Bulls Beat #218 - Media day

Bulls Beat #218 - Media day

I discuss the Bulls media day, Dwight Howard rumors, and the eventual signing of Richard Hamilton.

Bulls Beat #218 - Media day


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  • I still feel that the luxury tax is only half the story ... you kind of alluded to the other half of it when you talked about rotating casts of role players on short deals but didn't follow it to the logical conclusion. In 3 year's time when Deng will expire Boozer could be amnestied to create cap space. IMO that's a key factor in not wanting to give Richardson a 4 year deal, it preserves the Bulls flexibility to create a new core around Rose if this one doesn't work out.

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    Doug awesome Podcast! How are you able to go to media day? Lucky!

  • If the Bulls had never had meetings with Caron Butler and rumored interest in Richardson, Crawford etc., if they had done absolutely nothing I think most fans would be up in arms. But because there was real speculation about Butler and his "meeting" with Chicago along with the other dreamy rumors people were placated, and willing to resign themselves to the fact that the Bulls were not willing to pay the tax i.e acquire a real talent in Richardson.

    All the alibying about "flexibility" for the future etc. etc., god it just makes me laugh. We knew Reinsdorf wasn't going to pay the tax. We f-ing knew it. I'm not even mad really. That's why I said I hope I'm wrong about Thibodeau and wrong about Jo's decline as well. If so this will be a fun team to watch. But even if so I'll be left to wonder what could have been. The Bulls added a decent player perhaps in Hamilton, but the karma is still there because of the cheapness/why they did it. Richardson and the tax is the only thing that would have shown they were serious about winning now. Or bringing in an offensive player through a sign and trade moving something of actual value in one of non-scoring bigs, and also adding a shooter/scorer as well through the M.L.E, again incurring the tax/showing the comittment to win. Like I said I'll most likely be watching other teams instead of the Bulls on many nights due to Reinsdorf being a cheap prick. All the money he threw at Peavey, Rios, Dunn etc. which is funded by loyal Bulls fans who he then slapped in the face. Fuck you Reinsdorf, and the horse you rode in on. M.J.'s trophies don't give you license to screw the fans in perpituity. Sell the f-ing team you leech.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    The Magic and Nuggets paid the tax and look where it got them. Retaining flexibility may be the key to retaining Derrick Rose in 5 years time when his contract extension ends. I'm all for having the option to blow it up in 3 years time: Deng expires (and could probably be traded a year earlier if cap space in 2 years is a better bet), Boozer can be amnestied and we could even trade out Noah if a "big 3" scenario of signing two free agents would work. Additionally we'd have Mirotic ready to come over (either to play for us or to use as a trade asset) and the Bobcats pick would finally be good (assuming the Bobcats continue to stink which looks safe).

    I am disappointed if we wont pay the tax under any circumstances but I really don't think Richardson is worth more than a 2 year, maybe 3 years at most, contract. To take away flexibility requires someone who is a big difference maker and Richardson just isn't it. Paying the tax for him wouldn't have been the right move for basketball reasons.

    I also think JR's reputation for being cheap works perfectly for him here. Nobody is even talking about the way the Bulls are setting themselves up for the option of blowing it up down the track, which is exactly what they'd want, the current group of players to remain close knit, not speculation about whether Boozer will be amnestied at some point, about who we might dump down the line. I think given the circumstances JR would be quite happy for everyone to be slagging him off here.

    And don't tell me this isn't part of the Bulls plans and it just happens to fall in place from their cheapness: we're willing to give the Bulls credit for engineering a buyout in order to get Rip Hamilton but not give them credit for thinking more than a couple of years ahead?

  • I agree with this. Bulls are definitely planning 2-3 years out with Deng, Mirotic, possible Boozer amnesty, Charlotte pick - along with extending Asik and Taj. Bulls will contend into Rose's 30s.

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