Bulls defeat Pacers after Rose agrees to max extension

Bulls defeat Pacers after Rose agrees to max extension

The most important, but least surprising, news of the preseason is that Derrick Rose has agreed to a five year max extension with the Chicago Bulls. Interestingly, it seems all of us doing the math on the extension somehow did it incorrectly, as Rose's first year of salary was only 16.3 million while everyone was calculating 17.4 million.

I had forgotten myself that the calculation for maximum salaries is different than the one used for calculating the salary cap, this is related to the last agreement but almost certainly applies here as well:

whichever is greater. They use a different cap calculation to determine the maximum salaries, which is based on 48.04% of projected BRI. For example, even though the actual salary cap for 2005-06 is $49.5 million the 0-6 year maximum salary is $12 million, not $12.375 million. Note that as with the salary cap itself, they appear to have used hard figures for 2005-06, rather than applying their formula.

The good news is the Bulls will have about one million more in salary cap space per year than we thought about a week ago.

On to the game...

This game played out similarly yet totally different from the first preseason game. They lost all of the little areas (free throws, turnovers, offensive rebounding) but dominated with vastly superior offensive and defensive execution. The Bulls shot 50.6% from the field while holding the Pacers to a meager 36.8%.

Richard Hamilton played great in his debut

It's interesting how low our standards for starting SG have fallen that Hamilton scores 13, and I feel he played great, but it was impressive how much of a difference he made for the Bulls offense. The overall team passing was tremendously better once their were five players on the floor who could pass and were all a threat.

Hamilton impressed in all facets of the game, he knocked down open jumpers, scored well on the break, moved the ball well, and even knocked down a three.

It's only one game, but seeing even just this glimpse of Hamilton has to give Bulls fans a very positive vibe about what the team will accomplish this season. I think the Bulls made a much bigger upgrade than the Heat this year, the only question will be whether it was enough.

Don't look now, but Derrick Rose is a PG once he has people to pass to

Derrick didn't put up the gaudy numbers we've seen from him the past, but he led team offense to an outstanding performance. The ball movement was crisp, they spread shots around, virtually everyone shot a high percentage. If you want to get nit picky you could complain that he didn't knock down his open three point shot, but unlike some others, I hope he keeps shooting it, because it will be deadly as he improves it.

Carlos Boozer had a nice comeback game

After getting ripped on after the first game, Carlos came back with an excellent offensive performance scoring 24 points to tie for the lead amongst all scorers with Tyler Hansbrough. I'd condemn Boozer for giving up as much as he got, but in all fairness, Hansbrough did plenty of damage on Taj Gibson as well including a stretch where he scored seven points and drew three fouls on Taj in about 2 minutes.

As long as Carlos is giving the Bulls efficient offense, he'll be a massive plus to the team even if he isn't able to contribute mightily on the defensive end of the court. He did that tonight, and hopefully that continues on into the regular season.

Joakim Noah's throwing a block party

Noah hasn't dominated the glass as much as we're used to, and he was held without an offensive rebound [though in fairness, they were shooting an insane percentage for much of his time on the floor giving him few chances], but he played incredible help defense turning away the Pacers at the basket all night.

Noah also moved the ball well on offense and his creative passing will pressure opponents even more with Rip Hamilton in the fold as a target now.

All in all, everyone played fairly well, and the Bulls won again. If there's one concern going into the regular season it might be the foul rate the Bulls have had so far this preseason. However, fouling is typically always up early on, and I doubt it's much of a concern once the regular season gets going.

I'm predicting a Merry Christmas for Bulls fans when they debut against the Lakers.


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  • Bulls offense looked much more diverse and confident throughout much of the game. Two things though. Rose's shot looks flat as hell and now it surely has nothing to do with tired legs so that's something to watch (it seems he is really living up to his reputation as a bad shooter). Second, the bulls bench looked like it couldn't score if their lives depended on it. Somebody needs to be somewhat consistent with scoring off the bench or there need to be two or three guys who can fill in every other game, cause the bulls can't go through these 4 min droughts every other game.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I thought Brewer provided good offense off the bench, even if he was lucky with a few shots. Omer had two nice touches. I wanted him to get the ball down low a few more times. Korver looked awful.

  • 1. For the Bulls to be successfull, the Centers have to dominate against other Centers(especially Miami, NY etc..) This means Asik and Noah need to have career years(shouldn't be hurt, full of energy, no foul trouble). Noah is "ok" if he is healthy and it seems like his game suffers a lot more even with a small injury.

    2. Boozer is the key on offense. The Bulls need him to supply offense when Deng, Rose and Rip are struggling because of good perimeter defense.

    3. It was great to see somebody like Rip just "swish" we hadn't seen it in Bogans, Brewer. I wonder what would have happened if we had a legit SG in the ECF last year and for the whole season

  • So Awesome we wrapped up DRose for 5 years, wish it was more but 5 is fine for now!
    We lost a valuable man in Big Sexy for his veteran leadership and he filled in huge for us with Boozer and Noah being down with injury so much last year.
    We got a good veteran in RIP to be the scoring punch we needed badly in our backcourt with Rose.
    We now need a backup big man for cheap and with Derrick costing us $1M less than we thought and us using the MLE for RIP we have a little $ to sign a cheap big man....
    While a veteran big man would be good such as Erick Dampier who I would like also Ethan Thomas is out there....I rather us go for youth and size and since we love stealing away Jazz players I think we should sign 24 year old 7'1" 280 lbs Kyrylo Fesenko He has been in the NBA 4 seasons and turned down a multi year offer to stay in Utah but is a UFA currently and unclaimed.
    We could also use a backup PG and I don't trust that in lil guy Lucas.
    If we wanted a real lil guy who can score and is fun to watch 5'5" Earl Boykins is available and hasn't signed yet with our up the street neighbor the Bucks.

  • Attended the Game...

    My new employer took me to the game last night, sitting in 2nd level seats. We discussed business and basketball so I didn't watch the game as closely as usual.

    Was I correct in what I saw? The playoff Pacers often would jump in front of Rose to take charges. They did some of that at Indianapolis a few days ago. Double teaming Rose is much harder with Rip Hamilton putting pressure on the offense. Other teams won't be able to double-team Rose at will as they did last year.

    I do hope Thibodeau encourages Rose not to drive the middle with such frequency. Every time Rose hit the floor I kept thinking about Jay Cutler and his broken thumb.

    Despite my complaints, Boozer had a much better game than I realized. Perhaps Boozer will benefit just as much from defenses forced to play more honestly with a shooting guard in Hamilton who can actually score and pass.

    Bulls' management looks pretty astute and economical with the significant upgrade in Rip Hamilton. It should be a fun season.

  • This site, a team site, is for fans, not haters. Haters continually make childish personal attacks on players, and spew venom at any respondent who objects. I'll leave it to regular posters to decide if that's me.

    30 assists on 13 turnovers, and Rose has 9 assists with one turnover. Joakim looked good defensively, and Taj get's a pass because the refs shafted him every time Hansbrough farted Taj with a foul called. Though Hansbrough as a scorer shows some ability, I still think he's a paper tiger in a playoff setting at this stage of his career.

    That said, I still do not like the way the offense looked in many respects. Boozer largely settled for jumpers. Jo made a couple of nice passes, but he also stood with the ball at the top of the key a lot looking like a misused piece in this offense. Deng hit a lot of outside shots. I didn't see any post up game or many guys getting inside shots other then breaks and weak side sneak ins by Rip.. Derrick shooting/scoring still looks like a question mark.

    I realize I'm apparently the only one here whose concerned about the Bulls offensively. RIP looks good, but he's going on 34, and has shot for a relatively poor percentage the last two years. I do think he likely has a good year, but he's not a volume three shooter nor will he penetrate much. What he appears to be is a savvy opportunity guy. But while that leads to winning basketball at times it still doesn't make up for waning talent. He had a lot of energy balled up for that first game in a Bulls uni. Will he look/shoot like this every night?

    I am very concerned about this team offensively. They needed to add some serious offensive talent after last years playoffs that was clear. And I don't believe they've done so.

    I really wish the Bulls would have picked up a new offensive asst. Right now Noah to me often looks lost/misused offensively. I know he had three assits, but how many times did he just stand at the top of the key looking like the ball was a hot potato/confused? The team just plain had no inside game other then opportunity baskets which won't cut it night in and night out. And Boozer inside has no leaping ability right now unless he gets a major running start.

    If I was an outsider with no feelings towards Chicago one way or the other I'd think, "Nice team, but pretty boring offensively. Certainly no compelling talent. Not going anywhere near an NBA Finals, and not particulalrly fun to watch." If they continue to shoot from the perimeter like they did last night then they will prove me wrong.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    30 assists, DRose had 9 of these, which is what you used to complain about in earlier posts (he is not a true pg); Boozer IS and always has been, in my opinion, a short range, post up, fade-away, pick & roll type of player, which he provided last night, even though he had someone on him all night, even double teamed at times, just a couple gimmes, resulting from assists BECAUSE we have another threat in Rip... your opinion is more than half empty; yea, you're a hater...

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    "I didn't see any post up game or many guys getting inside shots other then breaks and weak side sneak ins by Rip.. Derrick shooting/scoring still looks like a question mark."

    Boozer backed down a defender and scored in the post. Stacey King loved it and made a comical comment about it. Asik had a nice post move under the basket and a semi-hook shot that went in.

    Rose shot 4-9 with a three pointer & lay-up that rattled in and out.


  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    1. I think Rip being kind of bad for the last 2 years is for a reason. They lost their PG(Billups) and there was nobody really in Detroit to take double teams or create well for him. That said, for Bulls fans who had to see Bogans every game last year...he is a welcome sight in comparison.

    2. I did read that Thibs has a bigger playbook this time. I also remember reading that GarPax were most impressed with his offensive schemes when they interviewed him. Let's see if he manages to implement new offensive sets this season. I am curious who is the "offensive guru" of the assistant coaches?

    3. Does anyone feel this team is very similar to the Detroit team which won a championship only with a bigger star(Rose) at PG?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I actually thought the offense flowed really well with the starting lineup in. Sure it wasn't glamorous and flashy with spectacular plays and dunks. It was a team oriented approach where everyone made the extra pass and they got easy/good looks. The one big thing was that Rose didn't have to take over the game like he had to so many times last year. The good thing to remember is that he is there and can if need be, but he won't have to wear himself out doing that all season long like he did last year.

    Another thing to remember about Derrick's shooting, which wasn't awful at 4-9 with a couple rattling in and out, is that he didn't play pick up games all summer like some other guys. I read a quote about him saying that he and Boozer just worked out all summer/lockout and didn't play pickup, so it might take a few games to get the rhythm of their shot back. Rose was also 4-9 shooting overall, but 1-4 from 3's, which means he shot 3-5 on non-3pt shots. One of which was an And 1 and he was fouled on another and made both FT's. Despite missing a few 3's, I think he played pretty well. He picked his spots and didn't try to do too much because he doesn't have to anymore with Rip out there.

    If you're going to rip on anyone's offense from last night, I think the bench struggled a bit. Lay it on them, not the starters who actually played pretty well.

  • I’m really excited for this team and I’m looking forward for a great season (and a championship).I'm from Puerto Rico and I've never been in Chicago but I'm a diehard and loyal Bulls fan since 1991. I watched last night’s game and I’m concerned over Taj and Carlos getting in foul trouble so early. Unfortunately we’ve lost Big Sexy. Hope we can sign another big. I’d like we could get one of these bigs (preferably in this order): Joel Przybilla, Nenad Krstic, Solomon Jones, Dan Gadzuric, Kyrylo Fesenko, Francisco Elson, Alexis Ajinca, Earl Barron or Leon Powe (I'm listing Powe as my last option only because he's just 6'8"). Since I understand we still need another shooter, I'd love if we could add Michael Redd (he could be a low risk/high reward player coming off the bench), Sasha Vujacic (a 39.5% career shooter from three point range and a big guard at 6'7" although I don't know if he has an out clause in his contract) or Bostjan Nachbar (preferably in that order).

    Also, we need an upgrade at the third PG spot. Just waive John Lucas III. I can't still forgive him for missing the two free throws that cost us the Denver game (we could’ve been 63-19!). I like Chris Quinn, Antonio Daniels or my fellow countryman Carlos Arroyo as an upgrade over Lucas. These additions would give us a solid 14 players rotation. Probably only OKC will have such a deep roster.

    Finally, I can't understand why we brought Scalabrine back. He never plays and IMO he's wasting a roster spot. If management loves him so much, why didn’t they bring him back as an assistant coach?

  • The Bulls offense isn't going to look like the Heat's or even Oklahoma City's. But, dude, they shot lights out as a team last night, against a pretty good defensive team that you know wanted to win these games to prove, as they said all during the playoffs, that they should have won more than one game in that series.

    And, Hamilton isn't an incremental upgrade. That would just be considering his scoring prowess as compared to his predecessor. No, the fact that the defense has to stay with him and is limited in how it can double up on Rose now is huge.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with a fan being perceptive to a team's faults. I don't think it makes you a hater, but you do seem to be blinding yourself to some compelling positives in your criticism. Any team looked at under such light would demonstrate similar inadequacies.

  • In reply to kukoc4cocopuffs:

    Urg. I should probably point out my post was intended as a reply to RoadWarrior. Not Doug or the post immediately prior. My reply went squirrely when I had to re-login. Doh.

  • Hey Doug,
    Rose's new contract starts at $16.3 million. What would have been the max for Rose without the new Derrick Rose Rule?

    If $16.3 million = 30% of Cap, then for calculations the cap is $54,333,333 (16,300,000/.30). Is this correct?

    25% of $54,333,333 = $13,583,333.
    Would this have been Rose’s 2012-13 salary without the new Derrick Rose Rule? Or something different?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Suppose Rose had signed(I know he couldn't have) last season for 13.58 mil, wouldn't he still have it raised to 16.3 mil.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    That is exactly the Kevin Durant situation. Durant was drafted 1 year earlier than Rose so his contract extension came up 1 year earlier. Durant signed a Max Extension beginning at $13,603,750 which starts this season.

    I believe Durant will get an automatic increase to the $16 million range because of the Derrick Rose Rule, but I'm not 100% sure.

    That is a real hardship to the Thunder and the Bulls. It's about $3 million less to spend on supporting cast - like extensions for Asik and Taj, or keeping Ronnie Brewer next season. Because I don't think any team wants to go over the luxury tax threshold with the super tax beginning in 2013.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I guess it is a way of the league dictating. If you have a superstar, you are going to be making money as you will be contending every year even if there is a lack of complementary talent. They should be paying some luxury tax or share it with the poorer teams(talent wise and money wise)

  • In reply to Edward:

    Or you could just multiply 16.3 by 5/6(25/30) which would equal, Bingo 13.583.

  • My only concern so far is the foul trouble....reading deeper into two pre season games win or lose is like worrying about the yankees making the playoffs due to a May losing streak.

    My perspective is that this team is not going to be vastly different from last year in the way we win. We got the upgrade we need to open up the offense some....but we will still win with Defense and wearing teams down that way. I'm super high on this team right now.

    Merry Xmas indeed...

  • hey i have been a rose fan since his rookie season but i have grown to love the bulls and i think they played great and will make it to the finals. lets go bulls

  • Everybody seems pretty high on this team. Other then Richard Hamiton who will add a lot of intangibles and is a winner, but whose somewhat past his prime as his numbers the past two seasons have shown, , they did nothing to upgrade offensively which everyone after last year's offensively anemic playoffs said they absolutely needed to do. The "astute" Reinsdorf avoiding the tax, and not going after Richardson I know made many other Bulls fans angry.

    I never said Derrick Rose is not a PG. He has such superstar scoring potential that I have thought he might be much better served not walking into predictable double teams/playing point all the time hindering his true most awesome talents as a scorer..

    The Bulls could be a very good team as they have a lot of character guys and an excellent team defensive structure. I just don't think there offense will get it done in regards to contending, and is really not that entertaining to watch. If most fans think it is fun to watch that's great. If Derrick goes back to 19ppg and/or up on 45% or better it will be a lot of fun. I'm very doubtful of a Boozer comeback, and Noah doesn't look well integrated offensively to me at all. I miss his post game and transition away hand layups/hooks not to mention his mid range J and high free throw percentage including clutch time.

    If everyone is happy with the offense, and enjoys watching them as duly constituted that's fine. I'm rooting for the Bulls as much as anyone. I do think underneath the surface Derrick and Jo, both the team pillars in my view, are soemwhat lost right now. If they come out of it, the Bulls could be excellent.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Derrick Rose has always taken over when he needs to. He typically starts out games by not being very aggressive, by getting his teammates invloved & letting them find thier rhythm. Now is not the time for him to take over. It's the preseason. You'll see it in the regular season, when the team needs it. You'll see it in the playoffs, early & often. Now he is building his teammates up, & they look pretty damn good, & they got a pretty damn good coach that they will go to war for, so long as their leader buys in, & you know Rose doesn't mind.

    Noah has always typically gone through stretches. Boozer will be fine. Deng is going to build upon last year -- he really seems to have a new "eff you" attitude out there. Rip & Butler bring something new. CJ can carry the bench mob offensively, along with all the fast breaks they create, & they don't even have t score that much to outscore their matchups.Korver is the only guy I worry about. They need to use him only in 3 point situations, or in a lineup with Rip to maximise floor spacing for Rose. The rest of the backup 3 minutes need to go to Butler & Ronnie Brew-Woo.

    You'll see Christmas Day RW, Bulls ain't effing around, especially not Derrick. You ain't seen nothin yet!

  • Having Rip start makes our offense alot more dynamic, especially the way he passes to the bigs. It's almost like having a second point guard out there. Our bigs are key to winning the ECF and having another great passer should make them more important to Thibs "inside out" offensive philosophy. The way Rip runs the floor and his superior stamina is another dynamic element to this offense, bringing in easy baskets and should boosting our team field goal percentage above the 46% from last year. Make no mistake, our offense will be improved this year. Watch out Bronny and the 7 championships you proclaimed you'd win, the running of the Bulls has started....

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    Agreed. The fact that Rip can run with Rose is the single biggest change. Makes the fast break points way easier and creates a lot more easy opportunities.

  • About the only thing that I can agree with RW(he seems Mappy like in his anger) about is the concern over the precipitous drop in Rose's shooting percentage last season. I didn't need to see the splits to know that he was worse from all distances(especially finishing at the rim) except 3 last season.

    He shot 48-49% his first 2 seasons, 44% last year, I'd like to see both his shooting percentage and assist go up this year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    BigWay, I noticed the RW/Mappie Pelosi (Mr Not So Happy) similarities too. But there was no screaming for Melo involved so...

  • I was at the game, and the Bulls had the place rocking last night. I was almost surprised by the atmosphere, but then I remembered that we almost didn't have a season..

    I love how our team looks. The Bulls haven't even come close to playing their best ball, and that's got to scare the rest of the league. The Bulls are legit. It's going to be Miami and Chicago again. I can't remember the last time a preseason game made me this excited. Check out our recap here: http://onlinesportfreaks.com/2011/12/21/bulls-break-jeff-foster-in-two/

  • Guys I'm not "mad." I am dissapointed, and perturbed by Reinsdorf, but not surprised at all. The pollyannish outlook upon a new season is understandable.

    I'm stating my opinion, and thought the Iverson"ization" of Derrick by the media was an interesting angle with some validity as in regards to his drop off in shooting along with increased free throws this past season. It wasn't being talked about, and I think it's worth noting especially after the way last season ended. As far as news goes, I think that unresolved/dilemma is worth noting.

    If the offensive upgrade of RIP satisfies fans fine. I like him a lot(so far) And I'm still hoping Butler turns out to be a solid player whether he gets much time on the floor this year or not. I really don't think anybody who posesses some maturity thinks my comments are hateful or ill motivated. I do think it's a little comical how everyone is ultra embracing/thinks 33 yr old RIP who had one good game is going to be a good shooter without his drawbacks for this team.

    Bottom line: I'm simply trying to be honest. If A) Jokaim(and Derrick) return to form of the past, or B) Bulls acquire a second major offensive talent by thje deadline then I think this team can possibly contend. Again, if fans are entertained by the current Bulls squad that's fine. People who have read this blog of Doug's for long know I am a Bulls fan, and want the best for them. The rest, it really doesn't matter.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    You are right about the offense. If the Bulls have to win 16 games in the playoffs(i.e. win a c'ship), we cannot have Rose as the highest scorer in those 16 games. We need almost 70/30(just a guess) balance on that i.e. atleast 30% of the time, somebody else has to score a lot on a winning day in the playoffs or maybe more times. It is too much of a burden for Rose to facilitate and then score every time. MJ never had to do the facilitation all the time(Pippen took care of that). The national media discounts the Bulls basically because of this. They think Rose has to do too much and he will never succeed against the Heat.

    That's why if Rose can duplicate yesterday(more facilitating) and let Loul or Rip or Boozer be the scorers, this team has a chance. And, he can take over for certain periods.

    That said, this team is the best since 1998. And casual fans are coming back to see Rose and his highlights. We never know what level Rose will rise to unlike LeBron. We can all guess and hope that Rose will rise to the challenge as LeBron has not been in those crucial moments. We just don't know that yet.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think it was a smart basketball decision. There is a deep draft this year, not saying they should or will make a deal to get someone there, but if they want to they still can. No one available this summer was head & shoulders better than Rip. In 2 years guys like Steph Curry, DeRozan, & Eric Gordon will be nearning a decision to stay or go with their small market team. One could become available, & the Bulls maintain the ability to make a serious move then.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    The biggest problem with this team is one that you don't even address, although you would probably acknowledge.

    Boozer is just not who we thought/hoped that he would be, and I doubt that he ever will be. He is just a awful fit for this team, or likely any Thibs coached team, and we are paying him $15 million per, at least until he is amnestied(summer of 2013).

    In the long run, I would much rather be able to keep Asik and Taj than to have Boozer, which is pretty much what it is going to come down to.

  • Road Warrior wrote:

    If I was an outsider with no feelings towards Chicago one way or the other I'd think, "Nice team, but pretty boring offensively. Certainly no compelling talent. Not going anywhere near an NBA Finals, and not particulalrly fun to watch."

    I don't consider you to be a hater, like you said this is just fans giving their opinions. I believe that you are giving your honest opinion.

    However, reading that quote and comparing with the opinions of pretty much every NBA expert on Earth, I would sadly have to say that you aren't much of an evaluator of NBA teams.

    No offense, but your opinion doesn't match up with the rest of the world's. Not that there's anything wrong with that, and I don't think it makes you a hater.


  • This is totally off topic but I watched the Nets preaeason game and Marshon Brooks looks awful. Bricking jumpers and free throws and whining to the refs after the slightest contact. Even if Mirotic doesn't come over, I don't think anybody will miss this guy.

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