Assessing Rip Hamilton's fit with this Bulls team

Assessing Rip Hamilton's fit with this Bulls team

The Chicago Bull officially came to terms with Rip Hamilton on a three year deal with the final year being reported as a team option with an unknown buyout. Rip will get one day of practice prior to the Bulls preseason tip off at Indiana on Friday.

So what should we expect from Richard Hamilton?


He's an off the ball player.

I think this may have ultimately been the piece of the puzzle that convinced the Bulls to go after him. Richard Hamilton's greatest value in an offense is when he's moving around. He pressures a defense without the ball in his hands, he wears out a defense with constant motion.

Derrick Rose was one of the most ball dominant players in the NBA last season. Part of this was simply because there weren't other players on the team who could create their own shot, but most of the reason is that Rose's skillset is maximized with the ball in his hands.

Adding a player who's primary strength is moving without the ball and creating shots without the ball allows Rose to continue to play to his strengths while still adding pressure to the defense. He'll create space by making the defense move rather than trying to stretch them across the floor, but the space he creates may be even larger.

He won't get abused defensively

I doubt Richard Hamilton is at his defensive peak at this point in his career, but it's unlikely he'll be abused on the defensive end. He has excellent length, fundamentals, defensive mindset, and is well conditioned. The Bulls won't drop off from Keith Bogans defensive ability by adding Hamilton to the lineup while they absolutely would have by adding Jamal Crawford.

He fits the culture

Hamilton's a grinder who stays in tremendous shape. He's used to working on teams that preach defense. He's used to out working his opponent. He's been known as a great teammate throughout his career, and even though he led an insurrection against his coach last season, he led an insurrection against complete incompetence.

He won't find complete incompetence on this Bulls team and will fit in well personality wise.

Contract fits in nicely

While the contract is presently being reported as a team option for the third year with a buy out if the Bulls don't pick it up, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict this actually is a non guaranteed third year. The difference may seem semantic, but in a non guaranteed year, the final year can have a negotiated guarantee date.

In this case, the date would likely extend to July 14th or so in order for the Bulls to use Hamilton in a draft day trade or S&T salary dump move for another team. The Bulls could send Hamilton and his five million only to have the other team waive him outright and not take on any salary. While the deal isn't being reported this way, it's the only most reasonable explanation as to why the Bulls would agree to a buyout in year three rather than going for two years.

Either way, the super duper tax kicks in three years from now, so adding a contract which is effectively two years gives the Bulls flexibility to shed salary if they need to in order to keep Taj and Omer around.


He's getting older

Every player as good as Hamilton in his prime had a list of strengths that I could write out. Every player eventually had those strengths erode as they aged. Hamilton will effectively be 34 and 35 for the two years under contract. Will he really be able to deliver on the strengths mentioned?

His game relies more on endurance than athleticism, and since he's not creating off the dribble, losing a step will be somewhat irrelevant. Coming around a screen and getting open is more about technique than it is about pure burst, so Hamilton's game should age nicely, however, even aging nicely, 35 years old is typically the end of the line for guys who were borderline allstars in their prime.

Doesn't really shoot threes

While he's certainly not Ronnie Brewer behind the three point line, shooting from beyond the arc is not his strength. It'd be nice to have a cold blooded shooter from beyond the arc playing next to Derrick to open up driving lanes. Rip can do that, but a zone defense with lots of switching could allow an opponent to pack the lane and still keep a body near Rip in the mid range jumper area.

He doesn't create shots off the dribble

The Bulls frequently lacked for a second focal point of attack where they could dump the ball to someone and have them create a decent look. Outside of Derrick Rose, no one on the team could do that in the playoffs at all. As such, Rose was completely wiped out athletically by the end of the playoffs.

If the Bulls had a two guard who could create off the dribble it would have eased considerable pressure off of Rose and his need to create shots. As noted above, Hamilton can look to create shots off the ball, but it will be harder to ease the pressure off of Rose in that matter as making a pin point pass to Hamilton on a curl is difficult if the defense overloads Rose with a double team.

Low TS% player

If you're the type that believes each team gets X amount of possessions per game and whether you win or not is based on how many points you score per X, then you'd note that Hamilton scores less per X than all of the other option the Bulls looked at.

Only in three years of his career (05/06-07/08 seasons) did he really score at an efficient clip. If Hamilton can't score at an efficient clip here than whatever offense he brings us is going to be taking away shots from someone scoring at a more efficient clip which isn't good.

That said, I think the pressure he relieves from everyone else by not being Keith Bogans likely more than makes up for this.

[Very Nitpicky I know] He doesn't play PG

This somewhat goes with the point above, but since Hamilton can't really create his own offense on the ball, the Bulls won't be able to trim their playoff rotation by removing CJ Watson or rest Rose for a considerable length of time.

Also, if we had a guard who could play the point in spurts it would be a much greater hedge for a Rose injury than what the Bulls presently have on the roster.

Ultimately, it's sort of irrelevant because if Rose goes down in the playoffs, the Bulls are screwed anyway. It would have provided a little more insurance and contract flexibility next season if Chicago signed Jamal Crawford though, as they'd likely get a 3rd PG at the vet min rather than trying to find someone a bit better.

Stat prediction?

12 points, 3 assists, 45% shooting in 24 minutes per night.


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  • Pretty much agree except the PG bit ... I think that it's beyond nitpicky. The idea of Crawford running the point guard ... I think I just threw up in my mouth. If Rose goes down for a few games I think Watson runs the point no matter which guy we signed.

    I'd be happy with your stats prediction. The 24 MPG sounds right, with so many back to backs an older guy like Rip needs to have his minutes kept down and splitting time 50/50 with Brewer will do that. Although I fear based on his last couple of years and the fact the Bulls probably will be asking him to shoot threes in reasonable volume that 45% is a bit of a stretch. Maybe if he can see Ray Allen's doctor for some of those anti-aging drugs it's possible.

  • In reply to Shakes:

    The backup PG thing isn't necessarily because Watson shouldn't play, but it's as a hedge if Rose or Watson gets hurt or if the Bulls don't want to bring Watson back as the backup next year, they could use a 1/2 as a backup point and bring in a 3rd point at the vet min.

    Now they probably don't want a vet min PG to be the only backup to Rose next year, so they'll need to spend more, particularly since it will be difficult to find a ring chasing PG to join the team since it's the position with the lowest opportunity to play.

  • I think the analysis is dead on, but I'm even more optimistic. Rip lead the league in 3P% in 2005-2006, and he has shot 38% since then, which is the same as Bogans. The difference is that Rip has had a usage around 27%, whereas Bogans was 10% with the easiest shot opportunities of anyone in the league. Rip is going to get a bump in his shooting from being more selective and allowing Rose to set him up with easy shots.

    Rip's game doesn't seem like it will be affected very much by age either. He doesn't rely on athleticism as much as endurance, and as you pointed out he is a conditioning freak. He will certainly make Wade work harder on defense. I'm hoping for 55% TS with 40% 3P%, which would be a huge boost to the team. It's an exciting time to be a Bulls fan.

  • In reply to nrpprn:

    I think those numbers, are a bit optimistic for percentages, but it'd be fairly awesome if he could do that.

    I'm hoping most that he just opens up space for other players and even if it doesn't reflect in his numbers we see a bump in overall team offensive efficiency.

  • Wilbon write a good article on ESPN analyzing the Hamilton pick up.

  • In reply to NateTags:


    After reading Wilbon's article on Rip Hamilton, I feel very encouraged about Rip joining the team.

    Great article. Thanks.

  • Is there a team out there with more depth than the bulls now? That's going to be the difference in a compressed season. Injuries are the only thing that keep the bulls from the top seed in the East.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Of the contenders? No, I don't think so, but as crazy as it sounds, I think the T'Wolves have excellent depth, and I also like the way their starting 5 is shaping up. They will improve this year for sure, Kevin Love will be mentioned as an MVP candidate, but next year I look for them to really break out.

    To your point though, I agree. Bulls will get the top seed barring any major injury. They're getting overlooked because they didn't make a sexy move, but they are better form within, have the team chemistry, are more playoff experienced now, and they seem to have that edge this year - just a little angry over the way things ended up & how no one is showing them the proper respect.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Bulls are unbelievably deep. Jimmy Butler is the 11th man right now. You've got a legit 10 man team. The Bulls 6-10 guys could probably take out some team's starting 5s.

  • The good thing about Hamilton is... nothing. No, seriously, two of the last three years he shot .368 and .382 from three on nearly three attempts per game. While Keith Bogans did nearly the same thing Hamilton as a career scorer and past champion is still somewhat of a gamer. Likely he will hit them less in streaks and more likely when it counts/Bulls are on a run. He's obviously a competitor. I wouldn't be shocked if he had a resurgent year fueled by the new scenery and major talent upgrades around him i.e playing alongside Derrick Rose. 42-43% Field Goals would work.

    Last year before he got hurt Ronnie Brewer was hitting his stride post injury/hamstring shooting mid range well(for him) and getting baseline dunks etc. i.e putting up his season two and three double digit scoring(per minutes played) numbers on the same high 40's percentage. If he stays healthy, big if, could be a much better year over all from the SG spot.

    I still wish they'd try C.J. and Derrick with Rose at SG to thwart walking up court into predictable double teams/it just makes it so easy on the defense, but I know this is not going to happen. And I'm sure other fans will quash Watson at the point. He did score decently per minutes played on a high field goal percentage in G.S., but from the clips I watched and in that one 30 point(?)/high scoring game last year with the Bulls that was largely due to getting to the basket. Shooting wise he just doesn't seem to have it though he did shoot .393 from three last year on 1.4 attempts per game.

    I've been dire in my outlook, but if Noah and Boozer come back to previous performance levels or dare say it career years(shockingly injury free of course) the Bulls could then obviously be a very good team. I've been hard on Thibodeau as well, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility that he learns as a new head coach that he has to forge relationships, not incessantly carp, and sit the hell down during games. If that would happen I'd say the Bulls coul be back in the ECF, and a very tough opponent for Miami. I'm almost hoping they start off slow, Thibs shows signs of patience/making the transition, and then they go forward as a united team cruising into the playoffs. Derrick has shown, despite last yearse playoffs, he can be a destroyer when the energy around him is good.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Still complaining about a coach coaching, huh? Dire may be the understatement of the year. That said I do enjoy your perpetually pessimistic outlook RW. Keep up the good work....

    Go Bulls!

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I'm not super closer to Thibodeau or Rose, but in my dealings, they seem like a near perfect pair. Rose loves Thibodeau as best I can tell and wants a coach as maniacal about winning as he is.

    I also don't see why you'd use CJ/Rose together all that much. I'd prefer they let CJ create off the dribble when he's in the game rather than have him stand around and wait for korver to get open.

  • Ronnie Brewer was actually shooting decently from the 3pt line towards the end of the season & the playoffs (3/9 to close the season, 3/7 in the playoffs). I know it was low volume over a low sample size, but I wouldn't be surprised if he started taking about 1 per game this year as he appeared more confident towards the end. He was draining the midrange too. Maybe he never gets better - his whole career he's shot in the 20's - but it looks like he really put the work in last year, motivated by never getting a shot at starting over Bogans. I also think it's a myth that he can't ever become a functional 3pt shooter because of that freak incident as a child. It doesn't matter how ugly it looks, if he can repeat the same motion over & over again, and has confidence, he can improve. I think he breaks into the 30's this year with 1 per game.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I don't those stats mean anything, Brewer's not a shooter.

    That said, ANYONE could learn to shoot a corner three if they just shoot 200 of them a day and have someone make sure their mechanics are consistent.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    16 attempts. We're talking up Ronnie Brewer as a 3 point shooter over 16 attempts?

  • In reply to Shakes:

    No, I'm talking him up because I feel he's been working hard on the 3, both to help the team out knowing that's what they need, and because it would increase his role. Plus he shot that mid range a lot more than 16 times, and it was looking good.

    I'm calling it, Brewer takes a significant jump in % & attempts this year, just you all watch.

  • Rip Hamilton is definetly an upgrade for the bulls team. Nobody can argue the contrary. Despite that, I think it ain't enough. Bulls still need a star next to Rose most of all because Rip can't score off dribble.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I'd like the Bulls to have more, but it makes little sense to look for a SG star. When you look at the great teams in the NBA none of them are based around an elite PG and an elite SG.

    Most are based around a great inside out game, one great interior and one great perimeter player. The 90s Bulls are one of the few ever that were built around 2 perimeter players.

  • A cold blooded 3pt shooter would have been nice. Richardson has been a 40% shooter over the pasy 6 years & was 2nd in 3pts made last year. The Bulls really overlooked Wes Matthews during the big FA summer -- another guy shooting 40% on high volume, & the rest of his game is pretty nice as well. Dorell Wright would have been nice, though more of a SF, but can't imagine Golden State would want to move him. Jodie Meeks would be a nice guy to have. There's guys who come out every year & show they can be knockdown 3pt shooters, they have to find someone at some point. Maybe they catch Eric Gordon or Steph Curry during their free agent year, amnesty Boozer & sign one.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Think the Bulls went with best player vs best shooter in their approach.

    I'm not sure Hamilton is better than Richardson [and in fact, think he probably isn't], but he's a complete player on a reasonable deal.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree, and more & more I'm really warming up to the signing.

  • Rip Hamilton is really great and made his team I must suggest him to be calm and take all things light.
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  • Let's look at it from a playoff point of view. Regular season really doesn't matter in terms who plays at SG...if it's Bogans/Brewer or even Korver, Butler, the Bulls will probably be ok and might lose a few extra games.
    The question is how Rip matches up with Wade and how he burns Wade, Allen or Paul George/Granger types when they leave their man and crowd Rose. We know about running around screens, mid-range shot. But, the bottom line is when they trap Rose into a corner like Wade/LeBron did and then they have the athleticism to recover to cover their man...that's what hurt the Bulls because Bogans didn't dribble or have a quick/accurate release.

    Also, does Rip play like Hinrich against Wade. Some guys just have that match-up to frustrate. We know Deng/Brewer together can handle LeBron. I haven't really watched Det-Miami on how Rip plays Wade to get an idea. You can tell that Wade cannot easily dominate Hinrich in a series except for a game or two.

    Finally, if we get Hinrich instead of CJ....that would be icing on the cake for this team. Hopefully, it can happen by trade deadline somehow.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Here is how everyone's golden boy Afflalo plays against wade...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Odd you would mention LeBron/Wade in how we defended them.

    We couldn't defend LeBron well at all while Wade struggled something terrible against us.


  • Is that 12pts off the bench or 12pts starting? I'd like to have Hamilton starting with Rose while keeping the "bench mob" core intact w/ Watson/Korver/Brewer/Taj/Omer ,but I think Thibs is gonna let Ronnie start and maybe have Rip finish games. Just my thought...

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    Don't think it matters.

    I think Brewer might start as well FWIW though.

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    Personally I'd be happyh for Rip to play the "Bogans minutes" (ie the first 8 minutes of each half) plus close out some games ... I think Brewer works bets off the bench when he can get as much time as possible against the weaker players. He's a disruption defender, so put him against the backups who probably aren't as strong at passing or holding onto the ball and let him cause havoc.

    I mean I know some people think putting a scorer on the bench is required ... but look at what the "bench mob" did last year, they didn't score a ton but they didn't need to because they still out did their opponents. Lock them down, score the easy points when you get stops, let the starters come back with the margin much the same is fine by me. An ugly win is still in the W column.

  • 24 minutes a night? Comon Thonus - Richard Hamilton is playing 30+. Thank god we can reduce the minutes of both Korver and Brewer. I would like the Bulls to parlay either Brewer/Korver and Watson for a real combo scoring guard off the bench who CAN play PG. Maybe a Lou Williams if Philly falls apart, Leandro Barbosa - I still believe we need more scoring off the bench in order to be the favorite. Rose 36 mins, RIP 30 mins, Deng 35 mins, Booz 32 mins and Noah 34 mins - Gives us 74 minutes for the bench - Taj gets 22 solid and the rest of the minutes are split with Watson/Korver/Brewer/Asik.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    I agree. Get rid of Watson and Korver and sign Crawford.

  • my guess is that the Bulls were never all that interested in Crawford, if they were at all. He doesn't fit the Bulls team chemistry and is not a Thibs kind of guy.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree.

  • In reply to Dajody1:

    Especially in a shortened season I doubt you see that. I'd be surprised if Rip played over 28.

  • Not nitpicky.

    I like the Rip signing, a lot. Yet I am compelled to ask what now? (ie I still feel like we need to make another move). My first thought was to google Chauncey Billups as I think he would be an amazing backup at the point and the 2 and he would be reunited with Rip. Billups was signed by the Clips after waivers. He thought he'd be the starter, but now with Chris Paul on the way they are likely to move him to the 2. While signing him without giving anything up would have been ideal I would still applaud a move that brings him here....

    That tangent about Billups shouldn't distract from my main concern, that the Bull still need another guard. While they have depth at the guard positions, last year showed that depth unable to score when Rose was not on the court. Occasionally CJ Watson would score some, but not consistently against above average opponents. Our first guard off the bench needs to be able to add something, anything to the game, not just suck up minutes while Rose catches his breath.

    I posted earlier about wanting the Bulls to sign Gilbert Arenas. While he is the antithesis of the boyscout type the Bulls covet, his ability to play the point and the 2 (hibachi) would make him ideal for this team. I understand and appreciate chemistry, but that works both ways as maybe adding a more volatile element (non-boyscout player/ Arenas) sparks a POSITIVE chemical reaction. Make sure his head is in the right place, make sure he accepts whatever role they give him, give him a short leash, and sign him for cheap... before Miami does.

  • In reply to No It All:

    Whereas Billups on the cheap would be decent, as I understand it, once an amnestied player is picked up off of waivers, he can't be traded this year. He's essentially stuck with the Clippers for this season no matter what.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    interesting, thanks.

  • What exactly was the deal with Detroit's coach? I heard quite a bit about mutinies, boycotts, etc, but I don't really know why the players turned against him. How and why did he manage to piss them off so badly?

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    He refused to play Hamilton who was pissed off about it.

  • I'd rather invest in a younger player.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I get that, but the Bulls have enough young players. You can't build a team and keep everyone, the Bulls have 3 players under long term deals and will likely want to keep Taj/Omer around long term as well.

  • I know he can be a bit of a head case, but I saw that the Mavs are not interested in resigning DeShawn Stevenson. I wonder what his price would be.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Bulls have no need for another SG.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    THIS is the biggest thing Hamilton brings to the the team. We haven't been able to definitively say "the Bulls have no need for another SG" for pushing on 20 years now! I got half a mind to just walk around town all day muttering this to passerby. Think we can get that on a t-shirt, Doug?

  • In reply to ThirdCoastVince:

    Oh shit that's funny man!

  • I also have the feeling coach T will use Hamilton as a sixth man and Brewer as a starter. Hamilton can help that second unit that struggles at times to score and put Korver at his more natural position as a spot up shooter. Deng has to have 5 minutes knocked off his pt and overplaying him with our depth makes no sense. Like someone said, Hamilton will probably close out games. Our team is based on defense and rebounding but even a minor upgrade like Hamilton can balance out our sometimes anemic offensive attack.

  • In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    I won't presume to know what Thibs is going to do, but I think Rip has to start. The whole point of the SG upgrade is to keep teams from throwing everything at Rose, or punishing them when they do. Starting Ronnie Brewer doesn't help; teams will leave him just like they did Bogans and he's not a good enough jump shooter to make them pay.

    I think Brewer is most useful as Deng's backup. He played LeBron better than Lu did in the ECF, and his offensive game is the same cut/dive/slash thing that Lu does. Conversely, Korver uses screens like Rip does, so the sets wouldn't have to change if he came in for Rip.

  • I know this is way off topic and the whole topic itself could use a rest, but if I could start the "screw you Dwight Howard" fan club, I think this article would be a good rationale:
    The way he ends it is just way too true.

  • In reply to waitwhat:

    Great article and not the first one to allude that Howard may be afraid of working hard, thus he doenst want to come to the Bulls that out work everyone...ORL can keep him or NJ can have him IMO.
    I've hated Howard since I saw that game last year where he rolled the ball away from the refs after a missed free throw and got a T when he knew if he got one he'd be suspended a game. That idiot doesnt deserve to win. This came right after some ridiculous interview where he procalimed himself a leader blah blah blah....yeah nice job leading in Ts. He's a DBag and like LeBron I hope he never wins it all.

    Both guys shoulda gone to college and matured before hitting the NBA. I honestly think they both needed it mentally and still do (clearly not physically).

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Yep, it was almost the same story with Wade & LeBron too. It's this whole new AAU generation. Rose & Durant are the exceptions to the rule.

  • So for all of us that want Hinrich out there. Do you think we could get him for this?
    I know Atlanta could avoid the luxury tax for it and we would be ready for a rematch with MIami in the playoffs with a much more stacked roster than we carried last year. The other bonus is we don't really lose any depth

  • In reply to FreeJoakim:

    Doubt Atlanta wants to do that. Doubt Hinrich would be happy playing 12 minutes of backup PG a night either.

  • Now that we have Rip - what abt Dwight Howard...? :-)

    Bill Simmons says it all:

  • In reply to mjorey:

    great peice, I cut & pasted the Bulls section on yesterdays (dougs) column

  • The Bulls needed more motion in their offense, and Rip gives them that. Don't look at the stats, just ask, is the Bulls roster better than it was last year? Yes, and they didn't have to give up anyone.

    I honestly think a better conditioned Rose makes that Miami match-up almost even. I really think he's a legit shot at MVP again and I think Rip will help the Bulls keep up with the Joneses.

    But the big news is the Clippers. We debate who's the best in LA, check it out here:

  • In reply to onlinesportfreaks:

    Oh how quickly we forget about Bogans! Just kidding, I know you meant that we didn't have to give up anyone of significance.

    I agree, that a better conditioned Rose makes the Miami matchup a little more even. All the pieces seemed to come together for Miami in that series too. Bosh learned how to play basketball, Haslem & Miller came back from injuries to rejuvenate the team, and Lebron started hitting ridiculous shots that he missed up until that series. The Bulls on the other hand were fighting through injuries to Noah, Boozer, then Asik and Rose & Deng were exhausted from playing so many minutes all season. All that being said, looking at the games individually and not just the 4-1 series, the Heat squeaked by the Bulls.

  • In reply to onlinesportfreaks:

    Not just a better conditioned Rose. But a healthy Boozer, Noah, Asik and Brewer....

  • In reply to onlinesportfreaks:

    I don't think it was a particularly good trade for the Clippers, but boy did the Lakers screw themselves by pursuing Paul and then having to trade Odom after he got pissed when finding he was in the deal.

  • For all of the Kwame Brown fans out there....check out this video, hilarious!!

  • For all the Kwame Brown fans out there, check out this video!!

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Sorry for the double post, it never showed up the first time for some reason.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Hahaha that is classic. There should be more awesome mockery of hack NBA players

  • OJ Mayo can handle the ball and play point some of the time. He envisioned himself as a PG before entering the league. He shoots the three better than Rip Hamilton and even has a better mid-range game at this point. He's also a better defender than Rip. The choice was clear.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    I agree on some levels, but I think the problem with getting Mayo is that it most likely costs you Taj at a minimum and the team wants to keep all of their bigs.

  • In reply to Hunter:

    Not sure that Mayo is a better defensive player, especially in a Thibs type system. Rip played on a team committed to a defensive system during Detroits 6 year run in the ECF.

    While I like the idea of getting Mayo, I would not give up Asik, and would be torn on giving up Taj. Especially since something about Mayo makes me think that he has some or maybe way too much Jamal Crawford in him.

    I think that the Bulls like Hamilton's personality/mentality fit with this team as much as they like his basketball/skills fit with this team, and other than Afflalo, may he have been their #1 choice, at least this year.

  • Hello Mr. Thonus, I've been reading your blog for the past couple of years and wanted to say that I appreciate your articles and that the comment discussions on the bulls are the best out there.

    They say, 'time heals all wounds', and nothing proves that more than the recent clamoring for Hinrich. My memory is not so short. Capt. turnover, clank off the rim, victim of the non-call, gave up more than he gave. When Jeff Teague came in for him in the playoffs, Atlanta's game improved two fold. The bulls addition by his subtraction has been immensely understated.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I don't think Hinrich was a guy who hurt them, but he's not a dynamic player by any stretch. I'd be okay with him to come back cheaply, but I think it was important to move him to improve the team.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    On the cheap maybe. I'd really like to see OJ Mayo on the team.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey Doug, how do you think this Bulls team compares to Hamilton's championship team in Detroit?

  • Check out Bozo the Boozer's offseason workout regimen, I guess we
    now know why he is divorced.


  • Kelly, I Could not have said it better myself, thanks

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Given he's given zero credit for his defense, I think Thibs can say "he's better defensively than he's given credit for" with a straight face. He right about the defensive rebounding thing too, it is better than nothing ... and that probably is the best use for Boozer. He's never going to challenge shots, he doesn't have the lateral speed or the hops to do that, so the fact he just goes for rebounds is probably as much as you can get out of him.

    I don't know, I don't think Boozer would ever be mistaken for a good defender, but how good do people expect the team to be? They're already a top defense with Boozer, there seems to be diminishing returns to how much better you can get by putting better defenders out there. So long as other players cover his deficiencies then why care about Boozer's defense. It's his offense falling off a cliff after he got hurt last season that was the real problem.

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