Retracted article: NBA owners use a bait and switch

I've removed the article NBA owners use a bait and switch from the blog.

David Aldridge clarified his comments to say that the players and owners still agreed on the primary pieces of the NBA, and the only aspects which the owners were moving BRI on were ones that were not previously agreed to.

I apologize for the misinterpretation of David Aldridge's quotes.

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  • Doug -- Where did Aldridge clarify? I looked at his twitter feed and original article and couldn't find.

  • I saw it on a realgm thread, I believe it was in a TV interview where he was discussing the points.

  • My impression from David Aldridge on his live NBATV "reporting in the field" snippet that day if I recall correctly was that he did start out with the lead/headline statement that the owners were indeed changing their tune. That said, what so many "journalists" do today is start off sounding objective/critical of the side they are clearly vested in - he gets his paycheck from NBATV/the NBA for god's sake, but then switch the actual conclusion/theme to one retracting from that thought if not going negative on the workers/players(unless they are marquee meal tickets of course).

    You see NBATV and ESPN especially pull this crap all the time. When will people realize that these "news" organizations are a fraud. They are marketing a mega million dollar product with demographics marketing reps and lawyer/PR chislers constantly in their ears. Please, for the love of god, quit relying on these guys as news men and women. They may fool themselves into thinking they are so, but any judge/old school respected national figure who there were some who were actually not corrupt/liars would tell you the same. For the last time Fu*k ESPN and NBATV news sources/reporting. This country needs a non-profit or at least non connected to sports frachises in any way reporting company broadcaster so bad it's not even funny. NBC(Comcast), TNT/TBS, ABC/ESPN, CBS diaper dandy NBA college prospects of which that's all the games the alternate CBS cable network broadcasts. When everyone owns a piece united for positive marketability/profits then you've got a Russia/Soviet stilted "news" apparatus in this country not based on a communist beauracracy, but a corporate/mega conglomerated Monopoly driven by one thing, and isn't the truth. It's profit. Period..

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