What to make of Bulls pursuing international employment?

What to make of Bulls pursuing international employment?

There have been rumors of Luol Deng or Carlos Boozer signing up to play with Deron Williams with Bestikas in Turkey while Joakim Noah might play in the French league. Do you want your Chicago Bulls playing in Europe?

We've already seen the risks play out with J.R. Smith getting "injured" in China [okay, it looks like J.R. Smith is perhaps faking an injury in China which seems really ridiculous because China will refuse to pay his ass and he'll lose all his money and ruin his already lousy reputation].

That said, I think about guys like Boozer, Deng, and Noah, each with long injury histories and imagine playing in Europe is filled with legitimate risk. The last thing we need is a significant injury in Europe to derail our championship hopes if a deal is actually struck.

Luol Deng has also shown tremendous ability to improve his game when he has a healthy off-season to work with. I think the Bulls are better off with Deng working out in the gym continuing to hone is three point shot than playing on what would become a Turkish powerhouse.

With Boozer, health comes at a premium at this point. He's a guy who gets banged up so easily, and the Bulls need him to be healthy if a season starts.

Joakim Noah is the one player I hesitate about. While Noah's injury history scares me with him playing overseas, the chance to work on his individual offense would probably arise there, and he's a player who's not always been in the best of shape coming out of the off-season.

He might actually make more improvements playing in Europe than practicing in the gym, and he'd probably be in better basketball condition for it as well. Of course, if he gets hurt, those benefits are wiped off the table. Even with Noah, who has something to gain, I'd probably lean towards keeping him healthy and on the sidelines given a choice.

That said, we don't have a choice, we just get to watch and see what these guys decide to do. All three are locked into monster contracts and don't need to worry about the financial risk of an injury as long as they can find insurance.

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  • First, dont believe all those rumors. Players & agents are just making them up. Individual European teams cannot possibily pay all those salaries & insurance premiums. Inaddition, the amount of "foreigners" is very limited. This would apply to a Boozer, but not to Deng (British) & Noah (French) who hold European passports.

    The cost of insurance would make many teams stay away from the 3 Bulls. Large contracts require more insurance. Although it is conceivable that Deng & Noah decide to play in Europe, I cant see lazy boy Boozer even bothering.

  • Of course I dont want my Bulls getting hurt. All I really want right now is some NBA. Summers are tough when its only baseball to nap thru until football starts to tide us over to the NBA....and now nothing...it's really depressing...

    That said, I've never been the kind of sports fan that 2nd guesses the playing of a player vs. the risk of getting hurt. These guys are ballers not girl scouts...its what they do...if they get hurt they get hurt...but they should play whenever and where ever they want.

  • I agree with Doug. Noah is one guy who needs this more than everybody else. Deng andy Boozer need to be healthy to be effective more than improving any skill they possess. They just need to get their timing back once the season starts and keep their "legs" alive for the playoffs.

    Noah has to improve his offensive skills atleast to the level of keeping his defender with him rather than double-teaming Boozer or Rose. Honestly, if Asik is healthy and will have some kind of improved offense, Noah will become a 22-25 min player rather than 35/40 min player.

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