Players willing to go 50-50 with system changes

Players willing to go 50-50 with system changes

After the player rep meeting on Tuesday, the NBA players association came out and said that it would be willing to go down to 50% of BRI if the owners would relent on some of the system issues flipping the pressure back on to the NBA to get a deal done today.

It's really all semantics, and I don't think either side really cares about the public pressure. At 51% the players are greedy, but at 50% if the owners don't give on system issues they're to blame? It's really just silly.

I predicted long ago back in July that the final deal would look like this:

50/50 split of BRI
1 year knocked off of the maximum contract length
More punitive luxury tax
Lower raise percentages

It looks like the sides are within a stone's throw of that exact deal, and the only thing left to argue over is whether or not tax paying teams can use exceptions and just how punitive the luxury tax will get.

The silly thing about negotiations is that even though it was pretty freaking obvious where both sides needed to be to get this thing done, it took us this long to get here, and even though we're splitting hairs on the final minor details of the deal, there's still a good chance it won't get done.

The players insistence on system issues is mind boggling once BRI is guaranteed. The owners insistence on holding out for more extreme system changes after getting 300 million back per year in revenue, shorter contracts, lower raises, and an already more punitive luxury tax is equally crazy.

The sides started miles apart, and now that they're less than 6 inches a part, neither side wants to move three inches, instead they're moving a quarter inch at a time. Expect more of the same today. The NBA will give on minor issues, the players won't say its enough, and the lockout will continue.

They're sitting in a room with two big burning piles of money and only one fire extinguisher. Rather than just putting out both piles of money, they'd rather fight for an hour over which pile they should put out first.


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  • Your fire analogy is perfect.

  • In reply to logicprisoner:

    I was impressed.

    It's like saying they're two mothers arguing over who can keep a baby instead of just cutting it in half.

    No, wait, that would be the exact opposite.

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