot airheaded as the broadcast/entertainment job recquires.

    My point is however, that former players/NBA guys do see the obvious/big picture macro type provisions. I think G.S. will try to pressure Derrick on the perimeter, and double with bigs early on any forays. We'll see if they're successful with this. If not, and Rose is effective then Bulls should win. I still regard Noah getting better looks/reintegrated into the offense as a key to tonight's game as well as every game this season. This is a different ballclub when Jo gets lobs and weak side spins for interior baseline hooks and layins. And then the rebound hound and impact blocker comes out to play. Also, Bulls have to stay with three shooters Curry and Wright, and not get burned.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I haven't read one writer who thinks Mark Jackson will be a successfull coach. I guess the Warriors thought instead of giving a chance to a retread, they should give an opportunity to a big talking former PG who might relate to the players but has observed them as an analyst.

    But, don't you think working with Van Gundy might have made him more smart by just how much "yelling" the Van Gundys do.

  • this team sucks ass.

  • watson just got stripped by kwame brown, he should probably retire now.

  • Well this has been horrific thusfar.

    That said, down 16 to start the second half, you still don't really feel hopeless against Golden state. They can go cold so easily and let you back into it.

    That said, still not promising.

  • Bulls need to tighten up on Defense, get in the passing lanes and stop turning the ball over to GS.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Agreed, though the turnovers haven't been as bad this half, but still can't make a significant dent in the lead.

    Got to get it into single digits by the 4th quarter.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    So far the Bulls are trading baskets with GS since the start of the 3rd qt.

  • Up and down, up and down, they're caught in the GS trap. They're scoring, but not getting stops.

  • That's the problem with the Boozer low post offense, the Bulls create so many turnovers trying to throw the ball into him.

  • It's funny, but everytime I watch Boozer and the opposing PF, I silently say to myself, why couldn't we have that guy?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Boozer is becoming a liability. IMHO he does not fit with this Bulls team. Guy are basically taking the ball from him, blocking his shots, and he has no lift when he jumps. Sounds like he's getting on the down side of his career even tho he's not that old at 29.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I Agree,
    David Lee is making $2 million per year less than Boozer.
    Bulls won't ever go to the Finals with Boozer as starting PF or perhaps even with him on the roster, imo. Yes, he's that bad.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Only 2 games into the season but it's looking like David Lee's regression last year was from being turned into a zombie after the bite ... he really looked a lot better than Boozer out there.

  • Bulls just like last year have trouble with high energy athletic guard driven teams like GS. Not getting to the line and a turnover fest. The Bulls had a chance at Monta Ellis but they had to give up either Deng or Noah for him.............makes you kind of wonder...little dude can straight up ball....What's most disappointing is our poor defense. hopefully this is just early season rust they can shake off eventually.

  • Noah, Boozer, and RIP all on the bench at the end of a competitive game, starting to become a trend with Noah and Boozer, NOT GOOD!!!

  • Derrick Rose 4-17 and 1-8 from three? Talk about suckville.

    I DVR'd the game, but I'm not going to watch that debacle. I worried before the game about G.S./Jackson double teaming Rose. I'm assuming that's at least part of the reason Derrick had such a poor shooting night? Hint to Derrick: high volume threes are not your thing. Three a game maybe four if you're hot/hitting them.

    Players aside, I have no confidence that the coaches have a good offensive system to utilize the players they have. RIP at 34 shooting low 40's last two years was not the answer to a needed offensive restructuring/upgrade. This doesn't look good. And what did Utah know about Boozer's knee injury/lack of lift? Cause the guy can't f-ing jump to save his life. Pretty much a fade away jump shooter who ocassionally gets a few opportunity put backs. And a huge defensive liability. Sad.

  • Pretty crappy game, it's not so much the loss that matters: you expect to drop some, on the road you're only 50/50 to a middling team. But the way the team played was just bleh.

    It's a bit concerning the Bulls had so many turnovers ... with basically the same team back with the same coach you'd think they'd be the least prone to be out of sync due to the lack of pre-season.

    Rip Hamilton shows why mid range jump shooting is a garbage skill in the modern NBA ... he's pretty good at it, but it gets you 10 points off 12 shots. Woop-de-do. I know there really wasn't much better available as a signing, but I'm still thinking the Bulls had to draft someone, or use the rights to the guys they did draft, to make something happen on the SG front. Hamilton doesn't really upgrade the team much because he can neither shoot threes or get to the rim on his own steam.

    Rose regressed to the mean badly on threes after last game, I hope it's not like last season where he has one hot game and chucks up half a dozen for the next couple of weeks ...

    Boozer better start translating this 20 pounds lighter into something on the court soon or otherwise I think I'm going to be on the "amnesty him even if it gains nothing except addition by subtraction" bandwagon. I stuck up for him last year, even though I didn't like the signing, because he was hurt, but he's not doing a lot to justify that faith right now.

  • Sam Smith has a quote from Rose saying that the facilitator thing isn't working and he's going back to attacking. If he starts playing like D Rose, it will help Rip, Deng, and even Booz if they can take advantage of collpasing defenses. Asking Rip to initiate the offense and make entry passes is a waste of material.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Glad to hear that. I think he can facilitate better by attacking and making the right pass when his shot isn't there. He'll be able to make better use of his natural talents and abilities.

  • Here's the quote

    “I think in the first quarter I’ve got to establish myself a little bit more,”


    “I see that being laid back is just not doing it. I think both games in the first quarter I shot the ball just one or two times (one of four total and zero free throws). I see that approach is not working. So next game I’ve got to change it up.”

  • In other words, what Rose is saying, "I tried trusting my teammates on the offensive end, but they just don't have the ability to get it done. I've got to take over offensively, or else we won't win."

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