System issues drag on in last negotiation before nuclear winter

System issues drag on in last negotiation before nuclear winter

Both sides are on the brink of disaster in negotiations. The players moving towards decertification while the owners will take back virtually everything on the table.

Through it all, both sides are looking to take more than they give. Adam Silver continues his ridiculous stance that system issues can't be traded for profits.

"The competitive issues are independent of the economic issues," Silver said. "Our goal is to have a system in which all 30 teams are competing for championships and, if well managed, they have an opportunity to break even or make a profit. We don't see the ability to break even or make a profit as a tradeoff for the ability to field a competitive team. All of those issues are still in place."

But wait, out of the last negotiation session you offered up two deals, one where you gave up all the system things the players wanted in exchange for 3% points of BRI, so apparently, based on your own negotiation stance, they are related and can be traded.

Anyway, it's neither here nor there really, the players are sitting on equally stupid stances I'm sure, they just didn't go and repeat any of them in front of a microphone last night.

As I noted yesterday, both sides have traversed the miles and miles in the gap between them only to come face to face and refuse to shake hands.

The mind numbing thing about these system issues both sides are fighting over is that if they rebuilt the system from scratch, both sides could get what they want in a system that works better for them all.

From a rules perspective, the NBA system doesn't particularly favor NBA players, but it's also a complete fail for the owners. They've crafted a system that stinks for both sides.

Scrap this thing all together and do this instead:
1: Remove the soft cap at 58 million
2: Install one hard cap at 70 million
3: Remove all exceptions
4: Remove all salary matching requirements in trades
5: Remove all rules relating to max contracts and max raises
6: Make all contracts have a sliding scale of guarantees (100/100/75/50/25 or 100/75/50/25 depending if you sign with your team)

Both sides will look at this system and bristle about how horrible it is for them, but both sides would benefit tremendously from this relative to what is in place now.

Solves all the owners qualms:
1: Extremely level playing field
2: Easy to remove bad contracts from the books
3: Facilitates quicker rebuilding
4: No longer will superstar teams rule if owners have to pay superstar money for them

For players
1: Makes it far easier for players to move (probably 10 fold the money in FA available, and trades worked out easier)
2: Makes it far easier for players to make more than the MLE if they deserve more
3: Removes maximum contract rule that underpays the elite players

At any rate, no such thing is going to happen. Instead we're going to get stuck in something similar to the last system with a bunch of restrictions piled on for the teams in the luxury tax.

Of course that's assuming we get stuck with anything at all. The sides are so close now that it's silly not to get something done, but the same statement could have been made a month ago and nothing was done.

What will be truly interesting to see is if the NBA really pulls its offer after the NBA players call the owners bluff and don't come to an agreement in this bargaining session but leave a couple system issues apart.



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  • I like your proposed system Doug, but how are the players to going to cadillac it for years at a time after a big pay day only making a fraction of what they were at the beginning of the deal?

  • In reply to MNBullsFan:

    Players will make just as much at the end as the beginning, it's just that it won't be fully guaranteed anymore.

    Ie, Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry lose money and that money then goes to pay people who don't suck balls.

    However, Derrick Rose and LeBron James (and any other player who doesn't immediately suck balls after signing a big deal) still makes their mountain of money every year.

  • agreed I think the guaranteed contracts (especially average players) are what's holding the league down. If the players were willing to redistribute among themselves (take a chunk from the middle/lower tiers and give it to elite class) it would make for a much healthier league.

    I don't see middle of the road actors getting guaranteed multi-million dollar contracts time and again - how bad would movies be if they had to shell out 8 to 10 mil/yr to ryan reynolds no matter how bad his movies sucked???

  • In reply to MNBullsFan:

    what MNBullsFan???!! so lebron gives up half his salary to stack a team, and then you're saying the poorer players should give up their salaries to bring up Lebron's salary? Essentially you want the poor players to pay for stars to stack teams so that they kick the poor players' asses in games? who is that stupid?

  • Doug I 100% agree with your ideas.

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