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I've been getting a ton of similar questions on twitter, so I will attempt to answer them all here.

@Jermando: J-rich is overrated. Rip is better defensively and more clever on offense.

I will disagree. At 34, I'm not sure Rip is better defensively, in fact, I feel comfortable saying he's not. I'm also not sure that he's more clever offensively. Richardson can create his own shot better, and he can shoot better from beyond the arc. Hamilton scores mostly through plays run for him which can stall the offense if they don't work.

One potential big advantage Rip brings to the table is that he's a high motion off the ball player. Deng can play in a similar way, and the combination might put tremendous pressure on defenses to continually move to keep track of their man. That havoc might create seams for Rose or openings for Deng/Hamilton.

It will take some offensive creativity to get the most out of that combination of perimeter players, but the potential is high with two off the ball movers and Derrick Rose on the ball. It'd be easier to create an offense with Richardson who's a greater threat to space the floor by merely standing outside the arc, but Rip might create similar openings if used correctly.

@regimeofterror ben gordon as our jason terry? He might become available

I think he could be if we acquired him, but I'm near certain this isn't happening. Gordon and management didn't have a good relationship, and he's paid heavily. If we're scared to go MLE for Richardson the odds of going after Gordon are near zero.

@Bulls_101 Based on what he signed in Orl., you think J-Rich takes MLE if Bulls offer?

I think he would have, and I've had multiple people inside the league tell me the same thing, however these people weren't necessarily privy to Richardson's thoughts, just people who are deep in the NBA.

However, look at the evidence:

1: Jason Richardson doesn't sign with Orlando until after the Bulls come to a handshake agreement with RIP.
2: He signs at barely over the MLE.
3: He's previously said he'd play for less to be on a contender
4: The Bulls never offered him the full MLE.

Add those things up, and it seems highly likely that Richardson was merely waiting for us to offer him the full MLE which we likely debating heavily about doing, but then when the possibility to add Hamilton for less emerged, we took it.

@Raven1908 Bulls never offer MLE to JRich...could be tax, could be don't view him as worth it. Anyone else offer it to him? Nope.

Did anyone else offer him the MLE? No. Did someone else offer him more than the MLE? Yes. Not sure what your point is there. Someone else thought he was worth more than the MLE.

I think part of the problem is these decisions aren't made in a vacuum. What a player is worth is highly dependent on the situation. Is Tyson Chandler or Nene getting as much as they are now if the market isn't flooded with teams with cap room? Definitely not.

If the Bulls weren't deep in salary with other players, then I think the Bulls would have definitely take him. I think he's worth a full MLE, it's just that the Bulls know they have tough decisions coming in a couple of years and the gap between Richardson and Hamilton wasn't big enough to take Richardson given that the two year commitment to Hamilton falls off prior to the supertax year.

My believe is that management likes Richardson more, just not a lot more. Of course, they'll never admit it, so we'll never know for sure. Maybe they do genuinely prefer Rip.

@jbizzlebizzle Is Rip deal for vet min, or did we offer him part of our MLE?

2 year full MLE is the rumor. Nothing is done yet as Rip hasn't cleared waivers yet.

@bxxg23 Is it bad that I have unequivocal faith in Gar? He's made all the right moves since taking the reins. (Oy, Boozer

No, I think John and Gar have done a very good job overall. I think they do an excellent job of maximizing their leverage on the small deals especially in trades where they make moves to get minor upgrades in talent and improve salary at the same time.

I think there are real limits placed on them in terms of the tax, so they'll have challenges to work underneath that threshold that I don't think Miami, New York, or L.A. will face.

@jbizzlebizzle Do you think Noah/Butler/Bobcats pick future Bulls pick for D12 is better than LAL or NJ deals?

Depends what they offer. IF L.A. goes Gasol + Bynum for Howard + Hedo then I think the Bulls are out of it.

@CalvinAndHobo So the only difference is the extra 2 years? Are you sure that's why they said no? Could they just wrongly think Rip is better?

That is what KC Johnson has reported. I don't have direct knowledge of what the Bulls have or have not offered, but there's no reason to doubt K.C. in this case as he's almost certainly getting the information directly from Gar Forman.

@bxxg23 I think the Bulls could have taken out Miami with the same roster plus Gordon.

I agree, but I doubt management feels that way, their opinion on Gordon doesn't match mine or yours.

@ReyAlmighty do you think Bulls have a legit shot at Howard? I agree you do it even without commitment...

I doubt it. I think Gasol + Bynum trumps our offer easily. The Magic might be just as good with those two as they were with Howard. Of course, LA might not offer it.

@Dr_realdeal JRich skill set based more on athleticism which is fading Rip based more on skill coming off of screens and shooting Better fit?

I don't know, shooting isn't really athletically based, and Richardson is a better shooter. I do agree that his ability to create will fade to an extent though.

@RonnieCabrera85 it could be a sign and trade with howard included

(re: Richardson in a Howard trade) Once the signing is official that can't happen. The signing will be made official well before Howard is traded [if it isn't already].

@EdemKojo u really co-sign on breaking up a perennial ECF team for the shot at a D12 who may not resign? IDK about that one.

@EdemKojo D12 refuses to sign an extension and ur immediately in the 7/8 slot and getting non lottery picks for years.

@EdemKojo it's easy to be bold as a fan but if ur the GM there's no way you make a move like that.

@EdemKojo to make a football analogy, it's like going for it on 4th down on ur own 30 yd line in a winnable 4th quarter.

Disagree. I think the Bulls could easily keep Howard if they get him, and if they do, then they have a dynasty. I just don't see how you pass on that chance if you have it.

The greater fear, IMO, is that they probably don't have the best offer, and if they don't, then they alienate half the current roster by participating in the bidding. The worst case for Chicago might be that they bid on Howard and fail and then Noah/Deng/Brewer/etc are all pissed off via Lamar Odom at being included in on talks.

@Puertoricotech are the Bulls really in the Race to get Howard? this will work,Noah, boozer and brewer and a pick for howard and turkoglu!

I don't think they're legitimately in it. I think they'll inquire, but I don't think they have the best offer.

@Chi_BULLS_Ftw hey man, just wanna say how great you've been during all of this. You actually respond to fans and we appreciate. It. Good work.


@EdemKojo we fear no one in the West, why would you break up a team that is on the verge of winning in the east with incremental changes?

Because adding a top 3 player in the league makes you a dynasty and incremental changes don't?



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  • Yo Doug,

    No concerns over J-rich losing his athleticism in years 3 and 4 of the contract?

    Hollinger panned the Magic for that contract.

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    The deal with the Magic is definitely a bit dicier than a full MLE would be. At the full MLE, I think he'd be underpaid for a couple years, possibly overpaid by the end.

  • Regarding Rip's shot creating ability, his assist % was 19.8, higher than even Jamal "he can run point" Crawford's. His turnover % was lower too. I can't remember the last time I've watched a Piston's game, but doesn't that indicate some ability to be a secondary distributor?

    Also, Hollinger's profile says that while he didn't shoot well off the dribble, many of those were bailouts. In short, I think the concerns about his shot creation may be overblown.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    Agreed. And Jrich has is an absolute zero in shot making ability and ball handling.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    We'll find out once he's with us. He was trapped in a lousy situation in Detroit for a couple years for sure.

    A chance to win a title and a quality passing, highly skilled team around him, and he might play considerably better.

    Even so, he was a 15 PER player last year, so it's not like he was falling off a cliff.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Hamilton looks like he's had a pretty expected career arc, got more efficient until he peaked in his late 20s and now is declining ... it doesn't really coincide with Detroit being bad since he peaked a few years after the Pistons won their title.

    I think we'll see more of the same from him, middle of the road shooting from 2 without being a huge three point threat either. At least teams wont completely ignore him like Bogans but I don't see him doing a whole lot to help the offense improve otherwise.

    However I expect Deng/Rose to be a bit better from three with another season to work on it, and if Boozer/Noah are healthy then the Bulls offense will be better and no doubt it'll be Rip getting the credit not the internal improvement.

  • We've seen what Houston believes Pau Gasol is worth. Although he's no longer a building block, he could be flipped for other young pieces.

    However, I don't agree with you on what Bynum is worth. He's young, but you'd have to believe he will not just magically shake his chronic injury problems. You cannot build with him. His knees simply cannot support his body weight. He has averaged only slightly more than 24 MPG, & slightly more than 55 games per year (not including missing playoff games like the entire 2008's). Only is good for about 10-15 PPG ( avg 10.5 for his career). He rebounds and blocks shots well when he does play, but he is not very athletic, and doesn't bring anything else to the table like shooting or passing. He also showed his immaturity & lack of character in last year's playoffs.

    His leg problems over the past are a serious red flag that signals a problem in supporting his own body weight. He has had a bone bruise in the knee, a torn meniscus in the knee, a strained achilles, a torn MCL in the knee, a bone spur in his foot, & a dislocated kneecap along with another bone bruise, in addition to elbow & shoulder injuries.

    Is this a guy, who makes close to 16 mil per season as well, a guy you can count on?

    The Lakers did get another pick by just trading Odom to the Mavs (top 20 protected). They do own all of their own likely low 20 picks, and the Paul deal was just nixed again. Still, I do not see the Lakers' package as being far & away better than the Bulls. I could envision a scenario where the magic could prefer our offer.

    If that happens, then you ask the Magic if you can sit down with Howard, try to sell him on the Chicago Bulls, & ask if he'll sign an extension. But if that falls through, you have a lot of unhappy Bulls looking over their shoulder, just like in the 2007/2008 season.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Why do you feel that Bynum can't shake his injury woes, but Joakim Noah can? Noah's played 64 and 48 games in the past two seasons. Bynum has played 65 and 54.

    I do agree that the lower body injuries are a bit scarier going forward, but Noah has had some foot problems himself.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Wow, those game number don't lie! Noah is getting a bit of a pass while Bynum has the worse reputation for injury. I agree that Bynum's lower body issues are potentially more career threatening. However, I think Noah has more of a "overall frailty" about him.

  • In reply to Edward:

    the two year sample is a bit cherry picked

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    It's the most recent two years.

    Most recent data is by far the most accurate. It's not like I went out and picked data from five years ago.

    It's also the only data where Noah was playing larger minutes.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Maybe it's the most accurate( I'd say looking at thier careers would be most accurate), but I and many others I'm sure, would take Noah's injury history, when projecting long term health. Also, Bynum has had some injuries occur late in the season, causing him to miss off season time...that is just luck that it hasn't cost him more games. Would you honestly not take Noah straight up for Bynum if you were the Lakers?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I didn't say that. A package with the Bulls would involve more parts though, making Noah less critical compared to what Bynum would be.

    However, for the sake of argument, his injuries have been less numerous, are less chronic in nature & more reoccuring, and he carries less weight on his knees. Bynum's injuries date further back than the last 2 seasons. Noah has apparently shakebn the foot problemns since switching shoes. Just ask Grant Hill about Fila, & how important shoes are.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    We know Noah has some injury issues as well, but if you had to put money on either of them making it to 70+ games in a season (or whatever that translates to this year) I doubt you'd get many takers on Bynum over Noah. It feels to me Noah is an injury risk, but Bynum is an injury near certainty.

  • If the Lakers don't get Howard, I feel like they are headed towards being 35 win team this season(out of 66). Kobe is done and he might come up big sometimes to show his old flash but does he have that strength to fight for 3/4 long playoff series? MJ in his last few years had a prime Pippen whom he had played for 10 years. Kobe doesn't have anybody like that. The Lakers are headed for a downfall and they will realize the value of Phil Jackson. Is Mike Brown is the next Tim Floyd?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I agree. What would they have left to build around Howard & Kobe? They would have to trade Kobe for a young star, or start clearing cap room for a great FA year. Don't see how Howard is better off, but he would be in Hollywood, and we know it's not about winning with him. He wants either the LA market, or the NY market, & he doesn't want to share it with a young player better than himself.

  • Looks like Kurt Thomas is going to Portland. Minor loss given Asik's development but it would have been nice to get him him back in case of another injury.

  • In reply to NateTags:

    Yes Thomas was excellent injury insurance. But Portland gave him a 2-year contract. Bulls were likely looking for a 1-year deal.

    But if the Howard rumors are true maybe Bulls didn't even give Thomas a 1-year offer?

  • Biggest News of Free Agency.
    KC Johnson reports Keith Bogans' departure from Bulls is a foregone conclusion, and he is drawing interest from several teams.

    I got misty just reading that..

    So will Bulls will look for a 5th guard? Other than the non-guaranteed Pargo and Lucas? Will Bulls do something in trade with the non-guaranteed trio of Bogans/Pargo/Lucas? Bulls have until Dec 19th to pickup Bogans' option so something will happen by then.

  • I'd be curious to know what's up with Bogans too.

  • I just want to make a quick comment about Howard. I'm not saying a trade for him would be a mistake, but I wonder if he would be a good fit with Rose. I know most say that you get the star and then make it fit, but I think Howard needs a pass first point who can hit threes (like Williams in NJ) Rose is not that. As far as the comparison between Noah's injury history and Bynum's, Bynum is looked at a star, big money player where Noah is a great piece. I am hoping that the Hamilton signing is just the beginning. Everyone is talking about him as a starter, but what about starting Brewer and have Hamilton come in as the scorer that was so absent from last years second unit? I think it would be very impactful. And finally, with Thomas not coming back, what about going after Josh McRoberts? I hate the guy, but he could be usefull. I'm not sold on that idea, but it would be great to have a guy who could guard both the 4 & 5 and also hit a jump shot. Anyone know what the asking price is for Aflallo in a trade?

  • Doug, you keep stating unequivalently that Richardson is a better shooter than Rip

    Career FG % Rip 45%, Richardson 44.2%
    Career 3Point%, Rip 34.7%, Richardson 37.3%
    Career PPG, Rip 17.7, Richardson 18.0

    Is and extra 2.5% on 3's worth an extra 2 years on his contract, especailly when that extra 2.5% probably came from working with Steve Nash for 4-5 years that he was in Phoenix.

    Look, I am not a huge fan of Rip in general, but I just don't see the difference between the 2 as all that great, especially in terms of winning and especially beating Miami.

    Given a choice, I would take Richardson for 2 years over Rip for 2, but not Richardson for 4 vs Rip for 2.

    As already mentioned, Hollinger gave the Richardson signing a huge thumbs down, and apparently no one else in the league thought he was worth their mid level either.

    I am fairly certain that in the summer of 2013 we will all be happier that we signed Rip for only 2 years, and don't have Richardson for 2 more years, especially if in the meantime it allows us to keep Asik and Taj.

  • Dude....seriously. Howard and Rose would destroy worlds. We could practically field a two man team and let everyone else be cheerleaders. Rose would break two double teams on the way to the basket all last year. Howard not doubled is an immediate rebound/scoring machine. Talk about picking your sweet, sweet poison.

  • As for the D Howard deal, you guys are all creating offers that are too small or insubstantial for Orlando. Brewer, Korver and the like aren't worth sqaut in a D Howard trade.

    The starting point is Deng, Boozer and either Noah or Asik, Orlando's choice, we take back TurkeyGlue. Not sure that I give up Mirotic or the Charlotte pick, but call me when its a real deal and Howard says he will sign with us.

    That is a complete starting front court that is not All-Star level, but gives you a shot to win 50 games. However, I really doubt that Orlando wants either Dengs or Boozers contract, but that is the best that the Bulls can do. Even though I (and Bulls management) highly value Mirotic and the Charlotte pick, they may not be worth as much to Orlando right now because they are so far out.

    My biggest question isn't can the Bulls make a competitive offer, but why does Howard appear to not want to come to the Bulls, I thought I have read that he and Rose have bonded pretty well when they've had a chance to play with each other.

    As I've said for 2 years now, the only thing stopping him from becoming a Laker is David Stern becoming the defacto owner of Orlando.

  • Concerning a hypothetical trade for Howard: "according to capologist Larry Coon, in order to make the numbers work in a deal which would include Hedo Turkoglu (there's little doubt the Magic would include Turkoglu's contract in any proposed deal for Howard) the Bulls would give up Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Omer Asik and Taj Gibson, plus probably a draft pick or two."

    We would almost certainly have to include the Charlotte pick, and it's extremely unlikely that Orlando would want both Deng and Boozer. Nobody wants both of those contracts! In fact, the only reason Deng would be included at all is if Noah's contract is still governed by Base Year Compensation rules (i.e. he only counts as $6 million even though he's making $12 million). I believe it is, even under the new CBA, but correct me if I'm wrong. If Noah counts as $12m, then the Magic would almost certainly prefer Noah/Asik/Gibson/Korver/picks (which is JUST enough to trade for Howard/Hedo) because Korver's contract is $5m for 2 years rather than Deng's $12.3m for 3 years. Nobody is suggesting Brewer and Korver for Howard. Those pieces, together or separately, would only be included for salary purposes if necessary. The real dreaming is to think Orlando wouldn't demand either Mirotic or the Charlotte pick.

    Concerning the Lakers: Kobe has a no-trade clause in his contract. I believe he is the only NBA player with one. The Lakers could never trade him for young talent, even if they wanted to, unless he agreed.

    Concerning Kurt Thomas: This is sad. I'm really curious what the Blazers offered him. Most likely, the Bulls didn't want to guarantee him 2 years, which the Blazers were willing to do now that they have space because Roy is done and Oden's contract got reduced.

    Concerning Rip vs. Richardson: I prefer Richardson after watching him live in that insane Magic-Warriors game last year: 123-120 OT, record-breaking number of three pointers in the game, and J-Rich had 30 with 7-11 from downtown. The Magic lost, but it was clear Richardson still has guts and game. It's frustrating we didn't give him a legit offer. I am curious to see how Rip fits in, though.

  • Howard (commitment to resign not necessary. Let Derrick take care of that) & Turkish


    Either Charlotte pick or Mirotic or a few first round picks


    Noah and any two players (can't be Noah, Deng, Boozer combination)

  • In reply to Jmax:


  • In reply to Jmax:


  • Doug,
    I'm not so sure why you aren't more excited for Rip. He is a proven winner, he knows the game, can score outside of isos, can defend. He is like the Loul Deng of SGs at the MLE except he shows up in the 4th. If we had him last year, I think we beat the heat. We don't need him to create offense off the dribble. We need him to be able to do something with the ball when he is open. He can knock down shots and he can get to the basket and finish or pass if he is left alone. He won't look like a deer in the headlights when he gets the ball at the 3pt line open.

    I'd rather worry about getting Howard. If I were rebuilding, I'd rather have Noah, Deng, Korver or Brewer, Taj or Asik and the bobcats pick and our pick than a maxed out Bynum and Gasol. And if they want cap space, im sure Deng can be flipped for a 1st and cap space. Bynum is dead weight. He doesn't have much upside left and has a huge deal. Gasol is 32. He isn't a franchise player and a magic team with just Bynum, Gasol, Nelson and Richardson is a 6-8 seed at best. Noah and Deng are both young enough to build around, the bobcats pick and a magic lottery pick will get them some good talent next year. On the surface Gasol and Bynum look great but after a year or two, its pretty bad. They are going to have 35 mill locked up in 2 front court players with gasol declining and bynum looking for another max deal. Not to mention the fact that both are pretty nonathletic and boring to watch. I think after a year or two, our package will be much better.

    The question is, will management commit?
    Boozer/Asik/sign a pf

    You either hope to get Asik in the deal to keep Taj or move Asik for someone who can play some PF.

  • In reply to TheStig:

    I think that's giving up a little too much for Howard + Turkoglu.

    I'd say Noah, Taj, Korver or Brewer, (a Pargo/Lucas/Bogans salary filler if needed), Charlotte pick, Bulls pick. That's it. We keep Deng and Asik (if Asik will agree to a reasonable extension). Plus I'm not sure Orlando wants to take on a big contract like Deng or Boozer. I think they want to shed salary.

    Just read Lakers are refusing to give up both Bynum and Gasol for Howard. And they're right!

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'm surprised, but looks like you're right in terms of salaries:

    Noah/Taj/Korver/Pargo is JUST enough salary to swap for Howard/Hedo in the new CBA. Lucas instead of Pargo is not quite enough. And if it's Brewer rather than Korver, then it has to be Bogans rather than Lucas or Pargo.

    Honestly, I doubt the Magic would prefer Taj to Asik, especially since they'd be losing their starting center. They'd probably want, and we should be willing to give them, both.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    You can't do Noah without Deng. Noah is BYC so its a salary headache. The Magic would also want the additional talent and we would need to dump his salary too. The above move would be pretty salary neutral too us. We really can't afford Rose, Deng, Boozer, Howard and Turk. All of those guys make big money. Rose, Howard, Turk and an amnestyable Boozer is reasonable. If boozer sucks, you renegotiate his deal or amnesty him.

  • so now that we see teh bulls will not do anything major I propose they do the following..

    I watched some Allen Iverson videos the other day and am thinking why don-t the bulls pick him up and have him come off the bench? If he behaves himself he could even help in some end game situations. I mean, come on, allen iverson was the king of shot creation, he was insanely skilled. I know he is an old man now but he hasn-t really been injured and has been resting for a while now. you gonna tell me allen iverson can-t get you 12-15 ppg in 25 mpg off the bench and demand some attention at the end of games? Of course, if he doesn[t behave you cut him loose (memphis did that 2 years ago and it didnt turn out that bad for them, he didnt poison their team forever). I say screw it, go for it. I know management is too wussy for this one but I think you gotta do borderline stupid shit sometimes.

    Im gonna get stoned for this one.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    if you think im a fool just remember all those non-Rose bulls playing hot potato/pump fake drill at the end of games.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    I fear big name syndrome: We fall in love with what they used to be able to do, not what they can still do. I haven't seen AI play in a few years...I just kind of wonder if he's got that same swagger. It's like agent zero, maybe its worth the bet to see if that kind of player can show up, but it seems like we got a team that is very confident with who they got and wouldn't care much for management to display a lack of confidence by throwing a roll of the dice out there eating others minutes

  • In reply to waitwhat:

    confident group? defensively yes, but remember the hot potato drill at the other end... surely you all cant forget that

  • The more I read about Howard, the more convinced I am that he would screw us over if we traded for him over his objections.

    He's leaving the Magic to have more of a "voice" in the organization. Apparently Smith didn't get the players he wanted over the years. That attitude of trying to run the FO, combined with his silly technicals, laying people out, blocking the ball out of bounds, etc. convinces me that he wouldn't be good for the team. Maybe that's why he won't come here; Krause is long gone, but Reinsdorf signed off on blowing up a dynasty rather than letting the inmates run the asylum. Howard no doubt knows this.

    People keep saying "well we'd win, so he'd change his mind," but that's a huge assumption, based on the idea that it's all about winning with him. I'm not at all sure that it is. He seems to relish celebrity and control just as much, if not more.

    If he signs an extension, I'd take the chance despite everything I wrote above. But if we're banking on his good graces? Count me out. I'm rolling with Jo.

  • In reply to Tyler Soze:

    I agree with you. I'm not sold on him for the long term. He has got to be one of the most immature players in the league. How much can you count on him when last year he knew the only way for the magic to win anything, he had to be on the court and he kept getting stupid Rasheed Wallace like techs to get himself ejected and suspended. As great as he is on defense he can take himself out of the game. He's definitly no Shaq. I'll stick with Noah's intangibles enjoy beating Howard's team.

  • Hey Doug, I’ve been thinking about it, and I believe the Rip Hamilton buyout by Detroit didn’t just “happen” - SURPRISE! No, Bulls engineered the buyout in advance from behind the scenes.

    Here’s my evidence:
    Remember those stories from last year where Rip was refusing to give up any money to accept a buyout? And he also refused a trade to Cleveland?

    So why would Rip and his agent suddenly do a 180º and agree to a buyout where Rip loses $8 million? (from $19 mil guaranteed, down to $11 mil).

    Rip/agent did a 180º because Bulls contacted them in advance and assured them there was $10 million waiting for Rip in Chicago if they could negotiate a buyout from Detroit! So Rip dropped his buyout price bigtime and Detroit jumped at the chance to save that $8 million. Because last year Rip wouldn’t give up the price of a hot lunch.

    It was all pre-engineered and negotiated well in advance by Bulls! I’m sure of it. Rip doesn’t agree to throw away $8 million without an advance guarantee. NO WAY!

    This is why Bulls were so passive as free agency began and made no offers to anybody. “We're letting the market come to us”, haha. Bulls already had their deal in place for Rip, they just needed to keep their mouths shut while Rip got Detroit to accept the buyout, then clear waivers. And Bulls know how to keep their mouths shut better than any team in the NBA.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'm buyin it Edward, good work.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I believe the same thing for the same reasons you stated. I had just finished recording that thought on my podcast, though you actually presented a better case than I did!

  • It is so strange that Chris Paul is ready to go to Clippers now and Howard is having nothing to do with the Bulls. And, Clippers are coached by the "genius" Vinny Del Negro and their superstar player is Griffin who has been in the league for 2 years. But, Rose and Thibs(the defensive guru) have no impact. I know Paul doesn't want the Bulls because of the position but Howard rejecting the Bulls is very strange.
    I guess the city matters most for these guys(along with the weather).
    And because of Magic and Kobe, the Lakers are a winning org but MJ doesn't do that for the Bulls? I am just amazed at the inability of FAs, disgruntled superstars not lining up to play for the Bulls

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    To me, Howard isn't that big of a suprise. I've never been there myself but I hear a rumor that Chicago is a little chilly. Plus, he has played for a screamer in Van Gundy maybe he doesn't like the sternness. Also, like I've been trying to say, Rose (as great as he is) is not the best fit for Howard. He wants lobs and the ball in the post. Rose wants guys to get out of his way. Howard needs a point that will create space for him and Rose needs players to create space for Rose. Two great players don't always work well together. AI and Carmelo, bad. Billups and Carmelo, good.

  • So what is SG Reggie Williams status now if Golden State rescinded their qualifying offer? Is Reggie now an unrestricted free agent?

  • In reply to Edward:

    He is, but the Bulls won't get him.

  • trade idea - Bulls send Bogans/Lucas/Pargo and Char. pick to Jersey for Morrow. NJ sends Lopez, their two first rd picks plus the Char. pick to Orlando for Howard.

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